Thursday, 30 April 2009

Little Topper Shaker

The Little Topper shaker, which I made a couple of weeks ago, is now, on a card. Hmmm, not tooo sure about it. I've used the freeby backing paper by artist, designer, Nel Whatmore again. (Free with Quick Cards made Easy a few weeks ago) The spider's inside the window are of course, Pink Petticoat's Happy Haunting. Aren't they just too cute! (The little girl spiders have pink bows!) The typed circle was done on my laptop and printed onto glossy photo paper, coloured with my one and only permanent Promaker, (magenta) and then punched out with a Woodware punch. I did a 'How to type in circles' a little while ago on the TrimCraft Forum. Now bare with me! I'll try to put a link here to that, as, because I'm dyslexic and find not only spelling very hard, but remembering how to do some thing VERY hard too! I'm never really sure on how I should explain some thing, because most of you out there are really experts and brilliant crafters but there's a few, who like me, find even the basics pretty baffling! (I can make a link now! Nah-ne nah-ne-na-na!!) because the more you write the harder it is to understand! Do I start with, "Turn your computer on...?" or as I did on the forum..."Open Word" After typing out as simply as I could on how to type in circles, someone emailed me and asked..."Where's Word?" O-kay....(It's so nice to know I'm not alone!) But then Hubby told me, not every computer comes equipped with 'Word'. Now...where did I get too? Oh yes...the little 'buttons' on the card are Clear Stamps by Papermania, also coloured with the same Promaker. That's is for now, catch you later...oh! and a very warm welcome to Eiglas, Michwot and Queenie!

A Bit of Painting

I can't believe it's Thursday already, and I haven't posted anything since last weekend. What have I been doing all week?? Well, Monday, work...Tuesday, a visit to the doctors, who, at last has agreed to allow me to nip ((Moi?? Nip??) down to the hospital for an X-ray on my wonky leg! So that'll happen sometime never, which when you think about it, isn't too bad! (I used to drive motorbikes. Car came out of turning, didn't look, SMaCK! He gets off with a bent car and I'm left with a wonky leg.) SO!!! Lesson from Lyn, drivers, look once, look twice, look BIKE!!
Now, on Wednesday, I bullied Hubby into taking me over to the Isle of Wight, just because I wanted to visit a crafty shop that had moved into new premises, with promises of lots of crafty bargains. (I promised him a pint and a meal in his favourite pub...that always works!) And, at last I did manage to buy a refill for my Xyron 501. The poor thing's been empty for over six months! Today, Thursday, I've been to work, and tomorrow, Friday, we're off again all next week, house and dog sitting. So I don't expect to get much crafting or Blogging done...but have Laptop-will travel!
Right, enough chatter (Nobody reads it anyway!) time for pictures! How about some "Altered Art" Does this count?? It was many moons ago I found some broken pottery or a tile on the beach at Pentewan (near Mevagissey, Cornwall) We often stay there out of season. I'd bought a load of crafty stuff from Trago Mills, including a set of acrylic paints for well under half price and just HAD to paint some thing...and this is it...

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Secret Crafter: Saturday Challenge #29

As soon as I saw this challenge for 'shaped' cards over on the Secret Crafter, I wondered, are any of my cards shaped enough? I quite often cut lumps off the side, 1, to make sure they fit into the envelope after I've added a couple of flowers and 2, to cover up any mistakes, but we won't talk about those! This card was made for a late October Birthday, so I thought orange and red, sort of Autumn colours with a hint of 'witchery' would be perfect for Eloise's fourteenth birthday. I've replaced what I've cut off the card with acetate, so that the orange and red peel-off dots would appear as though they were floating, and look as if the Fairy Witch had cast a spell! The spiders around the card were saved from a fancy dress party, where I went as Grot Bag, green face, black teeth and worts...thankfully, there are no photo's of that!!

