Wednesday, 4 August 2021

WOYWW!? #635! Mainly...Loo Rolls!

  Morning WOYWWer's ! It's that time again so hop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in! Above is what's on the left side of my bench...We had this trip into town and my goodness! There was 'The Works' and before I knew what happened my basket was full! They haven't had 12x12 papers in for ages, plus some 6x6 papers too! I love the Christmas one.  Then, I trundled further down the high street and into a Charity shop, where I picked up an A5 40 paged display book for 99p. Bargain.

In the 'Gnome Corner' you'll see, at last!! that the bigger card is virtualy finished, just have to do the inside so that there's 7 gnomes all together, (6 on the front and 1 inside) One of the gnomes moves without falling or committing Harakiri! The smaller card is the one I practiced on waaaaay back, used magnets, (that smashed) but there wasn't enough room to be able to manage the magnet on a stick, so the gnome just somersaulted anywhere he wanted, got tangled in the undergrowth, lost his arm and then fell down. The bottom of the smaller card is tent style so I couldn't come up from the bottom and rescue him! (I gave up on giving them arms!) I've added a bit more 'grass' at the bottom of the larger card to hide the mechanism. (Seen in packet)

Here's the middle working bit of my bench. There's some squished loo rolls, which I've already run through my BigShot and squirted with water and Glycein.

 Next comes the fun bit,  embossing and inking. Go HERE to watch the video where I got the inspiration to make a 'SteamPunk' booklet. I'm going to use different embossing folders and some Tim Holts inks later. That's it! I'm off now to feed a cat and later will have a little four legged friend come visit! So, Join in at WOYWW! Bye for now! 

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie! Jolly Christmas Tree.

 I forgot about this one.I was going to add in as a 'Christmas in July', but I guess you can have a Christmas in August too! Go here to download. Comment if you can. No sharing please! Thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Tea For Tuesday...


 It's still T for Tree as not much has changed this week I'm afraid. I've been trying to get my gnome to move around the tree, but it's really too wide, so you only get a bit of the gnome on one side, a bit more of him on the other side and then hardly any of him when he's in the doorway (mostly his feet) so I added a Terricotta pot for him to carry, after first trying another gnome beneath him, but had to take him off coz his hat showed half way up the other gnome's body, making it look as if he was carrying a red cucumber...and a bit rude! (it appeared a bit like he was hiding behind the tree and then popping out and flashing at you!) So I changed it to some Travelling suitcases and then went back to fixing the flowerpot just below him again...

 T for Tea cup...filled with cold hot chocolate (still nice!)

T is for train...  and turn table. We had a lovely day at Exbury Gardens, here in the New Forest with the grandkiddies so of course we had to ride on the little Train... 

Hubby's been adding some Teak oil to the Teak garden furniture, which I won in a garden magazine competition years and years ago, and it's still going strong...although it doesn't look much here at Three o'clock in the morning!

Then it's T for Toilet rolls that I'm hoping to turn in to 'leather'. I've been meaning to do this for months, so it's next on my list. And Three minutes past Three in the morning...Tomates. Looking more like Triffids in the dark!

And not to forget!! Which I nearly did, ATC's.  Below are the ATC's that were sent to me and turned up last Thursday!...

 And below are some of the ones I made with envelopes ... not sure which ones I sent now...They might not be there. That's it! Have a Lovely  T for Tuesday!


Wednesday, 28 July 2021

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie. CLOSED

This week's Wednesday's freebie is called 'Pot Cot' although, I might change that. I'm not too sure who lives there, but I guess someone does! It was going to be an upside down flower pot, inspired by where a tiny spider has made its home in my garden, maybe next week! No sharing please. Comment if you can! Thank you for stopping by!


