Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Happy Birthday Mason Rain! Twelve today! It's a Monkey Spinner Card with a difference!

 Oh my giddy goodness! It doesn't seem that long ago, we were over in Seattle visiting him in hospital the day after Mason Rain Taylor was born! The thing that stuck in my head most was.....(apart from what a gorgeous baby grandson I had!) was the tills at the reception.  We don't have them over here, and I hope we never will! Anyway. Here's the card I made a little while back already gone off to Skykomish in the USA, a monkey penny spinner card... with a difference.  You said you were going to add a bit more to the front Lyn... (sez the voice inside my head) Yes! I have! but not on the front.... the inside!

It came to me in one of those light bulb moments... make a monkey spinner card with a difference, so I did. I had a few monkeys left over from Maria's card and the lovely jungle paper (The Works)  So set about planning my next move once the front of the card was finished. And this is  it!

It's a different card? With bears? No! well, yes, there's bears... but wait  for the next picture!


Dah dah! Here it's a box card inside the spinner card! It all folds down flat to make a 5x7 card. All the papers are from a 12x12 paper stack called 'Jungle Dreams' from 'The Works'. I chose bears, because, quite often, Mason gets real live bears, in his garden! Now, hubby who is sitting opposite me, drinking his beer....(I'm posting this is a pub) has just said... "Isn't Mason 12?" and begins counting on his fingers! What!!? No! The card's gone off with 11 on it! Agh! Quickly, I start counting on my fingers too... "its' okay," he sez, still grinning... "He was 11!" Phew!  "Last Year!" Oh Poo! No one will notice! sigh! Well, there we go, that's my lastest make... I have done a video...but seeing I'm not around, and have no internet where I am, I'll post it next week! Thank you for stopping by!! 

#pennyspinnercard, #boxcard

Friday, 24 September 2021

It's Wednesday's Freebie- On A Friday Sorry CLOSED

 CLOSED I thought I'd do three Gnomes...But they went a bit wonky so I did three other gnomes.  Cyril, Clyde and Brian with his cat, Pickle. Go HERE to download them. You can split them up,  do what you like, but no sharing, without the watermark. Next week I'm not about much but might be able to do a freebie, if I have internet. A comment would be lovely! Thank you for stopping by!


Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Wot's On Your Worktop...Not Wednesday #642 With a Touch of T for Tuesday

 Argh! It's bin a bissy week! I'm goin' Bananas! But never mind that! Happy Very Late WOYWW. I lost my secret key to the back door of Stamping Ground, again... but I'm here's never too late to join in.  Here's what was on my workbench about an hour ago....

                            Above is what's on it now.

And to the left, is the card that made all that mess... it's not finished needs something else (and don't say the nearest bin!) I think I have one more penny spinner card to make...that'll be the boat, there's a couple more I haven't got...yet. This monkey card will be winging its way  to somewhere very soon, as it's a bit late. The first card I made I decided was a bit too twee. Think this one's a little bit better or will be when it's finished...
...and this is what my desk looks like now. Right! That's it...Up early in the morning, collecting my new glasses...the ones that go dark when the sun comes out... so not much chance of that happening very often!

Today, (being Wednesday and not Tuesday, and almost Thursday) I'll  add the next bit to T for Tuesday over on  Bleubeard and Elizabeth's post!) we took Lady Pam out for a cream Tea... (She's making a face, cos half an hour before this picture, she was in bed, snoring!  snoozing! We arrived at hers about Two-ish... "Come on," I said, "get your drawers on, we're going out!" and we had Scones with Clotted cream and jam!

I had Hot Chocolate... I'm now going to travel back in time, to Two minutes before midnight...yesterday!  Thank you for stopping by!! Happy WOYWW+ T for Tuesday.

 Ps....And later on... Lady Pam had her hair done!  She's not bad for 90, is she!?

Have a great Week!


