Sunday, 30 June 2013

Quirky Reminder Time: Cats!

Evening! Or I should say morning coz I'm late... It's that Quirky reminder time again, so you have a whole week to add all your ideas and creations for our latest Challenge over on Quirky Crafts.
The theme this time is "Everyone Wants To Be A Cat" from the Disney film The Aristocats.
I've used a black card with the front cut off and then replaced it with acetate. Inked the edges of some freebie music paper, which you can find on Free Craft Downloads. (I'm not sure what the song is, I didn't think to play it before I cut it up!) I've added musical brads, a cat button, with the back cut off and fixed on with silicon gel and I've used the  'Friends Forever' digi from Robyn's Fetish, one of our sponsors! I've also added some white and gold peel-off corners, just to show up the acetate.
I've 3D-ed the chicken in the front (Minus her feet! ouch!) just to make her pop out a little bit and of course I've coloured it with Promarkers.  I've also added some punched out cats fixed on with a Quickie Glue pen and inside used the paw punch too. The inside message was hand written in a white gel pen. 
The font on the front is a freebie! It's called Crazy Harold and you can download it HERE or just Google the name. I used WorkArt on the computer to make it curve. That's it I think! Thank you for stopping by! Hoping to add this card to a few...
 OSAAT- Any Thing Goes!
Blessings Ink Amusing Challenges Anything Goes
Creative Inspirations Paint Inspired by: Anything Goes
Sentimental Sundays All Things Digital Plus a Sentiment (Paper, Digi and Sentiment)
 Sister Act Card Challenges Anything Goes

Saturday, 29 June 2013

A Picture of Niamh! Plus, Google Reader closing...

Been doing a bit of blog hopping tonight and read over at Annie's  (A Stitch At A Time)  to paste and copy this post  if you wanted to.... So I have... Annie wrote...
"You may or may not know that Google Reader is shutting down on Monday 1st July and Bloglovin is taking its place, which means that blog owners are going to lose all their followers unless they follow their blogs on Bloglovin. Joining Bloglovin is easy... remember you have to do it before Monday!
The good news is, you don't have to add each and every blog you follow manually, you just create a Bloglovin account and in the process it asks if you want to import the blogs you read on Google Reader to your new Bloglovin account.  Click the button to import and that’s it! Please click the button at the top of my right hand side bar to be sure to follow me before it's too late. See you there!  Feel free to copy and paste this post to your blogs to share with your followers."
Which is what I've just done!  (Thank you Annie) Not sure how I get the banner....maybe  it appears as if by magic!  No... I Googled it, but it only had an old pic of the front page and only about 150 odd followers, (yes, odd ones! no, only joking!) not the 787 there are at the moment, but I think that has to do with this country and other countries)  So, if you follow me I hope I don't lose you!  
 Follow my blog with Bloglovin
Meanwhile, I've spent most of the day shopping with daughter Emma and granddaughter Niamh who is six months old today! (yay!) So here's a picture!!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


WOYWW!? This is a bit of a cheat... because actually, my desk looks the same as last week only worse.... it was sooo bad, I pushed it back and it all toppled over and cascaded back again! So, this is a pic of what's under my bench... (I stand to craft, what do you do?) because that looks a bit tidier than what's on top! Still expecting some ATC's, hoping all mine have arrived by now! Pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in!! (Promise to tidy up by next week...) I'm such a fibber...

This Weeks Wednesday's Freebie CLOSED

Here's Tomas the Cat, off to a party, seeing Quirky Crafts is doing  a cat themed challenge, I thought I'd draw a cat. (made sense at the time!)  Please! No sharing of shared sites, blogs, flicka,  PhotoBucket, forums etc! Just download him to your computer. A link back here is always welcome.
Please comment if you can! Thank you for stopping by
Follow my blog with Bloglovin


Monday, 24 June 2013

Mad Max!

Here's a picture of the little dog Max, who spent Saturday/Sunday with us. He just loved playing pawball! I walked him today (Tuesday) and of course he had to jump in the river and then roll in a cowpat!
ps. No, Jinxy, our lodger cat, didn't like him!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Who Wants To be a Quirky Cat?

