Wednesday 22 May 2024

Is it really WOYWW!? 780 plus ONE!?

 Late as always. And so it continues! WOYWW!? Has a new address, at sarahscraftshed. So be sure to go and join in! I've been people busy last week and this week, I'm sooo behind, I tend to shove everything into the spare room and close the door...ohoo?? But I haven't really got a spare room! Never Mind. The weeds in the garden are nearly taller than me, but at least I've planted up some flower pots and cut the grass! (don't mention the headge!) I have on and off over the last month been trying to get some ATC's ready for Woyww 15th anniversary, which was last week! but with my printer not working proberly there's not a lot I can do. I did manage three ATC backings when the printer wasn't feeling so poorly, but everything else since then is pretty well, rubbish! Anyway, above is a picture of my crafty ironing board. I've used maps from a small booklet about 'Walks Around The New Forest' for the back ground. If anyone still wants to swap, just let me know! Have a great week everyone. And a Happy New WOYWW! Thank you for stopping by.

Tuesday 21 May 2024

It's Time For Tea On Tuesday...


 For once, I'm not that late for T stands for Tuesday! Although I might speak/type too soon...who knows what Blogger has in store for me this week...hmmmm. I am running around chasing my own tail...perhaps I mean, towel? W-well, my phone doesn't want to help with my spelling this morning... and I'm rubbish at it. A cure for that, is to restart it. Don't throw it into a bucket of water though, I have been tempted! Above, is the normal Boring Breakfast with Tea! With the usual bits of crafty stuff shoved back. The books on the right, are my bargain of the week. More on them later.

This week has seen  my son-inlaws birthday party. Emma came over and borrowed the BBQ and we managed to get it into the back of her car!   At the party I sliced and diced and cut and made the Pimms, which didn't last long!
Before the BBQ there were snacks....Dexter (7) told me he made the vegan cup cakes. And they were (surprisingly) yummy!

Tom loves to do marathons, running, swimming, cycling and lastly that Muddy Race, getting covered in as much mud as you can...before getting past the finishing line. So this is what his cake was all about! 

After the BBQ they cut into the Cake! Chocolate sponge inside. Shame to cut into it really! Now back to the books and my bargain of the week. 99p each from a Charity shop. One, made to look like aunty's cook book and the other, all about Wild Flowers...

The cook book looks tatty and old...but it's not. All hand written inside with notes, postcards and magazine recipes suck into it with yellowing tape. All just an illusion!  Even the cover.
The inside cover
I don't think I'll ever be able to cut into this! It's already, someones 'scrap book'

None of these  stuck ins are stuck ins! I might even try some of the recipes!

As for the wild flower book, it has places to write your notes. It's never been used and  it's not like the others I have, so, to begining with, I'll just love it and maybe slice it up at a later date...(2051)
Last, but not least, this morning's cup of frothy coffee made in my 'cake in a mug', mug! Happy T Day! Pop over to AlteredBooklover and Join in with drinks and food and other things!
My job today is....the garden. Weeds wait for no one! Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday 15 May 2024

woyww!?? #780!

 Afternoon all you WOYWWers! It's lovely and sunny down here in The New Forest.  I'm late again with joining in with Julia's Stamping Ground, that's been going for 15 years!! I haven't been here all that time but still remember when the numbers were soooo high, it took a full 24 hours to get round to everyone! So, sadly, I believe this may be the last WOYWW!? Stop me if I'm wrong! (stop me I said, not sock me!) It's been a fabulous mix of crafty people, which I am going to miss, sooo much!! The reason why I'm so behind with blogging in gereral is seen through the window in the above picture! That little saugage dog puppy! DD.  She is soooo cute, but very nervous, loves having play fights, hiding under the bed covers, barking and hiding her chews!

Hiding her chew under a blanket

 As you can see, I haven't started on my ATC's for the swap!! I do want to swap, honest!! Well, I have made some, but can I find them?? No. They're probably with all those labels I made.

No matter! Once I've got this week over, dogs, dentist, two birthdays, a wedding and another birthday- I'll be right 'at it!' Probably using my new Tim Holtz deckled chomper!! which just arrived today.  At the moment, I'm house/prof/ and doggy sitting. Here til midnight! So, I won't bore you with any more chat! Just pop over to Stamping Ground, and you too can join in the ATC swap! Don't forget, I'm up for an ATC Swap too! Just email me, or comment below! Happy (Very last woyww???)WOYWW?! Thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday 7 May 2024

Late Again for T stand for Tuesday!

 Not a lot I can show you for T Stands for Tuesday this week, A birthday get together...where most of the drinks have been, drunk.
I don't drink, so mine was the water, how boring can that be? And of course my breakfast, Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes, a bacon, tomato and cheese toasty, tea
(with the teabag still in) and my whizzed up fruit juice, using my new 'blender'.... and the continuing story on that is...


all the 'cheaper'  blenders I'd seen on line, and on their site, that looked the same as mine, but were a lot cheaper, were....'used' or  'second hand'. What a load of old barlarney! So, I've learnt a lesson from this, be careful where you buy from! Have a great week...pop over to AlteredBooklover and see what else is going on! Thank you for stopping by!