Thursday, 16 September 2021

Happy Birthday Maria!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARIA. Yes, I'm shouting. My lovely youngest daughter lives on the other side of the World! I hope Skykomish is sunny and warm today. Miss you loads! So here's the Birthday card I sent off. Before she was born, Maria was called Sprog and when she was first born, we called her a loving, cute way, of course. You'll have to be eagle eyed to see how old she is! Above is the card closed...

 ...And here's the card opened. It's quite a long card but folds up to fit into a 5x7 envelope...although, by the time I'd finished it was a 5 and a half by 7 and a half  envelope (don't you think it's about time they put halves on the laptop keyboard, with my old one you just press 'insert' and  have a choice...on this newer one, nothing happens!)

Here, you can see I've put 'Birthday' down the inside, it just about fitted...of course Happy is on the other side, and!! because I still can't find my 'A' I've die cutted the letter 'A' inside a little balloon.

There's plenty of room on the back to write your sentiment. The paper is from a 12x12 double sided paper pack from The Works, called  'Jungle Dreams.' These's lots of sentiments includerd in the pack. 'Stay Wild Moon Child' just seemed the perfect one! The Monkey's and cocoa nut trees came from a Craft Companion's penny slider kit, Craft Stash do them too (and I still haven't made it yet)  I've used my Promarkers to colour them. The Happy Birthday letter die-cuts and circular one and the  Balloon 'A' too, all come from The Works including the balloon the Monkeys are holding. I think that one is cut from card but they looked great cut out in foam too!
Here's the making of the card. The card next to it was going on to

Skykomish too.. but I've decided that might be a little bit too soppy for an 11 year old Grandson!  You can find how to make this type of Pop Out Show Stopper Card over on Sam Calcott's YouTube channel. Sam used the same papers! That's it I think! Thank you for stopping by. If I can, I'll add this to some Challenges!

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

It's WOYWW WEDNESDAY! #641 Better Late Than Never.


Happy WOYWW Day... it's quite sunny here, hubby's gone off to the tip with a load of garden rubbish as we haven't had a garden green waste bag emptied for about a month. Short of drivers. (That's doesn't mean they need short drivers, at this time I think they could be any height as long as they can reach the peddles and drive!) Now, I know I'm late connecting to Stamping Ground, where it's all at. But even though I have a 'secret way' to get in, the link doesn't stay open for long which is why I missed some of you last week and I was a bit too busy to work it all out here's my worktops this week...  Top picture, is in my kitchen... a small haul from The Works and a pack of 100  Crafters 4x6 White Card, 160gsm from the Pound Shop. A Christmas Paper Pad 12x12, some Gliding sheets, A little deer light up Christmas Decoration, two packets of coloured card. And some Punch Pockets, I get through a lot of those,  as I keep all my downloaded backing papers and loads of other things in them inside Ring Binders.

What do you keep yours in? Of course I keep my 'real' 12x12 papers in Really Useful Boxes. My latest 12x12 (not counting The Works pad above) is 'Made By Elves' I can't wait to use that! I just noticed... so I've ringed it in yellow,  my latest Amazon box, waiting to be changed into a useful storage box, has a face! The two magnets on those Ikea pencil boxes above look like eyes and the fussy cutting scissors, his spinky hair!

Did somebody mention wires last week?! Here's the plugging in point for my Heat Gun, Printer, (that's in the hall) TV, and phone charger!

And, at worktop this week. I've just managed to clear a few things out of the way...on the left is an almost brand new die cut Art Bin case, which I bought for £8 from a Crafty Charity Shop that was already filled with loads of dies and magnetic sheets, along with some Sizzix Big Dies... and then you can see I'm sorting out some of the dies and adding them to a magnetic sheet, which I was doing yesterday. I think that's it! A very late WOYWW from me, but I don't think anyone will notice! Now all I have to do is to open up that back door in  Stamping Ground! See you there. Thank you for stopping by!