I'm sooo behind I'm meeting myself coming back!  We've been looking after a little dog (last week a Boxer) and all he wanted to do all day long, was play football! Or in his case, paw/nose ball! I'll add a picture of him later!  Jinx our lodger cat, was not pleased!  That was one of the reasons he left his home,  because they bought a dog!
Why am I here? Oh  yes! It's Quirky time again!!  And here's my card for this fortnights challenge. It's Cazzy's turn to have a go, and her theme this time is...  
Everyone Wants To be A Cat!
A brilliantly easy challenge! So come and join in!
Couple of weeks ago I added the wrong card, so that's over there now. This time I also chose to use the same image from Robyn's Fetish, 'Snoozing Bob'
I've 3D-ed him, (I like doing that) to make him pop out from the card. So he is minus his tail and ears and even his body in some of the layers. I've cut the black card diagonally in half, coloured some paper with Promarker Stripes and used that as the backing paper, added acetate and then, who can guess?  added a 'dream' bubble and used eight mini punch shapes to make it look as if he is dreaming of all the things he's been chasing all day.... I should've added a frog!
I've often wondered why they don't make spider or fly cat food! Anyway this challenge card is on the same idea as last time really but just a bit different, because of the acetate... and it's not square.. and it's a different colour...oh and the font is different too! (Same black lace though... no honest, it's the same black lace...)
The Font is a freebie, it's called Anjelika Rose Thin and you can download it HERE. It also comes in normal, skinny, hollow  or just Google the name.
 I love the added flowers in the font, but I haven't used them this time.
For those of you who missed the font I used on the Black and white card a couple of weeks back,  go here for the link and for the black and white paper, plus other wiggly-stripes you may've missed here
 That's it I think! Thank you for stopping by. Hoping to add this to a few...
OSAAT- Not Square!
Paper make up stamps- digi--punches/dies

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Freebie Stripy Papers!

Just For Edwina, who has been a constant spell checker for my story The Fire Stone (Thank You!!) here is the stripy paper seen on my messy desk in the post below! All it is, as I often find it hard to match papers with some brightly coloured images, I just used the colours I've used on the digi in wiggling stripes across an A4 bit of good thickness paper and use that...and before I cut it out, I scan it into the computer, to reuse another time. It won't be 'as bright' but it's nice to have something, just in case! Just click and save to your computer!
And here's another one, pink and blue, for those of you who'd rather have unwonky stripes! I just did on the computer, so this one's never seen the light of day!  Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

It's a WOywW of a Mess!

Arrr Me Hearties, it's Wednesday agin a' I'll be showin' ye me blunder!! (cut, exit silly pirate voice, bring back Lyn...action...) Morning WOYWWer's... sorry about that. Seem to be thinking privates pirates !! all week, hence this weeks freebie. Total chaos here at the moment. Been doing an awful lot of dog walking, so am totally knackered! and Hubby is off all week and has decided to clear out the old studio/shed and it's arrrggggh!! We have 'stuff' and mess EVERYWHERE. So of course I haven't had time to push back my messy craft space at all....
This is what it looked like a few moments ago.... the aftermath after making three cards and something else.  Stripy Promarker sheet I made for a card I haven't made yet.... My paper pot, painted white and still not finished, Bisto tubs still not finished....
On the other side, a computer NOT ON....this is very rare! Promarkers NOT taken out of their packet yet, very very rare! and this weeks freebie before I'd zapped it in the scanner and 'played' with it on the computer and leaving the best to last....

My ATC  and lovely card, which arrived from from Krisha!!  Fabulous! Happy WOYWW! pop over to Julia's stamping ground if you'd like to join in, showing everyone your craftymess!!  Craft Creations and What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday! Thank you for stopping by!

