Wednesday, 27 January 2021

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie CLOSED

 Sorry You Missed Me!

 My shop digi's in the past have been the kind you have to print out  and cut the card you're making, into the same shape, so I thought I'd do one with just a shop, (and some flowers to put in it) if you know what I mean. No sharing please! Please comment below. And if you make anything with the digi, let me know!

Quick, Wake up! It's WOYWW? 608!

 What? Hey! oh! Grab the camera, take a pic of my crafty worktop... and join in with Julia, over on Stamping Ground! Oh no! Bizzz-ting! This time the camera only took ONE picture, and with new batteries in it too! This is my life... hunting for batteries and these were new! Straight from the packet! Least I got five pictures out of the last two sets of two.. Did we order any? Did the Tesco delivery bring any? Hubby grunts, he's fallen asleep too! Gosh, it was only eight o'clock just now, I was watching 'Dogs, behaving (very) badly' on channel 5...!  Now it appears we're catching up with some film on Netflix! 

Anyway (breathe) Here's my worktop... can you believe it was completely clear this afternoon, ready for me to take a few pictures of some lovely die-cuts Lilian sent me! Thank you Lilian!  Now I can't find where I organised them to! 

Right, I've managed to take a couple of pics with my phone now, only I have to email them to myself, because- I'm not as smart as my phone and don't know any other way to do it! And now... I can't even get the flippin' camera to open to get the one picture it took! Evidently, I need high-capacity batteries! (No w-a#*%$@^-y!)

 So, I hope you are all well and staying safe and are not going crazy! Come and join in over at The Stamping Ground with a picture or two of your worktop... wherever it is! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie CLOSED

 Here's this weeks freebie hope you like her?him. Sorry it's another cat. Lady Pam has two  Cats in her sitting room, with flowers all over them... so I  decided to have one plain and the other sort of ziggy zaggy. Comment if you can! Thanks for popping by!

Sorry you missed me. I'm now out hunting! Look for the new freebie digi HERE for the link

I think it's WOYWW, #607

 Morning WOYWWers! Hope you're all well and safe! Okay, it's that day again so pop over to Stamping Ground and join in!   I'm clearing my desktop, I've done an  awful lot this week...just awful... it all ended up in the bin (Please note...the floor is the bin...I've misplaced the real's most likely buried! Still haven't finished this weeks  freebie and it's half past midnight all ready, so  I'll type quicker!
Pencils are out ready to draw but paper is still blank. Phone is  showing a video of Sam Calcott
making heart boxes for yummy chocolates. THEN THERE'S THE BROkEN CHOCOLATE BISCUiTS (sorry! Blasted laptop still has a mind of its own!) which came from that box I covered the other week, and of course, the hot chocolate; yum!

 I not only got my magazine this week, (a bit late)I got two.  This has happened before. Makes me soooo mad! Don't they check their subscribers? (hey look, we have two Lyn Youngs living at the same address, let's send her two mags the same. Why would I want two magazines the same?? They did it when Papercrafts Inspirations suddenly stopped, they sent me Cardmaking and Papercraft, which I was already subscribled to, as well as Simply Cards and Papercraft, then Cardmaking suddenly finished now they've sent me two Simply Cards. aagggh! I have been trying to ring them, there's a number on the letter I was sent...voice mail.  Well, that's my rant

over. In the next picture is this little earring and bracelet rack. I bought it from a charity shop  for £1.50. On the bottom of the shelf was an old price sticker from when it was new... £14.99 so a great bargain! The hooks where longer and swirled round a lot more, so hubby cut them back a bit.  Then there's a pad of scrummy papers from Tim Holtz, idea-ology. I was planning on finishing the (...hey hang on, what's happened to the font?)  planning on finishing the little note book box and the notelets to go inside it, then thought, (brain working overtime!) the little book could go in there instead.  Just to the side of that is a pile of stuff not yet put away or found a home... At least I did get one other post done this week. A birthday card for brother in law. How I ever used to post every day I'll never know! So, that's me done! Stay safe everyone. It's Wednesday! So have some crafty fun! Thanks for stopping by. Now pop over to Stamping Ground and join in! (Ps, the freebie might be a bit late this week!)

Friday, 15 January 2021

Happy Birthday Pat. Another Year Older, Tomorrow!

 I'm waaay behind.  I'm going to blame my new laptop. It has a silver keyboard with lights or maybe it's just the letters that shine out blinding me. Pulling the scene down over the letters helps...but then I can't see what I'm writing and end up shouting at people coz I'm using CaPITal letters! Of course, you could say, I'm just lazy. 

We might be in lockdown with time on our hands and all the things we said we'd do we've already done in the last lockdowns, but I, in my head that is, still have sooo much to do, I'm getting to the point of just saying... I'll do it tomorrow. BUT (see want I mean?) TODAY (oh shucks) I'm going to start posting my newest makes and then catch up with my oldest ones? Why? Does it matter? So, HapPY Birthday Pat! (Brother In Law, pub landlord, likes boats and fishing) I made this card 'specialy for you. 

