Friday, 30 November 2012

Children of The Nebulous: Third Chapter Added.

Children of The NebulousI know there's going to be mistakes, so it will change as I spot them and thank you to everyone  who's helping especially my latest follower Lisa over on decosses dynamite doodles!! You'll find Children of The Nebulous Here

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Last Weeks Wednesday Digi. Closed

This is Christmas Cheese Mouse. I'm still dog/house sitting so I hope he's ok... I've used the scanner here and it makes the white paper a dirty sort of blue-grey colour so I hope he prints out okay, as I can't print him here. Please do not share my un-water marked digi's on forums, shared sites, blogs, Flickr, Photo bucket etc! A link back here is always welcome! He'll be here till next Friday 7th now, I've given up on 4 shared, the links  keep disappearing!!    Thanks for stopping by!  CLOSED

WOYWW #182!

It's Wednesday already! And time for another, What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday! And a trip round blogland! I win the worst desk this week I think... pretty boring! Only  four more days and I'll be back in my craft room. (YAy!! I do miss my bed and being dry and not muddy!) We're still house/dog sitting the Airedale's, soooo no crafty room picture again this week, instead, it's What's On Someone Else's Kitchen Worktop! I was scribbling this weeks freebie... didn't like them, wrong face, wrong feet, wrong ears, wobbly in the end, I did a very quick Christmas Cheese Mouse, (Not pictured here as he was already plumbed into the scanner here, so I could get him out to whoever wanted him,only this scanner makes the paper look bluish-grey, so I hope I can sort it out! One thing about all this dog walking, there's no way I can stay up all night fiddling/ crafting/blogging, I fall asleep sitting at the computer! (all I need is a pillow on the keyboard) Pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in!! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, 26 November 2012

It's A Dogs Life!

Still dog sitting for another week, so not much crafting done... so just to add something to the blog I thought I'd add a few pictures of those smelly dogs!!  It was wet and windy, so where better to go  than the beach!
John's hanging on for dear life, while I try to take the pictures...
Thank you to Two New Followers! I don't know, join a crafty blog and get pictures of wet Airedales!
Pam Dearmond and Stampart Design by Kathryne who does digi's! thank you for stopping by!!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

This Wednesday's Digi! CLOSED

Sorry! Bit late, I thought this was on timer!  I'm not home (house/dog sitting) I don't have my scanner with me, which means I can't scan, but I do have my wacom, so I've revamped this digi. Some of you may have grabbed him as a one day freebie ages ago, or a hidden freebie, but not as he looks now. CLOSED!


W.O.(Someone elses) W. This Wednesday?!

It's Wednesday already! WOYWW time! Time to go blogging around the world, first calling in to see Julia's Stamping Ground!! Just to let you know, some of my comments have been  going missing, I don't know how... maybe the blog goblins have grabbed them! I know if you have word code thing on, I  give it two times, then give up and go make some tea...
Right, I'm not home... I'm house/dog sitting, til ages yet... so this is someone else's desk...Their computer scene behind mine... plus Picture of one of the said dogs, a card I went home to get so I could change the spelling mistake...  my little computer mouse..(replacing the old Harry Potter one that no longer works) my wacom...(what I tidy up my digi's with)  an invite to an evenings 'Christmas Tasting' at the local Tesco's store, (nice goody bag last time!) a magazine with a freebie and the scribblings of one of my stories, chapter two has now been loaded  and you can read it  HERE. It's free. There are swear words  starting chapter two ( he was very mad!)  thank you to those of you who have been helping me with my terrible spelling! Next picture.... why I can't do much crafting... the dogs!!
and not just any dogs...  wet dogs. Just got back from their last walk of the evening, it's raining. They weren't as wet as they looked, we'd just played the 'towel game' which they love, so just had to take a picture... bit blurry coz I was giggling too much! That's scanner/printer with me, sooooooooooo this weeks freebie will be a...surprise...I don't know what it will be yet! Happy WOYWW!!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Children of The Nebulous: Second Chapter Uploaded

Hi guys...still dog sitting which means, not much crafting, but I can get on with my 'stories' ! (is that a good thing? You tell me!) The second chapter of Children of The Nebulous is now up and ready for anyone to go read, it's all free. But I must warn you, there's blood and swearing! (In the story, not on the site) Sorry Tom, to kill the dog off in the first two paragraphs of the first chapter, but you'll read why later... about, chapter four or five I think!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Quirky Dark Kitty!

