Sunday, 29 November 2009

Tom's Christmas Cards!

Friday evening we had a phone call from Tom. (son-in-law) wanting to check out my blog and asking how I made my 'Snowy' snowman cards with the acetate and the added snow flake stickers. I said there were some on the blog so he could 'check' them out. By ten o'clock that evening he'd sent us a picture of his finished card via his mobile phone!
He and Emma had gone to Hobby Craft during the week and had bought a Snowman stamp. (I think he thought I'd never get the Penny Black 'Snowy' Stamp in time for Christmas!) When he arrived this afternoon Tom had made a few more cards, using his new stamp, some Papermania Papers and some acetate. So I thought I'd take a picture!
Of course once he realised Snowy had arrive all the way from The States, a production line was soon formed all across the dining table!
While he used my Promaker pens to colour in Snowy, I showed him a new 'Wishing you a Merry Christmas ' stamp I'd bought from Hobby Craft last week (In their sale 79p instead of 2.99) and then got out the heat gun and a mixture of coloured inks and embossing powders and suddenly the production line was even longer! He even mixed a few colours to see what would happen! Snowmen cards, everywhere! I think he's hooked, don't you!!
( gets hot, embossing!!)
Warm welcome and a big ((wave)) to new follower Diane, out the back with no picture and no link! Thank you for joining us Diane!! If there is one, I'll hunt out a link a.s.a.p! And!!! After a hunt through blogland, I'm guessing~ stop me if I'm wrong!! That your new blog is Keep Forever cards! I love that red background to your blog, can't wait to see some of your lovely makes!! Well, that's it for now! Thanks for stopping by, catch you all again very soon.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

It's Snowy!

Look what turned up in Saturdays post? All the way from the USA?? Snowy!! Penny Black Rubber Stamp. I could swash a pea!! Actually two Snowy's as Tom, my son-in-law also wanted one. I've been hunting for this stamp for ages and no one had it in stock. I even bid on Ebay for a second hand one, but when it became dearer than a new one (plus postage) I gave up and bought some images for 99p instead. Now I realise that my old Snowy, which I'd had as a forum swap, wasn't all he should have been! He's smaller! Maybe he's melting! Anyway, cheered up my, you'll all be bored by hundreds and hundreds of Snowy cards! Hey! Maybe I'll but some images on Ebay too! Now...where's me ink!

Friday, 27 November 2009

A Card for Dad

Happy Friday everyone!! The weekend is here! It amazes me, but no matter what I do, days drift by so quickly and boom! It's back to the end of the week and the beginning of the next before you can say Three Jolly Frenchmen and a Pink Poodle! It was my dad's birthday last week and then my sister-in-law's, luckily I'd already made their cards but I thought I'd add this one, which I made my dad last year...I think, as I hadn't blogged about it here although I think it's been 'somewhere' and it looks sort of 'pre-blog'. Of course my dad being a gardener, I'm allowed to add flowers and he was a bee keeper, so, there's some bees! The rabbit? Hmmm, well, I can remember one day when I was about seven or eight, I asked mum, "What sort of pie is this?" and when she said 'Rabbit'...I was horrified and convinced it was my pet rabbit Ricky, who'd died a day or so before! Both mum and dad said, "Don't be silly, of course it isn't!" but even to this day, I have my doubts! My Gran once told me about sugared mice...oh no, not the sweet sugar coated candy, but REAL mice boiled in sugar!! She told me they were very sweet and very crunchy! You could eat them all, even the bones!! Is that true? I have no idea! but my Gran was a bit of a fibber! And on that note...I'll leave you! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Thank you Queenie! Blog Award

