Sunday, 31 March 2013

Lyn's Quirky Sketch And/Or Bingo Challenge!

Evening Quirky People!  Happy Easter, hope you haven't eaten too many chocolate eggs!! Here's my DT card  for the next Quirky Crafts Challenge! It's my turn to set the theme over on the Quirky Challenge Blogg and I've chosen to do a Sketch, which you don't have to use but also giving you a choice of a Quirky Bingo, which you do have to use and the more things the better!'re confused! Here's the Sketch...
Use this sketch anyway you like to create any thing you want but, we won't mind if you don't use it.. because we're Quirky that way, but!!! Here's the Quirky Bingo and we want you to use as many things on it as you can!!
Of course, if you're feeling really Quirky, you can use both the Sketch and the things on the Bingo card too!!
You could mix and match, the tin foil could be die-cut and embossed, the charm could be metal. Can't wait to see what you do!!Our fabulous Sponsors this time are:-
Here's my card, I've used the sketch and a digi from Robyn's Fetish, called Wake Up Birdie, which I've 3D-ed and coloured with ProMarkers. I've torn the backing papers and embossed not only the paper layer but some tin, which used to be a tube of glue. (use up the glue first!) with a butterfly embossing folder and then cut out the butterfly. I've used a metel charm and a die-cut scalloped circle. I've added a bow to the ribbon. I thought the ribbon was brown, (poor lighting in craft room) but I'd stuck it down before I'd realised...and then found the fell from somewhere and said, 'please use me' so I did! The sentiment on the front and in side was done on the computer.  The Font is called You Are Precious.
The papers I've used inside and behind the birdhouse (Clouds) are by PinkPetticoat, I printed the digi straight on to that, and then did my normal 3D-ing, only the papers inside have suffered a bit from my printer running out of ink! They are much more yellower than that and are called, 'When Life Hands You Lemons' and you can download them for FREE HERE (Link on side bar) The papers on the out side a really cute and double sided, so I hate using them! but you can see on the layered rectangle has little chicks and a mustardy-yellow on the back and the flowers on the front have that blue strip on the back. They are by Forever Friends called 'Spring Time' I think that's it! All you have to do now it leave me loads of love  and then nip over to Quirky Crafts and join in!!
 New Follower!! Hi and a big ((wave)) to  Gibby Frogget  I LOVE that Owl, lovely blog, go visit!!  Thanks for stopping by!!
 Hiding in my craftroom.-freestyle(anything goes)
The house that stamps built -spring-flowers
Avenue 613.-anything goes with flowers

Saturday, 30 March 2013

A Quirky Peek!

It's my turn to do the Quirkyness Challenge tomorrow evening, so I'm here, thinking what to do! (I fib... I made it ages ago...well, the glue's just about dried!) Here's a sneaky peek! What can we be up to?? Wait and see and then come and join in!  I won't be here but I might take my laptop with sad is that? Well I usually have to have it surgically  removed from my lip hip before I can go any where! Anyway, I may leave it in the hands of blogger, so if the challenge is late starting... you'll know who to blame! Have you hidden a freebie on here Lyn? Yes...although it's a bit of a doodle, a silly one, it's called Dotty, Ditty and Dan with dots....and their knees are knobbly! I'm not sure what their hands are doing either. Sorry, drawn on my laptop! Hunt Closed

Thursday, 28 March 2013

A Card For Mum.

