Wednesday, 24 February 2021

It's What's On YOUR Worktop! #612


AAAAGH! It's Wednesday again!! And Welcome to WOYWW #112 My Golly-Gosh! Time is running wild! If you want to join in... Just click up there and you'll find yourself over on the Stamping Ground as if by magic. Simples!  

This week it's about winnings, lost and found things and drawers. If you look on the shelf above, you'll see a bookmark (with horses) from our freezing swimming crafter Caro... I'd just found it under my desk, where it had fallen out from the back of one of the drawers, so I feel a bit of a fraud this week, as I was doing something crafty and then, I wasn't, coz I couldn't find my bank Card and the last time I used it was by my Laptop, buying stuff from The Works; found The Works loyalty card but no bank card. Decided it MUST've fallen down the back of the desk... soooo- I should think there's just as much stuff under by desk as well as stuff that's been pushed out and fallen down the back from the drawers. No way of getting to it, so of course the whole lot had to be pulled out. (and other stuff pushed out into the hall to make way) Anyway, never found the bank card... but there's still the rest of the craft room to go through yet! 

 Won two prizes last week, (and a top three) these lovely stamps and die-cut Gnomes from Crafty Hazels Christmas Challenge and some digi's from a Promarkers Challenge!

Had jab last Friday, fine until early Saturday morning and then I was suddenly shivering!  So the weekend ended up being a bit of a 'Catch up' with what's on the box weekend... which still leaves piles of crafty stuff on my desk and the drawers on floor, while I still hunt for that Bank Card....the one with the Black Horse on it. 

 And talking of drawers, Lady Pam went on a walk about again, first she said she was going to Sainsbury's and then, changed it to, going to a funeral... at 2:30 in the morning, in the dark with her pushy wheely thing! Luckily her neighbour's son saw her and brought her back. We tell her, probably not enough, to, 'Stay in Doors and Wear Your drawers!' (she laughs!) Her lovely carer Helen, took her out in the car the next day, down to the beach to watch the waves. Pam had her hot water bottle and they had ice cream!

That's it I think! Last picture shows stuff that come in the post, freebies from mags  and some of the other stuff lost at the back of my desk! (I needed those fairy lights at Christmas!!) So, if you don't feel like crafting, go dig out your drawers... you'll never know what you might find! Then go and visit Stamping Ground! Bye For now! Stay Safe!  Thank you for stopping by!

This Weeks Freebie. Life on Mars! CLOSED

 Well...You never know, they might find life on Mars!
 I'm not sure if he's underwater, or on a bubbly planet!  Please comment if you can, and don't forget to show me  what you make with him! 

***Up Date; Elaine from Simpli Crafti has made this lovely card using my 'Life On Mars' Monster digi! I love his Zazzy Latex space-suit!!

Monday, 22 February 2021

Polar Play Time! OOPS! STop! Wrong Title! #SnowBuddies Noteletts

 I've been meaning to  post these little notelets (with envelopes) for ages, but I'm afraid the 'jab' got in the way of posting and I went a bit quear, (more then usual!) -slept most of the weekend and then forgot!  So, at last, here they are.  I posted a different set  here a little while back, and there's still another set to come... aren't they just toooo cute!

 All the papers and little critters come from a paper pad called 'Polar PlayTime' by Craft Consortium,   Sorry! No!  They didn't, I'm still battling and arguing with the scissors to cut those ones out!! But these lovely little critters come from a kit by 'The Paper Boutique' and are called 'Snow Buddies.' I bought them from Emerald Crafts 

and these too were soooo hard to cut into, I mean, they are such lovely papers and are sooo darn cute! but, as I've said before, I'm gonna use them and not just smell and stroke them! (okay, maybe I shouldn't've said that out loud! Or, buy two packs... like I did  with the other set! Shhh!)

Here's the little penguin peeping out from inside the case.There's more little critters inside plus the envelopes too. I've mounted all the toppers on miri card. I think there is only one just on a paper die cut

here you can see the back and the front of the case. I only had a scrap of different coloured ribbon, so I went with the same brown as I used before. 
Little Notelets being made
Here's a picture of the notelets being made. In the background you can see the one I posted before. And here's a link to Sam Calcotts YouTube page where the idea came from. That's it for now! Thank you for stopping by. I'd love to add this to some ...


                 love to craft challengeblog-anything-goes.