Thank you Queenie for this lovely Award and for thinking of me and my little blog even though I haven't been blogging much lately!
The rules for this 'Honest Award' are...
1. To thank the person for the award and to..
2. Pass it on to at least 7 lovely blogging people and then..
3. List 10 honest things about myself....ok...
1)I'm 5'2" and a bit...2)I eat too many chocolate bisqwits..3)I'm a rubbish speller and have Word on under everything I do, so I can double check all my spelling. 4)I have pieced ears.)5)My craft room is very messy and there's always cold cups of tea or coffee or empty Crunchy Nut Cornflakes bowls hiding in there somewhere! 6)I'm a granny! (I know I've already said that before, I'm feeling a little sad at the moment because we've had some sad news, which is the real reason why I haven't been blogging lately) 7)I don't like snakes after the boys on the farm when I was about eight, killed one and it still chased us ~Headless!!! (I had nightmares for weeks!!) 8)I never watch Coronation Street, even the music makes me cringe and I have to turn it off!! 9)Black Beauty music ' Galloping Home' makes me cry! This matt mix version is brilliant but still makes me cry!! Oh no! Where's the flippin' tissues! 10)And last but not least I've had this Award for ages and I forgot to 'Post' it!! Sorry!!!
I'd love to award this 'Honest Award' to
Greebs from GTC's Crafty Corner for all her lovely freebies!!
Neenie just because!
May Who has some lovely cards and all sorts of other makes too!
Tina for her lovely parchment, go look see!!
Tracey always yummy stuff!
Lottie fabulous ATC's, mustn't be missed!
and Ildz the craft witch! fabulous makes
Irene for her lovely Christmas cards!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Let it Quirky well Snow!

Here it is. This is my DT card for the Quirky Craft's Challenge. This time (have I mention it? once maybe twice?) it's my turn to come up with an idea on what to do. While I've been on the team there's been Vintage, Rough and Smooth, Out and About, Halloween or Autumn, also Masculine and a Recipe Challenge. So I've chosen to do a Sketch and here it is.
Don't worry, you don't have to follow the colours just the shapes but even then you can swap it about, flip it, use circles instead of squares, buttons instead of brads, flowers instead of gems, whatever really!
I've used a 5" square card, silver miri board, my favourite Penny Black Snowman again (I have him coming from America at last!) Couldn't find him anywhere here!) Gems from my stash and Woodware snowflakes brads also Woodware punches for the scalloped circles & snowflakes and a Martha Stewart fern punch. I've coloured him using ProMakers and Copic Pens. The blue paper snow flakes and the sentiment were coloured using a blue Copic pen, so the colour would match up. I've 3D-ed Snowy, just to make him a little different from the other Snowy cards I've made and added a bit of silver-grey 'eye-lash' wool.
If any of my followers join in with this challenge, and are picked as the winner (Me,myself and I, Mrs Judge lady!!) I'll add a little something extra to the prize!!
While I've been blog hopping, I've found PaperPlay Challenges and their challenge for this week is called 'Read All About it' and if you look very closely you'll see that behind Snowy The Snowman are the lyrics to 'Walking in a Winter Wonderland'! So, I'm thinking he'll fit right in there too!
Now then, any freebies?? Yes, course there is! All the papers I've used are from a 3 part Scrapbooking kit by Martine called Winter Wonderland and can be downloaded from The Craft Table Blot Spot (you'll find some gingham papers there too!) I've added an insert using more of the papers and another Snowy. Actually that would make a nice quick and simple card too, wouldn't it!? (yes Lyn)
What else? Ah! yes the font, that's a freebie too. Great isn't it? I quite often write like this on cards, but it looks even better typed! This was done in WordArt on the computer so I could get the word to 'flow' and also use another colour so it looks like there's a shadow, but it looks just as good writing it in ordinary Word, as you can see above, on the insert.
The Font is called Cool Dots and can be downloaded from ScrapBooking Fonts. It's a site specially for Scrapbooking fans, so hunt out their other lovely freebie fonts while you're there!! Or you can download it from HERE too!
I'd love to welcome new follower 150!!!! (ding dong ding dong!!) Annie! From Annie's Space. I was blog hopping last night and came across her lovely blog and had to follow because I fell in love with her 'Gnome Fold Card' and I think I'm going to pop back later and ask if I can 'Clipit' so you all can see it, (I know how lazy you are!!) But, come on, there's nothing on the Telly, (except Spiderman of course!) go and have a look!!!
Well, that's it for now, back later to add more things and correct all the smelling misstakes.
Don't forget to pop over to Quirky Crafts and have a go at this (wonderful!!! coz its my idea!) Sketch Challenge!! Thanks for stopping by!

It's Quirky Sneak Peek time again!