I'm sooo glad we have no snow, it did tease us with loads of flakes (Now it'll be knee deep by morning!)  And it's my brother's birthday today, so, happy birthday..
.Here's a card I made for my mum. She had a leak, well, it was her ceiling what had the leak, she didn't see the big bulge hanging down over her head when she was sewing the family tree... 
Mum got up, Hubby touched it, I yelled "don't!" and the next minute the bubble burst and drenched every thing! Mum had noticed the wall was wet but thought, 'oh, maybe it's the rain, we've had so much lately' but no, it was a tiny leak, probably been there for well over ten years!  Anyway, she had to pay for the pipe to be repaired, but, the insurance paid for her to have a whole new ceiling,  (as there was a tiny trace of asbestos found in it when they cut a hole in it) new coving, new wall paper and the whole room repainted! They even said they'd put her up in a hotel while they did it and put her furniture into storage, there was even talk of a new carpet, new curtains to one window and the chair that was soaked to be recovered, but mum said no to most of  those...(why??? yes, loonies run in our family! I think she agreed to them cleaning the carpet instead... I would've had a new carpet!) Anyway, they've just got to finish off the wall papering and it's done, her whole room, which is quite long, all redecorated!
Anyway, here's the card... I've used T.H Bird Cage Die-cut, the ribbon was on another bought card, which I took off and saved some time back, and I suddenly found it, so had to use it. Then I  fixed the flower on with a dob of silicone glue and added a sequin to the gold bow. The papers are very nice, flowery and 'birdie' but I can't find the pack, to tell you it's name right now...and if you could see the state of my craft room at the moment you'd understand why! Found them!!! It was a freebie pack from Cardmaking & PaperCraft called Floral Fantasy by Louise Tiler, spring designs.
The Font: is a freebie, it's called Janda Happy Day and you can download it HERE or just google the name. That's it for now, thank you for stopping by. Hope to add this to a few...

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

WOYWW 199?

Morning WOYWWERS!! Wasn't here last week as we were dog sitting and there wasn't anything interesting on someone else's desk either! This week I've made a space to make a couple of cards and then some magazine freebies and a few  birthday pressies have filled that tiny space up. So, not too much going on here, but hopefully may have something to show very soon! So, I won't chat, as it's gone 5 in the morning and I haven't been to bed yet!! You just hop on over to Julia's Stamp Ground and join'll probably find me somewhere in the 90's as I'll probably sleep in til seven...*(thanks mum for waking ringing me up this morning!) .Thanks for stopping by!! Have a crafty week!
This weeks Freebie
New Chapter in Novel 
and the surprise coming up tomorrow.

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie! CLOSED

Oh dear look at my bad stats where have I been?? Not in Blogland, been a bit busy! (rolling about in mud, washing my poor phone and wall paper shopping with my mum...very long story. Meanwhile!! Here's this weeks digi!! Please do not share him (unwatermarked) on any shared sites, forums, blogs etc, but links back here are always welcome! The week before I was flying on a broom. Last week we were dog sitting, so I nearly did a dog on a broom...but, well, I couldn't find my pens (still!) so had to use a thicker marker and he sort of turned into a bear! (no broom, but an egg) Hope you like him. Click on the large link above to download him to your computer, please comment if you can! It makes me happy! Nearly back to normal, still in a mess. Have a crafty week!!  CLOSED
New Followers!! Hi and a big (((wave)) to Leanann with a lovely blog called Paperdolls Creations (I spyed a couple of my digi's over there!) And Nixy, but with no link. that's it for now, thank you for stopping by!

