Friday 19 July 2024

#GelyPostcardPlay Number 19- You do blue


 Yep, Hedgie sez, 'You Do Blue!'  July 19th so that means, here's No: 19 of #Gelypostcardplay, a month long challenge engineered by the one and only CeriTheCrafter! 

This time I've used one of my own Digi's...Hedgie with his Sunflower, only of course, it's blue and not yellow. Like everything in my craft room, (and at the moment, in the kitchen as well!) this fell out of a page in a file straight onto the floor, so I had to pick him up. Crafty little hedghog, he knew I'd start wondering how I could use him on my next postcard. Was still thinking of 'Surf's Up'...but couldn't find the 3D embossing Folder I waited. (It's under that heap in the corner probably!)
So, I set about drawing all those little leaves and petals and storks stems, onto Geliprinted paper with a Shapie, cutting them out, gluing them together,
but they weren't enough.... needed something else and what just happened to fall off a pile of stuff...a piece of fern tissue paper. Perfect!
I placed the ferns over a greeny/yellowy/gold/white spotted, leaf stamped post card, then placed Hedgie to one side, where it looked like I could make him a 'path.' I stamped his watering can on another piece of gelipainted tissue and then set about adding all those flowers. The number 19 is the tiniest diecut number set I have and kept sticking to everything except where I wanted it! I also used a white gell pen, Posca pens,
(because of Ceri, I've now ordered some different sizes and more colours!) a black very thin brush pen, there's even a tiny bit of Lawn Fawn in there! Oh! and the bee! My white gel pen wouldn't work on the card sooooo, I cut the bee from a packet of Poppy Seeds, so the red in the background sort of blended in! The words were done on my laptop. You do blue! I covered everything (and not just the postcard!) in decopatch. I bought it a while back, when it was half price at Hobby Craft. And that's me done!! Google #Gelypostcardplay, and see all the YouTube fun! Thank you for stopping by

Thursday 18 July 2024

#gelypostcardplay- number 18. More butterflies

Back again with another Postcard for Ceri the crafter's July challenge, #gelypostcardplay! This is number was no: 17 but I didn't like it... so I used a rose with butterflies instead. Seeing I was running late I decided to revamp and use it anyway. Same as number 17 with the masterboard background. (See! If I'd never found Ceri, I would've never ever made a masterboard!)  I edged it in gold embossing power and zapped with my heat gun. 

Then fussy-cut a flower wreath from a magazine... but that's when I decided the flowers were too small, so I just cut them up and arranged them willy-nilly on the card, then added the butterfly stamps, making sure you could still see  those eggs... But by that time, I'd given up the will to live and started what ended up being the new/real no:17.

 Later. Much later. I was thinking it needed a bird. In steps Tim Holtz's bird cage die and on goes one blackbird. I edged the card again with ink and a Promarker. Then made another stamp, by cutting out a small rectangle piece of creamy-pink geli rolled tissue and fixied that to a real stamp, so I still had the white bits. In my pile of mess craft stash, was a silver number sheet so added the number a few inky postage rings and wiggley lines. Number 18 done! Phew! 

So, number 18, the ex number 17, didn't turn out too bad in the end! That's it from me! Go and have a look at some of the other fabulous makes at #gelypostcardplay  or just google it! Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday 17 July 2024

It's The Wednesday-Just-Freebie

 Here's this weeks freebie, yes I know, another cat...well? Why not? There's was a mouse, but he was a bit wonkie, so I rubbed him out. I've named him Boo, coz that's what's on the tab on his collar. Let me know what you do with him. GO HERE to down load, or just emailmail me. A comment would be amazing! Thank you for stopping by! 

 ps, yes I know spiders have eight legs, but most of them in my house have five.....

Happy Wednesday! It's WOYWW #789


 HELLO crafty Wednesday people! Another trip around the world to visit all The WOYWWers on What's On Your WorkTop Wednesday!? Hosted by sarahscraftshed.This week on my kitchen worktop- (I can't show you my craftroom, as it's been condemmed too dangerous to enter!)... actually??? if I move some of the things blocking the door... and move a few more things on the floor, yep there you go! One Picture. It really has become a dumping Ground. Looking at that picture it doesn't look too messy! It's been worse. But then, I'm still crafting in the kitchen and!! Wonders will never cease, I'm still doing the #gelypostcardplay challenge hosted by #Cerithecrafter.

Here's a few of the postcards on my lazy susan. It really looks like there's a bowl of peas under that blue hare, doesn't it... nah, i'ts all part of the card design. Go see HERE. or scroll down...
Here's one more picture and then....I'm out in the garden for a bit, as it's stopped raining and the sun's come out!
I was going to add 'beautiful' minus the B...coz there's a big one there, but for some reason, that didn't happen. That's it from me! Hope you're all well, have a great WOYWW!? week. Thank you for stopping by!

Postcard No 17 #gelypostcardplay,

Morning everyone...not sure what kind of day it will be yet, as it's still dark outside! I'm here again with postcart Number 17 of #cerithecrafter's July challenge, #gelypostcardplay, I can't actually believe that I've got this far! I wanted to make some thing 'quick' (I don't think I do 'quick') then Ceri popped up on my phone with his latest card, and only used the geli painting bit, on the tiniset bit of the card, so I thought, I can do that!