Here's my second Quirky Crafts DT card. The challenge this time is set by Cazzy and she wanted to see 'No cute digi's, or even no digis at all and to use dark colours or dark themes
 Bit of a quickie as I'm not home in my craft room, still sitting on dogs!  I've used Dovecraft papers and a Dustin Pike Kitty, who is one of our sponsors this challenge. (That's Dustin, not the kitty) This one was already coloured but they come 'naked' as well. 
I dedicate this card to our lodger cat Jinxie.(real name Bruno) who is at home on his own (aw!) Don't worry, he has Iams and Felix fish in Jelly and we call in to see him, but he's not our cat and he can go home, it's just in the next road!! Oh must tell funny...first thing, popped home to finished my Quirky DT cards and feed Jinxie. He always comes out to say hello or good bye...Get in my car to drive back here to the half way here when I heard a loud Mmmeow!!  Looked in the rear view mirror and he suddenly jumped up on the parcel shelf, and was sitting there staring at me! So, I had to bring him back...I think he wanted to come and stay! 
 Didn't have the computer with me (at home) so had to hand write the sentiment...might change that later. Love those Dovecraft papers, I won them, ages ago...
New Follower! Hi and a big ((wave)) to Gloria Blenkhorn! from over on Jeans Artsy Loft!  that's is for now! Thanks for stopping by!
The squirrel and the fox-anything goes
 Challenges4everybody-anything goes

Quirky's A Little Bit Dark

Hi guys! Sorry no blogging much this week, we're away dog sitting and crafting stuff and laptop are in two different places...It's time for another Quirky Craft's Challenge. Thanks to all you who joined in my Layers and Snow challenge last time. Fabulous creations!!  Called in to all of you, although I know I didn't comment on some, being away and that word code thingy gets me every time. 
Cazzy's in a quirky  mood for this next challenge and wants to see no images OR no cute images AND she wants to see dark colours, or dark subjects... or's really up to you!
Here's my card...and yes...There's a spelling mistake.. which I can't fix at the moment coz I don't have the card with me...just the picture of it. My craft room and computer are separated this week (and next) so I had to write the sentiment. Also my printer's been having a hissy fit and won't print! Funny how I never notice  mistakes until it's loaded up on the blog! Never mind! It'll give me a chance to add a better sentiment... I had loads in my head, but they were all too long! Ssshhh! If I don't mention it, no one will notice! Back later to add links, challenges and swap the pictures for ones with the right spelling...and other things!
Thank you to those of you who have popped over to 'read' my story's first chapter, the second  chapter should be on later tonight. I might now be 'brave' enough to add my 'real' story now! Coming up...another Quirky Challenge card....
One stitch at a time-use a digi
Poisoned Peas-Walking Dead
Crafting when we can-ribbons and skulls
Challenges4everybody-anything goes

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!?

Happy Wednesday!! And Happy, What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday! too!!! Here's mine Wednesday Muddle....I'm not showing you the messiness this week, you've seen that!! I'm just showing you the latest 'things' I'm doing...this weeks freebie...(below this post) before I'd put it through the scanner and played with it on the computer...   and I've added one of my never ending stories to a site where you can read billions of people's books!! well...sort of ebooks really, coz they're not actual books...although some of them are...Go HERE to have a read if you'd like...(just the first chapter) honestly I have checked the's not too bad, probably better than the typing on my blog!! That's it!! Go over and join Julia's blog list over on Stamping Ground!!!  Dog sitting for the next two weeks...will try to be here!! Thank you for stopping by!!!

