Monday, 31 August 2009

I'm on The Design Team at Quirky Crafts!

I thought I'd add one more post today, just a little one coz I'm a bit excited about it. Well, a lot excited! Deanne Evans has invited me to be apart of her Design Team over on the Quirky Craft Forum! (Whopppee!!) The idea is, every Sunday we're going to have a Crafty Challenge, which will be open to everybody, so pop along and see this weekend. (Actually you can pop over now and join in anything that's going on or even add your own thingyamejig!) Whatever craft you're in to and whatever you can come up with. Anything goes! From Altered Art, ATC's, Scrapbooking, Card making to sewing and cross-stitch! Oh and knitting (see Rose's cards for tiny knitted jumpers!)
The first challenge will be Sunday the 6th of September, so I'd better hurry up and make my card for that! And no, I'm not giving you a sneaky peek!

Penny's Card and Blog Candy Win

Hi-de-hi campers, oops sorry wrong programme! Hi crafters!! Actually it's all gone to my head, after watching a programme on Morning TV, that said Brockenhurst, just up the road from me, is Britain's second best place to live...which is all very nice, but some thing tells me someone shoulda gone to Specksavers! Anyway, hope you've all been very busy this Bank Holiday Monday. (all of us this side of the pond that is, because it's only silly ol' Britain who has holidays for Banks) Same ol' same for me, as poor old John has to work no matter what day it is, but he is off tomorrow and I've only a few things to do, so with any luck tomorrow can be our Sunday or Monday, which means by Wednesday or Thursday I'll be completely confuddled!
Just thought I'd put in Penny's card and Blog Candy, seeing I couldn't post it off today, because of course the post office was closed...didn't stop me going up there first thing this morning though did it! That's when I remembered it was a day off and I'd better not go in to work, cos everyone would probably be still in bed!! (or worse, up but not dressed!!) Right, card. Pink Petticoat papers and Promakers and Copic pens. I 3D-ed and paper pieced the Ice cream Sundae, added a bit of glitter and some Glossy Accents on the cherry and of course it cracked. Never been able to use that stuff without it cracking! What else? Oh Yes, the font. I've used the WordArt so I can use two colours and yes it's a freebie. You might already have it on your computer, it's called Amazon and you can download it here
Just a quick hello to our new follower! Hi and a big ((wave))) to Raquel who lives in Sunny California and who has a lovely Blog called The Creative Craft Barn. Pop over and say hi, I just love those little monkey cards!!What's happening tomorrow? The Tinker Bear card? Or the quickie I made Yesterday? Or there's always that Rocket Card I keep forgetting!! Or, I may just take a picture of a plate of Spaghetti, with some cheese on top. We'll have to see! Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Blog Candy 4th Week Winner is......

And the winner of WEEK 4 of
Spyder's Corner
Follower's Random
Blog Candy is....(drum roll...with cheese please!!)


Thank you for your support and lovely comments Penny! Please email me your addy and I will post you off some Blog Candy!! (You'll find my email on my profile page.)
Not quite finished the card yet, (oops!) so more pictures of that tomorrow , plus the candy and of course where to download that Freebie Font!!
Questions for next week... What's your favourite colour and your 'can't do without' crafty thing????

Thank you for stopping by

Saturday, 29 August 2009

My First Waterfall Card!

