Wednesday, 28 August 2013

This Weeks Wednesday Digi

Here's this weeks Wednesday digi...  Okay, it was nearly another cat...but I thought maybe I'd done too many cats and dogs lately!! Never done a parrot. So, if you like Polly go HERE to G.ett her, please leave a comment if you can, but no sharing on shared sites etc! Links back here are always welcome. Just download to your computer only! Thank you for stopping by!! Have a crafty day!

What's On My WorkDesks This Wednesday?!? More 'Stuff'

....than I can wave a stick at! Hi all you Woywwers!!  I've been moved out into the hall... as I'm in the middle of another 'biggest tidy-up ever' again. As you can see, it's messy, do I win the prize!?!
And the 'Other Side' is just as bad! So, seeing we suddenly had this table, I've moved out into  the hall... with the fan on, coz I'm soooo hot! I'm still drawing dogs for daughter in USA, plus new Useful Boxes (buy two get one free...) plus this weeks freebie....
I'm now in the hallway on a newly acquired table..
Well that's what's on my Desks this Wednesday! What's On Yours!? Pop over to The Stamping Ground and Join in!! (You know you want to!!)

(**Sorry I can't comment on Google + blogs but I do try, coz sometimes I can!)

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Time for T and Treats on Tuesday...

The plant holder was white and rusty
 Time for Tuesday Tea over on Elizabeth and Bleubeard's. It's getting hot here so I'm up the end of my tiny garden in a tiny bit of shade, still painting, everything black this time. Using Hammerite black paint (in an old tin) to pretty up some things that other people didn't want or were going to throw out! Plant holders, horse shoes, table and chairs...
 I placed my Cappuccino (with chocolate sprinkles)and biscuits on the Table ...with a little Treat for someone else...but where was he? I rattled the cat treats and guest who turned up two seconds later! Jinx my lodger cat...
   There was only a few treats left and he soon finished them off!  He doesn't look too pleased that they're all gone! 
What? You woke me up for five treats? I could've eaten the whole box!
Well, I've finish painting the chairs and plant holder. I'll just finish my coffee then pop over and join Elizabeth and Bleubeard for T for Tuesday and then I'm off out walking dogs... Hope it doesn't get too hot! Have a great day! 

Monday, 26 August 2013

Another Quirky Bug Xmas Card

I've just finished this card as one of my reminders for my challenge, which is going on over on Quirky Craft Challenge blog as I type! It's Christmas in August with a twist as you have to include a few things from a cheesy wheel. So here's my third card using a bugaboo image. Non traditional Colours, Triangles,  and Christmas Charm.
I've used Knobby Knees Christmas sack printed him out twice, coloured with promarkers, added a bit of white with a gel-pen, used a die cut to cut out one of the images, losing a tiny bit of the sack, fixed it to a silver matt card and then I covered that one with another image, but cut off all the skinny and the stick, hair, legs, arms and neck!
 I know there's this super clever way of die cutting and leaving a bit that  goes outside the die-cut, and snipping round it, but I find that quite hard to do as I don't have the extra plates/mats for my Big-Shot, and it's a bit hit and miss if I can cut it out first time, so it's easier (I think ) to just cut out another image and stick it over the top! 
 So the top image is also without the hat pom-pom, hair, one of his feet, a tiny bit of hand and the round bit of the furthest away 'sleeve'. I would've cut off the bits of ribbon too, but had coloured them in different colours, so didn't! I've also added, some 'stitching' using a fine purple pen, silver corner peel-offs and a snowflake Christmas charm.
The ribbon 'rosette' embellishment, with gems and pearls already added, I've had for years, it's part of a pack of six. It sticks out quite a bit, so will need extra care when posting. 
 The snowflake ribbon I found in a local store, I also added eye-lash wool.  I've placed the topper so it looks as though there's more triangles. The inside I've left blank but with a place to write something, using the same die-cut and also missed out using a sentiment. All the papers are by Pink Petticoat, in Blue Berry or Blue Bell. That's it! I'll add this to yesterdays reminder post over on Quirky Crafts! Thank you for stopping by!
   Hobby House-Christmas
Promarker challenge-theme (Fav Colour combo) Lilacs/Purlpes
2 Sisters- Square Cards **
Craft-room Challenge-Something new  (The digi is new to me
 Created with love-Anything goes
Digi Stamps 4 Joy-Anything goes

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Christmas in August A Quick Quirky Reminder!