Do not adjust your specks! And I haven't been at the gin bottle! The photo's blurry! It's my turn this week over on the Quirky Crafts Forum Challenge to come up with an idea for the challenge and I've chosen to do a sketch (shhh! shouldn'tv'e said that!) You can make anything, it doesn't have to be a card. Here's my Sneak-Peek of what I've made! What d'you think? Any ideas? No? Well, I suppose trying to guess a sketch is a little impossible! Pop back later and all will be revealed!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Dodgy Finger

Dodgy finger...maybe I should say Doggy Finger! Or maybe even Bad Finger... oh those were the days, who remembers that group?? No? Well, it was in another century.
Sorry I haven't been on for ages! But life happens and well, apart from my daughter worrying me silly, I've got a sick middle finger. honest, and just for Anne who wants to see a rude's a picture of it! (Not too rude though!)
I did it, believe it or not, trapping my fingers in a dog collar... and here's the dog! Look at him, butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, mind you though, John's socks did! (and so did a pair of my unmentionables!)
The tip of my middle finger is 'floppy' and it's going to have to be in the splint for at least another seven weeks to help the tendons/ligaments whatever, heal and even then may not heal properly. So my 'tip' don't grab dogs by their collars, because if they suddenly turn and catch your fingers, this could happen to you. I first though it was broken and the nurse said, (Little Miss Ray of Sunshine 2009) 'Let's hope it is." And it's my 'right click' finger too!
Anyway!!! As you can see, my craft room is very messy and somewhere hiding in all that confusion is my mojo...but on saying that!! watch this space for the sneak peak of the next Quirky Forum Challenge...coz it's my turn!! Wowowoo.... No, I'm not telling or giving away any secrets (she doesn't know that's why) so you'll have to pop back later...
Thank you to two new followers for joining Spyder's Corner, so sorry not to have mentioned you til now, promise to try and catch up as soon as possible! (If not, sooner) I know I owe some people swaps and others birthday cards!! (Well, they'll be early for next year!) Please pop over and say Hi to Mandy who not only has some lovely cards but some lovely blog candy too! And also to Crafty Kitten where you'll find a link to a Christmas freebie!
Thank you for stopping by...oh, and to Sylvia!! groan!!! I was only telling the doctor this afternoon...'when can I play the guitar...?'

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Quirky Men Challenge!

Oh no! Look at the time!! It's nearly tomorrow! Oh well, never mind! (Thank goodness blogger is behind!) Here is my DT Card for The Quirky Forum Challenge. Did you guess? Course you did!
“Masculine Theme”
This card went off to my Uncle Frank. Hope he liked it! What did I use? Ah, you'll be glad to know all the papers were freebies! The little scissor brad is by Woodware and so are the screw brads. The other little button ladder, screw driver and paint pot I bought from a market some time ago and of course the clear stamped image is from the Bubble and Squeak range, but I've forgotten which one this is, as I'm still dog sitting! (I'll add it in later) He's been coloured with ProMaker pens and stamped onto a rectangle cut using my Nestabilites (and my Bigshot) YouTube Video for colouring with ProMakers Here
The spanner paper is from MadAboutCards. Look out for their other papers if you haven't all ready found them (I know all you oldies will have them but some of you newbies might not!) The brown checked or gingham paper you should have if you've found my links before. Click here for the website and here for the pastel gingham papers (link on my side bar too) and HERE for the dark gingham papers. And the font??Oh pooh I can't remember what that was... It's times like this, when I wish I didn't have sooo many fonts! But you've gotta have 'em! haven't you!
I'll pop back later and let you know! (Meanwhile, there's a link on my side bar to some freebie hand written type fonts!) I've found's one I used not long ago, so you should have it. It's called Big Log and you'll find the free download HERE
What else? I coloured the little bear with my ProMakers, (you've said that!) and everything was fixed on either with 3D foam pads, photo or silicon glue! Back tomorrow...I mean later today. (Or maybe not!) Oh and we haven't a new follower, just me!! I found out I can email people easier if I followed myself...well, I usually meet myself getting up most days anyway! Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

A Screw-driver please and make it Quirky!

I haven't done one of these for ages! (it feels like ages!!) Can you guess what the new challenge will be over on the Quirky Challenge Sunday night? Well, here's a clue! I think it's a bit too easy! Pop back Sunday evening to see the whole picture, or better still, call in at The Quirky Forum and join in! There'll be prizes!

Friday, 6 November 2009

Blog Awards: Past & New: Thank you Penny, Shirley and Elfie!