Crafty animals 47: anything goes

 A bit more time to craft -extra-Anything Goes

 2 crafty critter crazies-February challenge- Must have Critters

 Crafty friends 149: animals/birds


Just One More Snowman


 Another 'Snowy' from PennyBlack, coloured in Promarkers and one of the last Christmas cards, I thought lost and then found again, forever hiden in the jumble of 'stuff' that fills my craft space, hall, living room, and the bed in the spare room!

Snowy was already coloured in his purple hat and scarf when I found him down the back of my bench. Spiders removed, I recoloured and resparkled him with silver and gold Stic
kles. He was already mounted on a scalloped diecut retangle. The ponsetti's were the last in a packet from years back, as was the bits of red mirror card and bakers swine. The snowflake was left over from another project, although this time it hasn't been embossed, it's just plain ol' paper. Both the Christmas papers (inside and out) were from 'The Works'. I like the way Snowy peeps around the extra bit of  topper, as though he'd been hiding, which when I think about it, he was! thank you for stopping by!  Hoping to find some....









 A perfect time to craft. open-challenge
C.R.A.F.T.challenge 587-Christmas.

Christmascardsallyearround-february- C or D (Christmas trees and Die Cut)

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie CLOSED!

 Sorry this is so late, I couldn't make up my mind what to do. Ideas welcome!  So, if in doubt, I usually fall back on, bears, cats or Toadstools! So here's toadstool again.   No sharring please. Email me if you want it saved as a PNG but this one only has the sky that's saved in that format. Let me see what you make!

WOYWW #611


 It's Wednesday. It's WOYWW #611. Please come and join in, over on Stamping Ground, even though it's a very sad WOYWW this  week, but don't be sad, she'll be crafting with the Angels, showing them how's it's done! Sending hugs to all who knew her, in the real world and in Blogland.

  I've been cutting up dineosours. It's taken me ages as all my crafts knives are blunt... I even nicked hubbies super standley blade (with holster) and even that struggled! "Mind yoour finger's!" he kept saying! "You'll cut them off doing it like that!" No worries. I still have my fingers.

I have one more dineosour to do, and then little Oliver will have a nice surprize in the post. I moved the mess back a bit as I had a delivery from 'The Works'. About 5 things I wanted were swiped from my basket as I took too long (days actually!) My fault, must have pressed the wrong button as it kept saying 'that email is already in use'  Course it is, it's me! Never mind, I have a money off thingy to use next time and a nice big box to cut up and make into something!

 I made this tiny little book using one sheet from a 6x6 paper pack from Craft Box called 'The Dreamer' and another little bit to cover the cover (The Card for that was from a 'Jordon's Crunchy Crisp with Strawberries' cereal packet) The booklet has little pockets, which I haven't filled with anything yet. Apart from that, I finished off another Christmas Card and I 'played' with an old CD but...that's not quite turned out as I wanted Hubby took one look at it, and said, "Don't try and play that now, it'll ruin the machine!" Hmmm, as if I would!

 Anyway. Here's a closer look at the little book... sorry about the dim and slightly plurred picture. A link to one  of the little noteletts in a case is HEREIf you'd like to see them. (Some folks said they were looking forward to that post) Some more noteletts are coming up later.

That's it for this week.  Hubby's had his Jab yesterday and I've got mine on Friday. He said it's painless. Stay Safe! Thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, 14 February 2021

Happy Valentines Day To You All!


 It was about quarter to midnight on Saturday evening when I noticed the time and realised it was nearly Valentines day! So I stopped what I was doing, (trying to get a crafty thing-a-me-jig off a top shelf with a long shoe horn) and quickly went through my 6x6 papers, most of which are years old and some never even opened! This year, I have decided I must battle my fears and use up some of my older papers. I must be brave!  I am getting there! But I admit, I am a crafty hoarder! So, here's one 'quick' Valentine's card for hubby. 

I found some mostly red 6 x6 papers from a freebie pack from Quick Cards Made Easy from waaaaay back. On the front was Tattered Ted holding a heart, but he's  grey and blue and didn't really go with the papers so, I stamped out a ForeverFriends Heart bear six times instead; coloured him with Promarkers  and then chopped off verious bits of him... head... ears... legs... paws and then decoupaged him.  (It didn't hurt!)


I only had scraps of red mirror card, so opened some pinky-red-ish miri card from Hobby Craft. (Nice, different shades going from a misty pink to purple) added that to the blank card, added the paper, covered some of the card left from cutting up the front cover of the paper pack with matching paper, that in turn was fixed to the card after I added the ribbon and matching bow. Not very manly, so... out came the cogs and gears die cuts, which of course is very manly! I coloured the wooded word, love, with a Poppy Red Promarker. Then added the silver hearts (from The Works, those are quite new). The sentiment I did on the computer after hunting and not finding the stamp with the same words.


