Wednesday, 30 May 2012

WOYWW 3rd Anniversary

Mornings people! Happy 3rd WOYWW Anniversary!! Here's my desk this Wednesday. This week we are all supposed to be doing The Great WOYWW ATC Swap! Thought very hard about it... I make rubbish ATC's, so you'll be glad to know you can miss me out! The woywwer below me is far better! Honest... (but I do have a couple I can take out of the bin!)
**Update...I've made some ATC's, see next post!

On my desk you can see just peeking on the left my first WOYWW project...It was a small Lazy-Susan (I'm sure she isn't!) with cardboard cups stuck to it, to hold pens and things... broken... it didn't fly well! (I was going to change it anyway!) ...Some of my digi's, a magazine, and my very snooty 'stuck up' scissors..(Gel glue went all spoogy, I had to use them to dig it out!) and a cold cup of tea... and that's it! Hop over to the Stamping Ground and join in!

This Weeks Wednesday Digi: CLOSED

I've drawn you all a digi this week... most of the digi's I found on Shared Sites have now been 'removed' but there's still a few out there! So...... Freebie Wednesday is back on Again....This is Bathing Bear or Bay Watch Babe. Hope you like him or her. Please do not share my digi's on any shared sites, forums etc, anywhere, just send people here. Thank you for stopping by!
Sorry you missed this one. This has now Closed
This digi will soon be in the store.1558 peeks

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Jinks In The Garden

I've been out in the garden most of the day, and when I wasn't in the garden I was somewhere else. Got bitten to bugg -er? I mean... bits, the other evening. Sis-law, Deb said, "Lyn you should drink Gin and Tonic, then the midgies won't bite!"
Mmm? thinks me...Really? Surely they still have to bite you to know they don't like you. "It's the Quinine in the tonic, they don't like it." "What's the Gin do?" I ask."Makes it taste better!"
So, all day long I've been drinking Tonic water (without the gin, honest!) I've counted me midgie bites, let's see if there's any more tomorrow!
Bought loads of plants from the BOGOF, buy one get one free, from B&Q on Saturday (Big store that sells all sorts for those not this side of the pond) So of course all those little flowers have to get planted.
Quick lesson on planting up your hanging baskets Lyn style... First, find last years baskets... they could be anywhere! Then, take a rake and rake off the moss from the front lawn to use to line the baskets once you've found them... then get a helper, (enter Jinksy the Lodger cat) who...just like my old cat Frog used to do...helps by.....
rolling and rolling...all over the grass...
saying "stroke me stroke me..."
"I'm so cute"
... bored now
....time for a nap!
So, back to the garden.. after taking out last years soil from the baskets (I know, that should've been done last year...) And putting it somewhere where it can be put to good use (In with my potatoes in the green house, they need more soil) Try and keep as much as the old moss as possible, coz it should all be nicely matted to a good bit of soil. Add more moss where needed to repair any gaps. Looks like a big birds nest doesn't it?! I've cut a circle from a plastic compost bag to line the bottom of the basket to catch the water, but that's all, once the soil and plants are in place the moss holds it all in... then grab more flowers and stick 'em in, filling up with fresh soil as you go.
After a bit it should look like this... only better. I did three of these hanging baskets, about four other pots and twelve wall baskets and the boat. Well I did say it was Buy One Get One Free... I'll show you those when they've grown a bit!
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Arffy Burfday Sue From The 'Boys'