Card: I first covered the blank card in gold mirri and then some Tim Holtz paper from his idea-ology pad. Bottle Tops...see? Pat has a pub...a few actually. Then, so I could keep all the fiddly bits on the cats, I stamped the snarky cats straight onto the card over the bottle caps, then also stamped them onto some 160gsm smooth paper, coloured them with ProMarkers and cut them out. (Cutting off their fiddly bits) Then stuck them over the stamped images so there'd still be fiddly bits. I cut a slit in one of the cat's arms so he could hold the fish, then stuck on another arm so he could hold the milk bottle. I really wanted the sentiment to say fish, not milk (hence adding the milk bottle) but then I thought maybe copywrite  rules might apply here.

 The open card is completely different. One huge big gold fish with an enormous gaping mouth with a tiny 'Pat' inside calling for help!  The freebie papers are called 'Gone Fishing' and were from #192Papercraft Inspirations (July 2019)

On the back of the card is a place to write,  where I used a sheet from #189PaperCrafts Inspiration called 'Coastal Charm' 'On Deck' (from July 2018)  The papers had got mixed together and luckily for me two WOYWWers Crafting with Jack and Mary Ann,  (Both brilliant messy papercrafters, go see!) came to my rescue so I could refile them in the right place! (I know! I'm very messy but I like my files in the right place!) And the Big Fish ones,  also listed as Father's Day Papers, you can find here 

That's it from me, supposed to be going out for the 'Daily Excerise' but...really should stay here, in the warm, tiding up my craftroom! Thank you for stopping by! I Hope to find some... 


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Wednesday, 13 January 2021

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie CLOSED!

 Here's Quinny. This did start off as a row of houses on a Cornish  beach, (maybe next week) then my cousin in law added a photo of a Quokkas to her facebook page so I had a go at drawing him. He looked soooo cute in the photo!  I scanned in the pencil drawing, then just doodled over everywhere in black on the Wacam.  No sharring, please leave a comment! Bye for now!

It's Wednesday Again! WOYWW? 606


 Welcome to my worktop this Wednesday, and then skip over to Julia's Blog, Stamping Ground and join in! I'm in the middle of...umm 'tidying up', after finishing Bro-in-laws birthday card... needed some thing fishy so have been printing out some papers that are on my old laptop but not on my new one. I sorted out a few stamps too so, providing I don't show you the floor, it doesn't look too bad. Just started making another little note card box (I still haven't blogged about the last three yet...but I will... probably. This time I've used some Tim Holtz papers

Here's some of the old freebie papers I printed out, they'd been muddled up with some other fishy papers, so now I have to find where I can file them! Anyone know what issue of #Papercrafts Inspiration had papers called Coastal Charm? No? Thought not. (But you never know!)
This is an old WOYWW picture of my files of freebie Magazine papers dating back to the year before time began, as my camera only took five pictures!! and stopped, saying 'Replace The Batteries', (it didn't actually talk but a little flash came up...) So, moral of this story is... don't used cheap batteries in your camera! That's it for now. It's nearly 3 in the morning, don't want to oversleep as we're going out! A trip in the car, but only to the Hospital though, (large caravan in the car park) a boob check, which probably came up while I wasn't in BlogLand about 5 years ago. So! Night night! See you over on The Stamping Ground later! Stay Safe!

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

First WOYWW #605 of 2021

 It's that time again! Stamping Ground, the first WOYWW #605, of 2021!Here I come! Pop over to Julia's and join in! Of course I forgot the day. It's a bit like Ground Hog Day every day's the same, isn't it? Except Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The Milkman comes then! (On Tuesdays it's, Cheese, milk, yogurt, eggs, and  Chocolate broken biscuits! and Thursday is bin day) And of course there's Wednesday! But I still thought it was Monday! Top picture, doesn't look too bad. A Thank You card, near enough finished, I need to make it an envelope.

Picture 2. The makings of the Wednesday freebie, (scroll down) plus another card. All the bits are done, just got to fix it all together.  The picture below is showing the broken Biscuit Box, from last week, in its place. Most of the 6x6 Christmas papers are in there, so it might get moved to a higher shelf. Then that orange coloured box, (Clarins of Paris)  I've had that for years. It has a magnet.  It holds some 8x8 and 9x9 papers. 

I never had what was inside. Someone else did....and gave me the box. Nice. I never got around to decorating it though and I must've had it??? twenty years? The little silver drawers had chocolates in them... yes, you've guessed, I never saw them either and had to take that one out of the bin! I mean! Who would possibly throw that away?! (My Mum) It hides 6x6 papers that have got a bit lost, sort of seperate sheets and bits. (There's also velum papers in there that match some of the papers, that I haven't got the heart to use) Then above that is another box I covered for my latest 6x6's... and the wooden box on the shelf just to the right, has all my 'old' 6x6's (There's more in a Really Useful box....but they can stay there for now!)
And the last messy as ever! Well, that's what's on my worktop this week! Don't forget to pop over and join in. It's fun! Welcome to 2021! Stay in. Stay Safe and Keep Crafting!  Night night, see you in the morning over on Stamping Ground!!👀

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie- Puddy Puss Sorry CLOSED

  She did start off as a pudding shaped cat, but I decided to make her not quite as fat and without the cream on her head! Maybe one for next Christmas! NO sharing anywhere please! Don't forget to comment. (I know you will!)

Well...we're here. Even though we are in lockdown. Why not download this Happy Puss (with or without the 'Thank You')  Show me your makes and chose any digi from the store, free! Anyone, any age. Your card (or anything you make) will be showcased in the store. Happy 2021!



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