Thursday, 31 January 2013

It's Another Spooky Date

31/1/13 Is that a magic number!? (31113). No, it' s the date! SPOOOOKy!! Unless of course you live in America and write dates backwards...then it would be 03/31/13...not so scary! Not A place I'd like to be on a day with such a date! (Don't be silly Lyn, it's just a date!) Hmmm? I don't like them either!

Can I just add one thing while I'm here.... Please do not order Digital images from the store if you...
wait for it...   
It's the date...told you, makes people do weird things...

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

WOYWW! ~191

    Morning everyone... Happy WOYWW! I haven't gone to bed yet, so this will have to be quick! First sorry, to quite a few of you who got deleted by mistake last week, although I did manage to get some of your pictures back, but not comments, I pressed publish and they all disappeared!  
Here's my desk, above, 'Long Necked' lady pencils brought back by my 'doggy' people as a pressy, for when I dog/house sat a few weeks ago.(they visited the Long Necked ladies for real)  A Bugaboo image that smudged once coloured, (but I can't throw it away)die-cuts, box of erasers. Usual tins things filled with bits and tiny pegs and the papers I was thinking of using, but haven't yet! In the envelope are some STAMPS... you can't see them til Quirky Sunday!!
 Below is this weeks freebie before it got tidied up on the computer. My Big Shot... I use those little craft books as a layer for those thinner die-cutes as I haven't got proper one! (It die cuts and embosses in one) I painted that little drawer box in metallic green, ages ago, but not too thickly so you can still see the pictures beneath it. That's it!! Hop over to Julia's lovely Stamping Ground, and join in!! Thank you for popping by... I think it's so past my bed time, I'd better stay up!! Bye for now!

This Weeks Digi: Closed

Here's this weeks freebie digi, . I'm rubbish at drawing people,their heads somehow look a bit pointy!  They don't look too bad until I ink them up, if they stayed as pencil drawings I thing they'd look better.  CLOSED

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Flipping An Image in Word

Hope this is easy to follow, most of the information is on the picture as I don't do too bad following pictures, but have a very hard job working things out if I have to read anything! Because by the time I turn back to the page, I've forgotten it, that's if I've understood it in the first place! Click and save it if you want to, or I'll try to explain more or email it to you! It's as simple as I can do about flipping Digi images in Word in this one picture and putting two PNG images together.
I've used my own digi for this you'll find it HERE

Pop in and see Brustle the longest living Brussel-sprout!

Sorry! And Another Christmas Card with Recycled Stuff

Happy Saturday everyone, hope you're all well! Here's a Christmas card I made and only just remembered I haven't blogged it! Papermania papers and a bit of recycling, yeah, the ribbon, bow with gem, and the tag all came off an old Christmas card, one I'd kept for years because, don't laugh, it's sad! I can not remember their names! They've lived there for ten years+ and no matter what... I can't remember! So I have to go hunt out this old Christmas card every year! Otherwise it's Happy Christmas to you all...and hope they don't notice! Okay you say, wait til their card comes...usually Christmas eve, but it usually says...To Lyn and John, Happy Christmas from us all... no help at all! This was  (the card I've now pulled apart) the only card with their names on it! So, my job this year is, to find out their names and write them down somewhere!! Don't worry, they know not of my blog...and so sorry.... any one who's commented over the last few days, I don't know why, but when I  pressed PUBLISH COMMENTS the page changed and it said All (thirty odd) Comments deleted, (aarrgggh!!) with no warning, no second chance, meanies!  Can't even get into the help page on Blogger since they changed it to find out if there's an on going 'thing'. This is the third time this has happened, the first time, the whole blog disappeared a month into first starting it, (but that could've been me!) then a few months ago about 45 comments disappeared, so since then I've been very careful, double checking before I press anything! I pressed publish...and they were all gone, but it's now making me think, it might be a blogger thing, so double check before to press anything!!Thanks for stopping by!
Kraftinkimmiestamps-something old something something new.
Inspire-me-fridays-anything goes
Simplycreatetoo-anything goes
Shellysimagesblog 1 word sentiment  2 papers, 3 embellishments (ribbon, bow with gem, flowers)

Remember Brustle?