Hellloo yoou guuuys! (sung in true Goonie style) I've been dog sitting! (ah, is that where you've been, Lyn in the dog house..?) better known by their owners as, 'The Boys!' And this week, or rather last week, it was the doggie's mum's birthday, so seeing their 'dad' had a doggie card last month I thought it would be nice to do a matching pair, same but different, just like the dogs, same...but different.
So here it is.
First picture of the year taken out side in the sunshine... about 9 0'clock this morning. I've used, a blank pearl card, edged with an Azure blue Promarker. (Love that colour) Digi image by Dustin Pike of course, freebie found here. (leave some love)
The Papers were made by me using four different Promarker colours. Azure, Poppy, Grass, Tulip Yellow (I've scanned it in, so will add it as a freebie below this post, it might come in handy..or just do your own, it's easy!) one doggie brad, and the border down the side punched with a paw print punch by Woodware, a bit of black card and loads of photo and gel glue... and I take it back what I said last week, I CAN'T get that glue into the syringe! (and I was doing sooo well too!) Squirted all over the place so, I now have (Doone, of many talents) ) two pairs of very sticky stuck up scissors! (Not that they're snobby or anything...just stuck up)
There's about seven layers to this card in all. The image I played with in My Craft Studio. The freebie version I received from a Crafty Magazine Crafts Beautiful ? ages and ages ago, just very basic, but plenty for my small brain to cope with! Then, once I put the dogs together in the way I wanted them, I printed them out quite a few times, so they'd all be the same size to decoupage, then coloured them in. I've added about four layers of 'dog'. I have also edged with TH ink, but it doesn't show.
No fonts used this time, just my own hand writing, the untidiness I can say, I was writing for the dogs! (personally I think they'd do better)
The Digi images (joined) on the inside where 'stretched' a little bit, as I was going to make a tent style card (opening from the bottom outwards) but changed my mind, mainly because cards that open from the bottom quite often slip open and fall flat with the weight of the image on the front.
Here's the card I made before, just in case you missed it! (My hidden freebie is still there too and a link to the papers I used) Papers I used for this card are HERE
New Followers! Hi and a big ((wave))) to Betsy@ My Salvaged Treasures, Mercieschild,TwinkleToes2day, pamsmailbox and out the back and in the dark Joanna Estrada, all with no links, but I might find some later. That's it for now, thank you for stopping by. I'd love to enter this card into a few...
Paper Pretties - bright colours
One stitch at a time-red,white and blue
Papertake Weekly - Red, White and Blue
Willow Sketchie Challenge - Red, White and Blue
Craft Your Days Away - Red, White and Blue
The Crafty Pad Challenge - Colours of your Countries Flag &/or sketch
Pile it on-two or more folds (I'm hoping the inside of my card will count, as it pops out)
Creative Card Crew- dimension
Penny's Paper Crafty-Anything Goes
Little Miss Muffet - Anything Goes
Jackson's Digitals - anything goes
The squirrel and the fox- Best Friends(George and Rufus are definitely best friends!)
Totally Papercrafts - Animals

More Stripples & Swirles Freebie Papers

Bit 'ruff' around the edges, these are the papers I used on the card in the post above. Just right click and save to your computer...and believe it or not........these came out of the same papers after I added a white boarder and 'played'! Not sure what this one will print out like. Haven't tried it yet. But have a go. Just Use your Promarkers to make your papers, and then 'play' with them!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Oh No! It's WOYWW Already!

Happy What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday! Getting ever closer to the ATC swap!! (I'm still planning... I have been known to 'plan' for 18 months....
Here's my bench. And while I remember, the syringe (by the yellow punch) is for glue! (silicone or gel) And, I can now get the glue into the syringe without it going everywhere!! (that took me years!)
On the desk is some digi's. One I used to make Tom's birthday Card and the other...well I'm not doing a digi freebie this week but I am doing some papers I made on the computer and I wanted to see what they looked like. More on them and the card in another post. The little red sewing kit came in handy as it hand a needle threader, which I used to threadle (it's a word in my world!) some thin ribbon through a couple of button holes... That's it for now! Pop over to Julia's blog, because that's where you'll find us, over at the Stamping Ground! Thank you for stopping by!
Hunt The hidden freebie here. (Clue, use your mouse to hunt the cat...Scroll your mouse across the words and you will find it the link and save!)
Spots and Stripes papers HERE
Tom's Birthday Card Here
This Wednesdays freebie paper, more spots and stripes.

More Spots and Stripes. Freebies

No Freebie digi this week folks, but I have done some bubbly/stripy, swirly papers for you. I will do some digi's again as soon as I can make the day/week last longer! Most of the links leading to them, which made me very mad last week...(I deleted my first words!!) appear to be going to error or 'file not found' now. Or...strangely linking back to me to 'get a password' Sorry! No password for these digi's. They were freebies for one week only, I did not put them on those sites. Thinking now that these may have been 'shared' by the sites themselves. These are the ones that no longer work. (Yay!)Although I found quite a few on other shared sites as well as their 'sister' sites. (Boo)
So... here you are, freebie papers this week. I've made a card using one of the sheets... not yet finished, as I want to add a few more embellishments for a couple of challenges I'd like to add it to! Don't forget my challenge over on Quirky Crafts is Dots, Spots and Stripes! Fancy that!
Just click and save to your computer or open in new window and save. Thanks for stopping by!

Hidden Freebie HERE

Monday, 21 May 2012

Freebie Spots, Dots and Stripes

Following my last two posts, where I used my own paper...very easy to do, but they are a bit 'ruff'! The dots and stripes are very random! I thought they might come in handy! Just right click and save to your computer.

