Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Hector The Happy Easter Hedgie. Wednesday Freebie CLOSED


Morning everyone. Hope you're all staying safe! Here's this weeks freebie. I think Hector (or it could be Hanna!) is a bit late hiding the eggs, so he's just throwing them out of the basket! Don't forget to show me what you make! Comment if you can. Thank you for stopping by! CLOSED!

 This one below is not a freebie, it's just me having a play with an older background...


What's on YOUR Worktop This Wednesday!? #617

 Here's this weeks mess, I mean desk. Come and join in!  Just nip over the Julia's Stamping Ground (she'd gone back in time, it's definitely WOYWW #617. My Pictures were taken about half midnight this morning. An old Papercraft Inspirations...(2016) Some freebie Lisa Horton papers downloaded from the web. They come with the mag, but I like to have them printed out too. 

I was playing with some dies but one would only emboss until I read the instructions on the plate, to add another plate and maybe have it up the other way. That's the die... not the BigShot! Pencils out as I'm also doing the freebie.

 I have tidied a bit, can you tell!?  And have you noticed, I have put a new background on the blog... My old one had vanished because  it's code was saved in PhotoBucket, which is why it disappeared, . All I need to do now, is change the header to match! 

 And here's that flippin' bunny I was doing last week...finished and sent off, (still don't like his ears!)  I did make another one, which I liked a lot better. I'll show you that in another post with a link to the YouTube tutorial. And!! (there's more)

                                      One more picture...

At last, we got to visit Lady Pam and gave her her Twiddler made by the fabulous Twigglet Jo. She was soooo pleased with it, and thanks Jo from the bottom of her heart and thinks she might put her little hot water-bottle in it and give it a hug too!

 That's it! That's what's going on here in Sunny Hampshire, on WOYWW day, What's on yours!? Thank you for stopping by. Stay Safe.

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Here's WOYWW#616 And Another Messy Desk


 MORNING all you WOYWW's!? A quick post from me today.. (No way!) as I'm running late, chasing my tail and that's not easy! I've been trying to make this  Easter Bunny card,  but they never turn out right when you haven't got the right dies...or papers...or flowers.

I started the card and half way through decided to double check the You Tube video I'd followed a few days back and then wished I'd used a square card and my checkered paper instead. I did have a much tidier desk when I started... but then I forgot where I'd put those googley eyes!  Yep... my ears aren't big enough either! (The rabbit's, not mine!) That's it from me... (really?!) freebie coming up...or maybe it's already down below. Stay Safe! Keep on crafting! Happy WOYWW!?

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie: A little bit Gnomey CLOSED

Here they are, moving into their new home. Coloured on my laptop
I had a request for a male and female gnome, so, here they are! Mr and Mrs Basil and Rosemary Gnome. I've drawn them a little bit smaller than I usually do, mainly because I wanted them to fit easily into the gnome tree house, although you'll  still  be able to fiddle with their sizes if you want to. Now as all good gnomey people know, the males have red hats and the girls have green hats, unless of course they are the King and Queen Gnomes where I believe, they wear purple, but I might be wrong! Please comment if you can. Thanks for stopping by! Be safe, keep crafting!

Wednesday, 17 March 2021

March The 17th? It's St Patrick's Day! (With Links To Freebie Papers)


Well, I forgot! The only day I can wear my St Patricks Day T Shirt and I didn't, again. I was going to post a new little leprechaun but...well, there's always next year!  The post was already half written so I thought I'd add a couple of oldies I made years ago. Only the links to the freebie papers didn't work, so, name change, now called SummerTime Designs Again. Go here to find the top pictures papers. 'Owl always Love Spring' and I'll find the new link to the other papers later.  I'm to the bottom cards papers 'A Little Spring In Your Step' Ilove the rainbows in both sets of papers, and every leprechaun has to have his rainbow because that's where he'll find his pot of gold!  Happy St Patrick's Day, what's left of it! Thanks for stopping by.

Stay safe!





Here comes WOYWW?! 615

Happy WOYWW Day! I hope you're all fit, well and crafting crazing! Anyone can join in, you don't have to be mad, just click 'Stamping Ground' and link up! First, sorry for not getting round to everyone last week. Hubby wasn't too well and ended up having to have a few days in Hospital. His first since he was eight! So not a happy bunny. Now he's got more pills, and rattles like a large shaker card but is feeling a lot better. (Scans, blood tests and the camera plus a large dose of vitimin K did wonders!)