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie Taylor and Teddy Bear

It was going to be two snow people... I drew them last year then couldn't remember if I'd already posted them at that time... so I did  Taylor The Teddy Bear instead. And then, another, his brother,  called Teddy or I might call him Trevor. Hope you like them, at least they're better than those swinging monkeys I did last week, I blame the cocoa. Go Here to download.  A comment would be lovely! Thanks for stopping by! 

P.S WOYWW will be I can't get in again!


Tuesday, 14 September 2021

It's Time For T for Tuesday, Day

 It is Tuesday here, about half past Three in the morning, and all is quiet. Mr Jinx the cat, is snoring and my cup of Hot Chocolate, is cold and me? I'm still Tidying up.  Above is my said mug with Monkey on it who used to advertise PG Tips Tea. I got it from a Charity shop for £1.50 complete with Monkey wearing a fressing gown!  There's a spoon in it because I love to add a dollop of Nutella. I haven't bought Nutella since waaay before the Lockdown.  I wouldn't buy it because of the hoo-haa about Palm Oil. Orangutans, The Rain Forest, child labour and cancer, it's been staring at me every time I open the cupboard door, hubby bought it, it was on offer.

Here's my Tidying up... Any scraps I have usually get die cut. I lost the 'A' a few weeks back, it fell on the floor at my feet, and then, disappeared into another dimension before I could bend down and pick it up, so I was glad I had a few already cut out. 


 The grandkiddies and been Tie dying again and...! Have some orders! 


            I'll have to ask if they could do me one with a spiders-web!

 And then, left over from a post I did last week, we have The Tree.

 In the Hall at Home.

 I had a practice at home first, although the hall wall wasn't really long enough and they wanted it longer and not so continuing from last week.... here's the first bit of black paint on the orange wall...

The start of the tree
  T for Tree... it grew a bit bigger...

 A bit more...

Oliver supervising

 Almost finished

Well, it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaay past my bed fact I'll be getting up soon!  So, have a Happy T for Tuesday and I'll see you later, over at  The Altered Book Lover!  It's night night from me... and night night from Mr Jinx! Bye For Now!

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie! It's Not Monkey Business! CLOSED!!

I think I might change it to Freebie Friday...It sounds better, what do you think!? I'm colouring in monkeys at the moment, so I thought I'd draw one or two!  They nearly changed into Penguins. And then I forgot their tails... so, who knows what they are! I might change them later...they haven't turned out as I wanted. And don't forget, The  Witch's Haunting Hunting Song freebie is still HERE. A comment would be lovely!! CLOSED!!

WOYWW? It's That Wednesday again!# 640

Left side of my worktop this morning

 First thing, I had to drag hubby out of bed to do 'his thing' No!...naughty naughty!! To do 'something to my laptop so I can get into 'Stamping Ground'  "You can do that!" came his reply. But my dyslexic brain has to see something new done a million times before it registers! Seconds later, I'm in!  But not before Hubby, fed, showered and now very happy, has gone off on his motor bike, complete with camera fixed to his helmet.  (He'll be gone all day) and I have a little black cat to go feed later, so please remind me if I'm still waffling on in an hour)

 middle of my worktop
 I'm in the middle of doing two birthday cards with funny folds and pop outs... 'Anyone can do these,  they're easy, they aren't as hard as they look...' said Sam on her You Tube video and repeated by me of very small brain as I tried to make them! It's taken me days! The right hand side pannel of the green card in front, has three bits of jungle paper covering it coz I run out... luckily all the bits left over fitted together really well, as uncle Ron would say, 'A blind man would like to see.'
The right of my worktop

On the other end of my workspace is where Normally the BigShot plus sits but my old BigShot is there, complete with piles of cardboard I use as shimmers... it won't cut anything now unless it has at least three or four bits of card.

Behind me
I've taken this picture because there's a space on the shelf behind me, and I can't think what is missing! I need to reoranise! There's discs here, on the shelf in containers and in a wooden cube, which I can no longer use as this new laptop has noway of playing them... my old laptop, who is two inches away, is saying, "I can, I can!" (show off!) I have to go, I have a litte black cat called Kittle to go and feed!  Thank you for stopping by. Have a fantastic WOYWW !