This Weeks Wednesday Digi Closed

Here's this weeks Wednesday digi It's another snowman, I thought he'd make a nice Christmas tree ornament...The idea put two images on the same page, flip one over and then when you print and colour him, you can stick the two images together and make a snowman Christmas tree hanging...or not!!
Please don't share my digi's  un-water-marked on any shared site etc, send people here. CLOSED

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Children of The Nebulous. First Chapter of one of my stories.

I'm testing the ground with one of my many stores... not my fav (I'd cry if someone hated that!!) but an old one, which, as yet has no ending. (Only in my head) I'm going to add a chapter at a time, if and when I have time and if anyone likes's sci-fi.fantasy, some romance, a bit of horror, a few swear words...(sorry). There's no naughtiness in the first chapter but there will be just a tad, just to warn you! (and  swearing starts off chapter two) I'm not sure if this link is the right one...try  here. It's all free to join if you want to, you don't have to. Tell me what you think and vote, I'm a newbie so I haven't got many yet. There's bound to be loads of smelling mistakes and bad grammar. The  cover is a picture of a real nebula. I just 'played' with it in PaintNet as that is what I imagined the Nebulous mothership to look like, all those little nobbly bits are the capsules and escape pods and the ISP's  which break away and crash onto a planet.... you'll have to go read it to find out what happens!
The Font I've used is a freebie, it's called Big Log and you can download it here Thank you for stopping by and thank you for poping over and having a read, following and voting!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

This Month Spyder Has Spyed....

Edwina made these two lovely cards and even made up a rhyme too!!
 Edwina used Five Happy Snowmen  

Paula from Scrap Addicts Attic 
made this little fairy house come to life
Stephanie made this spooky scene using these spooky ghosts!
Suze Woods made 'It's Snowing Kitty' dance in the snow
 using my freebie Snowy background paper and...
..a Green Carol Singing Hedgie Christmas card! 

    made this fabulous picture using my digi Horse On The Hill! and a cowboy image from Anne's Cards 4u.

This month...and last month (I was a bit busy and this new blogger format is rubbish at placing cards and links! It leaves huge gaps and sometimes the picture just disappear! Those happy snowmen keep running away! but that  might be me, playing with the codes in the HTML!) I have managed to find a few cards (thank you for those of you who emailed me!) using my digi's and even some of the freebie background papers! As a thank you, if you see your card featured here please choose a digi from the store as a thank you!! 
Something new...If you make a card using any of my digi's, enter it into any challenge/s, let  me know and you can win another digi as a thank you just for entering! I know I've 'lost' at least two cards... saved them somewhere and forgotten where, so if you think that is you please let me know so I can add you here!! Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

A Spot Light and A Sunshine Award!

Wow these last few weeks have been soooo busy I've been chasing my tail...(I haven't actually got a tail, but you know what I mean)
 First, at the end of October, the lovely Vicky from Crafting Vicky Blogspot sent me a Sunshine Blogger award. Thank you Vicky!  Of course these award have rules...although the blogger police don't check up...Honest! I'll tell you more on that in just a sec...
And Second. Two of my cards HERE and HERE have been Saturday Show Cased by  by Decosses Dynamite Doodles!  Each week, Lisa hops around blog space looking out for "truly unique blogs, featuring incredible freebies, remarkable card designs and great tips" (My haed head is now so big, it's fe44en  fallen forward and just missed my keyboard...luckily I can just pee see to type) Lisa  created a Special Saturday post designed to showcase other artist's creativity! Please pop over to Decosses Dynamite Doodles!  leave a comment, because that way it will make it easier for her to come and find you!!
Here are the rules For the Sun Shine Award!
1. Include award logo in blog post.
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and include a link back to them.
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself, that you have made up yourself.
4. Nominate up to 10  bloggers and contact them at their blog site to inform them. (I've already changed that bit!)
Now, seeing these are ten made up questions and answers I think I might do I've ran out of real stuff, and that's just boring Here we go..!
  1. What are the type of activity that you do if you are not crafting?  ??? Ummm? There's life after crafting???
  2. What type of books do you like to read?  Hahha...I'm a rubbish reader, but my latest read...(I miss out the boring bits) have been the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy...before that...all the Harry Potters..which was far better!
  3. How do you manage to do so many cards?  I get the elves to help me...
  4. What's your favourite holiday?  Normally, when ever we have one!
  5. What did you want to be when you grew up?  I'm still waiting to grow up...
  6. What's your favourite animal? Ponies...I had seven....the stallion kept getting in...that's true!
  7. Which is your favourite season? That spicy one you put on BBQ's
  8. What type of music do you like?  Any, as long as there's an off switch. I love those stamping ones with dustbin lids!
  9. What's a perfect evening?  Something Si-Fi on the telly...and hubby in his piny!
  10. If you would win a million bucks (Pounds in my case) what would you do? Scream! And then I'd save some, spend some, and share the rest with family!...and then buy a Crafting Store!
    I know there a few of you out there who 'don't do' blog Awards, so please don't  take offend a fence if I've missed your note about it! And Please!! I'd love to award everyone with a sunshine Award who calls in! Here are the bloggers I'd like to award the Sunshine to.

