Wednesday 21 February 2024

What's On Your Worktop this week?? #768


 Good Morning WOYWWers! It's Wednesday, so here's what's on my worktop this week. Nip over to Stamping Ground and join in!  Yes, I'm in my craftroom doing a bit of 'bit sticking'

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm still tidying up... I don't think I'll ever get everything in my craftroom in its own home, but I can but try. I was looking for raffia earlier, behind the door in a bag. wasn't there...It has a new home. Where!? So I get bored and find a 'bit' of paper that's too 'nice' to throw out and usually, if it's small, I find a space in one of my mini journals to stick it. Yesterday I found a brown snack bag, one of many, gifted to me by a fellow woywwer many years ago and...yes, some bits and spent an hour (or two) playing with them.
I also tried out that new clamp thingy on my phone and wasn't sure it was filming... it's not edited, so out of shot at times and just me waffling to me, myself and I. The day will come when the men in white coats will be knocking at the door.
I have two bargains of the I showed yesterday, a little trolly, bought from Aldi for £12.99. (come in black or white) Slightly smaller than my others but still very useful and seen here hosting books I found for 'cutting up' or gluing and a box of crafty ephemera. 

 And this zipped journal in pale blue faux leather, never used from a charity shop for £1.50. I'm going to do something to cover the words on the front...not sure what yet.

 I've been watching a few YouTube videos that have given me loads of ideas and inspiration....but you'd need to be a millionaire to be able to afford all the crafty stuff!

And's a picture of the finished bag with tags... it didn't turn out too bad, seeing I had no plan to make it at all... and the tidying up? ah well, there's always another day... Have a great WOYWW day, Thank you for stopping by!
 Ps a link to Ceri the Crafters Video from last year. It gave me the idea on how to use these bags!

Tuesday 20 February 2024

It's Tuesday and Time for Tea with Bleubeard and Elizabeth

Hello T Stands for Tuesday! I started off quite well last week and posted more than I've posted in ages...but then, well??? I got into a tidy mode...which means...making  a chaotic mess everywhere, while I try to find 'homes' for everything and decided whether to chuck, sell, give away, donate, store or keep. (Although I've been doing this for the past 18 months, I'll blame Ceri The Crafter and his 'Death Cleaning' talk but he does have a point and I can remember my mum and mum in-law doing just that.  So, I've been stepping over things all week (don't put the hoover away yet, you're going to need it again in a minute... and then treading on the plug, ouch!) and hardly crafting at all,  except, with bits. What do I mean by bits?? It means, in my case, finding a bit of paper and then needing to or wanting to stick it to  another bit of paper... or finding a  tiny bit of scrap and adding it to my mini journals... or tags...or whatever falls off the shelf! (sometimes even the shelf!) This was a paper snack bag... there is a video of me waffling...but I haven't worked out how to get that on here....yet.(lucky you!)

 So. I'm joining in with T stands for Tuesday, to try and put some sanity back into my life...and, as you can see, I've 'staged' my boring breakfast this morning, seen above and below. Cold cup of sugar (Yuk!) Then there's Porridge with no sugar but I added my  fruit whizz-up instead... not bad. Had the idea from a chap who started talking to me in Tesco's that he always puts cranberry juice on his cereal instead of milk... (I still use milk)


 The half empty bottle of wine in the background I found in the garage. I made a Cottage pie in the week and added it to the gravy on the third day left-overs. (If he made anything with beef, John would usually add red wine or white wine with chicken) and?? yes, very yummy. Seeing I made enough for four meals...On the second day I added curry, just to give it different taste...and then I found the wine...

 Then, as you can see, I had two boiled eggs with toasted seed bread soldiers  and sat them on those cute little eggcups again... and as for the warm chocolate chipped bun...yes, it has extra Nutella in it...

  Someone asked a while back, what goes in my fruit wizz.... basically, whatever fruit I have.  Grapes, Bananas. Blackberries, Raspberries Blueberries, sometimes an apple or a bit of water melon, or kiwi, or orange including those little oranges and always water..

