Wednesday, 28 July 2021

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie. CLOSED

This week's Wednesday's freebie is called 'Pot Cot' although, I might change that. I'm not too sure who lives there, but I guess someone does! It was going to be an upside down flower pot, inspired by where a tiny spider has made its home in my garden, maybe next week! No sharing please. Comment if you can! Thank you for stopping by!


What's On Your Worktop?! Trees! And Dobby! #634

Happy WOYWW! This week I'm sort of carrying on from Yesterday, as I'm still doing the same thing, so there really isn't much difference . Just more mess! I'm remaking this Card (made from one of my own digi's) as I've misplaced the pictures I took of it the first time round. I printed out three trees-one's reversed so I can stick another picture of the door on the inside...I've cut nearly all round the tree,  then gluded it to another piece of paper, cut around that too, coloured in the open doorway with different shades of Promarkers Iced Grey.... (Oh damn! As I type this I can see I've made a mistake...oh well... no one will know!)It's all printed on 200gsmsmooth white paper, so by the time I 3D it over the main picture of the whole tree it's quite sturdy... I know...I lost you at 'Just more  mess' didn't I!?
So, here's more pictures. In front, the tree's just been cut around, and the door cut so it will open. Behind is the reversed picture, uncoloured, as I'm only going to use the door. (I was testing out the blue for the sky, Promarkers, Sky Blue or Arctic Blue, I went with the former. Above that, is my Dobby mug half filled with cold tea.

This bit was left from the 'original' card. The holes are for the swinging mechanism to fix to, but they were a little too high. I'll need 'more tree' to hide it and the gnome will probably get stuck in the branches! (Hope I can remember how I did it now!)

Oops...this is some ATC's I had left over for T on Tueday, I kept finding papers I liked better, so made far more than I needed. Well, it kept me out of trouble for a little while! That's it for now. Pop over to Stamping Ground and join in! Thank you for stopping by!



Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Time for T ? (On Tuesday)

I'm v-very late for Tea is for Tuesday this week, mainly because I thought  I'd wait for the postlady, so I could add expected ATC's but no, they didn't come, Then a quick look round the other blogs to see what everyone else had done, made me think, maybe I have the wrong date to reveil said ATC's! So, I'll wait for next week. Instead, there's some of the ATC's in that folder in the bottom left hand corner that I made but I didn't send... I got carried away and made loads, (not literally! But I have noticed men in white coats are always near by!) So, if any one fancies one or two, just let me know! 

T is for Tree. The picture above is me painting a black tree on an orange wall. I did this some time ago in the office my daughter shares will a few others. The idea is that everyone adds a frame to the branches with words of encouragement, hopes and  wishes for the future. I will probably post about this again with more pictures  at a later date.      

 T is for more trees...(The very top picture and below) I made this card some weeks back so it's already been sent off to the recipient  and I've mislaid the pictures I took of it at the time, so I'm remaking it! The smaller card at the back was the practice one. The gnome moved about with the use of magnets. But I didn't leave enough room and the magnets went a bit haywire and smashed! (One of the gnomes lost his arm!) The larger card, I'm adding a pull tag that is supposed to swing the gnome back and forth around the tree...I just have to remember how I did it before!

My mug of Tea this week came with a Chocolate Easter Egg, which I've long since gobbled up!

 And again...T is for Tie-Dying..... Oliver is concentrating very hard on getting his colours in the right place!

...As is Niamh, his big sister! and the last picture...

"All my own work!" sez Oliver!

Thank you For Stopping by!

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

It's What's On Your Worktop Wednesday!? #633


Happy WOYWW!? What's on My Worktop this Wednesday? Nothing! There! That was easy! Bye for now!

Only kidding!

 I did have the left overs of T for Tuesday's ATC swap... as I hadn't done anything else, except an Anniversary card for Sis in law. So, I quickly pushed all traces of the ATC's out of the way and hey presto... nothing there... bit boring really.  I added the freebie, which I was about the rub out the pencil marks. Then I took a 'step back shot'. I stand to craft so that's most of the things I need to grab first, but, because there's no room to put things down, they get piled up and pushed back, (or put on the floor) anyway, it adds a bit more interest ... ohoo sorry, forgot to remove the Farley's Rusk cereal bowl! Never mind.  That's it for this week. I really MUST get to bed before I get up and then!! Crafting! No! Lady Pam's been in Hospital, (she's okay) and we're going to take her home tomorrow. (Today) I think she even took her Twiddler  in with her!)  See you tomorrow/today. Keep Safe. Thank you for stopping by! Oh! Just one more picture! Here's Jack The Airedale, I puppy sat yesterday evening. So Cute!

