Sunday, 29 June 2014

Quirky Reminder Masks/masking Stencils and Stuff!

Okay! Very quick post, because I shouldn't be here. Nip over and join in with the latest Quirky Crafts challenge. We wanna see your take on Gemma's Theme. Here's my second idea....or what came into my mind late last night. Out of my comfort zone when I have no time to think! We're sponsored by Paper Pretties, Limited Runs and Robyn's Fetish!! So great prizes up for grabs!!
I was sent this mad girl digi from Nikki at Limited Runs. What can I say? She has a knife and folk in her hands! A female Hannibal Lecter!! A proper little miss Victor Frankenstein's monster! I wonder if her name's Vicky? I must check!(later)
 I printed out a few of the same digi, coloured one with ProMakers, but cut out another and used it as a mask, by sicking it with a tiny bit of photo glue so I could peel it off after I sprayed  the whole thing with the Cosmic Mist. Once I peeled that off, the digi underneath was still splatter free. I then just sprayed a blank bit of paper in the same way, cut it to fit a 5x5 card, edged it in red and then stuck everything on the front and added a little bit of eye-lash wool, in an orangey-red.
I haven't got any stencils suitable for cards, and have no time to make any so once more like last week I've cheated again and gone for a stencil freebie font it's called 'GASMASK' (so at least there's a 'mask' in it's name!) Google it, most font sites have it for free.
Inside the card, I didn't want to waste the 'mask' digi, the splattered one, so I've stuck her in there....
I then had another idea for the sentiment... so peeled everything off and started again...with You're So Sweet'... at the front using a freebie font, called 'Punk Kid' There's no apostrophes on either of the fonts. On the inside the sentiment continues... 'I loved Having You for dinner!' On the second card pictures you can see I've added blood to the cuttlery! Inside, I've used the digi I used for the 'masking', looks like she's covered in splattered blood! (It's sort of pinky red with sparkle so it's not too goulish!) That's it I think, thank you for stopping by!! This is a bit late because I forgot to set the timer... or put the pictures on... I'd forget my head if it wasn't sewn on!
Limited Runs Stamps-gallery. Must be Limited Runs Digi

Friday, 27 June 2014

This Weeks Wednesday Digi...On Friday! CLOSED

Here's this weeks freebie! I'm bit late (again) I've been sooooo busy the week's just flown by!  But it's not been all my fault, the Gett, download site I've been using is soooo slow I've given up a few times to 'get it' uploaded! Anyway...I quite like wonky houses, although you'd never get me climbing up those ladders!  No sharing please! Thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

It's a Quirky Mask and Stencil Challenge!

The latest Challenge as started over on The Quirky Crafts Challenge blog. Gemma has picked a great theme, to use or make your own stencils or masks, or do a bit of masking or both. Pop over to see what everyone's created. 
This time we're sponsored by Paper Pretties, Limited Runs and Robyns Fetish!  
Here's my card, I've used Paper Pretties 'Super Cooper' I coloured him twice, ready to make him 3D but didn't like him with green pants, so I've put that one inside where I've made a pocket to slip in some birthday money. I've made a few layers with red blue and yellow ( Super Hero Colours) added a bit of mock stitching, corrugated paper stars, paper clip  and a punched out glitter shape. I've also added some sort of red tissue paper that has white sparkly bits on it.  I was running out of time again (Lost camera, no printer and a very slow computer)so thought I'd cheat a bit on the stencilling and use a freebie font called 'Top Secret' which looks like a stencil. Just email the name plus add free font to find a site and download it.
Inside I've just used some checked paper from my stash and fixed in the other super boy with the green pants! (He's trying to grab the birthday money)  I was lucky to  get the sentiment and the super boy printed out before the printer conked out again!! That's it! Thanks for calling by! Hope to add this  to a  few...

Thursday, 19 June 2014

(Was)Free to download on Amazon!!