 Lady Pams Twiddler from Jo

On the brighter side, {see first picture}happy mail arrived! (flowers, birthday cards extra)  I'd decided on not replacing the bird table as my birthday pressy but to go a bit wild and buy some yummy crafty stuff from Dovecraft/Trimcraft now Craft Lable instead, who were having a sale and that turned up yesterday (very quick!) plus Lady Pam's Twiddle mitt arrived from Twiglet Jo featuring Downton Abbey, and one she made for me, with a little cat face and a spiderweb! (I needed calming down after last weeks worries!) Thank you Jo! (Donations for Cancer and/or Wolf Watch HERE via  Silverwolf's Blog) Now, here's some pictures of What's On My Worktop this Wednesday...

I haven't been doing much...started a few things but, wel-ll with hubby away it felt weird. Here's st
uff that needs sorting and this weeks freebie, coloured with a background. (little books played with but still not finished)

I've started making two more little albums, just at the folding stage, the tag punch is out, waiting. That little blue card I was spitzing it with some inks.(My fingers are still blue!) Cold hot chocolate in a cappuccino cup, some die cuts, also in the thinking stage of making an Easter card, needed an Egg shape...

Pencils, loo rolls waiting to be turned into 'leather'. Some Kraft cards and envelopes and paper pad from Dovecrafts, plus another  booklet I'd covered...and that's it! A note to shoshi Tesco delivered my Alpro oat milk yogurt last week. Hope you're still awake! I'm off to bed, catch you in the morning over on Stamping Ground! Stay safe! Thank you for stopping by!

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie! And A Card From Ike! CLOSED!

Card by Ike


 Here's this weeks freebie. NOW CLOSED. A tree, but not just any tree, it's a Gnome Home. All will be explained in another post.  Please don't share it, let me see what you make...and if the downloads are correct for late week's Flower Freddy, wow! (think their counter was broken!) Please comment if you can! Thank you for stopping by!

Here's a card using last weeks and this weeks freebie! Made by ike over on:- suzy-ikesworld
Thank you Ike! Flower Freddy looks very pleased with his new home now he's kicked that gnome out!

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

This weeks Wednesday Freebie Bear SORRY CLOSED!


ps....Just incase you're not sure what a PNG digi is....

Portable Network Graphic. Here you can see Freddy has been 'ported'  over the Mead End Mushrooms. All his back ground (the white paper behind him and all those flowers) has been taken away, so you can place him over any background...


 I was having a quick snoop of my own  last weeks WOYWW- desk, seeing if I could spot my glasses in one of the photos... then realised I was probably wearing them when I took the pictures, when I noticed there was an old, and I mean old, drawing of a bear with a load of flowers around him. Had a quick check, couldn't find him in the store, soooo here he is, sorry if you've already got him (from about six years ago) but he is a little different now. I've called him Flower Forest Bear (or maybe Flower Forest Freddy)  I also thought, maybe you'd rather have him without all those flowers???  No sharing please, comment if you can and show me what you make!  Anyone want the PNG digi, email me dragonsmoore at googlemail dot com. Thank you for stopping by!

It's a WOYWW day Again...#614


  Happy  WOYWW?! again. So nip over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in! This week, I've covered another Amazon box (with 'Sweet Dreams' from The Works) and filled it with my 4x8 Design Paper Pads. (I always forget I have them, so now I can see them and still forget to use them!) And a few of my nearly used up 6x6 papers pads. And!! with a little partition at the front there's space to add some small or narrow embossing folders. 

You can just spy my phone, it's playing  Shiny Silver Treasures; You Tube ... she is making two cards using the freebie  'Woodland Collection' from Papercraft Essentials #196, so because I have that, it was waiting on my bench so that I can 'craft along', when I suddenly remembered, it's Tuesday! Go draw the freebie and take WOYWW?! pictures! So I did.

This week I've also stuck a pretty soap box base and lid together (haven't covered it, as it's pretty enough!) It's just right for keeping some of my mini albums in.

Here's my latest mini album, not quite finished yet.  Made from some 6x6 freebie Wellington papers, which I got donkeys years ago from a magazine. The actual papers for the mini book itself is made from one sheet of 12x12 paper called 'Soft Sweet Pink', by Craft Sensations, which I'm sure I bought from Trago Mills last year, before the first lockdown (we were carvaning in Cornwall in March and all the news was about getting home and staying in!) I bought a few of these 12x12's, some were £1.60 and others were £1.99 (bargain!) The double sided paper I used had little chicks on one side and a pink wood effect on the other.