Thursday, 23 April 2009


Inches? When I first heard about them, I thought, mmm yes, okay. I know I've put on a few inches but there's no need to go on about it!
But of course they meant 'Inchies'. And after thinking someone might be pulling my leg, I still joined in a forum swap . Now I'm joining in with the challenge over on to make a hundred Inches in a hundred days. (Am I mad? Don't answer that!!)
It all started when I put the picture of the only set of Inchies I ever made, into their members gallery and instantly had an email to 'join in the fun'.
I believe the idea is we do a massive swap ~ that way we learn new skills and techniques, with plenty of new ideas too.
When I've finished my '100' (I have til June!) I'll show you, meanwhile, here's the set that got me started. I've used Papermania cats and flower peel offs, the paw prints were rub ons, tiny gems, flowers, beads, velum's, mesh, wire, brads and words were done on my laptop.
Thanks for stopping by! Oh and a warm welcome to my new followers! I think we've got enough to do the conga now, haven't we?!! Dada da da dada...

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A Quickie Shaker

It's really gorgeous out side, gardening? No, well, there's still time! I hope this isn't the actual Summer and we have more of this to come. We ended up going for a nice walk along the beach, that way I can nip into the craft shop on the way back to the car. But it was closed! I only wanted photo glue. I didn't use too much glue on this card. At this point the phone rings....It's John.... Hubby "Come and get me.... (He'd gone out in the little red van) "It's stopped...again, I need a tow." he says, "I'm not far away." So that's what I've been doing this afternoon...why do men do it?? He knows the little red van is old and sick and doesn't like going more than a mile from home...
Now where was I??? Oh yes, just a quickie, as I'm waaaay behind with my makes. Very simple. Cover card with desired paper. These papers were a freeby of 36 sheets, from 'Quick Cards Made Easy designed by Nel Whatmore. I made the shaker frame from my Nestabilities, glued the paper to card~ (Crunchy Nut Cornflake packet coming in handy again!) ran it through my BigShot and for the first time I think I can see a bit of embossing too! Fixed the smaller frame to the larger frame, added a couple of Penny Black Stickeroos and hey-presto! A little shaker card.
This other little topper shaker, is waiting to go on another card. Both the 'inside' papers, melons and spiders, are from Pink Petticoat.
Puppy sitting all day tomorrow so catch you all later! (I'll take my laptop!)
Hey!!! Oh no! I was thinking about doing some Blog Candy when I hit 3000 hits... I've only been doing this since February! Okay.. Blog Candy coming up real soon! Promise!

Monday, 20 April 2009

How to Make A Shaker Card.

After I spend hours trying to line up pictures to text, I finally gave up and made a slide show on photo bucket on how to make a shaker card and placed it down at the bottom of the blog. **Update, now moved to 'pages', link at top of blog** Hope you like it. It still needs tiding up a bit but it'll do for now! ...oh wow!! It's nearly 4.30 in the morning!!! Night!!

Afternoon! Did I get much sleep? What with the cat purring, John snoring, and the postman ringing the door bell at eight o'clock this! Aw- well, it's been a nice day today, sun shinning, bees buzzing so I thought I'd take my card out into the garden and take a 'daylight' picture, and show you the inside too. Think there's still something missing.... back later.

There we go... I thought it needed another (smaller) Tilda inside the card. Lovely day today..think I'll do some gardening...

Catch you later!!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Printing on Ribbon

I've been blog hopping...should be ironing, doing the washing, dusting, hoovering, or in my case miele-ing, but that can wait...(no one will notice) Pop along to Blue Jelly Too and see how you can print on ribbon. I've done the wording before, but not thought of printing patterns. I've just done it, it works, but make sure it's nice and flat or you might get smudges of black ink. I'm just going to finished this card and then I'll be back to post a picture. Back Later!!
I printed some ribbon and added it to the inside of my Warren Rabbit Shaker card. The ribbon is a bit frilly, so there was a little bleeding from the black ink at the end, but only a little bit. A nice smooth ribbon should work better. It's probably a bit hard to see, but there's lots of little bunnies printed on to it! So Cute!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Party Tilda Shaker Card