    Vickie lovely cards and a woyww fan! Okienurse.blogspot
    Riet's cards are amazing, she must receive the most comments ever! rietsblog.blogspot
    Edwina always pops in and makes fab cards too edwinascreations
    Joynana make fabulous bag journals!!joynana-lovethatpaper.
     Ike has a darker crafty side and does freebies sometimes! suzy-ikesworld.
    Mo aka twinkletoes2day  shares her makes with tagtuesday and Flickr
    Sonya who's always busy making fab cards sonyaspapertrail
    Paula often makes cards using my digi's! scrapaddictsattic
    Lawren makes them too! ahobby-holic.
    Suze makes them as well

It's a Bug Freebie Pup! (Link to Freebie Font used)

The Friday freebie over on Bugaboo Stamps has a cutie little dog! And this is what I've made using the pretty puppy... (Isn't she cute. (yes, I know, sometimes boy dogs have bows too) The trouble is, the more I look at her, the more I think she looks like that alien guy in Farscape with the funny nose and all that brown hair! Whatever happened to that series? I loved that... the last thing I remember is him and her in a boat getting zapped into nothing....
I'm waffling. 
Here's my card. I did choose to make a blank card, seeing I know  a lot of people who have dogs, it's bound to come in handy as either a thank you, or get well, have a barking good birthday, or 'something', card. Then I changed my mind and made it a Thank You card. I've used four (including the inside) different Pink Petticoat papers, but not downloads, these came free with a crafty magazine some time ago, which was just as well, as my printer has suddenly decided not to print... just as I was doing the insert too, so I'll try to add that later..  I've 3D-ed her, she has extra front paws and two extra beards and nose as well as another pink bow. I coloured her with three different shades of Promarker grey.
The ribbon was also a freebie from a crafty mag, it's got little paw prints on it. Cute! The flowers were in the bargain box in my local (a trillion miles away) craft shop and so were the little hearts. I've used a x-cut die-cut and a Martha Stewart lace border punch... and added three tiny gems..
The Font is a freebie (as with most of my posts) it's called Janda Celebration Script and you can download it HERE and go HERE to see what the bug team have made using this digi!
That's it for now, this is on timer. as I'm not here. Hoping to add some more challenges later...Thanks for stopping by!
Catch the Bug-Anything Goes
Catch the Bug-things with Tails
One stop craft- anything goes
Penny's Paper Crafty- Lots of Layers
Stamp N' Doodle- use a digi

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Another Bugaboo Sock Monkey Freebie.