Now pop over and see Julia's Stamping Ground!


This Weeks Wednesday Freebie. Goats On Grass. CLOSED

Here's This  Weeks Wednesday Freebie. Goats on Grass...although, they look a little bit like Goats in Boots... or sheep in shoes.  A comment would be lovely! CLOSED!

Tuesday, 20 July 2021

A BiT laTE for T for Tuesday Trees Tall Flowers and Tied Dyed T shirts!

Sorry I'm so late for Tea For Tuesday. I usually manage to post about 2 or 3 in the morning but ...didn't! (probably fell  asleep!) I haven't be doing  hardly any crafting this week as I had cats, dogs and other things to look after... it's hard to retire when they are so cute! My bench was left with the aftermarth of making T Time Tuedays ATC's during last week. The  papers below I didn't get around to using, I downloaded them free from HERE so I think it's okay to show them!


My this weeks T cup, or Mug is owls on it... last weeks had tiny black pussy cats, which looked like owls, (with whiskers and tails and pink noses!) so I thought I'd have an owl mug this week. Good thing about Hot Chocolate, it's still nice when it gets cold!

 T for Terrier...Here's Jack, I puppy sat last evening. He's an Airedale Terrier. Loves to play. He has his big sister's bone and was trying to hide it!

And here's a beautiful ragged old Tree I came across the other day.


A very Tall flower! taller than me! It's nothing like the picture on the packet. The first year it didn't do much, last year  it got 'eatten' by bugs. But this year, under the carport it's been lovely!  Smells wonderful! I shall probably put it out the front tomorrow. And one last picture....


 Grandkiddies have been learning to Tie-Dye! T for Tie Dyed T Shirt! Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

What's On Your Worktop Wednesday!? #632

Well, I haven't seen my work bench for quite a while now....I did tidy, in my own way, but then I had Happy Mail!! I'll tell you about that later, but first you have to click over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in! Ohhooo, we are not alone! Well, I'm not. I had Lola sleeping on one side of my chair, and last night it was Mr Jinx on the other and tonight Jinx is here and Lola has wrapped herself up in a blanket! The first picture of my work bench is a lot like yesterdays, but  different so,I will, as I go on, move stuff back to show you ATC's from woywwers and Happy Mail! I'd show you Lola the Chihuahua but it's too dark to see her. (I'll try and add something later) First picture, I've been sorting out my A4 stamps and 'filling' them. At least my cup has changed from yesterday! (sorry about pictures. My Camera's getting very old!)
Then we have Happy Mail from Anne,(Copperbeech Crafts)-the strawberry ATC, a late WOYWW and in the middle Christine aka Bishopsmate sent me some plates to try on my Gemini Mini after I said I'd only had it a few weeks and it was warping really badly! Thank you to everyone who told me what to do with them. It did work for a while but they are still bending badly! The plates Christine sent are Sizzix ones and didn't fit  the Gemini but fitted my old Bigshot, which won't cut hardly any of the thin dies I have (not unless I stuff it with sheets of different thicknesses of card...and then it only really embosses!) Anyway, as you can see, with the little plates it cut everything easily! The other ATC is also from Christine too! Thank you! In the background I'm making little notelets again, only smaller this time. I wasn't going to make the envelopes but decided to this afternoon.(Pictures are a bit blurry) as I only needed to use one 6x6 sheet of paper per envelope, cut down to five and a quarter and score at...Uh!? (where's the insert button on this new laptop? My old one would give me the fractions (and other weird things, so I wouldn't have to print them... here it, doesn't do anything!) Anyway...
Then there's the freebie, not finished that yet. Behind him are ATC's for The T for Tuesday Swap...just the backs, can't show you the fronts yet! Oh and another empty's thirsty work typing this! Then,  if we move the freebie out of the way...

At last, Happy Mail!! I have the Lawn Fawn Bundle! Magic Iris. I've wanted this for months. Waaaaay back in March, my birthday, I nearly bought it then, but even with a money offer off the price and a freebie unicorn, I didn't fill my basket because I was told I'd probably pay twice as much because of USA taxes. (If anyone knows if that's not true, let me know!) Anyway, I can't wait to play with these! That's it! I've promised to be in bed before midnight! (I didn't say which Midnight!) Don't forget to pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground!  oh...just one more picture!