 Sorry about the lighting....I have some bulbs gone in the kitchen.. and I can't reach to change them...unless I get the big steps from the garden... and talking about bulbs and the garden- daffodils are beginning to show! Spring is on her way! 

 My bargin of the week I think must be this little trolly I bought from Adli. It's smaller than my others but well worth £12.99 (the putting it together was, not. A lot of swearing went on!

Last but not's waaay past coffee time, closer to afternoon tea time, so I've just stopped for a cuppa and some dark chocolate Hobnobs!

Don't forget to pop over to AlteredBookLover and join in. It's 'spicey' again this week! Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday 14 February 2024

WOYWW!? #767 Crafty Goodies from Temu, Local Craft shop and Craftelier

 Morning, WOYWWERS! I mean afternoon Crafty Peoples! Hope today started off well for you... It's raining here! Surprise! I'm actually in my craft room today... and in the kitchen, joining in with WOYWW!? over on Julia's Stamping Ground! 

 Above you can see my small haul from Craftelier arrived, it took ages!! (Temu is quicker)  thought it was coming from here, in England, but of course it wasn't. I wanted The Magic Forest, had some from my local Craft Shop...Emerald Crafts, about 35 minutes away but they  only had some stickers (which I already had from them) and I really wanted more (don't we all!) But they did have some 'Deep Cocoa' A4 240gsm card, which I'm going to use for the journal. I've seen a few YouTube tutorials using The Magic Forest, which I'm going to use as a guide. I did try CraftStash first, wanted to use my 10% VIP, but no luck. 'Your search returned no results'   

At Emerald Crafts I also bought some Distress Oxide 'cracked pistachie' ink (the first one I've ever bought) and  this cute Tim Holtz booklet 'District Market', the only one they had with £3 off, so, that jumped into my basket too. Then I drove up to see Emma (lovely daughter) and the three of us went on to Hobby Craft, were some goodies popped into Niamh's basket.

Now I know you're going to moan, but....this pen holder came from appears I had some 'rebate' so this was, well... no money at all!  A little while  ago this arrived... under £2 pounds...there is a dearer one.. (about £6) It's a little photo box with light and extra coloured felt to add inside...


 It's on my cooker. It folds flat and has its own little bag too. You can even take pictures from the top.

What else arrived?? Oh, well, I'm not having much luck with my GoPro Camera, still not found the grapper to hold it, so I ordered this for my phone...

Don't laugh, I can hear you! That thick wobbley bendy bit is very strong and hard to pull into the shape you want...I mean, it was getting in the way of any filming and...for the life of me, could I open that foot that fixes onto the shelf? No!  Temu got the seller on line and he couldn't workout why I couldn't just unscrew it and said he'd get back to me... Meanwhile, me wanting to use it NOW, drove over to Bro and Sis inlaws where Big Pat said, "threads twisted, you'll never get that open," and used a dirt big knife to false it open and Hey Presto! That did it... meanwhile, I have seen a phone holder with a ringed light attached that looks perfect for what I want it for...on Amazon. So, that's it from me! Happy WOYWW!? Thank you for stopping by!

This Weeks Wednesday (Always a )Freebie. It's Just Flowers-with update

 Here's this weeks Wednesday (always a) Freebie. I thought I'd colour it in for you, as spending hours trying to colour in the black and white picture, would probably course you to lose the will to live! But it's up you, you can give it a go, if you have nothing better to do! Just click and save!
And why have I put two coloured pictures on here. They look the same....they are....but one of them has one of my five legged spiders dangling from one of those flowers.... Bet you can't find him in two minutes!  Thank you for stopping by!
Update... this was drawn on an A4 sheet of  200gsm paper and coloured on the laptop, using paint-net. I trimmed a tiny bit off the side where it was scanned as it left a line. Now, for same reason, on my printer it doesn't want to print it out in A4 only A5, and if I try to make it A4,  I feel it makes it a bit too dark, see underneath sheet in picture below. Kept at A5 it's a bit small so I've inked the edges and inside with Distress Oxide-blueprint sketch-and splashed it with a little water.
Another update: I changed the background colour to make it a little lighter AND got it to print in A4, but it looks sooo blurrrr, IYKWIM. So, I purposely printed it in A5.... and I think it's better, as the black is not so blury black and the flowers are smaller. 
 I also left enough 'white from the paper I printed it on, to make a pocket by folding it inside (two if I'd moved it over a bit! (or a couple along the bottom) Again, I inked the white inside with the Distress Oxide. So now I don't feel this is totally useless!