 Here's the inside, showing off Tattered Ted. He was cut from the cover of the paper pack and he's also standing on a strip of card from the front of the pack too. The die cut heart was in my bits left over from Christmas. Sorry about the pictures, still haven't got around to getting a day-light light for my lamp. The last thing I did was attach Forever Friend Bear to more miri card and fixed him in place with 3D stickers. No, there's more... the very last thing I did, was to cover the heart with Glossy Accents. Finished! Thank you for stopping by! Hoping to find some...



  I Lovepromarkers.blogspot- Any Thing Goes

Passion For Markers challenge -celebrations. Anything Goes

Thursday, 11 February 2021

Cottage Garden Notelets In a Box #craftconsortium


  I've been meaning to get these finished and  posted  off for ages and then to post them on here and! at last they've been sent off to Niamh and her little friend Evelyn, who I think chose the 'Snow Buddies' which I'll show you in another post. The idea came from one of Sam Calcotts  YouTube Video's. 'Mini Note Cards and Case' 

I've now made about five or six of these (some of my measurements went skewiff! as the envelopes wouldn't fit! (I used my Envelope Punch Board) I couldn't find the lovely Animal pack (from Paper Boutique) that Sam used in her video, so the first one I made was with some Hunky Dory freebies, which I sent off to Niamh, who very quickly ordered two more for her and her friend! All the papers I've used are from the 12x12 paper pack, Cottage Garden by #Craftconsortium. The smaller sized packs would work just as well if not better.

Here's the outside of the box. I added a bit of gold foil to the spine using cosmic Flake & Glitter Glue, which stayed tacky for ages! The ribbon was from my stash...

Here's the case with the Notelets and envelopes inside. I enclosed two little tags for Niamh and Evelyn to sick on the front as shown in the picture, with their names on it, once they'd chosen which one they wanted. (Polar Playtime coming soon)

And here's all the little critters from The Cottage Garden. All you need to know on how to make this, is on Sam's Video.

Hoping to add this to some challenges! Stay Safe! Thanks for stopping by! 


           love to craft challengeblog-anything-goes.

Crafty animals 47: anything goes

 A bit more time to craft -extra-Anything Goes

 2 crafty critter crazies-February challenge- Must have Critters

 Crafty friends 149: animals/birds

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

What's On MY Worktop This Wednesday?! #610

 Well, that would be telling, wouldn't it! So I'll show you some pictures instead!  But First, nip over to Stamping Ground and join in, it's easy! Even I can do it! 

As you can see, my desk is tidy-ish  Or nearly empty. I'm in the middle of doing this weeks digi and watching a crafty lady on YouTube. I've had a good tidy up of my end wall peg-board, the bench is bit empty looking as my BigShots' are probably on the bed in the spare room.

To answer questions from last week; first the die. I put the picture of that die on one of the Face Book crafty pages and they were most helpful and even found pictures... It should have another bit. It's an Anne Griffin Cuttlebug Fretwork 1 Metal cut and emboss die. And here's a pic from the internet. (I didn't make the card!)

Next, the car and it's steering. Hubby Googled it and it appears that some Citroen C3's suddenly get this fault. So, if the car is under 10 years old, which it is, just  take it to a main dealer Citroen Garage (who didn't know anything about this) and the big guys at Citroen Head Office will pay for it to be done! Free of Charge!) Which they did! Super! Of course the day we had to take it in, some bright spark chose to close all the roads leading to and coming from the garage and it took us, (me in my van and John in the car) twice as long to find a way to get there! Traffic was chaotic! Now, if they'd closed the road in the first lockdown, the roads were empty, not a sauage about (but of course the garage would've been closed too!)

It's nearly half past two in the morning,  (actually it was five o' clock once I'd finished the freebie) Then I got an email from 'gofile' with a link to the freebie! so will go do that now, it's10.30 bet it doesn't work! (only jpeg) My desk will be completely messed up by two this afternoon, as I'm going to be doing something with an old CD...oops Jinx has just come in...better go! Thanks for popping by! Come and join in with WOYWW!? See you there.

**Quick Up date.  One last added picture as I'm still here... Oliver (grandson) video linked me to draw him some dineosaurs, stick them on cardboard, cut them out so he can draw round them and post them to him. So here they are Oliver...they'll be stuck on cardboard and in the post as soon as they're done! GRrrRRrrr!

