Saturday, 10 November 2012

A Spot Light and A Sunshine Award!

Wow these last few weeks have been soooo busy I've been chasing my tail...(I haven't actually got a tail, but you know what I mean)
 First, at the end of October, the lovely Vicky from Crafting Vicky Blogspot sent me a Sunshine Blogger award. Thank you Vicky!  Of course these award have rules...although the blogger police don't check up...Honest! I'll tell you more on that in just a sec...
And Second. Two of my cards HERE and HERE have been Saturday Show Cased by  by Decosses Dynamite Doodles!  Each week, Lisa hops around blog space looking out for "truly unique blogs, featuring incredible freebies, remarkable card designs and great tips" (My haed head is now so big, it's fe44en  fallen forward and just missed my keyboard...luckily I can just pee see to type) Lisa  created a Special Saturday post designed to showcase other artist's creativity! Please pop over to Decosses Dynamite Doodles!  leave a comment, because that way it will make it easier for her to come and find you!!
Here are the rules For the Sun Shine Award!
1. Include award logo in blog post.
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and include a link back to them.
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself, that you have made up yourself.
4. Nominate up to 10  bloggers and contact them at their blog site to inform them. (I've already changed that bit!)
Now, seeing these are ten made up questions and answers I think I might do I've ran out of real stuff, and that's just boring Here we go..!
  1. What are the type of activity that you do if you are not crafting?  ??? Ummm? There's life after crafting???
  2. What type of books do you like to read?  Hahha...I'm a rubbish reader, but my latest read...(I miss out the boring bits) have been the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy...before that...all the Harry Potters..which was far better!
  3. How do you manage to do so many cards?  I get the elves to help me...
  4. What's your favourite holiday?  Normally, when ever we have one!
  5. What did you want to be when you grew up?  I'm still waiting to grow up...
  6. What's your favourite animal? Ponies...I had seven....the stallion kept getting in...that's true!
  7. Which is your favourite season? That spicy one you put on BBQ's
  8. What type of music do you like?  Any, as long as there's an off switch. I love those stamping ones with dustbin lids!
  9. What's a perfect evening?  Something Si-Fi on the telly...and hubby in his piny!
  10. If you would win a million bucks (Pounds in my case) what would you do? Scream! And then I'd save some, spend some, and share the rest with family!...and then buy a Crafting Store!
    I know there a few of you out there who 'don't do' blog Awards, so please don't  take offend a fence if I've missed your note about it! And Please!! I'd love to award everyone with a sunshine Award who calls in! Here are the bloggers I'd like to award the Sunshine to.

    Vickie lovely cards and a woyww fan! Okienurse.blogspot
    Riet's cards are amazing, she must receive the most comments ever! rietsblog.blogspot
    Edwina always pops in and makes fab cards too edwinascreations
    Joynana make fabulous bag journals!!joynana-lovethatpaper.
     Ike has a darker crafty side and does freebies sometimes! suzy-ikesworld.
    Mo aka twinkletoes2day  shares her makes with tagtuesday and Flickr
    Sonya who's always busy making fab cards sonyaspapertrail
    Paula often makes cards using my digi's! scrapaddictsattic
    Lawren makes them too! ahobby-holic.
    Suze makes them as well


  1. Love your answers to the question! And so happy I passed this on to you! you are always a ray of sunshine to my blog world :D Hugs Vicky

  2. Awe,'re the best. And your answers were cracking me up. Love your sense of humour!! Thanks for passing the award my way, for your awesome digi's and for being my cyber-friend!!


  3. Lyn, Congratulations on being showcased. I just popped over and left a comment and am following her blog now.
    Thank you for the award. I'll try to do it all. Edwina Brown

  4. Hi Lyn big congrats on both of the awards as you deserve them all - you are so kind with all your freebies and love the hedgie one sooo cute!! and love card down below too Shaz in oz.x

  5. Gosh, well deserved awards Lyn! Your answers are just perfect, very funny but with a grain of truth in many I suspect ;) Thank you for mentioning me, and visiting me over at Tag Tuesday. I love coming over here to see what you've been upto. Time for bed me thinks - have a wonderful new week ahead :0)) Mo x

  6. You are a riot and just what I needed to get me through at 3:33 in the morning. I was happy to see that you posted the showcase banner, and thanks so much for mentioning my if I oould only figure out how to link to your post that links to my blog...hmmm not sure that makes sense even to me.

    Anyways, have a great week.



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