Remember Brustle? The last Brussel-sprout left on Christmas day? (no) Well,  never mind, but I thought those of you who do  might like to see how he's doing! He's lost his carrot mouth and his bread sauce hair has thinned quite a lot, but seeing he's now one month old and he still has his button eye's, he's not looking too bad! I put him on a mustard pot on my kitchen window seal. He's deteriorated a bit but I bet he's won the prize for 'Longest Living Christmas Brussel-sprout ever!' If he's still around next month, he'll see you then!
***Up date. I'm very sad to say that Brustle died two months later, near the end of March when I suddenly wondered where he was... "In the bin!" said Hubby, "And his eyes and things as well!?" sez me, "I could've recycled them!"  So.... very sorry but he had a good life!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Happy Birthday Emma! @# Today!!

I can't believe I have a daughter that's @# years old today! No, actually- that should be @@ years old... ooo I added a extra year! I sent her this card, which I know you've seen  at least twice before as it was one of my this years last years favourites!
So.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA-MARIE   (oh she'll hate that!) Also thought I'd add this picture of her and hubby Tom with new Baby Niamh Oliva-June soon after she was born a few weeks ago.

** So so Sorry I don't know what happen  but I DIDN'T delete your comments Blogger did!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Bug-Pooch Christmas card!

Happy Thursday everyone, hope you're all well! Here's a Christmas card I made, no, don't worry, it's not for this Christmas, but left over from last Christmas! I made for the doggies I look after sometimes to send to their 'mum and dad'. I printed the Bugaboo OZ-toto dog different sizes and flipped one over and then used them as PNG and printed over some of my snowy freebie papers.
They are both 3D-ed of course and coloured with Promarkers. Fancy forgetting to blog about these cuties!
I actually used a red card, rather than colour a plain one with a red Promarker. The Christmas layer on the front (and inside) was actually a freebie card set from a Crafty mag, but I cut it to fit, as I thought it was a bit small to use as a card, and I also had some backing paper in the same design but not enough of it, so there are a lot of left over bits used in this card.
 At the time of typing this, I've forgotten the fonts I've used, so will add them as soon as I remember! (sometime never then!) Hoping to add this to some challenges later, but must do something else first! (what? like...go to bed?!) Thanks for popping by! Oops I forgot!! I'd love to enter some...
Craftuscrazy-love or are you seeing red?
Diana m larson.blogspot.- use Red or Pink
Sugarbowlblog-anything goes
 Craftyannschallengeblog-Recipe (2 papers 0 flowers, 1 image, (the same digi flipped and put together) 3 embelishments- Snowflake paw button and ribbon
 Digi Haven-winter/snow

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

What's On YOUR Workdesk this Wedneday??

Happy WOYWW! Are you still snowy? It's nearly gone here... hope it stays away! My crafty space as usual is a mess. Seeing I had the brain pain last week and couldn't join in, you'd think I'd tidy up and make more space to catch up with my crafting, wouldn't you? Nope...Just as messy! (If not, messier) I have managed to make some cards this week though, what have you been up to? Come and show us! Be apart of  the biggest crafty  blog-hop ever, nip over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in!! Happy WOYWW!

So sorry! I don't know what happened and the new blogger 'help' is no help at all, but about 30 comments were removed this morning, I pressed to pulish comments, the page changed and it said 'All comments' deleted, with no second 'are you sure' box popped up, they just disappeared... SORRY!!! (second timeit's done that...I hadn't read them so I hope you didn't want to know something! (I guess you know I'm just very special and very thick too! I just don't want you to think I deleted you all!!