Hidden Freebie Here

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Quirky Dotty About Spots, Stripes & Ribbons!

Ok, It's that Quirky Time again, well it will be if Mr Blogger's timer has worked! It's my turn to set the challenge and I want to see... Dots, Spots, Stripes and Ribbon!
I've made an easel card. I've used a digi image from our sponsors Robyn's Fetish called Friends Forever and... this is the good bit~ I made my own backing papers.
I couldn't find a blue to match the blue I'd smudged around the edge of the topper, so I thought, (bit painful) why not, dab a bit of the blue colour on some paper, scan it in, open it in PaintNet and, Bob's your uncle!
Well, for those who don't know Bob, what I did was, clicked on the little dipper thingy (Photoshop, or any programme like that) and the colour box will come up with a match for that colour. Then all I had to do was have a 'play' with dots and stripes. Watch out for them in the next post, I'll add them as an
always freebie.
Back to the card. I covered a blank card with red card, and then the Dotty spotties papers. Printed the image out twice, with the sentiment curving round one of them (did all that in Word) Coloured with Promarkers, cut out an extra, not a duck, hasn't got webbed feet...not really a chicken either... anyway, cut round his body and did a bit of 3D-ing. Added more red card and Streaky Stripes paper, some ribbon, buttons, brads, card candi.
Used an Xcut boarder punch and made a sort of edge, a strip folded so it stays up to hold the easel in place, using red card and the backing paper, added another one to the top of the card to match.
The font is a freebie. It's called Jeffrey PrintJK Download it HERE There is a smidging of glitter too. Love the digi, definitely going to use it again! That's my make, now it's your turn!
New Follower! Hi and a ((wave)) to PatsMailBox, no link. That's it, catch you again soon!
Here come the boys-birthday easel cards
Creationsbygillm.-stripes and spots (monthly)
The pink elephant-Dots & Stripes
OSAAT-Anything Goes

Happy Birthday Tom!

It's Tom's birthday today. (Son In Law) no, I won't tell you how old his is, coz that makes me feel old!! But I know he's at home watching sport on the telly while Emma (daughter) is away on a hen weekend... say no more. Haven't seen Tom for weeks, he's off most weekends travelling all over the place playing in Archery Tournaments. He's really very good, might even make the finals!
Here's Tom's card. He loves his archery and bears, so hence the Digi bear with arrows!
The Little Bear Digi, is called Archie The Archer. Couldn't call him Tom as I already have a Troll called Tom... which came about because Tom wanted one for his Sister in law... another long story. I've 3D-ed his little arm, just to make it pop a bit.
The paper's are mine too... wanted something for my latest DT card, so made them to match the ink I'd used. That'll be here later, I hope! (Mr Blogger is busy today! All on timer) Look out for the sneak Peek, I've hidden a freebie in it! and I'll put the papers up as freebies tomorrow. The digi was coloured on the computer using PaintNet, another freebie you can download, just google the name. The arrows were done on my computer too, in Word.
I've used two freebie fonts. PC Sunny Day, which I couldn't find last time I used it. (Perhaps it came with my laptop) and Delrium which actually has backward letters..."Tom" types out normally because the letters are the same whatever (There's a name for that, I'm sure)
I used an XCut boarder punch to make that pattern down the edge of the card. I'd cut a slice off and added acetate.
Inside there's a space to add a tag, or some money... but that's only there for the picture! (Tom gets a surprise every year... and it's such a surprise, even I don't know what it is yet! )
The little buttons are tiny brads by Woodware. That's it! I do have challenges, but as I'm not here, I'll link them later. Bye for now!!
I hope this counts!
Creationsbygillm.-stripes and spots (monthly)
Southern Girls - About the Boys
Allsorts - Buttons & Bows
(My brads are tiny buttons and Acrhie is carrying a bow!)

Saturday, 19 May 2012

A Quirky Peek. And Some Marmalade to find!