It's Quirky reminder time. The Challenge is, Christmas in August (with a twist) I've also made a cheesy wheel, find that on the challenge blog, for you to add extra 'things' to your creations.
 This time I've made a Christmas card using  a Bugaboo image, Sign-it/Christmas/Edward, used non-traditional colours, (The ribbon is purple, although it looks blue)and the digi is already a 'scene' as you can actually buy him without the balloons if you want to.
I've added embossed triangle peel-offs to some of the corners. I've also 3D-ed the elephant, little chick and the balloons, to make them pop. This time I've used lots a light greys and pinks to colour the image using Promarkers.
The typing on the 'list'  I did on the computer using Paint-Net,  which is a free download, just Google the name.
 All the papers (inside and out) are by Pink Petticoat. (They are Christmas papers even though they aren't what I call 'normal colours')
I've also added gems, a string of tiny pearls and loads of Stickles Glitter! There's also some gold peel off strips in a kind of triangle pattern.
I did intend the card to have the frilly bit along the bottom, stuck on all the papers and the peel-offs and then... tried to open it've guessed, I'd stuck everything on the wrong way! Never mind. I think it looks better this way!
 The fonts I used are freebies JandaHappy Day   and (heading the 'list') Estelle Black SF (you'll get a pop up here asking if you'd like to join their mailing list and get a free font everyday) That's it I think!  Pop over to Quirky Crafts and join in!! Hope you're having a lovely August Bank Holiday! Thank you for stopping by!
Hoping to add this to some..
 Hobby House-Christmas
 Creative Corner-Cute critters
Dream Valley-For a child
AudSentiments Challenge-anything but a birthday card
Craft-room Challenge-Something new  (The digi is new)
2 Sisters Challenge-Square cards

Friday, 23 August 2013

This Weeks Annie's Friday Smiles

I've been dying to add these pictures since last weekend to Annie's Weekly Friday Smiles and then forgot! Well, I've been digging and painting most of the day... then it got too dark to paint and luckily I remembered! So here they are! When my  daughter Emma was expecting Niamh, she met up with some lovely young mums-to-be and they've all kept in touch and often go out together for picnics, taking (of course) all the babies with them! They've just about mastered the art of 'sitting up' (That's the babies, not the mums!) Niamh's the one second on the right wearing pink and holding something green. Are you wondering how the mum's managed to get all the babies to 'look' at  the same time?  Well, here's how...  This is a view from the other side with the mums waving and making faces! Well, it made me smile!
  And my favourite photo of the week of a very proud dad...Tom with Niamh
I wondered what these teeth were for!!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Pets, Dogs and Books... bit of self-advertising!

Just  thought I'd do a bit of self advertising...(well why not!) seeing I've been busy walking dogs today, I'm 'dog-tired! Phew!! The heat's come back and it was very nice down on the beach!  But too hot! Even the dog wanted to go back! 
It's quite a good idea really, anyone coming down here to the New Forest and wanting to go sight-seeing where you can't take your dog, well, that's where I can help! 
Petsitters Alliance I'm putting my 'Forest Walkies' badge on the side bar, with a link back to my Pet Sitting/Dog Walking Web-site. There's pictures over there of Mad Max, Jinx and a few other 'friends!' 
 Also, I might as well go the whole hog and let you know there's two more chapters added to the second half of The Fire Stone. (My novel! Yes, I'm writing a book, a couple of books actually... be warned I'm a terrible smeller, speller, so any help in that direction is always welcome!
I couldn't do it without my computer, which comes up with a trillion red and green squiggling lines warning me about my bad spelling, but, being dyslexic, I often put in wrong words too, which it doesn't pick up on... my brain might type 'umbrella' when I mean ambulance... or miss out words altogether, I'll put 'bathe cat' when I mean...'bath the cat'.
No one really noticed it at school, well one teacher sort of noticed when I swapped hands, from left to right, or right to left. I'm right handed, but can just as easily, (or could more so back then) swap to my left hand, and writing backwards, left  handed...right to left across the page amazed some people, but it's really quite easy ... In fact I should think any left handed person might find it easy...No? Go on, have a go!
I've been trying to shorten the chapters. They are too long! I know. For Wattpad readers, reading  long chapters on a screen, is very tiring on the eyes...and the brain! (I have a small brain!) So I took 'stuff' out but then soon realised it was needed later, so, put most of it back in again. There will just have to be more chapters!! Hubby says, it's taking too long to 'get to the point', but that's only because, you're 'reading it too slow,' sez me...
 Yes I know, I've been's not a novel, it's an obsession! They say there's a story in all of us, so why not pop over and join Wattpad and write your own story, you never know, it might be the next best seller!!
The Fire Stone (Part One) On Amazon 
The Fire Stone (Part Two: up to chapter 7) Free On WattPad

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

WOYWW?? Just A Dog or two...