So sorry not to have blogged or done hardly any blog hopping, but we're still dog sitting! (Poor dogs!) and that's all we seem to be doing...walking dogs!
I'd love to thank Penny and Shirley for this Award. Please visit their lovely blogs! There's always something amazing going on! Don't forget to visit Penny's Challenge blog too!
I've been very naughty and not passing on my blog Awards for ages and seeing I'm here, Dog Sitting, and not at home, missing my craft room (actually hubby says it's hard to tell, the only difference is...there's a sofa bed in the room, nearly everything else is the same...paper everywhere, a couple of boxes of 'stuff', computer, printer (Hubby's sooo lovely, he went and got it for me!) the cat...yep... Frog the cat's here too! She spends most of her time under my desk were the computer is or on the bed, or wherever I am, so there's no difference there. Of course we can't let her out, the dogs would probably eat her! Now, there are loads of questions to go with the first two Awards and I have to answer them all! And tell you eight things about me...soI hope this counts if I just do this...So here we go...
1. Where is your cell phone? Umm? In my green my car
2. Your hair: on my head...oh...brownish
3. Your mother: Very Patient and slightly mad
4. Your father: Very Helpful..please come and trim my climbing rose dad!
5. Your favorite food? Chocolate
6. Your dream last night? I had wheels for legs, very weird
7. Your favorite drink? frothy Coffee with chocolate on the top
8. Your dream/goal? To be published, to get better at everything I do.
9. What room are you in? It would be my craft room if I were at home, but I'm in the office/bedroom at the moment (not at home)
10. Your hobby? crafting and writing my never ending story and gardening, but not as much as I did.
11. Your fear? Falling from a very high place or going blind
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Somewhere with a bigger craft room!
13. Where were you last night? dog sitting!
14. Something you aren't? I'm not....tall!
15. Muffins? Rather have Crumpets with butter
16. Wish list item? To be healthier than I am now
17. Where did you grow up? Mostly on Farms in Kent and then Hampshire.
18. Last thing you did? Walk the dogs!
19. What are you wearing? Jeans and a sweat shirt
20. Your TV?'s always on!
21. Your pets? Frog the cat and some fish in the pond
22. Friends? Hubby is my best friend
23. Your life? Better if I wasn't always in pain
24. Your mood? Happy,usually!
25. Missing someone? No, but I have lost some keys! (and Maria and new Grandson..of course!)
26. Vehicle? Peugeot 106
27. Something you're not wearing? shoes
28. Your favorite store? Any Craft shop...(the ones in America)
29. Your favorite color? Purple, lilac or blue
30. When was the last time you laughed? Five minutes ago
31. When was the last time you cried? About an hour ago. :(
32. Your best friend? My hubby, John
33. One place that I want to go over and over? American to see my daughter and grandson
34. Facebook? Yes
35. Favorite place to eat? Home (hubby cooks!)
Before I choose five (x 2 ) people to pass this Award on to, I'll do the next Award...(as that has questions too!)
This Award was also from Shirley (Sorry it's so late Shirley!) The rules in accepting this second Award are that you must give five things away about yourself (which you haven't already told) and then choose five more worthy recipients!
Right! Five things that I haven't already told you about me? Umm!
1) I was the Queen of Night in my first School Play, aged 5. The boy I was 'engaged' to also aged 5, gave me a brass curtain ring! and was The King of Night...he always had a runny nose, I wonder where he is now!!
2) I was so bad at needlework at school I was allowed to do art instead. Until we had a new teacher. I was then allowed to draw my own designs and match them up to suitable materials, I was then supposed to go on and make the clothes... yes... right.. moving on...
3) I have two gold fillings.
4) I used to collect match boxes. (I still have them! Most of them still have matches).
5) I find it very hard to throw anything away.

This Lovely Award is from Elfie and as far as I can tell, there are no questions needing answers!! (Yippee! I've run out of ideas, I'm going to have to start making something up!!)

I also want to add these lovely Awards below to this post too, which I received way back in September (The 'Honest Award' has 10 facts about you!) but I never got round to passing them
Please visit all these lovely blogs!

Sally H

Carol Anne
And last but not least Tany Sol (Sorry only just found a link)

Phew!!! That took ages, but I think I'm up to date now...just a few more names to add, and also more links as they didn't work! I hope all the links that are there work!! (and go to the right person!) I'm getting my paste and copying muddled! It's late! So I'll pop back here later to finish...meanwhile...please choose ANY one of the Awards above that you'd like, with a link back here!
Coming up next...a sneak peak of the next Quirky forum Challenge! I'm off to walk the dogs...fireworks seem to have stopped....Thank you so much for stopping by. Night!