Here's my Quirky Peek! New Challenge starting over on Quirky Craft's starting late tomorrow (Sunday) and it's my turn to set the theme. I've made it very very easy, so no excuses! Come and join in! The picture is actually telling you all you need to know about the challenge. Any one guess yet!?
Of course you all know by now, I had a hissy fit on Wednesday and removed the freebie because I found quite a few of my digi's on about five different shared sites, including last weeks and the week's before... (and on Flickr and photobucket, take them off please and all those other digi's) Thank you all very much for your comments and emails. It's lovely to read how much you appreciate them, especially those of you who make loads of cards for charities.
Anyway I'm pleased to say that at least of four of the links on those shared sites no longer work, so that's made me very happy, which is why, I have hidden a freebie somewhere in this post. Her name is Marmalade, you may have already met her. See, you have to read the post to know it's there. Hidden. That's the point. When you find it, just save it to your computer.
Now, if you make anything with any of my digi's, and it ends up in my store, or in one of my Spyder Has Spyed posts, I'll send you another one! Please leave a comment if you can. **clue...use your mouse to find the cat...!
Now, I'm not actually here, so hopefully Mr Blogger will add this post and the next one on time, if not, it won't be here! And then I'll post it about midnight.
So?? Any guesses on what the challenge is?? Pop back tomorrow and you'll see!
Happy Hunting!!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

It's Wicked WOYW Wednesday!

Hi peoples!! It's WEDNESDAY! Here's my mess, I mean desk. Bit boring really. I was being creative. It might not look like it but I'm sorting out my 6x6 paper stacks. Most of them were freebies with Craft Magazines. I have a new 'Useful Box'.
I was going to put all my Christmas papers in there, now I'm not so sure, if I put them away I will forget all about them (very small brain) The little two draw tin box used to be full of chocolates, someone gave it to me~ they thought I might find a use for it. (Could've left the chocolates in it!!) And on the other side.... what this weeks digi looked like before I tidied him up on the computer.
So this is my creativemess, let's see yours, I bet it's better! Scoot over to the Stamping Ground and join in, it's that's simple!! Thank you for stopping by!!

This Wednesday's Digi. !Taken Off!

Sorry, But I've just found my last weeks dig, Mushroom Street on a shared site.
This means the person who is doing this is some one who has emailed me. It seems I can't trust anyone. I'm no longer doing freebies.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I like to move it!

Just a quickie card, seeing I haven't made one for about a week! Honestly where does the time go???? I've used my **Monster digi, coloured with Promarkers and added to the 'moving image I downloaded from a public facebook page.
It's supposed to 'move' (see post below) but once you get 'used' to it, it sort of stops moving, or maybe that's just the alcohol wearing off! No, on second look... it still moves!
It doesn't quite print out the same colours but perhaps that's because (wait for it!) I have a new colour ink cartridge! (at last!!'s been weeks!!)

I've fixed the whole thing to a folded silver holographic card, to add a bit more shimmer!
The font I've used is a freebie (for personal use only mind or charity...non profit making!) it's called Billo and you can download it HERE
and!! just read my comments on the last post, Kimbo said it would make a great backing for a card...well, what d'you think!? I think it needs more black...but I'm right out! So...go and move it! (click link, I love this)
Thank you for stopping by!
** monster's not in store yet, as I'm changing the balloon! It's a bit 'pointy')

Sunday, 13 May 2012

More Food Festival Fun

Today's been lovely! Really sunny, hot, and just right for watching Tv's Saturday Kitchen star, James Martin cook up something stewpendous at The Christchurch Food Festival! Today Emma joined, me, John, sis-in-law- Debs and Little Pam. There were soooo many people, we nearly lost Little Pam! And I'm a bit short so didn't see much (so different from yesterday!) Managed to get a few blurring pictures, so I could see later what had been going on! Luckily we took a chair for Little Pam to sit in, she couldn't see much either but had a nice nap in the sunshine! Top picture shows James Martin demonstrating where the different cuts of lamb are on a member of the audience! And (best bit!) There he is in the picture, I managed to squirrel my way through the crowd and get him to sign his latest cook book 'Easy Every Day' with, 'To John' and a lot of other scribble, which I can't read! Probably his name!(He shoulda been a doctor with hand writing like that!) I'm there somewhere behind that lady's head! Great entertainer and a good day all round!

My Cheesy-Wishes card, a few posts down, is now 'live' on the Card Making World Web site... so nip over and leave me some luv! and have a lookie-see at the other cards entered. Which reminds me, I forgot to get John some lovely Somerset cheese, never mind I did get him some Cheddar yesterday and he had plenty of cider today!
New Followers! Hi ((Wave)) to Stitching Nomi who has two blogs, one's called msherrylovers for everyone who loves cross-stitch and anything Margaret Sherry! And Freebies too!! And another stitching Blog called Fireflies Cats in the Garden. and also Amy H but with no link at the moment! I will try and do a card tomorrow! Bye For Now.



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