I'm back from not being here, but being there with those darn dawgs! So no WOYWW last week. But had a bit of a tidy up a long the bench for this week, mainly because  I'd lost the remote and couldn't change the TV in my craft room... found the last place I looked. Not that much crafting done but quite pleased to find out three or four of my last cards won, or came in the top three, (yay!!!) which is always nice! First picture shows this weeks freebie before it was scanned into my computer and the other bench,  still quite a bit messy! Still drawing dogs for my daughter in USA to make a book for Mason (grandson) Couldn't do any of that last week, must get it done!! 
Why not take a picture of your workdesk and show us what you've been up to this Wednesday! Link up with Julia's Stamping Ground.
**Sorry but I can't comment on Google+ blogs (although SOME of them I can ??? ) sorry if you don't hear from me, but I always pop in and have my snoop!!

This Week's Wednesday Digi CLOSED

I'm back from 'dawg sitting so I've done you a dawg! I've called this one Mad Max, as he reminds me of the dog we looked after and stayed over a few weeks back. Completely football crazy and couldn't stop jumping about or chasing bikes! And he spent a lot a time in my tiny little pond! Please, NO sharing anywhere! No sharing sites such as flickr, photobucket, Pinterest. (I hate Pinterset, people save stuff to that and trillions can go on downloading other people's copy-written work forever!) I know places like 4share have buttons to 'share' (and sister sites who take stuff and share it too...although once the sauce is deleted, that's deleted too)but please do not share! Just save to your computer! No putting this digi on blogs or forums or google+, send people here to download it for themselves. Links back here are always welcome. Please comment if you can! Thanks for stopping by.
The Real Max
Ike's card!!
 You'll find this digi in the store!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Time to Stop for T

I've been so busy today...well, by the time I got to bed at three in the morning, then got up at five because the lodger cat Jinx chased out another cat, who was trying to eat his food! They made such a noise!! There's  a hole cut into the fence to save him having to climb and that was smashed into the shape of the escaping cat!!!  I reminded Jinx, he used to do the same thing to Frog and Gismo (long gone to kitty heaven) Then I 'played' for a while before going off doing what I usually do! Mum left a message saying her computer was doing silly things, so while she was out (it's by far quicker!) I fiddled with that, Jinx came with me. (he always does...I'm now known as the weird cat woman who walks her cat around the one's spotted us in the car yet!))
Once home I painted a gate, I'll show you when it's finished. It'll match my pots I showed you a few weeks back. Then mum turned up, (along with her flower club friends, she'd forgotten her key and couldn't get in. Answered more emails. Sent off a few digi's, that's always nice! Spain, Germany, America... And now it's way past seven o'clock in the evening and my first cup of Tea.
Not too well painted, as I did these where they hang!
   Just ordinary decaffeinated, no sugar (yuk) The spoon's still there as I stir it a million times hoping it will taste sweeter. I stopped taking sugar at the beginning of the year but it still tastes horrible!!! Note the biscuits, they help it go down!! Never gave my girls sugar, so glad I didn't.
Thank you to Lady Pam for the mug, who said I can now throw out my chipped ones... (If I do that Pam...this'll be my only mug!) Hope I'm not too late to join Bleubeard and Elizabeth! I mean, it's probably tomorrow where they live by now!!
It's not the right paint, but it matches the trellis, and  was bored with the 'crazy paving' look I did last time

Monday, 19 August 2013

Blog Candy From Sheena!

Sheena from over on Sshhh Creations has some lovely blog candy. Pop over and join in! Plus some lovely pictures of the scenery you might see in The Game of Thrones! All that and blog candy too!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

It's a Very Quirky Christmas!

