Wednesday, 30 November 2011

It's WOYWWednesday!

As you can see by the picture below, our visiting cat (he's not ours, but he's been visiting us off and on for about two years now) turned up about five past midnight, and decided to turf me out of my swivel chair! He (the cat) then proceeded to post my completely empty woyww post! Well I guess he thought there wasn't much going on , so why not?!
As you can see, there's just a few coloured digi's I've had waiting to go onto cards for ages and a House Mouse image...I am trying to do a card for a student doctor... it has to have medical bottles on it...(Hmmm? my mind's blank) That's about it really! So, take a picture, show us what you've been up to, skip over to the Stamping Ground and join in with What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!! This is on it's soooo late I know I'll never be up at the crack of dawn or in this case I'll 'see' you all later!! Thanks for stopping by.

scroll down for this weeks freebie
This Month Spyder Has Spyed Here

This Weeks New Digi

Sorry You Missed this one!
Waiting For Santa, Robins. I might move that moon, or I might not! I'd love to see anything you make using them!This lovely card was made by Paula, I love those Christmasy papers!

This Month Spyder Has Spyed....

Late weeks WOYWW

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

This Month Spyder has Spyed...

I've been a bit busy doing 'stuff' as usual these last few weeks, so I'm a bit late with my Spyder Has Spyed Post this month. This post was actually started back in October! There were a few cards I found but I can't find where I saved them! (So if it was you, or if you have made a card using one of my digi's and I haven't found it, let me know!!) Any card featured here wins a free digi from Dragonsmoore, Spyder's Other Corner!
Chrissy has used pearls for snow flakes. Love that die-cut!

Kimbo used my "We Come in Peas" alien for this birthday card... coloured with ProMarker and some real peas!

Using my Moonlight Owl Rita made this lovely Happy Owloween Card!

Susan has used two digi's, the little row of houses as a background and my flying Witch!!

made this Lovely Halloween card, using Witch Hazel, coloured with Copic pens.

This really is too Cute to Spook!! Lovely card made by Lucy, who emailed me as she hasn't started her blog yet! (why not Lucy!?!) Lucy has coloured Witch Hazel with colouring pencils.

I found this one in an April challenge! Made by Judie and coloured with water coloured pencils

Laura used my 'Mummy' to make invitations to a halloween party! Thank you Laura for the lovely comments!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Digital Drawing Challenge, New Home.

This months Crafter's Digital Art Centre Drawing Challenge is just about over. The theme is 'New' so I thought I'd add my New Home digital Stamp but then forgot all about adding it to the challenge..So here it is...better late than never! Hubby usually puts the spiderweb watermark over the digi in Photoshop but he's already snoring out the Zzzz's! I have Photoshop, but my poor ol' computer is soooo slow I'll be here til next Tuesday! The coloured digi was done in PaintNet, (Google the name, it's a freebie) The New Home House is in my store. Hope you like it!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

WOYWW? A Mouse, A mess and...more mess

Hi guys! Happy WOYWW! Not really feeling on top of the world today. My tooth that chipped some time ago, (which my Dentist did a really great repair on, three times!) finally fell out!! And I'm sooo vain I shoved it back in again, knowing full well a trip to the dentist was inevitable. I phoned in and yesterday (today, as I type this, so apologies if this week's freebie is a bit naff!)) to have the rest of the root dug out, and no, he wouldn't give me my tooth back to hide the gap! He's explained when it's all healed he'll do a bit of magic with the tooth next door using it's root and a bit of bridge work to fix in a brand new tooth. So....all I want for Christmas is my fourth from the front tooth, please!!
Meanwhile, at last my blog is no longer in it's underwear, it has a new background. Back in the craft room... it's a mess! So I thought I'd show you some of my ribbons, which are always out of camera shot and the two box shelves we found in the attic now that they are at last attached to the wall. Not quite decided what's going on/in them yet.
On my bench, where last weeks mess has been pushed back, are a few House Mouse stamps waiting for some Kling-On...(no Captain Kirk in sight!) oh and before you ask, the bottle of Glenfiddich was finished off by Hubby. I just thought the bottle was too cute to throw out! (honest!!) That's it!! Pop over to Julia's Blog The Stamping Ground and join in with the biggest crafty snoop in blogland and tell us, "What's On Your Workdesk this Wednesday?!"
And just for Brenda.... It's an optical illusion pencil sharpener!Thank for stopping by!