What's On Your Worktop?! Trees! And Dobby! #634

Happy WOYWW! This week I'm sort of carrying on from Yesterday, as I'm still doing the same thing, so there really isn't much difference . Just more mess! I'm remaking this Card (made from one of my own digi's) as I've misplaced the pictures I took of it the first time round. I printed out three trees-one's reversed so I can stick another picture of the door on the inside...I've cut nearly all round the tree,  then gluded it to another piece of paper, cut around that too, coloured in the open doorway with different shades of Promarkers Iced Grey.... (Oh damn! As I type this I can see I've made a mistake...oh well... no one will know!)It's all printed on 200gsmsmooth white paper, so by the time I 3D it over the main picture of the whole tree it's quite sturdy... I know...I lost you at 'Just more  mess' didn't I!?
So, here's more pictures. In front, the tree's just been cut around, and the door cut so it will open. Behind is the reversed picture, uncoloured, as I'm only going to use the door. (I was testing out the blue for the sky, Promarkers, Sky Blue or Arctic Blue, I went with the former. Above that, is my Dobby mug half filled with cold tea.

This bit was left from the 'original' card. The holes are for the swinging mechanism to fix to, but they were a little too high. I'll need 'more tree' to hide it and the gnome will probably get stuck in the branches! (Hope I can remember how I did it now!)

Oops...this is some ATC's I had left over for T on Tueday, I kept finding papers I liked better, so made far more than I needed. Well, it kept me out of trouble for a little while! That's it for now. Pop over to Stamping Ground and join in! Thank you for stopping by!



Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Time for T ? (On Tuesday)

I'm v-very late for Tea is for Tuesday this week, mainly because I thought  I'd wait for the postlady, so I could add expected ATC's but no, they didn't come, Then a quick look round the other blogs to see what everyone else had done, made me think, maybe I have the wrong date to reveil said ATC's! So, I'll wait for next week. Instead, there's some of the ATC's in that folder in the bottom left hand corner that I made but I didn't send... I got carried away and made loads, (not literally! But I have noticed men in white coats are always near by!) So, if any one fancies one or two, just let me know! 

T is for Tree. The picture above is me painting a black tree on an orange wall. I did this some time ago in the office my daughter shares will a few others. The idea is that everyone adds a frame to the branches with words of encouragement, hopes and  wishes for the future. I will probably post about this again with more pictures  at a later date.      

 T is for more trees...(The very top picture and below) I made this card some weeks back so it's already been sent off to the recipient  and I've mislaid the pictures I took of it at the time, so I'm remaking it! The smaller card at the back was the practice one. The gnome moved about with the use of magnets. But I didn't leave enough room and the magnets went a bit haywire and smashed! (One of the gnomes lost his arm!) The larger card, I'm adding a pull tag that is supposed to swing the gnome back and forth around the tree...I just have to remember how I did it before!

My mug of Tea this week came with a Chocolate Easter Egg, which I've long since gobbled up!

 And again...T is for Tie-Dying..... Oliver is concentrating very hard on getting his colours in the right place!

...As is Niamh, his big sister! and the last picture...

"All my own work!" sez Oliver!

Thank you For Stopping by!

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

It's What's On Your Worktop Wednesday!? #633


Happy WOYWW!? What's on My Worktop this Wednesday? Nothing! There! That was easy! Bye for now!

Only kidding!

 I did have the left overs of T for Tuesday's ATC swap... as I hadn't done anything else, except an Anniversary card for Sis in law. So, I quickly pushed all traces of the ATC's out of the way and hey presto... nothing there... bit boring really.  I added the freebie, which I was about the rub out the pencil marks. Then I took a 'step back shot'. I stand to craft so that's most of the things I need to grab first, but, because there's no room to put things down, they get piled up and pushed back, (or put on the floor) anyway, it adds a bit more interest ... ohoo sorry, forgot to remove the Farley's Rusk cereal bowl! Never mind.  That's it for this week. I really MUST get to bed before I get up and then!! Crafting! No! Lady Pam's been in Hospital, (she's okay) and we're going to take her home tomorrow. (Today) I think she even took her Twiddler  in with her!)  See you tomorrow/today. Keep Safe. Thank you for stopping by! Oh! Just one more picture! Here's Jack The Airedale, I puppy sat yesterday evening. So Cute!

Now pop over and see Julia's Stamping Ground!




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