Jinx sez Hi...he's feeling a lot better after his all day visit to the vets last week (plus two other days) and has to go again on Friday. That's it!! Thanks for stopping by! Bye Bye for now!!

This Weeks Wednesday's Freebie. CLOSED

 Here's Scooter. I'm not sure what he is! As you can see, his scooter is a bit wobbly, as he keeps falling off! No sharing please. A comment is always nice! Thank you for stopping by! PS>>>If the link doesn't work, please email me and I will send it to you! dragonsmoore at googlemail dot com CLOSED

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

It's Time For Tea Tuesday- 8th Anniversary!

Here's what I am working on this week. It was quite unbusy, but then things happened. Mr Jinks was nipped off to the vets again, he's ok in fact at this moment he's trying to push me out of my chair!  And then I had happy mail! That will, in someway still be there for  woyww's post tomorrow. Also, almost hidden but not quite are some of the ATC's, which I've made for the Tea for Tuesday 8th Anniversary!! but of course you aren't allowed to see them yet! (so, naughty Lyn. go and take that picture out now!) 

Ok. I started making these little cards. I've made them before HERE using the 12x12 papers. These are the smaller, 6x6, I'll make a little box case for then to go into. This time I've used bought cards and envelopes instead of making my own so they're smaller and I had a die cut that was just the right size!  A nice and quick little gift for grandaughter next time I see her. In the middle of the picture  are two late (or extra!) ATC's from Woywwers and some cutting plates, so I'll mention them tomorrow!

Here's my cup of cold tea this week! No biscuits though...I have a fasting blood test coming up...not that it will make much difference! Also, there's a glimse of some of my A4 stamps, which I keep in document folders and the envelope of the anniversary card I posted yesterday more picture...
Jinx, finally wiggled into a space beside me on my chair and fell fast asleep! Well, he'll need that as we have Lola the Chihuahua coming, I'll say night I have to be up early to collect her! Happy Tea For Tuesday 8th Anniversary! Thank you for stopping by!

Monday, 12 July 2021

Happy Belated Third Anniversary Debbs and Pat.

Happy Third Anniversary Debbs and Pat...  I'm a bit late with this as Mr Jinx had another day at the Vets Hospital and then another visit two days later and he has another one on Friday too.  Same problem, he's having trouble 'going' again, so...  anniversary card got put on hold and then I didn't really like it. So I scrapped that and started again! Scrapped that?? Hmmm!? 'How can I use up all these scraps I have left over from making Lady Pam's card?'  thought me. A quick look on You Tube and Sam Calcott was using the same papers  I had, using up the scaps, so! Problem solved! And this is the result.

It's a little bit too busy I think and before the day's out, if nothing else happens to distract me, it might get changed again!  All the papers you can see are from Dovecraft, (now CraftLabel) I bought the whole bundle of everything that matched. So all the papers, the 3D topper, the peg, the pearltopped flowers, the gem,both the butterflies and the ribbon (it's there, hiding!) and much more, came from the Butterfly Kisses bundle.  The Happy Anniversary sentiment was a gold peel off sticker, which I coloured silver. I made an envelope to match using the paper you can just see inside and to the right of the card.  This card was made from scraps adhered to purple mirror card and then a pearl 5x7 card. So have a look at Sam's video where she very quickly puts together ten cards!! to my one! (Ok, it's on fast speed most of the time, but it's still impressive!) I rather like the circle one she did ... no, the hexagon! Maybe I'll try them another day. Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

And What's on YOUR Worktop This Wednesday!? #631


 It's Wednesday so nip over on Julia's Stamping Ground! And show us your crafty spaces! Here's mine. Forefront (if that's a real word) is cat food boxes cut up and inked and die cut into shapes for little roofs.Then I suddenly found myself in a crafty charity shop and buying some crafty goodies, which I never knew I really needed! Purple embossing Power, not opened so should be ok and some 'shimmering silver stencil paint' (dry brush formula) Don't ask me, I haven't a clue but I'll have fun finding out! (both 50p)

Then there's stamps and lettering and stickers and  metal charms and 18 Dovecraft 'designer Die cuts' that looked useful

Next is a pile of stamps from my stash, mostly freebies from magazines all about Time for Tea, as I'm making some ATC's for bleubeard and Elizabeth's ATC swap coming up. I have some ribbons and some papers to match as well.  The gnome card keeps trying to get into the picture. It was a  practice card, when I was trying to work out how to get the gnomes to move using magnets. I'll tell you all about that...sometime soon!  Sorry about the pictures, my poor camera's very old!