This Weeks Digi CLOSED

This is Woofie, Hug A Pug Pup! This weeks freebie, hope you like him...he started off as an owl...and then a wine glass...nah...I like him as he turned out. Please do not share my unwater-marked digis on shared sites. Please comment if you can! Thank you for stopping by. Sorry you missed this one: CLOSED


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Quirky's Rainbow Challenge Part Two!

Morning! (just!) A quick post (she lies) here's my other DT card (second card, although it was the first one I made) for the Rainbow Bright Challenge that's going on over on The Quirky Craft Challenge blog  
 Same Digi... more rainbow papers from Summer Driggs, from her kit Little-spring-in-your-step. (Please note I added the wrong kit link on the Sunday Post, so nip back there to see the right link to those other Rainbow papers) There's loads of lovely freebie papers, if you haven't all ready found Summer Driggs, where have you been!?! (Link on side bar for years!!)
Anyway! Onwards! Digi, 3D-ed as before of course, coloured with ProMarkers, same rainbow flower ribbon, same punched out flowers but more of them, different brads, gems, pink pearls, and a couple of tiny butterflies.
 The Font is a freebie, its called Cupid de Locke Down load HERE  Make the most of the nice and easy challenges over on Quirky Crafts because we have some real corkers coming up, coz we're I'm very lazy about trolling round all your blogs! (I don't mean it really! You all make fantastic creations! That's it! Told you it was a short post!  Thanks for popping by!!
I would love to enter this into a few ....

(I love this one even more than the first card!...and I love picnics! But I think they really mean valentines and things like that
 Catch the bug.-January-bingo (P for pop up, pearls, pink)
Will add more but blogger isn't loading)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

It's A Quirky Rainbow!

It's Caro's turn to set the theme  over on Quirky Crafts Challenge Blog and she would love to see... rainbows!
The challenge is to either use all the colours of the rainbow, Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain, on any crafty creation you wish or to use an actual rainbow image, or in my case, I've used some freebie rainbow backing paper by Summer Driggs. All these papers are from her, owl always love spring kit. So, how fab is that!?!
 This is the second card I've made using Stitchy Bears Digital image called Lunch Time, (the first one's coming up later...) but he is quite hard to find if you don't know his name (bear added to his name would help!) You'll find him HERE $3.00
Stitchy also makes Rainbow backing paper HERE   (£1.90) 
I've 3D-ed the bear, the first layer, with the sentiment printed with the image, the second layer with the blanket's fringes  and butterflies  antenna thingies snipped off and the third, just the basket and Butterfly minus some wings, antennas and the flask.
 I've also added an extra bit of grass, and coloured him with ProMarkers. I made the flowers using mostly Woodware punches, added gems, brads and rainbow flower ribbon from stash. I've also added a punched out flower and gem to the flower that was by the bear's ear. 
My next card will appear on the next post, it's a bit of a cheat as it's the same image!(You might spot there's a tiny difference to this card and  the sneak peek! Ssshhhh! don't tell!) The font is a freebie, it's called P22 Bramble Wild, sure I've linked it before, Download it HERE. (Some sites charge) That's it! Thank you for stopping by!
(Ok, it's a cheat  but I LOVE this digi and the papers and the Promakers and the die cut!)
Cardsgalorechallenges-january challenge anything goes
Stamp N Doodle-Anything Goes