Tuesday 13 February 2024

It's Another T Stands for Tuesday! With some Tennis....

Boring Breakfast

Happy T for Tuesday!! Quick post! As I'm out walking dogs today! Hope it stops raining! And I hope your week's been good. Mine has been busy. It started off with a lovely surprise from Elizabeth and Bleubeard! Now, I know I made something for the 10th anniversary to send to her but can't remember actually posting it or taking any pictures of it... So? Where it is? And what was it? Is it still hiding in a heap papers somewhere? Or, lost in the Post? So, I will remake what I think I made...and that will surprise Elizabeth and Bleubeard and even me, when it adventurely  eventually arrives all the way over the pond and through her letter box!!

From Elizabeth and Bleubeard

 Visited Daughter over the weekend, and once granddaughter was back from playing Rugby, (under twelves) we went shopping at HobbyCraft. On my way up I had to pop into the Craft Shop in Lyndhurst. I can normanly find something I didn't know I wanted...and I did! Chocolate brown card. Just what I need for my next Journal...It's going to be a slightly bigger one with more pages and fold outs. It'll take me ages. 

Can't make out why my A4 freebie will only print it in moved the breakfast things to have a play... Now going to use the original as a cover.... Oops, I've gone off track... Anyway...

Grandson came back, from wherever he'd been, so we played, bowling, tennis and martial arts with swords..... I was knackered!  I beat him once in the Tennis and bowling, but kept being knocked off the high pavillian and into the moat on the sword fighting we are....playing Tennis! Hope you all have a Happy T for Tuesday!

Wednesday 7 February 2024

Simply Cards and PaperCraft Mag #254 'The Diary Of An Edwardian Lady' added gift

  Very pleased to find 'The Diary of an Edwardian Lady', papers, toppers, an embossing folder and stamps, pop through my letter box this morning. Hopefully going to have some fun with these. And they will also go very nicely with the 6x6 paper pads I found last week. There's also a free download over on CraftWorld!  You may have to login. Happy Hunting!

It's a WOYWW Day! With Painty fingers- #766

Happy WOYWW!? I don't know how long this is going to last, me posting every day like I used to...but, I'm on a roll...not a ham roll or one of those ...well, you know what I mean. I've found, if I fill my head with loads of things to do, it's exhausting, but, on the good side, I'm not having so many meltdowns! 

Up early...or to bed late, same difference, I've been playing, and I mean playing, with my GelPlate, as I have no idea what I'm doing, but it's fun! I've only got a few masks and stencils, mostly freebies from craft mags, but I have been collecting 'stuff.' Anyway! This so far, is what I did first thing before I realised...I needed breakfast!

Hunger hits me like a rock! And I have to eat....(and that doesn't mean, dipping a spoon into the Nuttella jar Lyn. Hmmm) So I'm linking up with Stamping Ground, today, from my kitchen! -I made some cards in the craft room in the week and I can't get in there now! Definitely no room to paint! 
I've just got two gel prints and two rollers and I'm using the paper that I have. That's it for now. See you over on Stamping Ground later!
  Thank you for stopping by.

It's A Wednesday Freebie. A Floating Pussy cat!

Here's a Wednesday Freebie on a Wednesday! How did I manage that!?  And!!! There's two....

one with the wobbly heart balloon because I drew it and one with the heart balloon made on the wacom/laptop.... Go Here  and HERE to download them! I was going to do two kissing hedgehogs, so maybe I'll save that one for next week! below is what you can do with the PGN version...

Have a great week. Thank you for stopping by.


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