Chapter Six of Nebulous HERE

Friday, 22 March 2013

New Chapter Of Nebulous and more

Well, I might not be able to do much crafting while I'm at the dogs-don't worry, it's not as bad as it sounds, I'm dog sitting- well actually it is, because it hasn't stopped flippin' raining all week!! ARRGGGH!! But  I have added another Chapter to my Children of The Nebulous Sci-Fi 'Novel'  (go read, vote, follow, comment, it's freee!) I wasn't sure if to go on with the story or take it back five months, so I'd typed out two chapter fives and near enough stabbed a pin in one, because I couldn't choose. Luckily I think it was the right choice, because there's 'things' I want to add and I think it would be better going back to do it....(Mainly I suddenly thought it would be nice to actually met Anthony before I kill him off!) On second thoughts, maybe I shouldn't be making it easy, maybe I should just gabble on like I usually do and hope you make sense of it all...of course if you haven't read any of it yet, it doesn't really matter, the World will still spin....
Home tomorrow!! yay!! I fell flat on my face last Saturday, ouch! my ribs still hurt like hell a week later! Tripped over a tiny tree stump, straight in the mud...don't laugh...this led me to having to wash my coat...emptied out all the pockets or so I thought...clang, clang said the washing machine...I stopped it... did I check my coat?? No... Instead I shoved a towel in with it, thought it was clanging because it was in there on its own...When I pulled out my coat just under an hour later, guess what?? The clanging had been my mobile phone... so the poor thing's been stripped, wrapped in a tea cosy put on the radiator, put in rice (Okay...I'll try anything..) but alas, there's still water smiling at me from within the screen nearly a week later...all because, I didn't see a skinny tree stump and went flying....being dragged along by one said dog of course...
Link to Chapter 5
The dogs thought it was funny, me rolling about on the (muddy) ground...even some strange dog came up and licked my face...nice...Of course, when I accidently accidentally put the TV remote in the washing machine with the bed clothes... that had a trip in the tumble dryer too, and's hoping....!
chapter one
chapter two
chapter three
chapter four

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

This Weeks Wednesday Digi CLOSED

Not being at home at the moment, (Still dog sitting)  I'm finding it a bit hard to 'draw' straight onto the computer! In fact I'm rubbish! I first did an Easter Bunny in Art Rage and couldn't even find the black and then found it doesn't save it in any thing I can load onto the blog. Blogger says NO. So, here's something...The Three Mushrooms in PNG, JPEG and Colour... I've taken about three hours to do...yes, honestly... something that should have taken three minutes!! Back to normal on Saturday I hope, so maybe I can do you all a proper doodle then!!

Monday, 18 March 2013

It's All about The Quirky Boys With Ric-Rac and Buttons!!

The sixth challenge of the year has already started over on the Quirky Crafts Challenge Blog! It's sponsored by
 I'm a bit late...(nooo, we'd never guess!) as I'm away house and dog sitting (and of course it hasn't stopped raining for days!!) and I didn't have my computer with me! Aaarrgh!! Anyway, it's now safely strapped to my hip, along with my printer and wacom tablet, so I hope to get last weeks freebie done very soon!
I did this first card...(top left)  but as you can see, or not, there's no ric-rac on it, only some very nice blue ribbon with little blue feet, because...I missed the bit that said, use ric rac!! So, exit this top card, take off the baby feet ribbon, nip home, raid all my ribbon jars in the hunt for some ric rac. I have a mustard yellow... velvet red... a nasty velvet browny-orange (yuk!) and at the very bottom of the last ribbon jar, I find some scraps of white ric rac ribbon, so, I coloured these with a pale blue Promarker and hey-presto, one card changed and no one's the wiser!
 I've also added three button brads and two (on the revamped card, the bottle's missing on the above card) baby buttons with the backs cut off and fixed to the card with silicon glue. I also used some baby 6x6 papers from a pack of 48 (some have glitter and some are double sided)  from a set by Forever Friends, called 'New Arrival'. Normally £6.95 down to £4.50, so I spent a bit of birthday money on them! They are really lovely)
Right, that's it, off you go over to Quirky to join in, some fabulous Quirky Design team and guest designer's creations! No stopping up til three or four in the morning for me this week, as poor John is already snoring right behind me!! Thanks for stopping by!! Sorry for no show for ages but well, been a bit busy! Here's walkies time, again.....
 I hope to add some....
 Eclecticellapu- Pregnancy or Baby Cards (Runner up!) 
 avenue 613.- anything goes  


Wednesday, 13 March 2013


It's WOYWW! Yes it is! But this is not what's on my workdesk this Wednesday. This is... What's On Harry Potters Workdesk Wednesday...No, actually that's wrong too, because this was taken yesterday, as I spent the day flying on a broomstick, drinking Butter Beer and taking tons of photo's, so no time to play in the crafty room...and this desk is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay  cooler than mine!!! It's the mechanics of all the magical things, which were used in Harry Potter!
Apologies for not getting round all of you last week, I should've used my broom stick!!! (or the flying car!) To join in with WOYWW  just click over to Julia's Stamping Ground! Off you go! I'm off Dog sitting any second now, so will catch you A.S.A.P.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I'm feeling just a Little bit (Harry) Potty!