Ye-es. Can I heck? My first attempt at using a masterboard background (Ceri used stamps) with flowers and butterflies over that, but it just didn't look right to me. I don't have enough fussy-cut flowers in my stash for a start. Then, dada! Some papers that I forgot I had, fell out of a box (it was on top of the 'push back pile' of stash) and the first page was this rose! Perfect!!
So I cut up the masterboard I made ages back
(I think it's an always freebie some where) out of washi tape and odd bits; fussy-cut the rose and then applied the butterfly stamps. The little tiny butterflies are from Katy Sue, (video link) The little label is washi-tape stuck onto card. The big butterfly is years old.

I fixed the word 'beautiful' from a TimHoltz sticker set, but decided to  cover that with the word, butterflies instead.(Why? I don't know) Now then?? Where's the geli bit of painting, you may ask (or not) It's the number 17... I'd used the gold dragonfly tissue paper, which I rolled out my brayer, in pink, fixed that onto a stamped image of a stamp so you can see a bit of the gold dragonfly, then stuck the 17 on. Later I stamped that postal wiggly bit. And that's it! Card number 17 of  #gelypostcardplay, done! Right, that's it from me! Night night! Catch you in the morning for WOYWW!? Thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday 16 July 2024

Happy 11th Birthday T stands for Tuesday!!

  Is it Tuesday already? Then it's time for Tea Stands for Tuesday and a link up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth and  over on the #Alteredbooklover!  I think it was Jo's post, I was reading really early  this morning wishing Elizabeth and of course Bleubeard and T stands for Tuesday a very happy 11th Anniversary!! My goodness how did I miss that!? Is there a swap?? If there is, I'm in!  At the moment, I'm quite busy making Geli printed postcards for Ceri The Crafter's July challenge, #gelypostcardplay, (scroll down to see cards so far!) so if any one does want to swap some ATC's or even a postcard, let me know! As you can see above, there's not much room for my breakfast, a mixed up cereal, as I couldn't make up my mind what to have, so I had a bit of everything. (really nice!)! Some tea, a cold drink and the chocolate chipped bun, all nice and warm!

Well, its' waaaay past my bedtime and I just realised, I never had any dinner tonight! Too busy crafting! But I stopped and made room amongst all my crafty clutter for a hot chocolate and some biscuits, They're putting chocolate on Nice biscuits now, Yum!!  That's it from me. Pop over to Alteredbooklover and join in! Thank you for stopping by!

#GelypostcardPlay number 16-It's All Gone Egyptian

 Good Morning all you Crafty Crazy people! Here's my number 16 postcard for #CeriTheCrafter's July Challenge! #GelypostcardPlay. Oh my giddy Aunt! I've had some fun with this one, seeing it's nothing like the beach scene, 'Surfs Up' that I had in my head and how it turned into this Egyptian postcard, I'll never know. The only thing they have in common, is sand!

This started off as a dirty browny-orangey pattern card that, once I realised I wasn't going to do a beach scene, was stamped several times with some Egyptian stamps. I think it's the fact that I was going through my boxes of stuff, which I'd starting haulding collecting, books and things for junk journaling and glue booking etc, when I came across a calligraphy book and another on how to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics, which I bought cheap as chips from a charity book shop some time ago. And that was it! Gone was the bluey seascape bit of geli-paint, swapped swiftly for the dirty looking brown and orange card, and even roughed up a bit more!

First of course, I had to find my Pharaoh stamp. For years, I had one stuck on my shelf all ready coloured with gel-pens-was he there today? No...gone walk-about! I found the stamp, and coloured him using my Promarkers. Cut out what you can see mosty from the calligraphy even has The Book of The Dead! Didn't use that though! Wouldn't want someone trying to read it and bringing back Aunt Mauld!

I've typed all my sentences, using a Hyeroglyphics font called 'The Nile Song' (free to download, just google the name) if I remember rightly, I've typed, Dream, Believe, Memories, Timeless and Treasure, plus of course, the number 16. The little beetle and the number 16 were cut out of a wild flower book. I've also added some jute rope and a bee charm, smudged a bit of black and gold, here and there and added the Pharaoh and one of the 'pictures' on 3D foam.

Well, I think this one is my favourite one so far. Number 16 for #Ceri The Crafters #Gelypostcardplay! Maybe it'll be the beach one tomorrow! That's it from me! Thank you for stopping by!

Monday 15 July 2024

#gelypostcardplay Number 15!

Morning Peoples! It's raining here today, soooo....more crafting is possible! (Can't cut hedges and mow grass in the rain...) It's monday the 15th so here is my next postcard N0:15 to join in with Ceri The Crafter's #gelipostcardplay July challenge! Scroll down to find my other postcards. I wanted another quickie, coz I thought I might go do the market today, but... markets aren't fun in the rain. So! definitely more crafting instead! Saves tiding up, just jump in where I left off! (Jump in or fall over it, you mean!)

  So I started off with a greeny- twirly with white and gold bits geliroll back ground thingie. Was looking through a magazine, and found the hare, and thought!!! Light bulb moment...(and I hadn't even had my breakfast!) 'There's a Hare in my soup!' But could I find a bowl of soup??? Could I heck! I did in the end, then stamped some unreadable words on the green post card, which smudged a bit. Luckily I found a tiny bit of green geli rolled tissuepaper that has gold butterflies on it, and that nicely covered the smudgy bits up.
I inked all the way around the card with a black wedge tip Sharpie. The font I've used on all my sentiments so far and that number 15 is called, Special Elite. It's a freebie, and you can download it HERE, or google the name. That's it from me! Thank you for stopping by!


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