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie! CLOSED

Here's this weeks freebie....He'll be here for a week. Still having a job to save him anywhere. If I put him on the blog without his watermark, he'll be on Google somewhere in seconds! He was last week! Thank you for stopping by!

Monday, 8 February 2021

Christmas Pussy Cat- Love Her!

  Morning peoples! Hope you're all feeling fit and well! Continuing on from the last couple of posts, where the spare room had been invaded by gnomes,  here I am again with another Christmas Card, that never got finished in time for Christmas, as I mislaid them or, truth be told, they all got tangled up with a very large pile of crafty stuff, which I dumped on the spare bed. (leaving of course enough room for Mr Jinx the cat to snooze)  I tugged on something and the whole kaboole tumbled onto the floor revealing about seven or eight unfinished cards.  I ended up posting bought cards (sacrilege! I hear you cry!) Oh! Stop it, you know you've done it too! 

When I first saw this little Christmas cat by Penny Black all ready stamped, tumble out of one of my folders, I thought, puuurrfect! and started colouring her in with my Promarkers. I was going to send her across the sea to somewhere Greek, but alas, I believed her lost forever and I sent a different card. So it's fitting that I finish her off and use her now. (I have the puurfect challenge in mind!) 

Card:  Blank card from 'The Works'.  Gold miri card, freebie pussy cat backing paper spritz with Cosmic shimmer, added the red snowflake ribbon to that before sticking it onto the card then placed  her on more embossed miri card. I'd aready diecut the snowflakes and embossed them with 'Heat It Up!' silver pearl. (years old! and left-over from doing the Gnomes and Snowy the Snowman) added some Nuvo  Jewel Drops plus Nuvo Crystal Drops (freebie from Craftstash) and a tiny diamante on the smallest snowflake. I finished off with Stickles and later added the Happy Christmas, already diecut in gold from a mag freebie. The little present was a sticker an afterthought to hide a smudged jewel drop! Sorry about pictures the sun was in the wrong place, but mustn't grumble!


 Ike's showusyourpussies-Anything goes as long as it's cats

 Christmas blog challenge- Winter Wonderland/Christmas

 2craftycrittercrazies-February challenge- Must have Critters

 craftyhazelnutschristmaschallenge  As long as it's Christmas/cute

Saturday, 6 February 2021

It's Snowy The Snowman!


Evening! Like the gnomes below, Snowy the Snowman  (Penny Black Stamp) was hiding in the spare bedroom under a pile of crafting stuff I placed there hoping to finish said cards, only to hunt everywhere for them and in the end, they missed Christmas. Yesterday the heap fell to the floor while I was trying to get/crawl under the bed to get some thing.... (long story, won't go into that now!) 

Anyway, I finished him off with a bit of snowflake embossing on the red card and inside to match the silver card behind him and a viriety of snowflakes die-cuts cut from pearl card, plus glitter and sparkles. I used a red promarker for his scarf and hat and a pastel blue for the shading. Coming up next is his brother, another Snowy!
I'd love to enter him into some...


Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Gnome again!


Well, I'm on a record breaker... Four posts in one day! Haven't done that in years! So, if you've read the post below you will know that a couple of gnomes were lurking in the spare bedroom, hiden by a pile of crafty stuff that fell off the bed in a heap onto the floor. So I quickly finished them,  adding glitter and little diamond gem stones, some Stickles and the eye-lash wool. Of course I'd like to enter both gnome cards into challenges but they need their own post. I wasn't going to bother, but then the other gnome in the post below got a bit shirty and started hitting this one over the head with his lantern....

Of course, I could've fallen asleep and dreamt that!  This card was very easy to make. The kit came from a Magazine at the end of last year and  I then bought the Eliments pad from Amazon ( I thought it was the papers but the eliments worked just as well!)  The scalloped card came from 'The Works' waaay before lockdown, the eyelash wool? I've had it years!  The main topper is mounted onto 3D squares and the Mirror card was from Hobby Craft. That's it for today! Thanks for stopping by! Stay Safe! I'd like to enter this into some...


 craftyhazelnuts christmas challenge527- Christmas/ Gnomes

 A Gem of A Challenge: Anything Goes

My Time To Craft: Glitter and Sparkle


Christmas Gnomes Found Lurking in The Spare Bedroom!