 Vicky's Blog Candy Give Away
 This weeks Freebie
Part One of The Fire Stone On Amazon

This Weeks Wednesday Digi CLOSED

I thought I'd do a little pirate boy for you this week. I had a card done for Sunday with 'piratey' things on it, but for the life of me, I can't remember where it is so of course it's not been posted... maybe tomorrow! That's why I have privates pirates on the brain! I think I'll call him Peter Pirate! (Unless you can think of something better!)
I'd loaded the watermaked pic by mistake! (well it was late, and I don't remember adding it, so I must have done it in my sleep!)  No sharing of the un-water-marked digi on shared sites please, a link back here is always welcome!
This is what I've done on the computer... yes, I've given him a nose, don't know why I didn't before... Nose or no nose?? By the time he goes into the store he might have a new hat as well as a new nose!

Monday, 17 June 2013

The Fire Stone Part One now on Amazon

Just doing a bit of publicity. My door step of a novel is now on  Amazon to download,  it's a bit longer than most first time novels so it's been split in half. The first chapters of the second half is (for a short time) still available on Wattpad  (free to read there) but the revised updated full version of part two will also be added to Amazon later in the year.
It has a new cover made a lady called Angie, this is how she envisaged the story, although the portal into the other world, doesn't actually go out into 'space' it goes down through a cellar, but then, I wanted planets, so I think it's very clever, and only makes me want to learn more about photoshop!
There's about thirteen layers to the top cover! (My old computer starts belching out steam when I open PhotoShop and goes sooo slow, I'd turn grey long before I'd finished adding a second layer! My fiery cover's a bit blurry, but then I've only managed two layers, and where I'd already printed Part One,  I had to scribble out the word 'one' with more yellow before I could add the 'two' over the, well, practice makes perfect, as they say!

Vicky's Blog Candy Give Away!

 I don't usually add give aways, or haven't for ages, as my side bar will not take any more 'stuff' (well, it will but it no longer saves where I want it to, only at the top) but on seeing fellow blogger and follower Crafting Vicky had a lovely give away  to celebrate over 350 followers, and Vicky only started her blog at the beginning of last year! I thought I would at least do a 'blog' about it to show you her lovely blog candy!! Well done Vicky, always finds the time to pop in and say hi!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Jinx counting The Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Just had to add this Jinx (our lodger cat) had a sun attack and conked out on hubby's old slippers after, first attacking them, to make them comfy! Life is easy when you're a cat!!!
Added this to Friday Smiles

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Dustin's So Square!

I wasn't going to make a father's card this year, but then I thought, we have a new dad in the family, Tom, son-in-law, baby Niamh is nearly six months old, so I thought I'd make him a Father's Day Card using one of Dustin Pike's little monsters. I think the little monster was holding toffee apples, ready to munch on at Halloween, but I've covered those with flower heads.
I've covered the card in some of my ProMarker stripy paper. I never know what papers to use when there's such a bright image to colour so end up using the same colours I've used on the digi as stripes on the backing papers., that's Gold, Soft green and Sunkissed Pink, (my newest Promarker)
I've 3D-ed the Monster, to mke him pop out of the card. and coloured him using those same colours. I print the sentiment with the first image and then just copied two more, and cut them out, fix over the top with 3D gel glue.
The little banner triangles did start off on a bit of red cord, but because you can't see it, the last two letters are just fixed onto the card. The rest of the papers were just bits left over, including the punched out flowers. the white button I found in my stash, and the yellow spotty ribbon already had a sticky back, so that got used too! I've used black card to layer the topper, but didn't have enough for the card, so that is black Promarker. (It's a Pearl card, so it doesn't bleed through to the inside!)
The freebie font is called Troutkings BTN download it here, or Google the name.
New Follower! Hi and a big (((wave))) to Nikki, who has a lovely blog called Nikki's Crafting Creations!
I hope to add this card to Dustin's 'Make It Square'  if I'm not too late and later a few more...
Pikes Play Ground- You're such square (use a Dustin Image)WINNER!!
 Pin and tack-Anything Goes
 Anything goes - for the boys
Cards for men-boys will be boys
Milk Coffee - Father's day
Ladybugcrafts-for the men in your life.
 City Crafter.All About Him
The kraft journal-just for him
 The artistic stamper creative team-makes for men
 Get inky challenge.-creations for boys and/or men
 Crafty Sentiments-card/project for male

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Happy Birthday Lady Pam!

