Friday, 20 August 2021

Another Freebie Haunted House CLOSED

 I thought I'd do two freebies this week seeing I'm a bit late.  Two Haunted Homes! This one is called 'The Haunted House On the Marsh.' Scroll down to the last post to see the first one. They could be neighbours! A comment would be lovely! Thank you for stopping by!

Coloured on my laptop

Wednesday's FREEBIE on a Friday! Closed


  At last! Here's last Wednesday's Freebie on a Friday, instead. Why? I just ran out of time... I need a Time Machine... maybe I'll draw one next week! I've called it Haunted Hill Castle. There were ghosts but being white they didn't show up! A comment would make me very happy!! Watch out for the next Freebie Haunted House coming up next! Thank you for stopping by! Sorry CLOSED!

Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Quick! It's What's On Your Worktop Wednesday!? #637

 "Hi y-y-y-o-ou gu-y-ys!" sez me, sounding like a gooney. It's Wednesday, so stop what you're doing and hop over on Julia's Stamping Ground and join in.
Here's my workspace.
Looking as unproductive as ever. I'm making another box card, only I'm making it a little bigger this time. Just working out which mermaid to use. One is a freebie from a mag and the other from a crafty charity shop. And no, I haven't finished the smaller one yet...nor the loo rolls, I need stuff for them.


Here's the box card, not finished yet. I'm going to add a few 'floating' things, and bits of seaweed, (not real of course) as well as one of those mermaids.

 Last picture was taken by my camera, the others, my phone... I think my camera is running out of steam! Well, that's it for now!
See you all over at Julia's Stamping Ground that's if it lets me in, most of last week it didn't! .... No, still can't connect. BUT!! A BIG thank you to  Zsuzsa  for linking me! Now, that's what I call a back door! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

It's T stands For Tuesday.


 Hi Crafty Tuesday People! I'm in the middle of 'tidying' up, on this T for Tuesday, Tuesday, and pouring myself a cuppa Tea. Thought I'd use this little teapot with a kitty cat having a nap! And talking about  a kitty cat having a nap...Here's Mr Jinx sitting on the edge of my desk earlier...  "Lyn, look at me, I'm talking to you!"

 ...obviously he was trying to get my attention. He quickly turned to look back at my chair...

                 ( a bit blurry )...where it was very untidy with tons of folders...
              .....(and a very good picture of my radiator!) So I moved the files....

             ....and Mr Jinx quickly moved in, to take a nap! Who said cats can't talk!?

Earlier I was wondering how I was going use  Sharon's (Foxy Stamping) ATc's and other goodies. Probably fix them Together on one page...
Over The weekend, I was house sitting, Two Terrible Terriers!
Jack and Boudie-Boo (they're not really terrible!)

I also looked after, Tiny Lola this week!
She's actually snoozing on top of a giant Polar Bear!
A snowy Picture from Facebook
But What do you see? 
See you all later over at Elisabeths !! 

Friday, 13 August 2021

The Gnome Home Tree! Now On You Tube!

Friday the 13th! Not the best date to choose to post a video, but here goes! Ok, it's a bit hit and miss... but my first video ...or second, of one of my creations! The Gnome Tree. It's taken ages but my small brain finally got around  all the tec stuff. I'm quite pleased with it... don't look at my mess, but most of you will be used to that anyway! This should be The Link. If it all works please like and subscribe, I might make more! And they can't get any worse!


Inside the card. I'll add a candle to the cake and a Happy Birthday sentiment later.


This is my very first attempt at making this card where Dave the Gnome lost his arms, as I was using magnets and they exploded!  It's a little different to the one above as it didn't need an extra grass border  along the bottom.


This time the sign post was stamped not drawn by me and it's all been coloured with Promarkers of course.