Ta-Da! Happy Birthday Karen's Mum! 90th!

 Karen's mum was 90 on May The 4th. Unfortunatly, she isn't a StarWars fan, so the Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber wasn't such a good idea for a present, so, a selection of plain chocolates and a potted orchid was what I came up with instead. (Just as well, adult lightsabers are nearly £300!) Karen owns the cattery where Mr Jinx would go when we had a few days away. I wanted to make her mum a card and decided on my lastest die cut from Craftstash, the Ta-Da! Diorama card. I've always fancied making one of those. And now I realise how easy they are to make (well, there were a few swear words at the beginning) I think I can work out how to make a bigger one.
I xspec you're wondering why I chose dogs to go inside the card?
(not really) seeing Karen runs the cattery business from her home, well both Karen and her mum have been/are  dog breeders (Shitshoes) Shih Tzu. Here they are, all smiling at you! She used to have six!
Smiling at the camera
After I'd made the card, I fixed it to another card so I could have an inside to add my sentiment and Karen's mum's age too!

The card is really tiny, so there's not a lot of space inside to add the party of dogs I wanted, in fact I had to redo the front scene because I put two many dogs on that raised hillside, and the doors wouldn't close!

Most of the papers I used were from, 'First Edition Paper, Let's Celebrate,' although,  bits from different packs of Craft Consortium may've popped in there too. There's a sticker balloon and I've added tiny clouds to the back panel. The dogs are Lawn Fawn as is the diecut to make the Ta-Da! Diorama card. Hope to add this to some Challenges later! Thank you for stopping by!


Unicornchallenge-98 for the girls (for Sylvia)


Monday 6 May 2024

More Coffee?! Rat would Be Nice! Coffee Stained Freebie,

 It's probably the first time, I haven't wished you a 'May The 4th be with you' post... Never Mind. I was out having a lovely meal with family instead. And on Saturday (May the 4th) we had a 90th birthday to celebrate. Anyway, Happy May the 6th instead... I had two foals born on this day many moons ago. Tami and later, her half brother Toni and inbetween them was Tawny, (born on the 16 April) Toni's full brother, and later still, there was Tia, Tizzi, and Teko.  Nice memories, but no FaceBook then, so no photos. Shame. Right, I'm off track. I'm shoveling dirt out of the little side of the shed, the bigger side was John's mancave, because RATS have gnawed a big hole in the floor and dug it all out leaving heaps and heaps of  deep mucky soil everywhere! It's raining hard now, so I came in... and started putting some things back into my craftroom as I made a card over the weekend. I'll show you that later... and this coffee stained paper fell out from somewhere, so!? Here it is as an 'Always a Freebie'. Just click and save... Now? Back to the rats I suppose! Thank you for stopping by!

Thursday 2 May 2024

Its the Wednesday Freebie on a Thursday!!

 Well, at least I'm only a day late with this weeks freebie! Hope you like him, splashing about in the rain in his wellies! My inspiration? Because it's raining again!! GO HERE to download. Check out the others in the posts below, they may be still there! 

Oh bother! When is blogger going to put the 'download from my computer thingy on again??? I'm getting fed up of emailing pictures to myself! And another thing, once they are in' photos', called 'Google Photos', I can't find any way to delete them! Does anyone else still have this trouble!? Moan over! Thankyou  for stopping by!!

PS. If you'd like the coloured one, just email me... 

Wednesday 1 May 2024

Its W for Wednesday #778 And a T for Tuesday!

Happy WOYWW #778! getting closer to the anniversary date! And Happy T day for yesterday! Sorry to join these two posts together again, but sometimes things overtake me on the inside lane and I'm left wondering 'What day is it!?' I'm walking dogs in a minute! so I'm typing quick, there will be mistooks with my smelling! I'll double check it, when I get back. On my kitchen counter this morning are things I must do.  Make some birthday cards, using those two LawnFawn diecuts, which I've had for ages and not use yet and, scan in my drawings of Snuffy the Hamster (which I drew decades ago including writing a story, for my two girls) And!! Not forgetting!!  I must make same ATC's!

One cold cup of more tags/tabs made from rubbish... I had my order from Hobby Craft, so now have plenty of that decopatch at half price! Yay! So that meant I had another box to start cutting up. Not finished that yet.
Then once more I got side-tracked and started making more things out of normally 'throw in the recycle bin' card.. I was using pill boxes and handcream boxes and a few unmentionable boxes. My bargain of the week was that little hole puncher for about 80p!
Outside under the carport- (although it was built by John so he could work on his bikes... which are still there. I can't move them, they're too heavy!) are loads of flowers.  I'm potting on ready for the summer!
My replacement blender arrived last week. I think I had a moan about it... not the one I ordered, not the one they said they would send and worse still, they charged me the same even though it's half the price!! No answer back from them yet...
And here's a loverly picture of some fabulous looking drinks that Emma sent me! (I mean she sent me the picture, not the drinks!) I have no idea what they are, but that one in the middle, I wouldn't mind trying!! She, along with her friends went to see Take That! That's it for now!! See you all later today!! or tomorrow! Thank you for stopping by!


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