A Quirky Sneek Peek

Morning, or it could be afternoon! (I've just looked at my computer clock, oops...It's five in the morning and I haven't been to bed yet!) Never mind. We had snow! They have snow drifts that cover houses in some countries, but we over here in Britain get anything from half an inch to a foot...(or maybe a bit more) and the country stops working! Off we go to the nearest hill with our sledges and toboggan all day long! I haven't blogged for over a week, the longest time ever...even when I wasn't here with no internet I found a connection in a muddy field! What's bin 'appening? Head aches are better. (keep taking the pills) Baby Niamh has put on weight, my mum's got a leak (no, honest! a drippy one, not the nation emblem of Wales...) I'll refraise rephrase that actually, my mum's house has got a leak...yes, that's sound better and my sister in-law's back from her safari...only to find her jag doesn't go... I think it's telling her something...
I painted the water butt that colour
 The Quirky challenges starts over on the Quirky blog later tomorrow evening, today, so I thought I'd pop in with a sneak peek of one of my card. I've made two, only I cheated a little bit. See if you can guess what it's all about. Easy! Thank you all who joined in my challenge, we had a nice lot of entries, visited you all, even though I mightn't've commented, I was there...sometimes my comments don't work and I get an email telling me my comment 'failed' Never mind...must be the snow.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

A Sunday Freebie for you CLOSED

Sorry to be awol again and not answering comments and emails, but if you've ever had 'cluster headaches' (which started Wednesday) you'll know why! While the 'Happy Pills' are working (a nice doctor came last night, early this morning, and doubled everything!!) As a thank you for still popping in, here's an extra freebie...I doubt very much she'll go into my store as she is, (her eyes are wonky! a bit like mine at the moment!! and she looks better coloured!) here's a free for a week! or email me if you have problems... I'll get back to you ASAP. Please don't share on forums and share sites. Happy Crafting !


Thursday, 10 January 2013

A Bugaboo Snowman Christmas Card...

Still have a few Christmas cards I haven't posted yet...I mean on the blog...not actually posted off to people...I know I'm a bit behind but I think I sent all mine out in time! Even I can't be this late!! Ummm? Oh yes... there were a couple I forgot the addresses, oops!
 Here's a Bugaboo Snowman. I made him for my Sister-In-Law and she said, there wasn't to be any thing like Happy New Year or Merry Christmas on it, as it wasn't. (merry or happy) or She'd throw them in the bin. So that's why it's plain.
She's off on a two and a half week safari, so she doesn't have to be home on the anniversary of Alistair's very sudden parting.... really doesn't feel that it was a year ago.
 Anyway! I've 3D-ed the snowman by cutting off his arms on the second layer, added some sticky ribbon, some silver miri card, a squashy red heart, a tiny bow, some poinsettia stickers, which I rather like, they sort of lift off the page and of course a bit of Stickles Glitter and not forgetting, I coloured him with ProMarkers.
The papers are by... I've forgotten....(I've used them before) so I'll fill that bit in later (bet you forget!) and I've used my newish die cuts too, love that shape. I have put a quicky sentiment inside the card....
The Font is a Freebie. Linked it before, it's calledAbbeyline down load it here! or HERE or just Google the name. I think that's it! Yay!
New Follower and new woyww fan Big (((wave))) to Lori Batronis from Lori's Happy Place pop over and say hi!
I'd love to enter this in to some...
Catch The Bug- Anything Goes!
Lexiscreations-Anything Goes
and more later.... sleeping ZzzZZzzz

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

WOYWW number??? Kellies Eye and Two Fat Ladies = 188

Happy  WOYWW!! Well, it looks like rubbish, but it's not...Last weeks gravy cartons are still there, not painted, (Looking like that's all we have, gravy on everything!) Only I have towered them up a bit higher, so now I need more! The cracker paper is still there...Then I pulled out some stash to make a few cards and PooF!! Instant  Mess! Brads everywhere!
...and things piled high and pushed back merged together into one BIG heap....Anyway, I did want to show you my freebies from a Crafty mag last month...instead of using them on cards, I used my glue gun and fixed them onto little pegs to hold up some of my Christmas cards from some ribbon, only I forgot to take a picture, so's here's a 'reconstruction!'

Happy WOYWW! Pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in!!!

This Weeks New Digi CLOSED

 I've made a revamp of this teddy I made some time ago. Thought she'd look good on a Thank you card. Toodles Teddy Thank You.  SORRY CLOSED. IN STORE VERY SOON IF NOT ALREADY!!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A New Quirky Pink Pike...