Evening Quirky people! I'm back from dog walking, dog/house and baby sitting! Yay, baby Niamh is growing very fast! And smells so much nicer than a dawg!!
Anyway, it must be time for another Quirky challenge over on the Quirky Crafts Challenge blog , so lets get on with it!!
 This fortnight, it's my turn to come up with the theme and this time we're sponsored by my favourites...
Bugaboo Digital Stamps
who are offering the winner 7 digi's of their choice!!
 And Crafty Ribbons!!
who will be offering some lovely ribbons!! (of course!) The challenge is...
Christmas In August...with a Twist! 
What's the twist??? Easy! To make a Christmas card or anything else Christmasy and add at least 3 things from the cheesy looking circle at the bottom of this post (don't forget to tell us what you've used!)
Here's my card. I started off with a silvery white pearl card and then went a bit lilac to go with the non- traditional Christmas colours. I've used a Bugaboo image (of course!) these two cute bench buddy penguins that you can find HERE, Little Penguin Winter bench, which is almost a scene without having to add anything else. And to make it pop I've 3D-ed (decoupaged) the image.
First, I printed out the whole scene, then just cut out the bench and the buddies with bits missing and then just the penguins, with more bits missing!
I've coloured the scene with lots of shades of lilac and purple Promarkers, I've even coloured the tiny bits of lace with a lilac Promarker so it would match.
I've used lilac/ purple Pink Petticoat papers and Bazzil card.  I've also added a few punched out tiny purple holly leaves, added gems and pearls (for the snow) as well as sparkly flower-soft and a sparkly twisted lacy lilac cord.
 There's a little bit of  silver micro glitter, silvery white flower-soft as well as some Stickles glitter glue plus I've used some triangle layers.
The font I've used is a freebie, it's called Curlz MT download it HERE or just Google the name. It's used alot in advertising.  I thinkthat's about it! (I'm sure no one reads any of this, but they might!!)
Hope you come and join in with my challenge over on Quirky Crafts Challenge Blog!!!
 New Follower! Hi and a big (((wave))) to  Darnell Knauss from DJKardKreations! pop over and see some fabulous creations! I'm hoping to add this card into some...            Challenges
Catch the bug-August bingo challenge
(Bug Image, Bold Colours, Pearls, Lace begins with D= Decorated Tree)
Crazy challenge-animals
 Deliciousdoodles-christmas in august.
Audsentiments-anything but a birthday card
52Christmas Card Throw-down-august theme- Holly 
All that stickles-the great outdoors-linky-party (I used diamond)
Scrapbitzcopics-(or Promarkers) Anyway You'd like
 Crimbo-Crackers-it's snow business
ABC Christmas challenge- P is for...
Purple, Penguins, Promarkers, Pearls,  Pink Petticoat Papers, Pastel (blue) Pink, Punch.
 Alphabet challenge-newest stamp or decoupage
Creativecorner- anything goes
Creativefingers-Anything Goes
Jwscrapshack-anything goes

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

T in the garden with... Terrible dogs!!

George and Rufus, no they aren't really terrible!  I'm dog/house sitting at the moment, Two Airedale Terriers, sitting at the garden Table with a Tin mug with just with George, as Rufus has heard a 'noise' and has run up the garden barking! (nothing there!) My tea mug belongs to the house owners, and a good one for me, as I'm always panicking!!! Now popping over to Elizabeth's to see what Bleubeard is up to! He won't like these dogs!!

A Purple Rinse? No Just an 80th Birthday Card!