Evening everyone! It's not been too bad today, has it? No one got abducted by Aliens or fell down a well? Apart from a Rook flying off with one of me coconuts all's been quiet here too. We were going to pop out and see the local carnival but then thought, is it worth it for two floats, a dancing band and a juggling dog? Is it just down here in Southern England or is it happening throughout the whole Country? Carnival's 'ain't wot they used to be!' Something to do with Health and Safety so I'm told. Not allowed to do hardly anything anymore, no custard pie throwing and definitely no water fights, 'case someone gets... wet! And talking of water...(which I wasn't) here is the waterfall card I promised yesterday! And why is it called a Waterfall Card?? I haven't a clue! Maybe because it 'flows'!
It's printed on the same paper as Ben 10 (scroll down all those of you who didn't blog in yesterday) so it has a nice soft satin finish to it...Hang on, I'll just get out my megaphone (The movie guy's gone home) Stand back all those of you with a weak disposition...the paper is called...
"Instant Dry Photo Satin Double Sided Paper 120gsm Brochure Paper."
...which was sent to me by PhotoPaper (Links no longer apply) .I have some magnet card and a few Double Sided Gloss/Matt Greeting cards too...more about them on another post.
This is my very first Water Card. I'm quite pleased with it. The little thinkgy pulls up and down to reveal a cute little teddy playing in his train! I've left enough room to fix a name on later and the little number tag comes off so I can change the age if I need to! Pretty sure there was a pink one too! Where? Oh...I don't think I'll tell you, I'm feeling mean!! Oh all right then...Free download for the waterfall card is on my sidebar (been there for ages) but for all those who don't read any of this you can click here  Links may no longer work.
Now there's something else on my side bar that wasn't there yesterday...a new blinkie. I wonder if anyone's spotted it? I'll blow my own horn about that later, right that's it...
Ah no! Come back! I haven't finished yet!! Welcome to new Follower 113!!! Big (((wave))) to Annelies (does she?) no..Annelies, all the way from Belgium and is into Scrapbooking! Loads of Blog Candy links on Annelies blog.
Back tomorrow with the Randon Followers BLOG CANDY winner!!!
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, 28 August 2009

Ben 10 Printed on Photo Satin Paper.

What paper do you use for your card making? Do you print straight on to card? Do you buy that really thin stuff that sucks up all your ink but still doesn't give you a nice crisp image? I had an email last week, luckily my spammer didn't chew it up and eat it! It was from a paper company. PhotoPaper Direct (sorry links now closed)

(Ohoo) I've had emails before, asking, 'would I like to advertise our Chinese laundry, or would I advertise their adventure holidays in Baghdad and another one from a travel agent in Singapore... Most don't get through but the ones that do I usually ponder over for a few seconds, let the little grey brain cells spin for a minute or two and then press the red button and the email vanishes for ever. But Paper? Card? That's like the carrot to the donkey, the peanut to the monkey~ the cheese to the mouse!! The sugar frosting on the cherry on the chocolate cake!!! If you could see the state of my Craft room right now, you'd say I had a serious paper addiction! So, this lovely paper company sent me some lovely samples. Right thought me. Let's put this paper to the test! I've made a couple of Ben 10's. My very first waterfall card and another shaker card. This is Ben 10. (Link to him on my sidebar) And he has been printed on this super smooth (hang on a mo, just get the guy who advertises the movies to say it in his very deep voice..)
"Instant Dry Photo Satin Double Sided Paper 120gsm Brochure paper.." (show off!) So it's brilliant for anything you want to print. I have tried buying this before. I've asked the puzzled assistant (as he's backed away from the counter) that I don't want the paper I want the paper the paper is wrapped in. So I've printed out Ben 10 on this Satin Paper, love it! (How'd you like my screw-like brads, huh?) And you can print on both sides with no fear of the darker colour coming through and... see the Ben 10 sign in the corner? That was white. I coloured it using my green ProMaker Pen and there was no bleed through and, I've even decoupaged Ben to make him stand out a bit more. So where is this Paper Company? Timbuktu? No! And, at the moment they have a BIG sale on and not just on paper. They do all sorts, apart from Photo Paper, Fine Art Paper, and Inks, there's Transfer paper, for printing onto Tshirts and other clothing. Magnetic paper. I've got some of that! Plug in Digital Memory storage thingamajigs, and with my small brain, I could definitely do with some of that! I also have some smooth pre-folded card and when I've finished playing, I'll let you see what I've done.
Right, tomorrow I'll either put on the Waterfall Card or another Ben 10 or a Tinker 'Paws for Thought' which I downloaded from the Tinker Shop. They've all been printed on this Satin paper! You's a peek...

Ben 10. For the Kids! Free black and white drawings to downloads and colour in.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Squeak! It's a card and an ATC!