This Weeks New Wednesday Digi. ((Closed))

My apologies for this weeks new digi. Because of me and my (missing) tooth... (ow!) it just had to be The Tooth Fairy... I may change her, as there's bound to be in the light of day something wrong, or missing! I'd love to see anything you make using her. It might win you a free digi..Please leave a comment if you can!
Sorry You Missed This One. She'll be in the store asap!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

It's All Quirky Plain to me! blog is still appearing in it's underwear. I'm quite pleased with myself as I worked out how to save my old background to my own Photo bucket account... and then... take that code and fix it into to where it says Edit Html (you've gotta put in the right place) anyway, it worked, yes!! but, my typing appears in black, which is no good.... and odd, coz it's already set for a black background...I daren't touch the blogger template thingy, as I did on my 'practice blog' because I'm now stuck with their colour scheme which I don't want. But!! that's not what I'm here for....
This is my second Plain and Simple DT Card of the evening, made for the latest Quirky Craft's Challenge, which has already started over on the Quirky Challenge Blog. Pop over and see what both our Design team and our Guests have come up with!!
This is Bongo the puppy, from our sponsors, digital delights by louby loo
I've decoupaged Bongo. So this time the digi paw papers I've used were cut out and glued, in to place rather than printed straight onto the card, and I added brads and used my Nesties and Promarkers. (See, I can not add something more than nothing! I'm really rubbish at doing Plain and Simple!!)
The freebie printed paw papers can be downloaded at GTC-Crafty Corner HERE and there's also some different paw prints at Canon HERE... and over at PixieDust HERE. Scroll down for the first card I may eariler. New Follower! Hi and a {{big wave}} to Susanne. I love those owl cards!! That's it for now! Thanks for stopping by!
Onestitchatatime-anything goes
shellysimagesblog-anything goes

It's Plain and Simple Quirky

It's Caro's turn to set the challenge over on the Quirky Craft's Challenge blog this fortnight and she has chosen to do...
Plain and Simple!
So Caro wants to see plenty of 'white space' on oyur card or project. Completely out of my comfort zone, I really wanted to add loads more 'stuff'! This time round we are sponsored by....
which means prizes! I've used their little boy pirate and the sentiment 'You're a Treasure'.
The card was very simple to make. I used a white pearl card and just printed the sentiment, digi image and the spotty paper down the side straight onto the card... (sometimes I can be clever) I coloured it with my ProMarkers (they don't bleed through pearl card) and did a bit of faux stitching. I decided to add a little bit of yellow cord down the side, to go with the yellow on pirate boys jumper, but apart from that, that's all. Not even glue! Plain and Simple! No freebie links this time, no I lie! The spotty paper comes from Summer Driggs and you can find the whole 'Ring It In' Kit, HERE.
I've made another DT card for this challenge... and that post should be above this one, later this evening, in the meantime, please excuse my blog for appearing in it's soon as I can find another black background I'll get it dressed! But at the moment all attempts at this have so far failed. I'm sure I'll work out why...soon... I hope! Thanks for stopping by.
Onestitchatatime-anything goes
shellysimagesblog-anything goes
joyfulstamper-anything goes
Bearlymine-one for the boys
Blogger Challenges-for the boys (including a blog hop!)

Friday, 18 November 2011

The Curse of the Blog Backgounds!

Sorry You Missed This one day freebie (that lasted three days) watch out for the next one!

They say things come in threes... first my blog is removed....then my email and now it seems my blogbackground! (my blog, at the moment is appearing in it's nderwear...*blush*) I've had fun 'practising' on my Spyder's Other Corner2, only trouble with that is, now it's so basic, there's no grab a gadget thingy. It's gone, vanished. I can post but not add anything to the side bar. The google template thingy is my only choice. At one time I was changing the font and everything and now...can't do anything. I might start again. So of course, I dare not click on anything here, in case it goes the same way. I have been told it is possible, that by the end of the month Delightful Dots might be able to share their blog backgrounds again. I hope so, I hate change. Change confuses me! Like when people change their profile pictures from weird scary cats wearing glasses to something resembling and sunburnt crab, I get confused, cos the crazy cat I 'knew', but suddenly the crab is a stranger, and I have to reprogramme my small brain! So, here's something I can do!! A one day freebie!! Clic the Pic to take you to 4Shared. Quick, before she goes! Idea by Maria Louise aged 11! Thanks for stopping by.

