Wednesday, 22 June 2022

What's On YOUR Worktop Wednesday!? #780! with Zip Wire video

I'm just buzzing!!!! Here's my Work Top for #WOYWW 780 this week Crafty People. No crafting but loads of crafty finds from our time away. So I missed last weeks WOYWW!? as we were away doing silly things in Cornwall celebrating John's Big 0 birthday, like dressing up in Hawaiian shirts and drinking cocktails, swimming and dunking in a bubbling hot tub!  (Never been in one before and if you haven't you must give it a go...of course, getting out again can be a bit of a problem!) And!! We all did the zip wire! Not little Oliver, he was too small and not Big Pat...he was too big! Even Niamh, although she had to wear a weighted vest, zoomed down along side her dad Tom. (and no I didn't pee my pants but I did scream)

Here's family members waiting in the background and Emma and me waiting to go first. Smile at the camera, sez the man and then....

AAArgggggggggh! all the way down! Fantastic!

I also got tons of small dies from Crafty places from as little as 11p -13p one was even 3p! All the dies here were way below half price, even papers and lovely card and little journal books. So I had to get them! No more buying crafty stuff untill next year! (Oh...and the Harry Potter mug!)

The wooden cabinet was from The Works. It's going to be something Christmasy. I have Lola staying again and she's going to help me in the garden later. Here's Lola (she was a showgirl) with Big Pat.
Lola with Uncle Pat
 Below, John, washing off the Cornish sand...we swapped the blue car for a metallic white. Happy Birthday John!


 That's it from me! Late as always! Have a great week!! Happy WOYWW!? Thank you for stopping by!

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie.


 Well, I'm back from where I've been-more on that in the next post and a bit in the last post! Here's this week's Wednesday freebie. Hope you like him. This is Herbie, Hedgie's best friend. You can download him HERE. A comment would be lovely. No sharing please unless he has his watermark but a link back here is always welcome. Thank you for stopping by! 

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

It's Time for T for Tuesday

Emma, Debs and Pat, shaking up a cocktail!

Haven't joined in with T stands for Tuesday for a while as we've been away or had four legged furballs staying over, but I have been saving up some pictures... It was hubby's birthday so we nipped off down to Cornwall for a long weekend with the rest of our family and stayed in a lovely place, with plenty of room for us all. There was even a hot tub on the roof! I forgot to take pictures but someone did!  Above, we're all dressed in Hawaiian shirts, mixing up drinks... below, the next day, me with daughter Emma, getting ready on the zip wire at Eden! (Yes, I screamed all the way! I'm so scared of heights! Video on Wednesday)

On the Sunday, John's Birthday, we had a lovely meal at Steins in Padstow (very expensive!) and after our starters and main courses, John was surprised with his birthday cake. The design was  influenced by the Military Road on the Isle of Wight, his favourite road to ride his Silverwing motorbike.
There's a little motorbiker driving along the road. (we haven't eaten him yet!)

Then the waiters brought out some extra treats! 


followed by dessert...
....And lots of wine was consumed

We did have starters and main courses, but I forgot to take pictures! The next day, they all went home and we drove down to Polperro (walked down to the village) and then visited a few places during the week. This 'Rook with a Book' was in Fowey.


Then visits to a ruined castle and some standing stones and of course, loads of craft shops!

 I'll show you  my crafty finds tomorrow! So! Pop over to Alteredbooklover to see more of what Crafty people get up to!

Sunday, 12 June 2022

HApPy BiRtHdAy JoHN!


Yay, at last the BIG 0 Birthday has arrived....we're not here so this is on timer. Hopefully.  If I did yesterday what I was supposed to do yesterday and didn't pee my pants or turn grey over night, there might be pictures later!'s the birthday card, I'm not sure what it's called. I thought I read it was a fun fold gate card....but it isn't a gate card, is it. No. I think, what 'appened was... I started watching one youtube tutorial - nipped to the loo- came back and unbeknown to me, another tutorial had started!  It's coggs again...I like using coggs. I'm not loving this card. I loved last years card and the year befores...and even the year before that and  waaay back to 2014... There's something...missing... 

Closed and lying flat
 Yes...I kept misplacing coggs...and losing the dies and that heart is the wrong colour! but something else...A few mice woulda livened it up abit! Then...looking at these pictures...

I spotted the lost cogg and the bit of purple tape stuck to the back! How long had that been there when I was hunting for it!?

I did start making this card a while back in purple (it looks blue but it's purple) using 180gsm card from Hobby Craft, lovely colour but it was too flimsy, so I chose CenturaPearl, 310gsm Snow White with a hint of Gold from  Crafters Companion, nice. I added all the toppers and bits but the card was still a bit 'bendy' so I hunted out the purple card I'd already cut out and scored and added that to the back too.  There's room to write something and look! There's that missing cogg again! I must be going blind! It's been hanging there all this time! That's it for now, I'll try and add challences when I get back! Keep on crafting, catch up later! Thank you for stopping by! 