Hi everyone! Hope you're all fighting fit and full of beans! (or...perhaps not...beans can be very unsociable, specially if you're in a lift!) I made this little card a few days ago and then forgot where I'd put it, meaning of course the photos, as it's already been posted off to a forum buddie... I knew the photo's were hiding in my computer somewhere and I knew I'd called the file Squeak, because this cute little bear is the other half of Bubble and Squeak. It took me ages to find him, in the the end he was hiding in with Shirley!! (well, not Shirley, but Shirley's card!) This is the first time I've used him, I'd forgotten all about him! He really stamps well, nice and clear. I've coloured him with ProMakers and then stamped him again, and done a bit of decoupage on an ATC sized card (Just for Penny!! Artist Trading Card. About the size of a playing card. Little tiny works of art you can make and send to other crafters for swaps etc! And I should think Cheryl's Blog is one of the best blogs to visit to see some really fabby ones!!)
On the ATC he has a little 3D birthday cake too, which, along with the 'Birthday Wishes' comes in the set of clear stamps. Unfortunately the ATC card was cream so the blue background is a bit greenish. The papers are Pink Petticoat. Bit of ribbon from my stash and some Stickles Glitter, oh, and a couple of brads to hold him in place. When he's put back on the card he looks like this...The inside was a bit of a cheat...I used one of my 'scanned inserts and its pink and green so...I'm not going to show you that! Oh..okay..just a tiny sneak-peek then...
Time to say 'Hi' and a big ((wave)) to three new followers!! Hello and welcome to Lana Cisinski who's out the back, in the dark with no picture and no link... yet! I'm guessing Lana's into Scrapbooking..but I might be wrong! Pop over and say hi Lana then I can put a link to you! Another ((wave)) to Katarina who has a link and a lovely blog! Pop over and say hi! She has some lovely challenge cards (I love that poochie card! he's so cute!!) There's also bags and tags and a few Halloween and Christmas Cards too! One more to say hi to.. no link...but, I've done a bit of Sherlocking and found Kary Sol's blog...well, I hope it's you Kary. (I found my blog candy on there!) Lovely things going on so pop over and see Kary's beautifully made Scrap book!
Well that's me done for tonight, Whoopee! It's Friday tomorrow and just one more day on the wibbly wobbly blank to the island...which everyoneknows (In Lyn's loony world) is the weekend...Talking about Paper tomorrow... Hmmm...What do you print your downloads on? What card and paper do you find the best!? Ever tried Magnet card? No? Me neither...not yet!! A Ben 10 card tomorrow...(Freebie links on my sidebar straight to Crafts Beautiful) and a Shaker Card on Saturday!! Bet you can't wait! (hey, whatever happen to that rocket card you promised weeks ago??) ...ummmm?...did you hear some thing then? No, must've been the wind...I did say not to eat too many beans!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Award From Anne. Plus updates on Others!

I have been given this lovely 'Friends' Award from Anne over on Annie's Creative Moments Anne is better known to most of you forum fanciers as Toni44. Her blog's quite new but she has some fabbylous cards in her forum gallery and I'm sure she'll soon be posting them all so we all can see!
I'm also bringing up three Awards from older posts, which I didn't finish listing AND a 4th one from way-way back, ages ago in fact (made by and given to me by Mel..those lovely Frogs!) that I forgot all about passing on,(naughty me!!) mainly because blogger was playing up at the time and you may not have received your email telling you about them!
I'd love to give all the below Blogs either one of these lovely Awards. Please choose which one you would like, place it on your side bar, or somewhere of your choosing with a link back here... and then send it to five blogs of your choosing!(Although the Teddy does say 12 friends including me)
Penny for her hard work on her new challenge blog!
Queenie for her shed and all lovely the things she makes
Priscilla for all her hard blogging work!
Mel for her lovely makes, pop over and see what she's been up to lately!
Jane for her lovely scrapbook layouts (and because I don't visit as much as I should, but will now I have a link!)
Riet for having the blog with the most comments ever!
Elena (because I think you missed the last one!)
Peets You MUST pop over and see her latest Halloween makes!!
Allissa For all her hard work in the blogging World!
Kim Some truely lovely Magnolia Cards to be found here
Angie...who has suddenly changed into a Ford Anglia! And has some lovely cards and things.
Kirsten Lovely blog filled with scrummy stuff!
Rita who has a lovely little crafty corner!
Saskia Amazing makes!
Charlotte So much more that cards! Fabby stuff!
Dark Fairy Lovely cards and Jewellery!
Sandra over on Crafty Sandra's. Lovely Jubbly!
Chris Over on twinklesglow-glowbug.blogspot!
Back later with That 'Squeaky' Card!

Blog Award From Poppy's PaperCraft Patch!