I've just spotted something else on My Blog List.... it appears C.R.A.F.T Challenges hasn't had a challenge for.... 41 years!!!!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Chaos! This is my bench, this Wednesday Morning, after making two cards. But I am getting better at putting things away, as I did put most of it away before I started the second card. (okay...maybe I didn't)

And this is the other side... Well, you have to get stuff out to get to other stuff, don't you!?! So? (Voice over man cuts in here) Is your desk, floor, shed, table, loo seat, sofa, or wherever you craft, covered in crafty goodies to spy? And how many flies does it take to fill a cold cup of cocoa!? Answers to this and more! Just show us what you've been up must be better than this!! Pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in with What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!!

'Short post Lyn'
'Yep, it's two in the morning and I'm off to bed... night night. This is on timer...' Thanks for stopping by!

Sorry You Missed this one!

Sorry Closed. Hope you like this weeks igi. She was going to be a carol singing Eskimo, but my hand slipped! She'll be here for one week and then she'll be gone! Please don't share my digi's, send people here to download them, and don't forget I'd love to see anything you make using any of them! Please leave a comment if you can! Thank you for stopping by.
She will soon to be in the dgi store, available in jpeg and PGN.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

It's not looking a lot like Christmas...yet

Very sunny this morning. Already had a visit from our 'not resident but likes to call in', cat and the daily phone call from some one you can't understand, trying to sell you something you know you don't want...but seems to know all about your computer, and wants to know if your Sky is working okay. "No." sez me "It's not, it doesn't work at all.... seeing we don't have it, that's not really a problem!" At this point the phone usually goes dead.
This is my first Christmas card for this year... not counting the ones left over from last year. I used one of my own Snowmen digi's, (grab him while you can, he'll be in the store next week @ 99p) Coloured with Promarkers. The blue behind the snowman is a skyblue Promarker, dotted with a white gel pen for the 'snow'.
I wanted to use up some Christmas backing papers I've had for ages and never used, but couldn't really match them up with the colouring I'd already done on the snowman. So note to self, match everything up, before you start trying to put it all together. Usually things do come together, a bit of glitter there, a ribbon, some embossing, whatever, but I'm not sure it does this time. Well, I did lay out all the papers, then closed my eyes to pick them! The papers are Forever friends, 'Cosy Christmas'
I did achieve the 3D effect I wanted to do with the snowman though. I printed him out three times, a whole image, an image with no arms and then just his head, with the top part of his hat but no dangley bit and the scarf, without the fringe.
I've added a bit of micro glitter to his hat, I did try white flowerSoft but that looked too messy, wiped it off before it had time to sick! The Merry Christmas I did on the computer.
The Font is called Kingsthings Christmas and you can download it HERE. Well, that's one Christmas card done, I'll probably send this one to my brother...along with a nice green and red striped scarf! New Follower! Big ((wave)) to Gail, oops, no she's gone again... that keeps happening! I imagine some deep dark hole where all those tiny little pictures fall... That's it for now, thank you for stopping by!
Cardsformen-It's Nearly Christmas
Crazychallenge-recipe-1 image, 2 papers 3 embellishments
papermakeup-digi makeover
(own digi, and sky and snow back ground)

Have a Puurrfect Birthday Deb!

Evening everyone, Hope you're all well! It's my Sister-in-law's birthday today. Happy Birthday Deb! She loves cats, (she has two) so of course her card had to have a cat on it!
I've actually followed I ♥ ProMarkers sketch for this very quick and easy card. I've used a blank Craft Creations card and a stamped, heat embossed image by DoveCraft/TrimCraft Pepper & Friends. Coloured with Promarkers, (with a bit of added red gel pen on the heart to make it glitter) and a tiny butterfly charm, to go with the butterflies on the papers and image. All the papers came from the 6x6 paper pack Forever Friends, 'For You'.
The Fonts. The sentiment on the front of the card (Just Puurrfect) is called Linda's Lament, you probably already have it on your computer if not, Google the name.
The little butterfly on the sentiment is really the capital letter K from the font Sloneczko, (download HERE) which I've also used inside the card. It's all capital letters, so if you press for a capital, instead you get a little bee, fly, car, pencil, happy or sad faced sun, star or moon, etc.
I thought the butterfly font went well with the butterfly papers, charm and the butterfly on the image too.
I've also used Woodware punches, Martha Stewart fern punch and a Xcut punch for the front part of the flowers. It was the first punch I ever bought! It tore the paper the first time I used it and it still tears it now! Sharpening it the usual way doesn't seem to make any difference. Shame really, as I like that flower shape, but I'm really reluctant to buy another one as my other Xcut punch is rubbish too, but, my border Xcut punch is really good, and I'm very happy with that. But, on saying that, I do like the way it sort of 'tears' the paper, and makes the gingham paper look like cloth. Hopefully you won't notice the blue brads are slightly different blues, don't think that really matters!
That's it for now, oh except I did add some eye-lash wool...not sure if that will stay though. I thought it looked a bit cat whiskery! Thank you for stopping by.
I ♥ ProMarkers-sketch
stamptacularsunday-punch it
Make it Monday
*Update! Was picked as Trimcraft's card of the month!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

I'm Jinxed!