Oh! There's a play on words! It takes me ages to think up these titles you know! Evening! (It would've been morning but blogger wasn'tt posting!) Another reminder to go and join in with my challenge over on Quirky Craft's Challenge blog, it's easy, it's Something New, with Pink! Don't forget to tell us what the something new is! (or Cazzy will wave her big stick!)
Here's my latest's pink, it's a new arrival card and it's also a new digi (for me anyway!) oh and I've used those die cuts, which I haven't had that long...(just before Christmas I think) The gems are old though, and the flowers...and I've used up a lot of my scraps of backing paper, about seven different ones and all Pink Petticoat. ((there's a theme going on here!) and... the glue is new!
The Digital Image is by Dustin Pike; Doodle Dragon Studios. I've used all the normal punches and..a bit of lipstick TH red ink to edge the paper.. I've left the inside of the card blank at the moment as I was going to do a bit of journalling in there and I'll add it to Quirky DT post later too. (They'll think I've been really busy!
The font is a freebie, it's called Holiday Springs BTN and you can download it  HERE! Some sites do charge (there's a few slightly different fonts from the same family) or  just google the name.
 Hoping to add this card to some...
One Stitch At A Time-Something New (new Digi, Dies,new baby)
Incywincydesigns-something new (New Baby, dies Digi)
Lexiscreations-Anything Goes
pikes playground-A Wintry Thank You (it's a sort of thank you for my new granddaughter card! and she was born 4 days after Xmas day)

Monday, 7 January 2013

Another New Quirky Pink

A Little reminder to nip over to Quirky Crafts and join in with my Challenge, Something New and use PINK! 
This is a card or  just a note-let really, very simple, which I made my daughter before she had the baby. (We'd gone shopping!) (Maybe I should've added this card first! I've used Bugaboo's Shopping for Two. The sentiment comes with it. I bought this image coz I knew I'd want to make a card with it. I used the PNG image so I could move the sentiment to wherever I needed it and just slid it under her legs.
The papers come from Forever Friends 6x6 pack 'For You' (160 gsm, which is nice) I've cut a strip off the front of the card, mainly because that's how I found it! I probably used the cut off bit to add a sentiment to another card. It all worked out, as the checked paper also had a slice cut from it, so in the end, everything fitted just right! I've used pink Stickles Glitter glue, added pink gems, Pink spotty ribbon and those cute pink shoes, which I've had for about four/five years.
There's a little pink dress that goes with them but I've put that 'somewhere safe' and forgotten where! I've coloured with Promarkers and used Denim Blue, Pastel Blue, Blush, and one of the browns for her hair. Inside I've used a new die-cuts.
The Font: is a freebie. (Inside card) It's called CK Signature Download it  HERE 
New Followers! Sorry not to add you until now! BIG (((wave))) to  Christine from Christine Cards and Abigael Langow (no link) but I'm sure you're a Quirky Fan found you Here  Pop over and see some of Abigael's creations!! That's it for now, hoping to add this card to some....
 One stitch at a time-new (New baby on the way)
The Corrosive Challenge: Out with the old ( Paper, ribbon gems but not the digi)
Crafts 4 Eternity: Something new (The digi and my cocktail pink Promarker)
Catch the bugblog-Anything goes
Crafty Catz: Anything Goes
Inspire Me Fridays: Anything Goes
Dream Valley Challenges: Anything Goes
613 Create: Anything Goes
Cards galore challenges-Anything goes

Sunday, 6 January 2013

New 'Ewe' Quirky Pink Challenge!