After a few, a couple, maybe one person asked me how I did my shaker cards, I was going to be all clever and do one of those picture tutorials, using this card...I got right to the end, when my camera died a death. Flat Batteries. (Bother... although I didn't actually say, bother.) The photo down there was taken when I was wondering what to put in that blank spot on the left. Some black feathered wool? Another Stickeroo? A big purple glitter flower? After much pondering I decided on the silver and white glitter flower. (Which was recycled from a gift bag I had some yummy non-crafty goodies in for my birthday) The 'Party Time' and the 'Happy Birthday'stamps are from Papermania (Claire Curd's Signature Range) The little hedgehog is a Penny Black Stickeroo. Tilda was coloured in with Aqua Promaker pens and a paint brush.
I will have a go at doing a picture tutorial, but next time I'll make sure my batteries are fully charged! (That's the camera's batteries of course...not mine!)

Wow! I've won a Blog Award!

Once again I've been swiveling on my swivel chair! Thank you so much Karen from Cozy Frog for this lovely award! (I want to put here that I did a little jig... but I won't)
Now, I'm going blog hopping to find five blogs that make me smile too!
Lynn for all her lovely freebie on sparkxcrafts
Hello Gorgeous because every time I say 'Hello Gorgeous' it makes me smile!
June for her freebies, her lovely site and her amazing altered art.
Esther, because she is so talented, completely mad, and likes my shaker cards!
(Small break...John's just cooked dinner.... he's sooo good)
Sam just for that bright lovely flowery card! It would make even Victor Meldrew smile! and one more for luck (Because I can!)
Jackie for being one of the first to see my blog in the 'raw' and she still came back!

Tinker &Co Blog Candy(CLOSED)

Tinker& co Tinker's first Blog Candy celebrating 2000 hits! Drawn on the 1st of May.
Pop over and have a look, leave a comment and make a link to your blog too and if you still haven't seen the cutest little rabbit ever, where have you been!? !
Once a month a winner will be picked to win this gorgeous kit. All you have to do is create a project and post a link. From the cards that Tinker n Co publish on their blog, one will receive this fabulous kit, not available anywhere to buy. (For personal use only) Hey why am I telling you!? I want to win!!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A Big Flowered Tilda

Just a quickie Tilda Card, with a big Pink Petticoat Flower, and some ribbon, as I'm all behind as usual! Now, if you've been paying attention you should have already downloaded the lovely pink flowery paper, along with some others, called Brights, fairy, butterflies and a flower or two which I've used to cover this card but for those who missed the link further down the page, go and have a peek at Sparkx lovely blog. There's lots more than papers to download, hunt out her lovely Mono papers too! But don't forget to say hi and leave a nice comment.
I coloured Tilda in with my one and only Cosmic Shimmer, (Red Blaze) How sad is that! I really have to save up and get some more! I used a Whisper Pen, for her hair and some micro fine glitter on her bow. The lettering came from a pack of clear stamps by Papermania. Thanks for stopping by, oh! and a big wave to all my new followers that have joined us this week! (((wave))) As Denise has Candy to celebrate her 3000 hits I was thinking I might do the this space!

My Quickutz Arrived

My QuicKutz came today, I only ordered it on Monday. (Yippee!) And it's Pink~ of course, to go with my crop-a-dial. which is also pink. Well, I'm not a dressy-shoey-hand-bagy sort of person- maybe I would be if I had more money! (But then I'd probably spend it all on crafty stuff!) It was a sort of Anniversary pressy. (Big hug to hubby) The letters and numbers that came with it, are a bit on the small side, but I think I can do something with them! It also came with some freebie handmade papers, always useful! (For a video link, click here)

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. It's my and John's Anniversary today so we've off to do Wedding Anniversary things and tomorrow, we're having an Easter Egg Hunt! (I'll win, I know where they are!)