Yay! Last year, for my birthday I painted a pig... thought I couldn't do better than that...Oh yes I did! I've had a fantastic day with John, Emma, Tom and baby Niamh at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, The Making of Harry Potter!!  Fantastic time, loved every nano second... It  was amazing! Did wonder why people were saying Happy Birthday though, until I realised it was on the badge I was wearing! (Thank you Tom!)
  Thought I'd share with you two, which I promised is Me on a broomstick and another with me and John in the Potter car! (I was driving but I was sitting on the other side although I'm not in the must be magic!) We stopped to have some Butter Beer, (very nice!)
 Tom bought me a Marauder's Map, which I'm going to frame, as it's too precious to leave lying in my messy craft room! (Anyone could read it!) And...I'm wearing, at this moment  a black T shirt which says, I Served Time in Azkaban...Approach with Extreme Caution...Do not attempt to use magic against this person! Brilliant! I can now retire my old faded Deep Space Nine StarTrek T shirt to the rag bin... Emma and Niamh bought me a lovely 'I Love Nanny' Tin with a cute I Love Nanny Mug inside...with oh so too cute little owls on it and also has...Nanny's Treat Tin on the lid. (Going to have to fill that with sweeties sometime very soon!) So, that was my day, tomorrow? I'm promised a trip to the Crafty Store! Oho goodie!!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Little Card For New Mum Emma.

Morning...evening...(just is case I forget to post this) here's a very little tiny card I made to give to my daughter Emma, from Niamh, for Mother's day.  Fabulous mother's day yesterday, had a lovely card from Emma, which she made.  Must take a picture to show you...recognised the papers...that's the trouble with having a craft shop room with no till!
 Had  plenty of cuddles with baby Niamh, she is getting soooo big so quickly! Lots of chocolates (I'll never get thin!) John cooked dinner and I remembered to post yesterday's Quirky reminder post and, don't forget, the Robyn's Fetish challenge too, which I'm sponsoring, so go join in! Ooh even had time to load up a new chapter on one of my stories...
Tomorrow, it's my birthday and I'm going to ride a broom stick!! Almost as good as  painting a pig, which I did last year! 
Last year was hot and sunny, we walked a long the beach eating ice cream, today it's SNOWING! Hope it's gone by tomorrow! Aargh! Here's the card....
Very small, about 3 and a half square, covered with some freebie pink gingham from years ago  (I have link on sidebar to some more freebie ginghams) then a tiny bit of ribbon with puppy paws on it, (although you can't really see that) then that little bead heart (stuck on using a quicky Glue pen) and a stamped out tag (free from a set of clear stamps from a crafty Mag.) and that's it...oh, forgot, inside I've stamped a tiny baby's vest, from the some stamp set... and now that's it. Very quick and easy! Will be back later to add some more links.... bye for now!
Catchthebug- Anything goes.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Spyder's Other Corner Sponsors Robyn's Fetish!