Morning! Been busy making a card for a sister. It's for a friend of my mum's who wanted it for her older sister who will be 80 years old young at the end of the week. Had no idea what I was going to do, made harder with lack of supplies...
 'What does she like?" "Moaning" came back the answer or something similar! So, something to cheer her up then!
First I thought purple, can't go wrong with purple and then I thought 'big' (for me) and made an 8x8 card. 
Cut a slice off the side, turned it over then fixed  a smaller square card to the front to do that over folding flapping thingy I did on John's Birthday card.. But made the second card smaller.
I did a bit of a cheat, I did that 'gutting?' where you cut out the middle of the Bazzil card (This one had a slight shimmer) as I only had one sheet of that colour,  I just had enough, almost, which is why there's two different purples, (the other without shimmer) but I'd started, so I had to finish! 
The first backing paper to go on was from a Humphrey's Corner Christmas decoupage pack, free from a magazine. You can't tell it has Christmas snow flakes/stars, but it was the right colour, and then... the printer did a wobblier..."Can't print...problems with black ink cartage..." problems with black ink cartage? What d'you mean!!?? You were only put in last week!" 
Honestly, printer ink costs more than gold! But it was no good, no amount of explaining or arguing with the computer or the printer made any difference.
 I used hubby's computer... imagine this...I'm in one room... I 'send' to his computer in another room to print out matching papers, pressed print and run down the hall ready to catch said sheet from the jaws of his printer just before it spits it out on to the floor! (Do that ten times and I'm sure I've lost weight) But that was no good. His computer left lines in the pattern, lines that weren't there, and completely decided to change the colour! Didn't ask, just took it upon it's self to lighten the shade a little or, put in an extra colour...
Anyway, after raiding the piggy-bank, new ink was bought for my printer, not forgetting I'm still out of paper so I'm using up some of my old manuscript (good paper, can't waist waste it!) and hunting through all my files and folders for scraps of paper that match... then I thought, who's to know? let's just go with what I can find. 
So this card has backing papers from Forever Friends, Humphrey's Corner, and a lovely freebie from SummerDrings  A Little Spring in your Step. Haven't got any 'posh' flowers, so punched these out from Forever Friends paper, missing out the Fishing Teddy...(Can't think I'll ever use him anyway) Added an embossed panel with Happy Birthday and inked with some Tim Holtz ink...  no reason, I just was in the mood to 'ink' something! Colour match was now forgotten completely! 
I added Acetate to the bottom of the smaller card to help it stand up...found the ribbon, part of a set from a two sheet gift paper parcel set from Tesco's. (Nice and long!)
The little catch came from a gardening/hardware store. 3p each. Added embossed corners, pearls from a magazine, a string of pearls and the poem, I made up! (It's okay to talk about beer...and it rhymed very well cheer!) I've even papered the back of the card but didn't take a pic of that, as the colour was nowhere near the colour it should be, but it still looked nice!
 There's three different Die Cuts, and thirteen brads...must be a record.
Then of course, what was I going to put on the front?? and as if by magic this little LOTV  digi image (already stamped out and free from magazine) popped out of a drawer, so I coloured it using purple and grey Promarkers... 
The font I've used is a freebie; it's called Amazone BT download it HERE
That's it! I'm not here for the next few house/dog sitting as well as hubby having the week off (yay!)... I was just coming back yesterday from doing just that when I saw sis- in-law in her posh new animal ambulance's a dead end road so I thought, "Are you coming to find me?" "No, I've got a dog to walk down here...." The one day I used her ambulance must have won her a few customers, how lucky was that, who says advertising doesn't pay!? ok, that really is it, bye for now!!!
One Stitch At A Time- Use A Digi.
Creative Corner Challenges - Food and Drink
 Crafty Sentiments-dies and punches
Creative Fingers challenge- Anything Goes

Sunday, 11 August 2013

A Quirky Reminder. Ants Rules OK! (BBQ's and Picnic's)

Hi Quirky Bloggers! It's that reminder time again about our BBQ and Picnic Challenge. You have another week to come and join in!
I'm sort of not here, so I'm not sure what I've managed to upload, but there should be a card with an ant on the front!  Our lovely sponsors are Crackerbox Palace  and the images I've used were supplied by them! If  I'm back in time ~that means back from where I am now, not actually going and coming back in time... but that would be fun! ~ there will be more pictures of my creation..if I'm not back then there'll only be the one picture of the front! 
A bit boring, but the inside's fun so call back when my batteries are charged! I've used Pink Petticoat papers and the freebie gingham I linked last week. The ant, flowers and sentiment are from our sponsors. Pop over to Quirky Crafts and see what the others have come up with this week!
I'm back... and as promised here's the inside of this weeks Quirky Crafts DT card.I admit, it did take me awhile to workout how to add the pop out! 
 I still haven't managed to get paper. Honestly, a crafter with no paper, that's unheard of! So I've been using up all my 'bits'. Except for the sky (PinkPetticoat)  I've printed that onto some decoupage paper I found, bought from Trago Mills down in Cornwall. We haven't been there for ages. It's what I would call brochure paper, it's quite thin even though it's 'glossy' 228gsm from docrafts, Papermania. 
last weeks Picnic card
The inside of the card is a little bit 'fat' as I've used another card to make the pop out and then covered that with the backing papers. The green paper I've used as grass come from Humphrey's Corner, a Decoupage and paper Pad, which was free a while back with Simply Cards and Papercraft magazine. (another thing I 'found' while trying to 'tidy up') Here's a picture of my last weeks picnic creation. That was an easel card with the other bit stuck on the front to make the 'table'.  This latest card has the pop out square and then a sort of 'lid' for the top and tablecloth, which folds down over the top. All the images are from our fabulous sponsor, Crackerbox Palace.
New Follower! Hi and a big ((wave)) to Denise Price There's some lovely  creations over on her blog! That's it for now. Thank you for stopping by! I'd love to enter this is to a few...
One stitch at a time- use a digi (*WINNER!*
Pink Gem - Summer
Crafts Too Challenges - Summer days
Creative Corner Challenges - Food and Drink
A little bit Crafty - Summer sun
Happy Campers - Summer
Pollycraft - fun in the sun 
 Fab n funky-anything that looks like summer
Heck of a challenge.-summer/holidays
Pile it on -outdoors



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