Well she is a Lady, as sis-in-law bought her a title for one of her birthday's, only she doesn't like to 'use' it. (I would, wouldn't you!!) Anyway, it's her birthday today, and I'm a bit late in getting her card posted!She has a lovely laptop, but she hardly uses it, so she won't spy this before she see's it... (That doesn't sound right...)

It was a 5x7 pearl card, which I decided to cut down to 5x5 to make sure I had enough of the Pink Petticoat papers, which I already had printed out. (Still no ink in my printer, gives me a chance to use up my scraps!) 
All the pink around the edges is a Sunkissed Pink Promarker, there's also some sort of net ribbon, a pink button heart, some pink gems, and a tiny pink pearl bead heart.
 The flowers were punched out using a Woodware punch with five flower shapes (first time I've used it!)
 In the centre I've added some sparkly white Flowersoft and some Stickles Glitter..
The stamped out sentiment was part of a freebie set; the Me to you Tatty bear was also a freebie from a magazine. Not sure why I used green ribbon and bow, that should've been  pink! And inside the butterfly was a magazine freebie too and...  
The Font inside the card is called Ancestory SF and that's a freebie download too! That's it I think! Thank you for stopping by! I hope to add this to some...
One stitch at a time-pretty it up!

Wednesday's Handy (stick) man Digi CLOSED

Here's this weeks digi, thought I'd do a handy stick man to go with the stick girl a few weeks ago. His spanner's a bit weird, so I might change that. Sorry he's a bit late, I forgot where I saved him! (How silly!) No sharing on shared sites please!Thank you for stopping by! CLOSED


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Happy Birthday Darling Hubby, John!

Well, he is my rock, only far better than a rock. (he does the cooking!) He was up so early this morning he didn't have time to open any of his cards... never mind, he'll be too busy to sneak in here and peek! This is the card I made him. Both of us had motorbikes and we used to have a motor-bike shop.
When the girls  were babies, we lived over it, but the need for a garden and smell of engine oil drifting up into all the rooms soon made us jump onto the mortgage boat, and buy our own little home, with a tiny garden and a little later to where we are now. No more bikes, but John's only got to sniff the sight of one, and I know he misses them!
 Back to the card. KennyK image. (Yes I bought this one back in March BUT It's now the June Freebie HERE! left sidebar when you get there) First I was going to do that acetate thing I did with the seahorses, but it didn't quite work out, (Flip the digi and then stick the two together, and print it out on acetate too, and then fix that together ~but I forgot to put a cord/thread through the middle to attach it to the card~ so did this version of a sort of gate fold instead, but not. 
It's a bit top heavy as it's an 8x8 card, with a 5 and a half x 5 and a half  card used as the topper (Why isn't there a half sign on the keyboard?) so I've added acetate to the bottom of the smaller card topper to help stabilise it.
We used to go and watch bike scrambling, (more skilful!) not Dirt Bike racing, but never mind!
I couldn't think of what papers to use, so didn't! Just black, yellow and red card, and a bit of embossing, and die cutting (only my old Bigshot wasted loads of scraps of card, by not cutting! Grrrr)  One of the inside embossing was made using a freebie folder, which came in this months Simply Cards and Papercraft, which also came with some stamps too! 
Of course I've coloured up with ProMarkers (with the tiny tip addition...the metal tip ones work far better, the others didn't work at all, but Letraset kindly send me replacements awhile back!) Did hunt the internet for a coloured picture of this, to give me some idea of what was what, but could only find a very small one, in mostly grey, so, went with yellow and red instead.
There's a little D attachment, to the side of the top card, which I bought in a gardening store, 3p each, can't be bad! and the 'manly' cord ribbon came off a bosh carrier bag! 
Freebie Fonts: I've used Cool Dots and Smarty Pants BTN  there's the link to download, or just google the names. That's it I think! Happy Birthday John, see you later! Hope to add this to same...
Kennykskraftykrew-Father's day (*WINNER)
613 Avenue Create - anything goes/celebrations
 Fab n funky challenges-birthday.
Pin and tack -anything goes
Aud Sentiments - anything goes
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 Simon says stamps challenge-transport.
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Sister Act - anything goes
Inspire me fridays-anything goes
Digidarlas-fancy-folds or no square cards
 Alphabet challenge blog- i is for Image

Happy WOYWWednesday!!