Oh wow! Don't you just love blogging!!! A lovely Award from Poppy's PaperCraft Patch, try saying that fast three times with a mouthful of spaghetti!!! (No, please don't!) Thank you sooo much Sylvia for this lovely Award! Thank you for thinking of litt'e ol' me!
The requirements of this Award are :
1. To thank the person who nominated you!! Thank you Sylvia!
2.Copy the Logo onto your blog...with a back to the person who nominated you.
4.Name seven things about yourself that people might find interesting.(oho..)
5.Nominate seven Kreativ bloggers !
6.And then leave comments on their blogs to let them know.
Okay, (she says slowly..)here we go...apart from being a Chocoholic...
1 I used to draw cartoons and cartoon strips for national and local papers and magazines.
2. I'm writing a five part novel. So that's five separate books about the same thing, sort of!
3.The first chapter was in the top ten out of 46.000 entries in a TV show (aw shame it didn't win!)
4 I was the only child in the history of my primary school not to be allowed to take the 11 plus. I was told the day I left that school I was probably dyslexic and that would 'explain a lot'
5 I used to teach playschool.
6 I used to have seven ponies Tesha, Tami, Tony, Tawny, Tia, Teko and Tizzy...and when I first left school I trained to be a Riding Instructor.
7 oh! and I'm going to be a granny any minute now!
Well, that was simples!!! (and almost exciting as comparing Meercats!!!)
The seven lovely Blogs I would like to Award this Kreativ Blogger Award are...
Cozy Frog
Tracy from 'buttons ribbons and pearls'
Denise over on Lavender Rose Crafts

Monday, 24 August 2009

Sylvia's Card

See! I'm here, bet you thought I'd be out the back and up to my elbows in glue, paper and card. Actually, you're quite right, five minutes ago, I suddenly realised I'd blocked myself in my craft room as I'd had everything out trying to find something and then forgot what it was...Frog the cat thought it was great fun as she could get right at the back of the shelves and play with the scraps of paper that had fallen down. Meanwhile of course, Hubby John (bless him, BIG hug) had cooked dinner and was now on his computer trying to book flights to Seattle. He's been trying for a couple of days now, but our card kept getting blocked. He tried all our cards, and everyone was blocked. Turned out after a phone call this morning from the bank that it's an automatic thing that happens if suddenly your credit card asks to spend more money that it ever has before, which in a way is reassuring but on the other hand very annoying, as the price of the air tickets kept going up by the minute as places were being snatched up!! In the end we did get our tickets, (after a nice man at the bank explained) so Seattle here we come!! Well...a few more weeks yet!
Right! Why am I here?? Oh yes. This is Sylvia's Card I sent off this morning with her goodies. made with Pink Petticoat papers, little inside pocket to hold stamped images. Clever ol' me did a bit of paper piecing. I printed the image twice, one on to heart paper and then cut out the ice cream bit and 3D-ed it. Pink Petticoat have a 'how to' HERE. Then added some micro fine glitter, with a 2 in 1 glue pen. (which isn't bad, but I think I liked the Quickie glue pen best) It's called a 2 in 1 glue pen because, according to the tiny writing on the side and I quote... "When wet use as ordinary glue. After applying allowing to dry-the same surface can be used as a sticker (reusable)" oho, have to try that! The little gems are from Anita's gemstone Wheel. (Mine was cheaper, she whispers) The card itself is Bazzil Card, Limeade I think. Is there a right way and a wrong way to fold it? I think there must be, because even though I used my Crafters Campanion thingamajig to crease the fold, little tiny fibers sort of broke away on the fold, which doesn't normally happen with Bazzil Card, cos it's good stuff, usually!
Ah, I know what you're thinking, stop yakking and tell us about the font!! Ok!! Yes it's a freebie~you might already have it, but if not it's called ... hang on ... I wrote it down somewhere... Ah! AncestorySF. You can download it for free, just Google t AncestorySF free fonts and choose where you'd like to down load it from!
I used WordArt again, so that I had an outline and could use two colours, but it writes very nicely in ordinary 'Word'. I used three Woodware punches for the flower and the leaves (stamped out using the same green Bazzil card) and ProMakers Pens for the blue and the green but my new Pink Copic pen for the pink bits. I phoned Emma (daughter) seeing she was driving past the Craft shop on Sunday Morning, to pick me up some skin tone Copic pens... Skin tone to Emma is orange...(she eats far too many carrots!!) but luckily she changed her mind and got me pink. I'm still in two minds about the Promaker/Copic Pens. Which do you like best? I want to like Promakers as I used to buy loads of Letraset stuff when I did my cartoons years ago, but they're really hard to get and the Copic Pens are just sitting there (all the colours!!) in the craft shop, which is about a 30mile round trip for me...
Challenge!! Yes, (sometime in the future I'm going to find this... and then pop back here and tell you about it, just so y'know, once these posts are written they aren't necessarily finished!! ) There's a challenge ( or will be, depending when you're reading this!) over on Cute Daisy May Challenge to make a Thank you card! So of course I've picked this one! Pop over and join in!
Right! that's it, I think!! But first , let's welcome two new Followers!! Hi first to Mrs Ann who's out the back in the dark with no picture and no link. But, could you be Anne Marie, who has popped over and said Hi and has put my Blog Candy onto her side bar, I wonder? (No...says the voice in my head., there's no E on the Ann) Anyway, thank you for that Anne Marie!! Let me know if that's you, if not, tell us where you are Mrs Ann and then I can put a link in and come and visit (don't worry, just your blog- not for coffee or biscuits!)
And as if by Magic!!!! I have a link from Anne Marie, So, we'll say Hi anyway, cos we're nice!! So, still looking for Mrs Ann... (I love a mystery!)
Then we have Theresa in MS ((wave))) who has some lovely pictures on her blog, one being a very large Stick Insect and a very small baby frog. (aw) I can remember having loads of baby frogs leaping about our small garden...couldn't mow the lawn for weeks!
Back tomorrow with a Squeak! Bye till then...thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Blog Candy Third Week Winner!!

