Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Let's See, What's On Your Worktop Wednesday!? # 604


Morning!'s 4am and I should be in bed, snoring but I got hooked on watching a  steampuck tutorial, while I was drawing the freebie (scroll down) Anyway! It's WOYWW Time again. I hope you had a fabulous Christmas, even though it probably wasn't anything like you wanted, but at least we are safe and at the moment, well. Although I'm probably a little crazier than normal. Hubby, I'm pleased to say, has had his lockdown hair cut and his beard trimmed. I haven't finished anything that I planned so my desk is very much about the same as last week, only messier. I can just about get in the door!  But don't let that put you off of joining in. Nip over to Stamping Ground and have a go!  Sorry I didn't get around to every one last week. Will do better this week!

In the first picture I covered a 'broken Biscuits' box (the box was ok, it's the biscuits that were broken!) with some Christmas paper that I've had from year dot for all my 6x6 Christmas papers to go into. This should mean I'll have a bigger space to put them in somewhere! The next picture is all the things I was going to finish but didn't...

And in this picture you can see I've been using up all my nearly empty glue bottles sticking that paper on the biscuit box...(all biscuits eaten I'm affraid) Ps... the date thingy on the self, I keep forgetting to change, bet yer didn't notice that! Who spied the pussy cat Postit holder, so cute!

That's it from me...its nearly five in the morning now, so I spec I'll be late logging into Stamping Ground! See you there...scroll down for this weeks freebie!

Three Snowy Toadstools. This Wednesday's Freebie! SORRY CLOSED

 Morning crafty people! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and are all well and safe and didn't eat too much Christmas pud!  Here's this weeks freebie. A wintery scene. I like toadstools, so when in doubt, draw a toadstool!

Sorry it's a bit wonky. Managed to get it into my laptop, pressed on the black paint to darken the outline up a bit and it went all furry! And then, when I tried making the 'paper' whiter, it disappeared and left grey smudgey bits everywhere... thank goodness there's an undo button! Oh poo I said, although I think I said more than that. I imported another page to sit over the top of it. (That sounds like I know what I'm doing, but I haven't a clue!)  and ended up 'tracing it' 

 No sharing please. Anywhere. Please comment below. Don't forget. Make anything with any of my digi's, I'll showcase it in the store and you may choose any digi as a thank you!  Thank you for stopping by!  See you on WOYWW later!


Wednesday, 23 December 2020

It's Wednesday Snoop day!

Happy WOYW Wednesday peoples! Just think, this time next week we would've eaten all the turkey...not. Grandkids, etc can't come on Boxing Day now. 😞 Luckily we only bought a small crown. (we'll take turns at wearing it!)  We'll be going over to John's sister and Lady Pam's coming too, so she won't be on her own (No Carer on Christmas day. She's had her hair done and promises to wear her pants!)

Well... this is what's on my worktop this week. My new laptop's just peeking from the far left.  Then, Magazines and crafty papers, followed by loads of cutting strips. Next, some more papers by The Paper Boutique, Snow Buddies. I'm making more notelets for Niamh (Grand daughter) and her friend. The ones by the Craft Consortium, Cottage Garden (so cute!) are just about done. I'm deciding whether or not to add 'Just a Note' sentiment or put  'Niamh's Notes', like I did before; and 'Evie's Notes' for her friend or, leave them blank. Scoring board hiding below. (Wouldn't be without that now!)

  The Snow Buddies papers are a better size, and they're already die cut, so I should get them done very quickly. Here's a close up.


Below, is three lots of Die cuts from some place I've forgotten, but they were very reasonably priced, then Sister-in-laws and her Hubby's Shaker card, plus some Christmas cards I'm dropping off  later today and... oh...yes... umm, some Pringles. How did they get there?

 That's it! That's what's on my worktop this Wednesday. Come and join in over on Stamping Ground! 

No Mr Jinx this week, he's snoozing in his bed...or  on my bed...and seeing it's  gone three in the morning I think I'd better follow him! Bye for now! See you all later! Thank you for stopping by!