Oh no, I'm soooo late with this  card, there's just not enough hours in the day. This is last Fridays Bugaboo freebie, so I hope you all have him safely saved on your computers and have been busily making cards and other fantastic things with him!! If not, get over there now!
My Card. First  I cut the card down a bit as I wanted to add that embossed border. (and still have the card fit the envelope). The border came with some crafty goodies. There were a few others in with the order.. Great way of getting people to buy die-cuts, send them a few samples! (Only, I haven't bought this one yet but I did buy a snowflake corner) 
I edged the front of the card with a red Poppy Promarker and then added some papers from Paper Cellar, 'Modern Christmas'. I'd already coloured and 3D-ed the Sock Monkey, so he has an extra ski and an extra head and the neck of the scarf. I was then a bit stumped at what to do! Found a bit of parchment  and used a Dovecraft holly border punch on it.  Took the sparkly green ribbon off a bought card, ( I didn't buy it!) there was just enough, added the card candi, some Stickles glitter. 
The silver star was added to hide a red fingerprint, oops! I'd already punched out another star boarder, which I didn't use, but thought the tiny stars would make the Monkey look like he was seeing stars after his tumble in the snow...and for the snow I added some very fine Flower-Soft which was free with a crafty mag ages ago. I then die-cutted the 'Fun' and added some red stickles to it
The Font is a Freebie, it's called Rumpelstiltskin, download it HERE
New Followers! Hi and a big {{{wave}}} to Crea Jackie all the way from Holland with some fabulous cards! Elainea1, on the Cute Daisymay Design Team! with another fabulous blog called Wheelerscraftiness and Annie but with no link at the moment.. I think that's it... Hoping to add this card to some..
Catch the bug-Anything Goes
One stitch at a time-Anything goes
Foreverfriendschallenge- Anything Goes
Cute Daisymay-Christmas cards
Abc Christmas challenge-V is for vibrant colours

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie!

Here's a freebie Santa Hedgie for you this week. I drew him with my Sharpie pen, so he's a bit 'thicker' than he normally is. As always please no sharing the unwater-marked digi on any shared sites etc etc. Links are always welcome!! He's here for the week and then you'll find him in the Store.  Please comment if you can! Thank you for stopping by!!

1157 downloads  I've not seen one card using this digi yet! be the first!!

Scroll down for WOYWW

WOYWW... messy again

ARRGGH! It's that What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday time again! I was going to tidy but I thought 'what the heck!' or words to that effect (affect?) Promarkers in pots along the wall, doesn't work, even if I did have them colour coded...I have to get the pots down to see the Promarkers. I'm too short!... So the ProMarkers get sprawled everywhere...and I know someone said in comments a little time ago, having too many boxes and keep changing it all around only leads to you forgetting where things are, So true!! I have no idea where my shrink plastic is now, not that I've used it in decades, but one needs to know where these things are, just in case! So this is the aftermath, the end resort of me making just two cards! With one in the pipeline, the Bugaboo freebie...who can spot him?? I used white flower soft on him...because I  found it!!
You can just spy my old BigShot, I use thick card to get the embossing as I don't have all those different thickness plates, only the three it came with, years back. If you want to come and visit well over 100 blogs, just take a picture of wherever you craft, click over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in! That's it, I'm waffling. Freebie will be here later! It's 2.30 in the morning. My bed is calling to me...'s John snoring...Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A Bugaboo Candy Bear