Quirky Christmas Raffle!

Over on The Quirky Crafts Forum

is running a
Christmas Raffle!
The main prize so far is

Cuttlebug Die Cutting Machine!!

Smirk 6 x 6 Christmas paper pack

Zutter round it all and tote bag

Denim/canvas mini album
(and much more!)

More prizes will be added!

Tickets can be bought for £2.00 here at deezkatzdesigns

The Winner will be drawn on

December 14th

And you can purchase as many tickets as you like!

It's open to anyone who wants to join in, you don't have to be a forum member!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Have a 'Wheelie' Good Day!

I'm doing a little jig! My Scaredy Cat Halloween card was in the top 5 over on Passion for ProMakers!! Thank you for letting me know Cheryl! Still can't make the little banner flash tho'. I keep poking it or putting into different thing-a-me's but won't flash...
Anyway, this card, 'Have a 'Wheelie' Good Day!' was my DT card for the Quirky Forum while I was away. It was all set to magically appear but I had to delete the post because the challenge was changed to a two-weeker (is that a word?) just as I was leaving! So, this card did appear over on the forum, but I haven't blogged about it yet. So? What can I say? Jolly Nation 3D decoupage and my own background coloured with ProMaker pens. The inside is made up of all the other bits and pieces you get on the Jolly sheet. I 3D-ed a bit of that too! Now the font is, as always, a freebie. It's called, 'Girls are Weird' and you can download it HERE or from the actual designer's website HERE (there's other fonts there too)
Now, this weeks Passion for Promakers Challenge is a colour challenge. Grass and Canary and guess what? Yes! I've got them and here they are all ready on this card. (I must be psychic) Not the trees but the grass and of course the yellow rapeseed in the back ground...or it could be corn...or wheat... oho...I really do fancy a bowl of Crunchy Nut CornFlakes, but it's time for the last doggy walk of the evening! Thanks for stopping by! and um....Have a Wheelie Good Day!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Two 'Mad' Bears

As usual I'm late for the Midnight Madness Challenge #25. Thankfully they are a little behind us so I still have a bit of time. It was a nice easy sketch, even for me. I cheated a bit on the brad. I can never get those little legs in and the paper or ribbon to lay straight, so I cut them off and fixed the star brad on with silicon glue. The papers are all 'My Minds Eye'. The little bears are a download from Tinker and Co. (Paws For Thought) Very quick post this as I've spread everything over the desk and the bed (still dog sitting) and hubby has just said he wants to walk the dogs and go to bed! Least I think that's what he said! Oho, lovely surprise in the post today (I nipped home) Some paper flowers from Midnight Madness as I was one of the winners in their blog hop. (Look out for another blog hop coming soon!) My Halloween card was picked by Charlotte, one of their fabulous DT members...
I've just got time to say hello and a warm welcome((Wave)) to new follower Anesha! Who most of you must know as a DT member of loads of Challenge Blogs including Tilda and Funky Fairys and ...oops no! Have to come back later...umm...pop over and see some of Anesha's lovely cards... umm.... someone's turned the lights out...D'you think that's a hint!?!

Monday, 2 November 2009

Snow Time...

Honest, I haven't! (Now what's she on about?) I've 'snow' time to do a card today. I had some fantastic thing planned with the few oddments I've brought with me, but there's always something that you want and as sure as peas are green and Troll's feet smell, I've forgotten to bring any punches to make flowers. So, with any luck, I'll nip home and get a few more 'things' later. Hubby is looking a bit worried. (more worried than usual.) Our 'bed room' where we're dog sitting is fast becoming my craft room!
I went searching through my computer for one of my last years Christmas cards, which (hopefully) I haven't blogged about and after having a slight heart attack when I saw nearly all my documents were empty!!! I suddenly remembered I'd brought my add on hard-drive with me and once that was plugged in, every thing seemed to be okay! I've picked this Penny Black Snowman again. Well, I did say I'd made quite a few cards using him! Of course I'm running out now, as he was a forum swap well over a year ago, so if any one has this stamp and wants to sell it or knows of a crafty site who has it in stock, let me know!!



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