Morning Woywwers! It's Wednesday, wake up! It's just gone midnight! Here's what's on my desk at the moment, by the time I've finished this post, the card should be finished! Hubby's birthday card, Happy Birthday John! And all the mess I used making the card. (My cogs wouldn't cut, so there's a lot of 'not cut all the way through' bits of card just out of sight. My 'Bisto' drums still haven't been painted or altered. I have some ribbons on some of that Xyron sticky stuff. I've had two more ATC's arrive (most of mine are coming from other countries) Thank you to....
Roudi all the way from Egypt! and the purdy card and cat ATC (one of my digi's!) came from  Crafting Vicky!! Fabulous!! (will add links)
Here's an ATC that I made (Eye Heart WOYWW 4). I added a bit of magnet so it sticks to my fridge... that's gone off to some one, they should have it my now (you can see my Snoqualmie Falls magnet from USA) One more picture; just finished hubby's card, it took me hours!! All it needs now is a sentiment.
I'll add it to another post later today... That's it.... I think there was another atc that arrived yesterday, so I'll add that later... must go to bed now, very tired!! (Gone One in the morning!) Come and join in, nip over to Julia's fabulous linky up blog Stamping Ground and come and snoop too!! New Followers! Hi and a (((wave))) to  Lucy, Lizette saaiman  from idubeartsandcrafts  I've got one of those little hedgehog pottery thingies, (Painted) and DL.Art!! Thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Fold It! It's Quirky!

Okay! Evening Quirky People! It's my turn to set the challenge this fortnight over on Quirky Crafts Challenge Blog and I thought we'd do...
So I want to see More Than One Fold on your creation! Our sponsor this time is The Cutting Cafe and all the little images have come from there. Pop over to Quirky Craft's Challenge Blog and see what  the others have been up to. I think you can make this challenge as easy or as hard as you like!
I've cheated again. (Well, only you and me know!) I've used a little die-cut box, now discontinued (Bigz XL die – Box, Shaker). sent to me ages years ago by ATC famous Paul  and  his fantastic  Bugaboo cards, from Craftyblogocks, as a RAC with some ATC's. (so go and have a look, I mean,  a visit!)
 So, first I inked all the edges of the opened unstuck box with Tim Holtz Vintage and added acetate into the window.
Printed out some skull and cross bones paper, only to see I'm outta ink again! (where does it go??)
Never mind, seeing the black had gone green/grey I just continued to ink everything in Vintage.
Second picture down shows the back of the box. I did two things with the same box in the end (Just in case I didn't have time to do the one I wanted to do, which is in the next lot of pictures) Cut all the bits of paper to size, inked them, oh yes, forgot, and embossed them too, with a keys embossing folder from Crafter's Companion, then fixed them on, made a band to go around the box so to keep it shut, then when you open it up, there's some nice 'gold treasure bars' inside, in the form of toffees!
The second idea was to make a little book to go inside  instead. (so to make room, first eat toffees!) I have a few pictures of me, my girls, one of their friends and my niece when they were all very little,  smaller than they are now, dressed as pirates, but without the ink in my printer I couldn't use that idea, so I made this little book with loads of folds, ready for when I can add the pictures, again using as many of the sentiments and little digi's as I could fit in.
Some things can be stuck on the pages or tucked inside the little hidden pockets, an extra place to add or hide pictures and tags. (or birthday money)
 I ripped and screwed up the map and then inked it, to make it look old and tatty.
Then it all closes up again, to look like this... added corner peel offs and the brad key and key-hole and some die-cut 'left over bits.' Wouldn't mind this little box die-cut, have looked out for it but never spotted it yet. Suddenly having more idea of what to do with it! Thanks it! Thank you for stopping by! Hope to add this to some...
 C.r.a.f.t.-anything-but a card
abc-challenge -o is for open- anything goes
Aud sentiments-anything goes
inspire-me-fridays-anything goes
D.L Art- Anything Goes
Totally paper crafts-punches and dies



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