Hi gang! Happy Mother's day to all in Great Britain. Great news and a Great start to my birthday week... (Watch this space there's more to come!) Here's a card I've made to celebrate that my didi digi Store,
Digital Stamps
 is sponsoring a 
challenge starting this weekend! 
How exciting is that!! The theme to this challenge is nice and's...
 Birthday Cards!!!
 So, get out all your crafty stuff, you can never have too many birthday cards can you?! Then get over to Robyn's Fetish and join in! You have all week! In the meantime, get over there anyway and see what their fantastic Design Team have made using my digi's!!!  The winner will win any five digi's of their choice from Spyder's Other Corner Digital Store. 
I've made a birthday card using one of my fav digi's Hedgie with his sunflower # 3933  Hedgie won a Crafter's Choice DCAC Digi Drawing Challenge ages back and he's still quite chuffed with himself. 
fairykingdomrfchallenge-0p5My Card. I've used some freebie Me to You 'With Love' pattern papers from a crafty Magazine. I printed Hedgie over some feather paper from the pack, then 3D-ed him and his flower, coloured him with ProMarkers (I know, sunflowers aren't normally that colour!) I've then layered the paper onto white card, added brads, ribbon, gems, a bow, a heart boarder and some punched out flowers with fern leaves.
The font I've used is called CAC Pinafore.
New Followers. *Just a note; some of you may not have claimed your followers Blog Anniversay digi yet, but then you may have different email names... So, A BIG ((wave)) to Susan, Sarah Evans, Marion Rivas  G.Ma.  Michaela, Mel,  Smookiedo,  Crystaldolphins,  jennyfer L,  Emily, Scrappy (You were already following Scrappy!) Tracy Gould. Mrs Nita,  Nadine Baxter,  PlanetSusie,  Jacq, Deb Och-La Grone,  Sharon Gough and Rosc (and I haven't looked out the back yet...) I will try and link you all! But sometimes your pics in 'followers' don't have links or just go to 'google and I'm not in that! That's it for now, Thank you for stopping by! Hope to see you all over in the...
Eclecticellapu -Birthdays
The Paper Shelter - dies/punches
 Avenue613-anything goes-with optional sketch
Challenge s4 everybody-anything goes

Squidgy Blue Paint Freebie Paper

Happy Mother's Day to every one over her in Britain, some cards coming up later but first...
 here's the copy of the squidgy blue paint paper I used on the card below. Just Acrylic blue and white paint and some shimmery vanish, which won't show up once printed out I'm afraid, so why not have a go. The 'real' thing will always look brighter, but I think it's always a good idea to copy them and save your 'creations' to your computer, just in case!
Paper resized with added Digi.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Messy Quirky Challenge Reminder, make your own backing papers.

This is just a Quirky reminder about our Quirky messy challenge going on right now for another week.  We want you to make your own backing papers, so, no bought ones to be used, you can make your own any way you like, use paints, inks, whatever!
 I've use paint this time. I splodged lots of blue and white acrylic paint onto some thick paper. Stuck on a few stars, so that when I peeled them off you'd still be seeing stars! 
When it was dry  I covered it with some matt shimmery acrylic varnish. It's donkeys years old. Once that was all dry I scanned it in to my computer, so I have it forever. Then, first I cut the painted sheet  to fit the card, then using the scanned in paint paper I added  this image from Squigglefly over it. I even thought it was a girl but it's called Artist Boy  even though there's a heart on his pocket... anyway, he seems to be the other way round in the shop, I did turn him into a PNG, so I could place him over the paper, but I'm sure I didn't flip him as well! (But you know me, half the time I have no idea what I'm doing!) 
Once I'd printed it out, I coloured the digi with ProMarkers, (Copic on his skin) added the border, ribbon, some gems and silver candi. Lastly added the word dream using peel-offs. So I have a mixture of the real paint and a copy of it fixed to my card. I also punched out a few more stars too. Busy day tomorrow so look out for some more posts! Thanks for stopping by... hope to add this into some
 Ladybug crafts-blue
cmccopicchallengegroup -anything goes (butterflies op) not sure how to 'join' this group, perhaps this is a way of finding out! :)
disdigidesigns  all about the children
inspire-me-fridays-anything goes

