Sunday 26 November 2023

This weeks Wednesday FREEBIE!!! On A Sunday.

Yes, I know I'm confusing those of you that look out for the weekly freebie on a Wednesday...and it never comes, but sometimes it does! but on a different day. And sometimes, I just can't do....anything. I binged watched the tv most of Friday...What Happened to Saturday? It disappeared into the ether, floated off into space...Okay. Back to reality.... Here's this weeks freebie... It was supposed to be Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer... but I've forgotten something... perhaps they're under his hat! I cheated a bit, because there was this reindeer on my shopping bag, which I rather I got the idea from that...

Go HERE to download~or just Email me, and I'll send it to you! dragonsmoore at g mail dot com.

Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday 22 November 2023

WHaTs On your Work TOP WednesdAy?! #755

  And!!! (Breathe) I made's .still Wednesday and I'm still...alive! Happy WOYWW!? I'm joining in with Stamping Ground...last as usual! I did manage to get round last week...but didn't comment on everyone. I'll try harder this week! And what A week....No, I won't go'll just have to image it...oh all right then. Telly's been going a bit daft, in this case going all 'pixelated' which has nothing to do with Piskies (which is where that word actually comes from!) I guessed it needed a new did...all okay now. The blind lady blinds in about two thought I ment...yes...No. She can see! Then the electrician turned up! I thought he'd take one look at what's going on out in the garage and say...'Not going there mate!' But he soon worked it all out and is going to spend one morning, sorting it all out for me....(so I can use my Freezer and Tumble Dryer without it all fusing all the garden lights, John's man cave, my potting shed and pond!) oh and yes...I now have new money left after all that, but new glasses!

 And you can see from the pictures above, I'm in the kitchen. Camera man (Kittle the cat's owner) was coming last Monday but was late at a meeting so is now coming at the weekend... so  all work in the craft room stopped! But as least I can see the floor! Pictures above shows that I'm once again cutting out tickets and tags... It sort of gets my mojo going, a tiny bit! 

 The Alice in Wonderland papers/tags/pockets, and these flowers above are all freebies from Tara L. Jacobsen. (Google her, adding freebies or try HERE) Join her and sign in (you'll get a password in an email) and in you go. Loads of lovely freebies.  Well, that's me done me thinks. Pop over to Stamping Ground and join in! Thank you for stopping by!

ps...the other lables, (buttom left of top picture) are from Tracy Fox's esty shop. Botanical Labels. LoveJunkJournals.

One last (not very good) picture. I've put a chain and a charm on this little Alice tag.

Sunday 19 November 2023

It's A Freebie-On a Sunday!

 Well, why not! I run out of time again in the week-so grabbed a pen and pencil just now and come up with Hettie The Hedghog playing in the leaves...Of course I know the leaves should be a lot bigger-probably bigger than Hettie, but then you wouldn't see her! Go HERE to download. It won't be there for long. If it's not being downloaded, gofile will take it down... A comment would be lovely! Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday 15 November 2023

Whats NOT on your Worktop this Wednesday #754!?

 Happy very Late WOYWW #754. I thought I'd shame myself after someone said last week, they'd like to see a horrific or was it hideous, craft room. Well, here it is!! Just one corner of it. This is why I've been crafting in the kitchen....or the living room for most of the year.


My Simply Cards and Papercraft Magazine arrived with this nice stamp set and I thought I'd have a go... The stamped and died snowflakes, weren't too bad, but I found a few dies in my stash (really?) and cut them out and then embossed them and I think they look better.

 If I were you, I'd nip over to Stamping Ground and join in...there's some really fabulous craft rooms over there!! Thank you for stopping by...

Happy Birthday Debs for The 15th of November

Another birthday I nearly missed. Sis in laws....I won't tell you how old she is. She started dog walking/boarding about the sometime as I did so thought this doggy card would be just right. But I have a little niggle in my head that I may've done a card like this one some years back. The coloured scene (using Promarkers) fell out of a folder and I thought! Yes! I'll use that one, and quickly fixed it to a cut down card... made an envelope and another little one to add some birthday money in. Nice and quick-but you should see the state of my craft room now!! It's worse than ever.  I MUST do something about it.... I have some one coming to sort out the camera stuff, which John got ages back, on Monday, so I could video my cards... I can't keep doing that on the egg-box with a biscuit to balance my phone. (so I can have my hands free to play at crafting!) Anyway! This is a Bugaroo image PNG-ed over the sky background and then 3D-ed. That's it! Quick and simple! Thank you for stopping by!