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie CLOSED

 CLOSED Morning Crafty people! I hope you're all safe and well. Here's this weeks Wednesday Freebie. He'll be here all week and then he'll be gone, fly off somewhere. You know what Owls are like.  Very Nifty. No sharing anywhere please. Thank you for flying by! Please leave a comment.

Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Here's This Weeks freebie Stitchy Robin CLOSED

   Here's This Weeks freebie.... A stitched stripy robin. Please don't share him anywhere!

   Links back to Spyder's Corner are okay! Please comment below! Thank you for hopping by!

What's On Your Worktop Wednesday #602

 Morning! It's Wednesday again...every two or three days it seems to come around again! Then we all get 'together' over on STAMPING GROUND, to have a nosey at everyone's worktops! So come and join in! This is what's on my workbench this Wednesday, last night...two o'clock this morning!

Yes....I say slowly, the two snowpeople were going to be this weeks freebie, but I haven't inked round it  yet, it's still all pencil, and once the pencil's gone it won't look the same, and I quite like it like that! Sooo, you'll have a 'Stitched Robin' instead.  My Snarky cats  stamps arrived... (Yay!) had a bit of a practice.
Then, last week, we ventured out side...went into town...scary!! Found a nice little bargan, a fold away Anna Griffin Cuttlebug in a charity shop with spare plates and rubber mats 'n' stuff. Looks like it's hardly been used. So some little grandaughter might be getting a surprise! Shh! Don't say anything! Underneath are some stamps I had two sets of and never used. A little owl, fox, squirrel and a rabbit.  They probably gave me the idea for the stitched robin.
The other end of my worktop... a picture of my dad with his little dog and one of my ponies. My BigShot Plus.  You should've see my workspace this moring! couldn't! It was heaped up with stuff, it took me all day! Hubby said, "Oh it must be Wednesday tomorrow, you're tidying up!" and then added, "Don't forget all the bits of paper down the hall, and the fact we can't get to the front door or the kitchen. (Cheek) Well actually, we haven't been able to use the front door for most of the week as I'd towed my pile of six Really Usefull Boxes down the hall, to give me more room. The boxes are on wheels. I asked Hubby to put some wheels on a plank of wood to make a kinda 'flatbed' trolley... he's such a clever soul and a good cook too!

Here's the trolly. Those really useful boxes are really heavy! I'm also making good use of the 'Wild Bird Fat Balls' containers too!' They hold some of my stamps/embossing folders/ dies that come 'free' with magazines. It's really hard to decide wheither to put all the dies together or all the stamps or all the embossing folders...coz most of them go with what they come with and some of those dies are very tiny!

Just one more picture, just to let you know that Mr Jinx has been helping write this post! He's 'sharing! my chair! That's it for now! Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to call into Stamping Ground! Stay Safe! Ow! Jinx! Mind where you put those claws!

Wednesday, 9 December 2020

This Weeks Wednesday Digi. Christmas Party Bear CLOSED

Here's this weeks freebie.  He's off to see some friends (no more than six of course!) I still haven't worked out why he's turned out so small. Any Ideas? He did start off  life as a skating bear, but the skates looked a bit odd! Actually, he very neary didn't happen at all. Long story, will try and make it short. I draw the picture, scan it to my (new)! laptop. Now, hubby has found that my old Wacom Bamoo, is so old, (cheek) there are no new downloads for it. In fact it said on their website I need a new one. (of course it did) Well, this means of course it won't work with New Laptop, but, Hubby sorts it all out, as the clever fellow he is, and even downloaded a new Paint Net, (freebie) which I've always used, rather than the Wacom sketchthingamejig. Anyway, New laptop, still sez NO! There was the drawing but I couldn't do anything to it..(Except turn it all black or all white, or...sort of fuzzy! So, in the stop me from having a wizzy fit, hubby plugged my Oldie in next  to the Newbie laptop. I'm sure if it had a tounge it would have poked it out! Nah Nah Nah Nah Naaa! Because hey presto, within a few moments, I had my drawing up and ready on my old screen, with the same 'old' Bamboo, ready to make good...

Well, it's nearly two in the morning, so I'm off! Please don't share it anywhere. Any problems downloading it, I'll email it to you. Leave a comment down below! Thank you for stopping by!!

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