It's that time again when I do a bit of self advertising! My novel, The Fire Stone, Part One, is free to download this weekend (from 19th until Monday 23rd of June) on Amazon.  It's also advertised HERE  I still prefer the fiery cover. Hubby chose this horsey one. Anyway, nip over to Amazon and download it! I'm going to read it on my new  Tablet!! (and recheck the spelling for the millionth  time!)
My apologies to those of you (and strangers too) who have emailed me saying hurry up and load part two. Well, you can start to read the second half over on WattPad, where it's always free.
TCI: Book 1 Part 1: (N. L .A.) The Fire Stone. Book 1 Part 2 ContinuingIt's part three that actually follows on where Part One finished... I've been very slow at uploading all year. The first book is finished, but I'm sure a snail could turn it into the right format for Amazon far quicker than I can!  And, at the same time, I'm trying to shorten the chapters...This is my learning curve.
 Some people write one page and call it a novel over there. (WattPad) Many don't of course, there are some good stories! Even so, Hubby says my chapters are as long as most people's whole novels! (I do waffle)I have just up loaded a new chapter to part two and hope to load the next one very soon! If you venture over there, please tell me what you think! Thank You for stopping by.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

This Weeks Wednesday Digi Two Hearts! CLOSED

I Heart You....a bit of zigtag-and doodlings. I had an idea of making it into a flower but ran out of time. Haven't even tried it yet.... so it might not work, may be tooo black. Later I'll change it if it is. Let me know! NO Sharing please just download to your own computer only. .Thank you for stopping by!
 I've just got in and thought....I'll do another heart that's not so dark when you print it small. No Sharing please! Happy Crafting!! CLOSEED

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Happy Father's Day

I didn't have to make A Father's Day card this year, but of course Emma made her dad a card on her phone! Well, sort of! And this is it. Not a good in focus image...but you get the drift. Pictures of her with her dad. On her wedding day. Sipping tea on the edge of a fast flowing river in Wales. Sucking her toe!  With her dad and sister in a National Trust Garden and on top of the Space Needle in Seattle!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Happy Birthday Lady Pam

I made a card for Pam's Birthday on Friday the 13th! and then....could I find it? No...It's not surprising, (nothing to do with bad luck I'm sure! My craft room is still piled high with crafty mess! So I quickly made another one. I couldn't print out an image for the front of the card (printer still playing up) so I hunted through my many 'usuful boxes' balancing on tip toe, for something different and found some die cut flower images, which didn't come with, but matched quite well the freebie papers and matching scalloped banner that came from a crafty magazine.  
The sentiment was also from a magazine. It came in a little booklet that you had to cut out. I used a punch. The pink webby ribbon comes on a roll.
I'm still very much awol at the moment, but hope to get this weeks freebie out on time! (Fingers Crossed) 
By the way, we had a lovely birthday tea, scones and cream and stuff like that. Yum. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great crafty week!
I made a card for Pam's Birthday and then....could I find it? No...It's not surprising, my craft room is still piled high with crafty mess! So I quickly made another one. We had a nice birthday tea, scones and cream and stuff like that. Yum. I couldn't print out an image for the front of the card (printer still playing up) so I hunted through my many 'usuful boxes' balancing on tip toe, for something different and found some die cut images from a crafty mag. I'm still very much awol at the moment, but hope to get this weeks freebie out on time! (Fingers Crossed) Thanks for stopping by. Have a great crafty week!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Happy Birthday John!

It's hubby's birthday today! It seems only a few weeks ago we were celebrating his last birthday. Here's the card I made, or rather, it made itself. Waste not want not, does not apply to crafting!! I waste nothing, but I still need more!!!
My printer's been playing  up for ages and wouldn't print out the papers I wanted to use, so here's another card made up with leftover 'bits.'
The clocks on the front were leftover from a DT make I started, but couldn't finish, by Cutting Cafe...inside you can see more of the same... but that's when the ink run out...instead of black, they're bluey grey, but I thought the papers still worked .
 The silver clock is cut from a sheet I embossed at the same time as above, and never used. I wanted to put the clock paper inside too but really wanted to use black paper, so Dovecraft came in handy there. The pink flower bits I tried to cover with cogs and wheels.
 The image is Bugaboo of course, coloured with Promakers. I was going to 3D that and might still, but I really ran out of 'time.' 
To keep the smaller card closed, there's a little paper tag that slots
between the layers. I added the tape measure, another scrap, to hide the gap between the papers, as they were just a little bit too short. (as were the papers inside, but I won't mention them!)
 The strip of paper on the inside (right) has dates and months on it, that came from a freebie paper stack called Travellight by We R Memory Keepers, from Simply Cards & PaperCrafts Issue 92, two years ago, so I ringed June the 12th. I've also added a hammer, a scew and a spanner, which are all brads. That's it, I think! Thank you for stopping by! If I have time,  I hope to add this birthday card to a few more...
Catch The Bug-June-Anything Goes
 Cards Galore-June-Anything Goes
 Crafty sentiment-Fathers day- for a male
One Stitch At A Ttime-Use A Digi (Bugaboo+ CC Clocks)

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

This Week's Wednesday Digi CLOSED

It's still Wednesday, Time for this week's Wednesday freebie. Hope you like him-..and his likkle friend!  He'll be here for a week. No sharing on any sharing site, or anywhere else, just download to your computer. Links back here are always welcome.Thank you for stopping by. A comment would be G-G-R-R-E-A-T!!!