In the last picture you can see the green hatted gnome (Dave)peeking out. He can go behind the tree and pop out the other side as the gnome inside the door (Sid) is glued to the card that I had fixed to the back of the cut out tree. It wasn't until I finished, that I realised I wouldn't be able to see 'Dave' inside the tree.  So! I cut Sid in half and just glued him inside! In the video it's Gordon who is inside the tree with a pot and a birthday sign. Don't forget click the link above to  see the Video! Thank you for popping by!



cutecardthursday.-anything goes

cards galore challenges- anything goes

Through The Craftroom Door--anything goes

lemonshort bread challenge-anything goes

colour crazy challenge-anything goes-colouring


Wednesday, 11 August 2021

What's On Your Worktop Wednesday!? #636

  Well, I knew I'd be late this week, but not this late! Still, I don't think anyone will notice! As always on a What's on Your Worktop Wednesday, my desk is  in a bit of a muddle... so while I tidy up, pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in!

 I'm in the middle of making a box card, so I won't tidy up yet, I think I'll finish the card. There should be a little forest scene inside when I've finished. I have two other sets, plus some stamps and an ink pad that came free with the order about Easter time. You get a template for the box and the dividers,  plus the dies and stamps. I cut it all out, but with my dyslexic brain I just couldn't match up what I had, to the picture instructions! So, I hunted Google and found Joe and Craig on Crafters TV making the  self same box card sets. Easy peasy to make following their video! Only Craig made three cards to my one! Which means I can only get better! (fast forward the vid!)

Here's the card.... not quite finished yet.  Even that tiny butterfly and the flowers and toadstools, had their own dies! There's a fairy and a unicorn set and a bear's birthday party to do yet. Well, that's what's on my WOYWW desk right now! What's on yours? Join in over on the Stamping Ground. Thank you for stopping by!

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie. Closed

Here we go again, I keep meaning to post something different, then suddenly the week's gone and it's Wednesday again. There never seems to be time to add anything else. I might give up the freebies for a while. Years back they used to get a lot more downloads (add a nought or two to what they get now) Anyway. Let me know. So Here's the Freebie. Yours will be black and white, I just thought the coloured one looked more interesting! (Done on my laptop) I'm calling him Garden Bear for now. (Or maybe Walter) A comment would be lovely! Thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Happy Belated Birthday Oliver!

Can you believe it, Oliver was six yesterday!? Where does the time go. (down the plug hole with the bath water!) Here's his birthday Card.... I had a nice gold six to add to it, but as always, it went missing, then I forgot, so it looks a bit bare in that top left hand corner. It's a Penny Spinner Card and the little spaceman spins round and round making himself very dizzy!

It's from a set called Gemini by Crafters Companion.  So far I've made the Rabbit, The Dolphin and the Unicorn. I did start by inking up some card to make the topper, but I didn't have all the coloured TimHoltz inks to make the night sky dark enough. Then I remembered I had this night time scene in one of my 12x12 paper packs from The Works. Originally there wasn't going to be a moon in the centre circle, but when I turned it over after diecutting it, there it was, so it just had to be used!  Sorry my pictures aren't very bright and are looking a bit fuzzy, my camera is on its last legs. ( hasn't got any legs!)

Here's the inside. There's a lot of layers so it was easy just to use a craft knife to cut a pocket to add some Birthday Money. I used a white gell pen to right the sentiment later. Wish I added more 'things' a green Alien!

I've added Glossy Accents on the spacemans visa and on the tiny stamped stars, also Stickles, tiny metal little stars in silver, gold and red. I've dotted the night sky with a white gell pen, and also added Wink of Stella to the planets, so it really sparkles!  I used Promarkers to colour. That's it! Thank you for stopping by! Hope to find some...

lemon short bread challenge-anything goes

T For Tuesday Stands for Tidying up Treat Boxes and Tree Tops

 Good Morning (or Afternoon)  to all you Tuesdayers. Sorry I didn't get around to every one last week, but will (hopefully!) nip round while I do this weeks T For Tuesday!  I may be late for this weeks too, as my Internet keeps falling asleep! (and so do I!) Yes, the first picture is a photo of my desk being Tidyed up...or, trying to put things away before I lose them! (Lost two tiny tiny stamp stars this week but found one after using a dustpan and brush, instead of the hoover!) I've even found some more Time For Tea backing papers I forgot I had, quickly covered a few more ATC's then did a bit of embossing and inking... so, forgot to Tidy!