Sorrrr-ry! I know I said BLOG CANDY would be yesterday... but...ummm, silly me used the timer for the last couple of posts and my small brain has problems with the time...Now then, in a 24 hour clock, I say to myself, I say, Self, if it's 18 hundred hours that's 18 take off 2 leaves 16 forget about the one and that's 6 o'clock...right? Or, it's 23 hundred hours, take off two leaves 21, forget about the 2 that leaves 1, which is 11 o'clock. Confused?? Anyway...I got the time right...just forgot about the Friday's post should've been yesterday, making today
So, I won't keep you in suspenders a moment longer...well, just a bit longer. I did it a different way this time...(I'm talking about how I picked the winner, not anything else) but then thought...I'll do it the other way as well, and guess what??? The same person won!
So the winner of my 3rd week Fabby Followers Blog Candy is... (drum roll please! Although a ham roll would go down very much better...)

Thank you for all your lovely support and kind comments and emails Sylvia. Please email me your addy, you'll find my email on my full profile page. Hope you like your goodies. Sorry about the dark pictures, but I was only out in the garden taking them a short while ago! Better pictures tomorrow...honest!!

Friday, 21 August 2009

Happy Moo-Day

I'm quite pleased with this card. I love the colour, sort of lilac-y pink and black. I've had it planned for ages, months, last year even. I made it, lost it! Found it again and sent it off, only to find whoever it's gone off to, is no longer on the forum birthday list Oh.....Moo! Never mind! It's Pink Petticoat papers printed onto photo paper to give it a bit of a dull glossy look, if there is such a thing. Penny Black Image, that was a forum swap, really wish I had that stamp! and a piece of sticky lace and ribbon from my stash. The flower was made using a Woodware punch (as always) For the leaves, I first stamped some Pink Petticoat pink paper with a flowery stamp, covered it with clear embossing power and heat set it with my heat gun and then punched out the leaves. I also used my new corner punch on the corners, giving the card a bit of a (chewed) fancy corner. I coloured the image with my Promaker Pens, put a blue sky in the background, with a few birds. (or little V's) I did use a pink water colour pencil on the cow's noses tho, I really must get some pink and skin tone colours! It's the first thing I can see that isn't right! Now the font, if you haven't got it, it's called Baby Kruffy. You can see on the insert the two ways of writing with it. The top, in black, is in ordinary 'Word' and the lilac has been made by using WordArt. You can change the colour and the out line colour if you want to. This is one of my favourite fonts. And you can download it for free, just Google the font name Baby KruffyThere's loads of sites to chose from.
Now before I go...I'd love to welcome a new follower hiding out there in the dark with no picture and no link, but I can tell you aw37uk is into 'Die cuts'. (How do I know this...?) ah, can't tell you all my secrets!! Pop over and say Hi aw37uk, Anne-Marie, (think this is you!) and then we can come and see you too! (What a frightening thought!)
Candy Blog Time tomorrow!!!! Back then!! Byeeeeee

Merry Kissmas!