Monday, 9 June 2014

I'm Late, Dreaming Of Quirky Fairies!

Yes, I know....I'm late again. Can't help it! It's getting harder and harder to actually get into my craft room... let alone make anything! But I Quirky well have!! So There! Doris has set the theme over on Quirky Crafts for this fortnight's Challenge, which started (I whisper this bit) last Sunday evening...and has chosen.... 
It's A Fairy World !
She not only wants to see fairies, she'd love to see Sparkles, Stars and a moon, maybe a sun and of course, if you can fit one in, a sentiment too! 
Pop over  to Quirky Crafts to see what everyone else came up with, (they weren't late....even Cazzy was there!)
They are all very different creations, using images from our fabulous Sponsor,   Crackerbox Palace 
I've used a fairy, some stars, (three times) Clouds, and the sun and made a scene. I did that in Word. I added the castle too, although it's not really a stamp, just their signature, but if you're going to dream about fairies  you may as well add a castle in there somewhere too. (Maybe I should have had it floating in the clouds?)
The freebie papers I used are by Summer Driggs, "Owl always love Spring." They maybe a bit brighter, as my printer was running out of ink (again) The freebie font used in the sentiment is called abrila. I've added a bit of sparkle from a silver gel pen and some micro glitter on her wings, then coloured everything else with ProMarkers. The tiny flowers fell off a pile of 'very usefully boxes'
while I was rounding off the corners, so I added them too. That's it! Thank you for stopping by!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Happy Birthday Mum!

Here's a little card I made my Mum. I won't tell you how old, I mean, young she is....but it is written on the card! This little digi image was a freebie from a magazine. (Lilly of The Valley, I think) Came in a little pad with a few others I've already used over the last couple of years. Time really does fly! The birthday sentiment is a rub-on and the orange 'For You' sentiment is a stick on. I've coloured him with Promarkers. They sort of bled a little bit as you can see, this card it was printed on was not that good but I think it makes him look more 'furry!'
 The papers are from two different 6x6 paper stacks also freebies from magazines. Inside I've used off cuts from the same papers plus a bit of something else I had left over....but you can't see that yet because I used batteries in my camera, which came from one of those cheap £ shops....ten batteries in the packet for the price of eight, bargain! Not! I only took one picture!! and the camera shut down telling me to get better batteries! (too smart for it's own good!) Anyway, I'll add a few more pictures later....and if by magic, here they are!
 Inside there's also another sticker, 'Birthday Wishes' and a large punched out circle to write any message.
The orange bits of folded ribbon on the front is all that's left of another freebie from a crafting mag. One of the first ones I ever bought, so that's been in my stash for years! I've added some cup-cake ribbon too and three big green flowers fixed together with a brad, plus tiny punched out flowers from more scaps and added gem centres. Hiding behind the topper is a doily....which I'm sure was also a freebie. It's surprising how many freebies we can collect over the years! I've also added micro glitter fixed on using a Quickie Glue pen.
That's it! Have fun today. I'm off out walking dogs first thing...I might already be on the beach. Later taking mum shopping, then I'm out with more dogs and then taking mum out for a cream tea at the nursery, so she can choose some flowers for the garden. Bye for now! Later hoping to add this to some...
4 krafty girlz-Anything Goes
 Crafting at the weekend-Anything Goes
Seemacrafts- June Challenge- Make it cute.
Hobby book designer challenge-at least 3 flowers (green and punched out, plus the bear is holding one)

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

This Weeks Wednesday Digi CLOSED

This is the longest time I haven't blogged, ever! Sorry about that, a whole week! I've been soooo busy I nearly forgot it was Wednesday, but it is, so here's this weeks Wednesday's Digi. As always no sharing on any sharing site, just save to your computer. A link back here is always welcome!  Thank you for stopping by. Make me happy with a comment!
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