Friday, 8 March 2013

A Blast From The Past

I'm up to my eyes in tidying my Craft room, which is always an epic event. I've got to the point now where I can't get out, I've blocked my self in! So, calling anyone who reads this....HELP!! Only kidding! Found this, an old scribbling of someone's 50th birthday card, one of my mum's friends I should think, they were into darts, which I drew in...yep, the date's there in the corner, 1997!  This is before 'proper' hand made cards, before, I'd just draw on a bit of paper..(card) photo copy it, tipex out mistakes, colour it in (usually using paint) and then sick stick it on a bit of thicker card, fold it over and Bob's your uncle, Fanny's your aunt! An instant Card! Really bad isn't it?!! Never mind, it still made me smile. Hope it does you too. Going to have to use that rhyme again some day!
I've just spotted where the spider is!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Latest Pic of Niamh in her Little Owl Hat!

This is my little granddaughter. Isn't this just too cute!?! Little Niamh wearing her little owl hat. It's a 'professional'  photo  taken the other week. I have a couple more including her mum and dad. She's growing sooo fast! I can just see this pic on a knitting pattern for Owl hats, can't you!?!

Owl Hat was made by photographers daughter. Find it on Amazon!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

This Wednesday's Digi! CLOSED

Hope you like this one. My mum was clearing out some of my dad's things and in with some of his arty stuff was a little picture of a Christmas bunny, which he'd tried to draw. Maybe I had some influence after all! He often drew trees but I don't ever remember him drawing bunnies! His drawing wasn't finished so I thought I'd put my own ideas to  work and created this little chap. Flowerpot Bunny! He'll be here for a week and then he'll be in the store. Please do not save any of my digi's on shared sites! Just download them to your computer by. Comment if you can! Thanks for stopping by! CLOSED


Morning Wednesday People! It's another WOYWW day! I cleared off some stuff on my bench to make way to do some DT cards (no? Can't show you the one that was in that space til the week end, and there's another one I'm in the middle of that's for another 'special' challenge, which I'll show you  and brag about next the meantime, hop over to Julia's WOYWW Blog and join in!!!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Another Quirky Mess!!

I was meant to post this earlier but forgot! (well, I thought I'd put in on timer, but didn't!) It's another DT for the latest Quirky Crafts Challenge, Make a Quirky Mess, make your own backing papers... I cheated a bit and used the same images and then used up the papers I made using Promarkers and then splattered cosmic shimmers all over the card.  I did add glitter along all the stripes too although you can't really see that here.
I do have that die cut but the one on the card came packed in with a crafty order, I loved it sooo much I had to buy one. Crafty idea adding freebie dies to orders! There was going to be something in the left hand corner too, but I forgot to add it...never mind! 
I Love the Bugaboo image, JJ-painting and as soon as I knew we were painting up a mess, I just had to use her! She'd in 3D and fixed together with Gel. I printed her out over the 'home made stripe and sprayed paper" first, sprayed the card, cut a slice off the front (only because I didn't have enough stripes to cover the front) Then stuck another digi over the top, which I'd also sprayed, but missed out the fiddly bits and then cut out her dress and flowers from another image that wasn't splattered with paint. Simple! And I still have pink fingers!!(and my chairs pink too!)
 As you can see on the inside of the card I just sprayed with the Cosmic Shimmers in Candy Pink, it's the only one I have, must get me some more of these! Hey family (they never read this) hint hint, who's birthday is coming up!?! Hint hint!
The Font (as always) is a freebie, it's called Bocklin. Download it  HERE if it's not already on your computer (If it is, a pop up will tell you if you try to download it again...computers are too smart!) Thank you for stopping by! I'd love to enter this into some  fabulous.....
Catch the bug- Anything goes
 Stampingwithdragon.-anything goes

Monday, 4 March 2013

Freebie Stipes and Spattered Papers

Here's the papers I made using ProMarkers and Cosmic Shimmers for the cards posted below and above this post...thought someone might find them useful, or better still,have ago yourself!



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