Isn't this little Candy bear (by Bugaboo of course) sooo sweet! And you could've got him free, if you'd subscribed to their last Newsletter, like me! So, go and sign up, that way you'll never miss any extra freebies! And you'll get to know what's going on too. meanwhile, you can find him with the latest new releases HERE. Half price at the moment!!
My Card. I've used three backing papers. Two are by Papermania, as used in the post below, plus the gingerbread men paper, which came from a 6x6 pack I had free with QuickCards made easy, magazine, called Cosy Christmas Collection.
 I haven't used them yet, but Cardmaking and PaperCraft (Big sister of QuickCards) have some lovely freebie papers for you to download. You have to 'login' HERE and then just scroll down a bit and click and save!
Back to the card. I've used red and green card, Nesties and  Woodware punches. Adding tiny butterflies, (for a challenge, now I forgotten which one!) and tiny gems to the teddy's feet, paws? No, I'll stick with feet! And last but not least, the Christmas card Candi.
I've 3D-ed the little bear, so he has three extra heads and  two extra paws and two extra feet and extra 'hearts' on his feet as well, but just the one candy cane, coloured with Promarkers.
I made the sentiment on the computer using WordArt and filled in with red with a darker red outline. Only used up the scraps for the inside. Didn't put too much on the left , as this card is a little lighter  than I usually use and having a few layers on the front makes it a bit top heavy if there's also more layers inside too.
The freebie Font is called Janda Happy Day, and you can download it HERE or just Google the name. There are quite a few 'Janda' fonts.
I'm not here at the moment, well, I am, as I'm typing this, but you know what I mean! We're dog sitting/ walking all this week, so I'm just nipping in when I can. Hoping all this walking will get me fit!! (We did walk miles today, so glad it didn't rain) That's it for now. Thank you for stopping by!!
Catch the bug blog-Anything goes
OSAAT- Anything Goes.
Kaboodledoodles-Anything goes
 Through The Craftroom Door-Anything goes
Cute Daisymay-Christmas Cards 
abc christmaschallenge v for vibrant colours

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Loads of Quirky Snow and Layers!

New Challenge has started over on the Quirky Crafts Challenge blog. It's my turn to set the theme and I want to see you......
"Layer it Up and Let It Snow!"
So, just use lots of layers in any way you'd like but!! Don't forget to add some snow!! Easy!
Here's my card, which took a fortnight to make (I'm sooo slow!) I've made it 8x8 by joining two bits of green card together, then adding, red card, silver miri card, patterned paper and then a topper of silver miri card, patterned paper and the digi printed out over my own 'Snowy Sky' back ground. You'll  find it HERE. The two digi's I've used are by Dustin Pike's Doodle Dragon who is one of our sponsors this time round, along with the Cutting Cafe and Crafty Ribbons!! 
I've played with the digi's in My Craft Studio (as Word was being a pain!) and moved them about so it looks as though Monkey is helping Dudley build a snowman. There's about three or four layers on the topper after cutting off bits of ear, nostril, leg, body, tail, and bobbles from their hats!
The backing papers on the front are by Papermania, 'Home for Christmas' 6x6 nice and thick at a 180gsm, there's ribbon to match. I bought mine half price from Trago Mills when we were down in Cornwall. The papers on the inside had to be a bit bigger so I've used 8x8 Joyeux Noel also by PaperMania, @ 160gsm.
 The font is a freebie, it's called  One Starry Night and you can find that HERE  I printed it in WordArt, and filled in with red, with a slightly darker red outline, but I doubt you can see that.
The 'Merry' was from a set of blank grey cardboard letters, which I've never used coz there's never the right about of letters in the packet!  Luckily there was one Y and two R's!  I coloured them with a Poppy Red Promarker, smeared with clear embossing ink, dipped into clear embossing powder and zapped with my heat gun, then fixed to the card with silicon glue with added Stickles glitter. The embossed snow flakes behind the letters I made using a snowflake embosser free from a crafty magazine! And I rather like it! (wish it was a bit longer)
 The big silver snowflake I think came from a Let's Make Cards Mag, the only one I bought, many years ago. I've finished with silver peel off snowflakes, and added black and Icicle Stickles Glitter. The die-cut 'Snowflake' corner is by Memory Box. Phew, think that's covered it!
Sorry if there's different sized lettering...blogger seems to type everything in 'small' even though I've told it to write in 'normal'...and I've had to go into the Html and type in 'normal' a trillion times!!Thanks you for stopping by! Hoping to add a few...  
 OSAAT-anything goes
Totallystampalicious-anything goes
A and t sketch challenges-bingo (ribbon, flourishes, die-cut) 

Cute daisymay- Christmas cards
My mums craft shop-bold & bright.

Fab n funky challenges-die-cuts/punches
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Scrap-creations-pop it up

Sentimental Sundays-dimensions.
ABC Christmas challenge-vibrant colours
Craft a scene-troubled skies (Might not be 'troubled' enough!)



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