Evening Bloggers. Trust me to be doing something else (having baby cuddles) and forgetting to put this post on timer! Never mind! It's that Quirky time again and it's my turn to set the theme and seeing my brand new baby granddaughter was born last weekend I thought the first challenge of 2013 over on Quirky Craft Challenge blog has to be Some Thing New with PINK! Easy!!
We have loads of ideas for you over on Quirky. Here's one of mine for now, I'll show you the others later...(or nip over and see some of them now)
 Ofcourse I don't mind how you interpretative the challenge, it can be a new home, new job, a new baby, using some of your new Christmas stash, or even a New Years card! (Like mine!!) But there has to be PINK somewhere on the card, loads of pink, or just a smidgen, it's up to you! Don't forget, you can make anything you like, it doesn't have to be a card, we Quirky Ladies love to see altered art, inchies, tags, fatpages, atc's and scrapbook pages too!
This one started off as a plain white pearl card which I edged  with a pink Promarker  and added a sheet of backing paper from a 6x6 pack 'Neighbourwood' covered in hearts. Some of  the papers already have glitter on them!
Rare for me, I've added peel-offs, corners, edging and a Happy New Year sentiment. I've had them sooo long they'd stuck to the sheet and wouldn't come off. It doesn't pay to buy loads cheep if you're not going to use them!
Some thing 'New' !!
Those stars, with beads on wires, have been hanging around my craft room for about four years, pleading with me to use them and suddenly they seemed to be just right! I've added a bit of purple/black eye-lash wool. The inside I've left blank, as I'm going to be sending this off with a little bit of 'journalling' inside.The inside backing paper came from a freebie pack from PaperCraft Essentials Magazine, ages ago, called Sweet Wishes.
The digi is from Bugaboo Sheep-Happy-new-year-to-ewe. As you can see I've 3D-ed him. The first sheet with the added sentiment, which comes with him, then added the second layer with just the sheep and the clock, the third layer is just the sheep and the last layer is the sheep's face and hat... I've only used Pastel Blue and  Cocktail Pink, so not too much colouring!
That's it! More the moment Jinx, (the lodger cat) is trying to push me out of my chair! Hoping to add some...
 One stitch at a time-new (New Year)
The Corrosive Challenge: Out with the old ( Those old Stars! and the peel offs)
Crafts 4 Eternity: Something new (The digi and my cocktail pink Promarker)*TOP THREE
Incywincydesigns.-something new (Digi Cocktail Promarker,New Year)
Catch the bugblog-anything goes.
Crafty Catz: Anything Goes
Inspire Me Fridays: Anything Goes
Dream Valley Challenges: Anything Goes
613 Create: Anything Goes
Cards galore challenges-Anything goes

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Weeks Wednesday Digi 1st for 2013

Here's a card made by Lawren, who's entered it into some challenges, which means, she wins any digi from the store!!


1st WOYWW of 2013

Despite the date of 2013, I'm hoping this year will be a lucky one! My New year resssulations, (I'll find out how to spell that in a minute) resolutions ( i wasn't far out!) is to finish things I start...okay...that's going to be a very  hard one for me!!
I start tons of things and ....finish...maybe less than half... maybe a  dozen? Ok...two, well, no, just one this last year. I did get hubby's This is Your life in Pictures journal done (just) 
But I've been meaning to redo my first WOYWW birthday Project, (remember that??) because mine was never finished. I made a lazy Susan out of an old cupboard turntable (It had another layer on top, which broke) and cardboard coffee cups...but the cups had narrow bottoms, and not much could fit in... so my new idea was to use Bisto cartons, and at last I have enough to start!! (I like Knorr better...but they don't come in cartons)
Now? Do I spray paint first, or just get in there with a big brush and a fat dab of acrylic paint and smother the lot? So that's what's sitting on my Very late woyww desk this week! (and a Christmas card I forgot to post) oops! and some pegs I used to hang up Christmas cards. And, an unstuck cheepy Christmas cracker I was going to use as a template to make my own...but didn't...(see what I mean...I'm rubbish!) So, I'm showing you the start of my new Lazy Susan turn table...maybe you can nag me to finish it by next week!
Now, seeing it's a start of a new year why not come and join in! See you there!! at the Stamping Ground!! Happy New Year To All WOYWWERS!!!

Freebie is coming....Honest!!!



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