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Thursday, 9 June 2022

Happy Puurrrday Mr Jinx!

Stop crafting and fuss me!

 It's Jinxie's birthday today. He's 16 and he adopted us when he was about four. He'd come and go and then finally he stayed and has been with us ever since.

Jinx in his little house, snoozing

I asked everyone if they knew where he lived and everyone pointed back to my house!  We'd go for long walks around the village hoping (and not hoping) to find who his owners were. 

Snoozing on my craft chair

It must have been about two or three years later when, we were being followed by a slow moving car, that turned around several times... creeping along....following us. Men In Black-thinking Jinx was in disguise and was really the evil Martion doomed to take over the World by using his  yellow green eyes to hypnotize us all into committing hari-kari or worse strangle ourselves with long pieces of spaghetti. But no. Thankfully, nothing like that!

 We'd been home about two minutes when I heard a 'Coo-ee! Do you have a cat?' I opened the gate, by this time I realised who she must be and even knew Jinx's real name. Jinx had already gone indoors. " have a cat. " said me, "Are you looking for...Bruno?"
Loves sleeping on our bed!

"Oh yes, I thought your cat looked a lot like him...he was always going off. I have his mum and sister at home." (Just round the corner) "Jinx!" I called,  "Me-yow?"  said Jinx and came out.

Jinx, trying to get into the attic

Jinx purred around my legs while me and the lady talked about him. She said, he was always going off,  and was never like that will her, and if I wanted to come and collect his vet booklet and meet his mum and sister I could, so! He was then, from that day on, no longer the 'Lodger cat' 

Jinx, having a 'sun attack' on the bridge

My old craft room (bigger than this one) was made back into a bedroom (for when the grandkiddies came over) I'm sure Jinx thought we'd made it just for him!

Jinx puts up with the dogs when we have them-even to trying on Lola's coat!

 Sorry about the pink cloggs...a dog chewed off the band and weirdly, I found that green one in a field the very next day!

Stop writing in here and fuss me!

No matter what I'm doing, he has to sit there! Happy Birthday Jinx!

Wednesday, 8 June 2022

It's Just Houses- This Weeks Wednesday Freebie- closed

 Running very late today and there's still loads to do before we go off for the Big 0 Birthday fun, so this week, 'It's Just Houses'  is the Wednesday Freebie. Have fun peoples! Might not be here next week....I might not survive the dive! Thanks for stopping by!


IT's A WOYWW DAY! #679!

Morning! Well it was when I started! Couldn't get in to link to Stamping Ground...but I will keep trying! Anyway! Happy WOYWW Day! The sun is trying to come out here, but there's a big black cloud heading this way! I hope it doesn't rain too much this weekend, as we're  off having another big 0 birthday treat somewhere in Cornwall. So! Here's my beach  I mean bench this morning. A right ol' mess. I'm trying to do two cards, one for somebody, umm- umm- umm. Mum's the word... (Just in case he peeks in here and see's itCovered most of it with the latest edition of Creative Stamping. If  I take my laptop with me, I'll show you it next week. Above is the left side. Below is my lastest find at the Crafty Charity shop...I must stop going there!
There's die cuts too. Sticky glue roll, doublesided tape, a few stamps, and that little puzzle stamp punch and some card. The scissors fell off their peg, just before I took the picture... show offs!
This is long ways down the bench, you can see in the bottom right corner that those little puzzles actually fit together . The other things out I may use later for the Birthday card.
~The doggy birthday paper is a red heron!) but you can download them for free. here You may have to login.

Another thing I nabbed at the outlet warehouse for that Charity shop, was this red cabinet. This shop deals mainly in furiture, and as I heaving two of the six bags for charity from Lady Pam's, I spotted it!  "Oh Yes!!" sez me, "Oh No!" sez hubby...but he bought it for me anyway! It's going to hold my card/ glitter card/ miri card etc, as the shelf has started to bow! I'll be able to have my A4 card and paper, colour coded.


  And lookie Lookie see! ATC's all  the way from USA from Silvia (arrived last Wednesday and was added late) and one all the way from Australia from Susan! Thank you! Love them!

One last picture! Lola. 
 Here she is having a roll in the grass. She went home yesterday and I'm still finding things she hid! Crazy little dog!  Have a great week! Happy WOYWW! Keep on Crafting!

Wednesday, 1 June 2022

This Weeks WeDesDay FreeBie! (and it's on a Wednesday!) CLOSED


  Oh my goodness, it's Wednesday...about noon! I have some visiting dogs all wanting to help draw the Wednesday Freebie! So, there's two...mainly because there might not be one for next week as we are off somewhere or just out or I'm locked in the Looney Bin (Are we allowed to say that now!?)

I have dogs eating my feet as I type this!

And here's one I coloured on the computer just for fun. A comment would be lovely! Thank you for stopping by! CLOSED



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