Friday, 10 April 2009

Happy HedgeHog Easter

Thought I'd better find an Easter Card as I still haven't made one yet! I was in the middle of making four birthday Cards and some forum swaps, when I suddenly remembered (oops!) It's our Wedding Anniversary on Sunday! How many years??? Quite a few...and a bit more!
I just can't think what to do card and frilly? Nah... cute and cuddly ...mmm... so for's a few Easter Cards I've brought up from the bottom...(which in time I'll remove ~that's the blog's bottom, not mine! ) because you can't really see them down there. The papers are Mad About Cards Freeby down loads and the Penny Black image was a swap from a forum buddy. The little pink corners were a free down load with other papers from ScrapGirls Thanks for stopping by, don't eat too many chocolate eggs this weekend and have a Happy Easter!

Here A Scrap There A Scrap

If you're into Digital Scrap Booking or just love the lovely papers to download, check out this lovely blog
Don't forget to leave a comment!

Dustin Pike: Sneek Peek...

Dustin Pike: Sneek Peek...
Have a Sneek Peek at some of Dustin's fantastic drawings, available as rubber stamps in May! Brights, fairy, butterflly and a flower or two Brights, fairy, butterflly and a flower or two

Good Morning!! While you're munching on your Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, pop over and check out the lovely new freeby download papers and images you'll find on this site!

Monday, 6 April 2009

A Tinker &Warren Shaker Card

At last I've had time to make a shaker card using my freebies from Tinker & Co Warren Papers I just love it! Look at that little rabbit, he's soooo cute! I used three of the four papers, covered the front of a square card with the dotty paper, made a frame using a Crunchie Nut Cornflakes packet. (tip...first eat the Crunchie Nut Cornflakes!) and cut a shaped piece from the little flowers, so it looks like the rabbits are playing in a field. I did add a few too many beads. I kept thinking a bit, just a tiny bit more.
Anyway I think it looks as though they are having a bit of fun...until someone came along with a camera! The little pink butterfly is made of shell, the little pearl bead has been on a lollipop bay tree since my daughter's wedding in October and the ribbon was in a Ribbon Collection packet from Papermania. I'll add the inside later, at the moment it's a bit blurred with my thumb!

I've decided to enter this card in the secret crafter saturday challenge #26, 'Stripes'. I think there's just enough stripes...although, maybe there's more rabbits!
And....I've just entered him into Rainbow Lady's Challenge blog... "Frames" Come on bunnies, smile!!!
Here's the new picture of the inside...
I cut the bunny that was in the basket out and gave him a removable sign to hold. This one says, Just 4 You! Other's have said, "Hoppy Easter" and "Hoppy Birthday!" The ribbon, although you can't see here has tiny bunnies printed on it.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Vote for me!! And the winner is....

I'm back! Sorry no cards, everything's in a mess after being away all week and I have no idea how!! Anyway, talking about being in a mess, I've just entered a competition over on Giveaway Gallery where you enter a picture of your lovely craft room, get as many people as you can to vote your craft room the messiest, the winner being the one with the most votes! Of course, I've just entered so I'm wayyyyyyyy behind with 'non' votes and the leader is somewhere up in the two hundred mark! Check me out, I'm way down the bottom at number #62. You can pop back every day and vote, so....what are you waiting for?! How messy is your craft room!?

This has now finished that you for all that voted.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Balloons: Rainbow Lady's Challenge 53

Thought I might enter this into Rainbow Lady's challenge, the card is on my blog somewhere down at the bottom, in the days, (a few weeks ago) when I wasn't sure where to put things! The Challenge has to have a Balloon...seeing that most of my Penny Blacks have balloons I thought this challenge was calling to me!!
My favourite Penny Black Image with the hedgehogs racing to the party. I used watercolour paints this time and the image was stamped on to cartridge paper. A bit of cuttlebug embossing and of course, stickles glitter! (Gotta have a bit a Stickles!) The words were done on my lap top. I made the card for a forum friend and of course, it was a little late!
Click on the link or title above, to take you to the site.
Oh...and Happy April Fools's my sox?



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