Here's a bit of the inside. Haven't finished filling the pockets yet. Video Links to make these mini albums #curio by B-spoke (who talks nice and slow! Get a screenshot of where he sticks the glue!)  and Einat Kessler, who adds a lot more pockets and tags and has links to downloads of measuresments etc. It's my birthday on Friday, Hubby sez, 'What would like?!' 'Ummm!!???'  We could do with a new bird table... or, maybe some more crafty stuff?? There's still a bit more room in the hall! That's it from me! It's only 3.30 in the morning, so I'm a bit early this week! (But I'll be late linking) I'll have a little bit longer snooze time! Happy WOYWW! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

What's On Your Worktop Wesdneday?!# 613

 Morning! it's very early about 2ish... probably post this about...3ish. Not very much on my bench this week...I did a bit of a tidy up, still looking for that dammed Bank card, which I still haven't found but a new one arrived yesterday, so all's ok.... I've tested it, it works! Yay! I'd just finished the Wednesday freebie (scroll down) and was about  to put it away with some other stuff, I mean, scribblings, when I remembered I'd better take a few pictures for WOYWW!

Here's the CD I covered in paint, glue, spiders, (not real ones!) bottle tops, keys, bolts, beads, stars, pins...and anything else that would stay on it. I think it needs a higher centre  and might end up on a book cover with other stuff or in the bin! I didn't have any of the 'proper stuff' so that's probably why it's a bit flat, and looks like it's had an accident with a road roller but it was good practice and quite fun.... 

 For some reason the printer printed out the freebie...(the printer's in the hall now and not in hubby's man cave in the no more slug treading!)  So I thought I'd colour him. (The bunny, not hubby!) Usually I print them out a lot smaller. Yes...I'm watching Lawn Fawn YouTube Vids on my phone (and the TV is on)... they are soooo cute, all those tiny little critters! Wish they didn't cost so much! There's so many add ons! To make the card she was making, it would've cost at least 150 quid! Plus of course, the price of a die cutting machine!

  Here's all the 'pushed back' stuff...I mean, craftiness. I wondered where that little water colour paint- box had got to! (forgot I had it!)

  And...before I pushed back everything, I was covering these little note books (6 for a pound, two more to do) with some more little animal papers that matched the first little mini book I sent to Niamh (granddaughter) I might add them to a little rap-a-round folder. That's it for now! If you want to join in, anyone can, just pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground, and link up! Oohoo The Lawn Fawn lady has finished and it's now Tim Holtz.... I'll never get to bed now!!  Thank you for stopping by!

This Weeks Freebie Easter Eggbert Rabbit: CLOSED

 Here's this weeks freebie. He did start off as a fox and then a unicorn...but then I thought those ears looked more like an egg shaped rabbit! I might change him later, as I was trying to do the kite and baskets as add on's....but....I've forgotten how to do that. It was easy on my old laptop! I did get the basket to move up to the bunny's hand but most of the bunny was covered and it didn't cut round the basket  the way I used to do it....Thank you for stopping by! CLOSED

Monday, 1 March 2021

Foxy and Friends

This is, I think, is the last of the little notelets in a case, for now. There was another, but I forgot to take pictures. I made these 'specially to send off to another crafter, as a thank you, thinking I had some nice and easy gold framed die-cuts all ready to go, but as 'all things Lyn,' (that's me) I couldn't find them. I have found them since and am now really happy they were lost as I think these little critters turned out so much better.

The papers (called Ice Cream Sundae) I used to cover the front of the noteletts and make the envelopes, were from a freebie 6x6 pad. It came with their own ice cream toppers, which I decided wouldn't do.  (Cherrys, Icecream cones, waffers, things like that) Then I found these cuties critters, an A6 booklet, 'Foxy and Friends' by #Hunkydory, which I bought from a Charity Shop for about £1.50 (before lockdown)

I thought I'd use Sam Calcott's idea again and use the  six little doilies I had, to make the toppers to go on the front of the noteletts and the front of the case, the time I got to do the case, the 6th one had done a bunk! (which I've now found!) So I just used  about five diecuts to lift the front Foxy up a bit. There's deer, badgers, squirrels, rabbits and  bears as well as hedgehogs, skunks and beavers that go to make up Foxy's Friends.


I put some 'words' on some of the cards, including extra words with sticky backs to add to the blank cards. I also added some tiny 'diamonds,' plus a tiny butterfly to the front.

That's it for now I think!  Happy 1st of March! Hoping to find some....


            Scrapping4fun-186-Anything Goes.

       Animal friends challenge.-Anything Goes-(rabbit)

 Crafty hazelnuts patterned paper March -Patterned Paper (Ice Cream Sundae)

Love to craft-march- Anything-Goes

 Love to scrap -143 Anything goes.

 2craftycrittercrazies-March- Animals



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