  Update. Yes! I had used this image twice before way back in 2014...  Now I know the sky background was from PinkPetticoat. Whatever happened to them? And the strippy background, done with (Promarkers) is one of my foreverfreebies.

 You'll find the freebie-wonkie-strippy-paper HERE's started raining again.... Better go and draw this weeks freebie!

Tuesday 14 November 2023

T stands for Tuesday!


  I know, I'm a rubbish blogger. Life is a challenge! This telly's gone completely wrong...pixelating and making strange noises. Been doing it for a few weeks. But on the good side, I still have my old recordings, plus Netflix, YouTube, Firestick, Britbox. Amazon Prime...(somewhere) etc etc.... (That's if I can remember where they're hiding! Weirdly enough, all the other telly's are working fine!) This week is really the same as last week.. But I like to try and join in, just to make me DO SOMETHING!! And because it's Tuesday  I'm joining in again with Elizabeth and BleuBeard's, T stands for Tuesday. There's no, I added my Cornish Tea container instead. (It's ususally lurking in the background somewhere. Once, and this is odd, as I took the picture, Google jumped in and showed me loads more of the same type of pots...Who knowns how that happened...interesting though... and proves....Big Brother IS Watching you!!

After clearing back some crafty stuff, this is this weeks breakfast... Porridge (yuk without sugar, Ok with...) closely followed by my diabetic stuff...a gravy cardboard pot made into a pen holder, a hot chocolate  Brioche, my fruit whizz up drink and a large container of water... I'm just hoping all the sugary things I've just eatten will get 'washed' away. In the week, Fancis my Airedale Terrier dog man, came and fixed my Outside light. It was less than four months old when it suddenly stayed on all the time. (So I took the bulb out) Now it has a new add on sensor. Perfect. YAY!!

It was rememberance Day, last Sunday and every 11th of the 11th there's always loads of poppies set out in churches or wherever there is a War Memorial stone Cross. This was  at the church, in Lymington on Saturday Morning.

AND!! Looky see! This fabulous Hunkydory 12" Supersize Guillotine (with purple bits) arrived free this morning via Practical Publishing because I subscribed to Creative Stamping Magazine. Love it....and then....

The postman delivered my Simply Cards and Paper Craft magazine with this months 'freebie' "SnowFlake Sparkle" stamps and diecuts. I'll be playing with this later...stamp and cut them out and then add embossing powder, and zap them with the heat gun. They will be lovely! I'll do a few, ready to add to cards. That's it from me this Tuesday, hop over to The Altered Book Lover and join in!! 

One more picture...This is granddaughter, Niamh....ready to go trick or treating last week! Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday 8 November 2023

Happy WHat's On Your Worktop WEDNESDAY! #753

HI! It's still Wednesday, so I'm joining in with Whats On Your Worktop  over on Stamping Ground.... been a bit out of it, as not been well, and I had dogs... cleaning up takes ages! And it keeps RAINING!! I'm using radiators to dry clothes and dogs towels... (dog Tails?) I still can't use the Tumble drier...(or the fridge or the freezer) long story...they're in the garage, and if anything is on in there, the fuse blows...Pop!! I was going to do a bit of painting on a masterboard but somehow that didn't I watched  Ceri The Crafter, playing with his latest design using his Gel-plates most of the night, brilliant! I really MUST have a go at that! I did do a bit, but then got gerfrumbled... I'm still in the kitchen as craft room is just toooo hideous to take photos! so had a practice with making another little filo/journal booklet. I want to get that right before I use my 'nice' papers! I also cut up some tickets and stuff, and backed them using a nice caramel coloured card (which was a chocolate dessert wrapper!) 

Well, that's it from me! Late again as ususal! Pop over to Stamping Ground and join in too!  Thank you for stopping by!

This Weeks Wenesday's Freebie Number THREE!

 For want of a better name, Patch The Pup...(I've already had a Patch the Puppy, perhaps you can think up a better name!) he's the third Wednesday Freebie for this week. Hope you like him! GO HERE to download him. Comment if you can! They make me happy!! Thank you for stopping by!!


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