Friday, 28 August 2009

Ben 10 Printed on Photo Satin Paper.

What paper do you use for your card making? Do you print straight on to card? Do you buy that really thin stuff that sucks up all your ink but still doesn't give you a nice crisp image? I had an email last week, luckily my spammer didn't chew it up and eat it! It was from a paper company. PhotoPaper Direct (sorry links now closed)

(Ohoo) I've had emails before, asking, 'would I like to advertise our Chinese laundry, or would I advertise their adventure holidays in Baghdad and another one from a travel agent in Singapore... Most don't get through but the ones that do I usually ponder over for a few seconds, let the little grey brain cells spin for a minute or two and then press the red button and the email vanishes for ever. But Paper? Card? That's like the carrot to the donkey, the peanut to the monkey~ the cheese to the mouse!! The sugar frosting on the cherry on the chocolate cake!!! If you could see the state of my Craft room right now, you'd say I had a serious paper addiction! So, this lovely paper company sent me some lovely samples. Right thought me. Let's put this paper to the test! I've made a couple of Ben 10's. My very first waterfall card and another shaker card. This is Ben 10. (Link to him on my sidebar) And he has been printed on this super smooth (hang on a mo, just get the guy who advertises the movies to say it in his very deep voice..)
"Instant Dry Photo Satin Double Sided Paper 120gsm Brochure paper.." (show off!) So it's brilliant for anything you want to print. I have tried buying this before. I've asked the puzzled assistant (as he's backed away from the counter) that I don't want the paper I want the paper the paper is wrapped in. So I've printed out Ben 10 on this Satin Paper, love it! (How'd you like my screw-like brads, huh?) And you can print on both sides with no fear of the darker colour coming through and... see the Ben 10 sign in the corner? That was white. I coloured it using my green ProMaker Pen and there was no bleed through and, I've even decoupaged Ben to make him stand out a bit more. So where is this Paper Company? Timbuktu? No! And, at the moment they have a BIG sale on and not just on paper. They do all sorts, apart from Photo Paper, Fine Art Paper, and Inks, there's Transfer paper, for printing onto Tshirts and other clothing. Magnetic paper. I've got some of that! Plug in Digital Memory storage thingamajigs, and with my small brain, I could definitely do with some of that! I also have some smooth pre-folded card and when I've finished playing, I'll let you see what I've done.
Right, tomorrow I'll either put on the Waterfall Card or another Ben 10 or a Tinker 'Paws for Thought' which I downloaded from the Tinker Shop. They've all been printed on this Satin paper! You's a peek...

Ben 10. For the Kids! Free black and white drawings to downloads and colour in.


  1. lol. You crack me up... I especially LOVED your voice-over!!! In a blog, and you pulled it off, that was pretty amazing!!!!

  2. Morning Lyn

    Oh my goodness, you have caught me out and now the whole craft world knows I rely on not one, but two zimmer frames due to my advanced age. And that's not mentioning the heavy duty crane located in the back gadren for when I do the weeding and get up on my horses !!

    Senility apart, a freebie that actually materialises and is of use has to be a first. Thank you for sharing the link.

    Oh and yes, great cards.

    B x

  3. Wow...It sounds like you really love this paper! Your Ben 10 card is really cool! Great post!

  4. Wow this is fantastic my Grandson loves Ben10
    kim x

  5. This is fabulous Lyn my nephew would adore this card.
    Paula xxxx

  6. Stunning card dear, have a great weekend
    Hugs Jacqui x

  7. WOW!! Now this is really amazing!! What gorgeous paper!!! :) Love the images!!!!!! AWESOME!! HUGS

  8. The paper sounds really great! It sounds almost like the one I always used f0or my drawing...bristol smooth paper. =)

    The cards looks really funky! I love them!

  9. Your Ben10 card is great....and thanks for sharing about the paper.

  10. Thanks for sharing the link :) Is the paper thick enough to use as a card base? I bought some 300gsm card recently but it wont go through my printer, so I'm a bit stuck now :( Maybe I'll give this company a go!
    Louise x

  11. I love discovering fab stash staples, it's so annoying if you have to spend time dithering over decisions like which double-sided tape to buy, when you could be spending time dithering over which new embellishment set to buy :P So thanks for the info on the paper and I love your Ben 10 card (not that I actually know who he is :P )

  12. Great card Lyn and thanks for the link about the paper

    Hugs Jackie x

  13. wowww Lyn,what beautiful.

    Hugs Riet.x

  14. Sent a message to your blog Louise, the paper I've printed Ben 10 on couldn't be used as a card, but I've just printed straight on to their card (photo gloss/matt)which they sent me, and that was 210 gram and went thro' my printer ok.


  15. Susan!! I'll put a link on the post to a Ben 10 web page for you! He's a 10year old boy who can turn into 'monsters' to fight the bad guys!


  16. Esther, looked at your 'Bristol paper', it's not the same.

  17. Hi, could you tell me what a water card is please.

  18. Hi Lyn, thanks for your comment on my card :) I also had problems printing without borders, so I recently got an Epson SX400 (not a bad price either, I think it was reduced to about £70). When you print, you need to change paper type (it's set at 'plain paper'), then you can select borderless printing. I usually select 'photo quality' too.
    Hope this helps
    Louise x


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