Thank you to  my new followers for following, sorry not to mention before. There always used to be an easy link back so I could link you here but that doesn't seem to be available anymore but I will link you when I find you! (meany Blogger) That's it from me! Happy Crafting! Bye for now!

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie! CLOSED

  Well, this is the last thing I thought I was going to draw for this weeks freebie, but I like surprizes! Hope you do too! I had a half finished dragon with two left feet and that  long-necked dog  I did a few weeks back, with a short neck  but here we are, I'm back to drawing silly Toadstool houses with rainbows and clouds! (There must be something in the water!) That's it! Bye For now!!

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Tea For Tuesday

 I've been quite busy this week, but as usual, there's not much to show for all the mess! It's Tea for Tuesday so of course I've left my Tea mug (from Greece) smack in the middle of everything a long with an uneaten chocolate hobnob brownie biscuit (new one on me, hubby got them) and I have been sorting out bits and pieces to make a few ATC's for a swap that's coming up but that pile seems to be burried. The gnome card  top right, I will blog about later as it took me ages to get the gnomes to move! I used magnets, which kept bashing into each other and breaking!  The yellow card is just a cat food box, cut up. I've been making house roofs out of it! I mean, card houses not real ones! Then, I just had to see how my new Die (from The Works £3) came out. It's a circular Happy Birthday and it came with a balloon and the bit that's falls out from the centre. Really good I think! Then, you can see those little Unicorns. That was one of my freebies sometime back and I wanted to see how small I could get it to go. I want to get the unicorn to 'jump' over a rainbow.  The flowery card in the middle was going to be a mini album but I cut it wrong...

I've been visiting cats and loads, well, hundreds of fish this week to feed and give a bit of fuss too! Maybe not this one though!  


 Here's Jasper. He's very old and VERY noisey!!


And here's Kittle... She's a cutie. Loves rainwater. That's my T for Tuesday.  Thank you for stopping by! Bye for now!

Friday, 2 July 2021

Happy Friday! Here's A Bench Card.

 This is inside our  garage looking  towards the window at the back.  (Actually, it's out in the garden coz its nice and sunny!) I have finally added everything I think I can add to this Card and it still folds flat! It's called a Bench Card and here's Sam Calcotts YouTube Toturial on how to make it. Sam made a garden shed bench, so go watch!

I used mostly wood effect paper/card which I then drew in some brickwork and heaverly covered in Tim Holtz Distress Ink, vintage photo. I made the window, lined it with acetate and a drawing of the hedge/fence at the back of our garden. The little window handles are bits of some old earrings. (I knew they'd come in handy one day!) The bits on the bench I found in John's bin in the garage. The clock is made from stamping onto Shrink Plactic. There's bits of fussy cutting from Paper Nation, odd brads for tools, jug and the padlock and of course stamped shelves, which actually had crafting things on them but I don't think that matters! My craft room is just as messy as John's garage! 

Back View and a place to write your message'll probably even find a spider's web in a corner! What wasn't there until yesterday, some wire, the chain and the mice. Seeing this card kinda was the predecessor or forerunner? from the card below, it didn't have the mice as I didn't have the mice! (Lawn Fawn) But I wanted to add them as John's red tool trolly is really close by and I'm sure the mice would have just as much fun on his bench as they do running around this tool trolly! and, we've had hedgehogs and even a Blackbird's nesting in the garage! Thank you for stopping by! Later hope to add to some... 


 Monday Crafting Happiness
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 July 2 Crafty Critter Crazies

 The Crafter's Cafe Anything Goes

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Friday Cardz TV Anything Goes


Thursday, 1 July 2021

A Late Tea for Tuesday...on a Thurdsay.

Well, I guess Thursday begins with T too!  I used to join in with T is for Tuesday years back, but as a few of you know I disappeared into the real world for quite a long time!  Anyway, it's all about an ATC Swap. and I do love an ATC swap  (I really want to spell it as swop!! I mean?? Who said it should be spelt with an A?)  So, here's my Mug of umm....Hot Chocolate... I was really excited as some Crafter's Campanion crafty goodies arrived, so, I made a nice hot Chocolate, pushed back what was the yesterday's WOYWW desktop, scoffed down my  quadruple chocolate Cookies and then took a quick picture of what I've just made... A little Milk Carton type house, ready to fill with sweeties for the grandkiddies and my Christmas Reindeer Mug. (Which I actually bought from a charity shop for 50p!)  Be back later with the finished Milk Carton house. Thanks for popping by!



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