I was having a a bit of a tidy (you big fibber!) ok... a pile of crafty stuff tumbled off the spare bed onto the floor and guess what I found? Two gnome Christmas cards... (there's another couble somewhere) They weren't quite finished, so, a bit of sparkle, some gem stones and tangle of eyelash wool and Hey Presto! I've already started making cards for next Christmas! That's a first!

I'm pretty sure they came free with a magazine last year and I also bought the eliments paperpack. I did think it was the papers, but hey ho they worked too!  Thank for Stopping by! I'm hoping to enter these into a few.... 


 craftyhazelnuts christmas challenge527- Christmas/ Gnomes

 A Gem of A Challenge: Anything Goes

My Time To Craft: Glitter and Sparkle

(I'm going to blog about the other card on a different page as I can't enter with the same post address)

Here's The Wednesday Freebie CLOSED!!

  Morning! Here's this weeks freebie... Bearly Valentine Family GO HERE to get them without their watermark. Don't forget to comment. No sharing please! Any problems, just email me. Show me what you make and I'll showcase it in the store and you'll win a freebie of your choice. Thanks for stopping by! 

***Gofile doesn't appear to be working at the moment. email me dragonsmoore at google mail dot com

or try here!

What's On Your WorkTop Wednesday #609...or it could still be Tuesday...

 Yes, but no, even though it was Ground Hog Day yesturday, it's Wednesday! And time to nip over to the Stamping Ground and join in with the longest blog hop ever! Probably! I'm going to be quick to day (Really? Is that Possible?) And as there's nothing of interest going on, on my worktop... (hubby sez show 'em the kitchen and the flippin' hall) Shhh!

  I've at last finished doing granddaughter Niamh and her friend some notelets, (I'll blog about them later and add a link)  and a little mini album for Niamh (and I have a horrid feeling I didn't take a finished picture)  using the papers on the top there. I've also been making boxes to put things in, to post off. Done that. Our village Post Office has gone, it's a long work to the next village or a short drive into town... no way José! So, we drove to the other village. And then the power stearing went on the car... just like that, not like that, but, just like that. 

Oho. Here comes the cat, Hello Jinx! I also had a go at covering this ummm? what's it called?? coaster!  with a spider's web tissue... only I think I should've painted it white not black, because you couldn't see the web at all! I have more...


I've also covered another broken biscuit-box to house my stamps in. I never realised how hard it is to be so busy! And not actually have anything to show for it!
Got this die from a charity  shop before Christmas, it was only 50p. but, what is it...just a bit of diecutting frilliness, anyone know? I've been pushed out of my seat by the said Mr Jinx who looks a bit shocked (He had to climb over boxes of stuff to get to me coz I'm using the floor again.) That's it! Come and join in WOYWW over on the Stamping Ground!
Bye for now!

Mr Jinx looking a bit stunned and squashed coz I was sitting there too!

Monday, 1 February 2021

Turn Me Inside Out Card! And Happy Late Birthday to Niamh

Morning Everyone, hope you're all fit and well!  Thought I'd post a card. This one was for Niamh, Granddaughter who is now 8! Time Flies!  The idea for this card comes from Sam Calcott from her YouTube channel. I haven't got any of the crafty stuff she used, so I just played with what I had; although my presents are very simular! The balloons and flowers are from a free die from a mag. (Probably Cardmaking and PaperCraft) The Happy Birthday die came from The Works. The paper I've used is from Paper Addicts 'Viva Forever'. It's lovely and bright. I made some little mini albums with it using  one sheet of 12x12 for each album but Niamh swiped them away, ("they're nice Nanny!") before I cound take a picture! And the little creatures came from a freebie stamp set from PaperCraft Inspirations, a few years back called 'Picnic Pals'.  Both the cakes were also freebies dies.

The first picture  above shows you how the card looks when you first take it out of the envelope and as you open it, all the balloons wobble and wave with presents and the Happy Birthday and becomes the main image. The next picture  shows  the back of the card where you write your sentiment. Then the next, at the bottom, shows that you could lie it down and show all the inside with the little critters bringing cake,  icecream and presents to the party on one side, with the sentiment on the other.  I used card and also foam for the flowers and some of the balloons, something I'd never done before and they were really nice,  so I'll do that again. I think that's it. 

Go HERE to see the YouTube Tutorial. But I warn you, if you've never watched one of Sam's Vids, you'll be hooked!

Blogger's being a pain again, putting the writing in silly places and when I look on the preview most of the pictures aren't there. I had some challenges planned so I'll go hunt them out and add them later....that's if blogger lets me!  Stay safe, thanks for popping by!


Krafty chicks 544: any occasion



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