  I made these Treat  Boxes for the GrandKiddies. The jungle one's been ready for some time and the smaller green one I made Sunday night just out of leftover bits I'd already made for other things. The roof, like the other Treat box is cut out from packageing card. One being, pussy cat food and the other one, beer. Yesterday (Monday) was Oliver's 6th birthday (I'll post the card later) so we met them somewhere, where there were a lot of Tree Houses...

And very large balls Trapped in nets in more Trees... there was also a very Tiny Train...but we didn't go on that.

Our Picnic Table was under this. And here's my Tea cup for this week... Moooo!

So, what have you been up to this Time For Tea Tuesday? Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday, 4 August 2021

WOYWW!? #635! Mainly...Loo Rolls!

  Morning WOYWWer's ! It's that time again so hop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in! Above is what's on the left side of my bench...We had this trip into town and my goodness! There was 'The Works' and before I knew what happened my basket was full! They haven't had 12x12 papers in for ages, plus some 6x6 papers too! I love the Christmas one.  Then, I trundled further down the high street and into a Charity shop, where I picked up an A5 40 paged display book for 99p. Bargain.

In the 'Gnome Corner' you'll see, at last!! that the bigger card is virtualy finished, just have to do the inside so that there's 7 gnomes all together, (6 on the front and 1 inside) One of the gnomes moves without falling or committing Harakiri! The smaller card is the one I practiced on waaaaay back, used magnets, (that smashed) but there wasn't enough room to be able to manage the magnet on a stick, so the gnome just somersaulted anywhere he wanted, got tangled in the undergrowth, lost his arm and then fell down. The bottom of the smaller card is tent style so I couldn't come up from the bottom and rescue him! (I gave up on giving them arms!) I've added a bit more 'grass' at the bottom of the larger card to hide the mechanism. (Seen in packet)

Here's the middle working bit of my bench. There's some squished loo rolls, which I've already run through my BigShot and squirted with water and added Glycein.

 Next comes the fun bit,  embossing and inking. (That takes ages!) Go HERE to watch the video where I got the inspiration to make a 'SteamPunk' booklet. I'm going to use different embossing folders and some Tim Holts inks later. That's it! I'm off now to feed a cat and later will have a little four legged friend come visit! So, Join in at WOYWW! Bye for now! 

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie! Jolly Christmas Tree. Closed

 I forgot about this one. I was going to add it as a 'Christmas in July', but I guess you can have a Christmas in August too!  Comment if you can. No sharing please! Thank you for stopping by! CLOSED

Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Tea For Tuesday...


 It's still T for Tree (for T stands for Tuesday...) as not much has changed this week I'm afraid. I've been trying to get my gnome to move around the tree, but it's really too wide, so you only get a bit of the gnome on one side, a bit more of him on the other side and then hardly any of him when he's in the doorway (mostly his feet) so I added a Terricotta pot for him to carry, after first trying another gnome beneath him, but had to take him off coz his hat showed half way up the other gnome's body, making it look as if he was carrying a red cucumber...and a bit rude! (it appeared a bit like he was hiding behind the tree and then popping out and flashing at you!) So I changed it to some Travelling suitcases and then went back to fixing the flowerpot just below him again...

 T for Tea cup...filled with cold hot chocolate (still nice!)

T is for train...  and turn table. We had a lovely day at Exbury Gardens, here in the New Forest with the grandkiddies so of course we had to ride on the little Train... 

Hubby's been adding some Teak oil to the Teak garden furniture, which I won in a garden magazine competition years and years ago, and it's still going strong...although it doesn't look much here at Three o'clock in the morning!

Then it's T for Toilet rolls that I'm hoping to turn in to 'leather'. I've been meaning to do this for months, so it's next on my list. And Three minutes past Three in the morning...Tomates. Looking more like Triffids in the dark!

And not to forget!! Which I nearly did, ATC's.  Below are the ATC's that were sent to me and turned up last Thursday!...

 And below are some of the ones I made with envelopes ... not sure which ones I sent now...They might not be there. Any one that wants one, just let me know! That's it! Have a Lovely  T for TUESDAY




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