Merry Kissmas!! Just a touch too early~ but no! Not over on the Creative Card Crew's Challenge blog. They have Christmas in August so I thought I'd pop this one in... It's a gate fold with a Penny Black Image and the holly papers are from TrimCraft or Dovecraft from my last years Christmas stash! Along with miri card, Stickles glitter and that lovely red ribbon, also from my stash. The font is a freebie...of course! You might already have it, but if you don't it's called CAC Pinafore and you can download it here! or Here!
Now then, my last few posts were done on a timer, only because I wasn't sure if I'd be able to post today, so I'm sorry about the bad smelling mistakes, which I hope I've put right now! And of course I had to pop in to say Hi to a new follower! Hi (((big wave))) and welcome to Lynne! A self confessed crazy lady who's mad on crafty things and Digi Scrapbooking! She has a couple of blogs you can visit, one being Callisters Delights so pop over and say hi and you might even find some freebies!!

Muddy Paws. ATC

Here's a quick little ATC I made for a forum swap a few weeks ago. I've called it, Man's Best Friend... 'Muddy Paws' and I thought I'd put a few pictures of those dogs we looked after last weekend, kind of where I got the idea from! We took them for a long walk to the beach and back, then cut through a pathway across the fields so they wouldn't get muddy paws!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Forever Friends Card with ATC

I'm behind again!! There never seems to be enough time!! What I wouldn't give for a Time Turner! Shame 'The Ministry of Magic' destroyed them all! But just think, if you could turn back could eat a bar of chocolate and then go back an hour and eat it again!
I did this card last week just in time for a forum buddies birthday. Forever Friends papers over a pearlised card, a bit of Stickles Glitter and some peel- offs ...I hope it got there on time.
Looking at it now I think I should've coloured the bear's birthday pressie in pink instead of yellow, but I've only got a pink in a Whispers Pen and I like using my Promakers! Still, it gave me a chance to play with my new punches again. The Photo Corner Punch (it cuts a pretty edge and embosses) which is holding the topper/ ATC, in place, and my little envelope punch. That also cuts and embosses. The font? Yes, it's a freebie. What's it called? Angelina and you can down  here!
My card for tomorrow, in my view, is a lot better, not that it's been ill. I must admit I'm not keen on leaving 'bear' bits of card and using peel-offs but anyway, tomorrow's card is definitely better, 'specially if you love cows and Penny Black. See you then!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Shirley's Prize

Bit late in posting this! But as I've said down below, that's down below in the post before this one, not down below in the cellar or anything..cos we haven't got a cellar!..Anyway, my Internet connection had partying gremlins chewing on the cables and I couldn't get on. It really gives me the hebegebe's when that happens! I go all glassy eyed..and that's without my reading glasses.
This is Shirley's Card and the crafty-bits I sent her after she won My Blog Candy bits and pieces prize last weekend!
I cut a 12x12 lilac card down so it had a little extra flap inside to hold the stamped images.
I used a mixture of Pink Petticoat papers and images in the same shades and coloured them with my (permanent) Promakers. I even used one to colour the brad. It was already red, but I wanted to make it match the cherries. Now, the font, you may already have but if not, it's called akaFrivoity and is available as a free download from 'Fonts for free'. (Or just Google the name, and other sites will pop up) Have a look, you may find other fonts you like! I put this through WordArt on your computer, so it's a little thicker and has a colour infill edged in black, but it still writes really nice in just plain old Word.

Ah, now before I go, I'd love to welcome three new followers! We really do have enough to have a party now, don't you think! Big (((Wave))) to...
Myran Over on Myrans Bo,
ilovmybugs, with her blog, Ilovmybugs. Thankfully for the squeamish, there's only lovely cards and no bugs!
and Sarah and her lovely blog called Crafty by Nature
Don't forget to pop over and say hi! And don't forget it's Wednesday, which means there'll be a freebie over on Dustin's blog or if not, there's always last weeks to hunt out!
That's all for now folks!!
Back tomorrow! (Internet connection and Gremlins permitting.)



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