I have no idea what his real name is but we call him Jinx. He's called in everyday for well over a year, probably two. No, on thinking about it it's closer to four. He loves it if either of us sits with him and spends the morning/afternoon/ evening, all day! stroking him! Last night, just before my blog was deleted/removed/banned, whatever, closely followed by my Gmail account (AAAGGGHHH!!!!!) disappearing too, I caught him yawning, yes, this is a yawn, g-gggrrrrrrr, after he'd pushed me out of my swivel chair! The commotion, which followed with me yelling, "My blog's gone!! Where's my blog gone?" Jinxy stretched out and went to sleep. Oh to be a cat and not have such worries! Anyway, Blog and email are back, after sending emails and getting a text message code.
Meanwhile out in the garden my spring flowering Azalea is in full bloom. Maybe someone should tell it, it's November!....I won't tell you what the fish are doing.... it might violate Google's blogging rules! Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

It's my Dad's birthday today, "Happy Birthday Dad!" so of course I've made a card using one of my 'gardening' Hedgehog digi's. Hedgie With His Watering Can 3932. because dad does love his garden.
I've coloured him using my Promarkers, (the hedgehog, not dad) then added streaks of colour from a gold and silver glitter gel pen. His little hand fork has a touch of silver to give it a metal look, the watering can has green, and the little flower also had a dose of gold glitter gel pen added to the colour, just to give it texture and a bit of sparkle. That doesn't really show up in the pictures though.
I started off with some green card folded and cut down to about 5½ x5½ then added the green gingham card using the same green card to layer the veggie paper. You can download green gingham paper HERE (other colours too)
The veggie/seed packets papers are freebies too. They're from the May's Issue of Papercrafts Inspirations Magazine (# 86) They're called Garden Goodies and you can download them HERE.
There's a couple of other patterns, with watering cans and pots, paper ribbons, tags, sentiments etc plus what you see in the photo, but I didn't have them already printed out. I don't use the papers from the magazines, I file them to remind me I have them saved on the computer. In any case there's usually another pattern on the reverse, so you have to decide which to use, and no ones going to use the yellow if there's watering can and wellie boots on the other side, are they!?! (No!) So, download them, save them to your computer (I have a Papercraft Inspirations file) and then you can use them when ever you want!
I haven't put any sentiments on the front of the card, as I thought there was enough going on, but inside I've typed Happy Birthday Dad. (it took me ages to come up with that...!)
The Font I've used is a freebie. It's called Hybrid Hibiscus and you can download it HERE or just Google the name. I coloured it green on the computer but used a red gel pen to colour the Hibiscus flowers.
I made a pocket inside too, which was going to hold a packet of seeds, but when I went to add the packet, it was empty! All the seeds had disappeared! So, maybe, somewhere, these mysterious flowers will start growing. As long as it's not in my craft room I don't mind! Anyway, dad got some chocolates instead, so much more yummy!!)
New Follower! Hi and a big {{wave}} to Jacky Knight, no link, but is that Jacky, Paddington Fan?!? I think it might be! She keeps disappearing, but, she was there! That's it from me. Thanks for stopping by!
OSATT- use a digi
C.R.A.F.T. Challenge: Cute
Craftycatzweeklychallenge.-use a digital
Cardfairy's Digi Day's Challenge: Digi + Texture
Daisy Doodles- Anything goes+with a digi
Make it Monday-Anything goes

Friday, 11 November 2011

Merry Kittenmas! ... 11/11/11

This is one of thousands of drawings, paintings and school projects I'm having to go through in my attic. Can't keep them all, the ceiling is sagging with the weight! This was drawn by Maria many, many years ago, a Christmas letter to her favourite TV Presenter asking if he's come up with a name for her new black and white kitten, which she had for her birthday... as "...We keep calling her Frog!"
I do miss Frog, her 'friend' (*a very large tabby cat) still calls in most days and stays awhile, which is nice, I wonder if he misses her too! Anyway, I think this might make a nice digi, printed out at this size and made into a Christmas Card! What do you think?!!
(*Turns out to be Jinksy)

oh.... 11/11/11 !!
never forget



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