Tuesday, 7 September 2021

T For Tuesday, tree, and a nice treat.

It's T for Tuesday again.  Sorry I'm late! I thought I'd add this...Tree, in it's own post. I was comissioned waaaay back, just before covid, by my daughter's boss, to paint a black tree on their orange office wall.  I've been using the picture as a profile image, as I thought is was about time I added a more resent picture of me...even if it is a view from behind. (yes, I used to ride horses!) I can see it as my profile here as I type this, but usually when I leave a comment it goes back to the old Selfie Picture of Me and Him in Seattle years ago! when I had more hair! 
 This is what the tree looked like when finished and later everyone in the office added a black frame containing their thoughts, dreams and hopes. (I'll add more pictures when I can find them!)
 We went to the Bournemouth Air Show, where we had  booked to watch the show and have a lovely chicken or fish with pawns salad with a yummy pudding, followed later by cream tea. (Jam, clotted cream and scones and tea or coffee)  all on the beach, under  a  rather fabulous marquee. On entering we had some bubbly. (This picture  was taken at another time but it's the same bubbly!)

The Red Arrows preformed brilliantly! 
  Although later the show was halted after a small 'wingwalker' plane had to ditch into Poole Harbour!  Luckily no one was hurt!
Nice nosh! John with Bro and Sis in-law. Pat of course went into 'freeze' mode when I said 'smile'
And one last picture from Lady Pam's carer Helen... after making tea was washing up, and suddenly screamed!! She thought there was a squirrel in the washing up water! Happy T Day!!

Monday, 6 September 2021

Freebie: The Witches Haunting Hunting Song


 I may've already given this away as an always freebie years back, but if I didn't... Here's The Witches Haunting Song by Spyder's Corner! Just click on the image and save. Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie CLOSED!

I added a little bit more to this one, But I am allowed!
Yes..I know, sorry I'm late... Jinx had another visit to the vets today...It takes us half an hour to get there and even longer today as they were removing the old bridge on the main road we take to get there. On the way back, I said, 'lets take the backway across the Forest'. I used to nip that way on my motorbike... those were the days! (I can't even get on one now!) It's really no more than a single track with tarmac...but of course, today, the whole world and his wife were doing the same thing...and some idiot, (sorry but honestly!!) was trying to get through towing a caravan... Hmmm....utter chaos! Anyway, you don't wanna know about all that! Here's the freebie... it was just going to be the cat in the pumpkin...but then all his friends showed up! 
A comment would be lovely! Thank you for stopping by! CLOSED

T stands for Tuesday This week and Last Week!

 I didn't make T for Tuesday last week, as there was a lot of to-ing and throwing going on...or should that be fro-ing... and this week I'm just very late. Anyway... Here's last weeks pictures with my cup of half empty not so hot Hot Chocolate and a birthday card I had started last week... gave up on and then started again. And here's this weeks pictures...

Here's The Birthday Cake. The card I was making was for Alan our neighbour who lives across from us. He has dove type pigeons and loves fishing, so of course they have to go on the cake! Inspite of that, it was very nice! Then there was the Christchchurch Food Festival which we nearly always go to.... we went, we saw, we walked very quickly (after watching the sheep entertainment) then quickly disappeared out the back way. Still not feeling happy in crowds of people all wondering about willy-nilly everywhere. 

We'd parked a mile or so away to give us our 'daily exercise' (John waving, still has his lockdown beard. Although it's now under control!)

  The walk takes us a long the river and round the back of The Christchurch Priory.

And after a visit to a crafty shop... back where we started in my craft room. Here's what I'm about to start on... with a cup of cold tea in the back ground.

I just love new it takes me ages to make that first cut! Hope you had a happy Tuesday and an even better Thursday! Thanks for stopping by! Stay Safe!



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