Wednesday, 23 November 2011

WOYWW? A Mouse, A mess and...more mess

Hi guys! Happy WOYWW! Not really feeling on top of the world today. My tooth that chipped some time ago, (which my Dentist did a really great repair on, three times!) finally fell out!! And I'm sooo vain I shoved it back in again, knowing full well a trip to the dentist was inevitable. I phoned in and yesterday (today, as I type this, so apologies if this week's freebie is a bit naff!)) to have the rest of the root dug out, and no, he wouldn't give me my tooth back to hide the gap! He's explained when it's all healed he'll do a bit of magic with the tooth next door using it's root and a bit of bridge work to fix in a brand new tooth. So....all I want for Christmas is my fourth from the front tooth, please!!
Meanwhile, at last my blog is no longer in it's underwear, it has a new background. Back in the craft room... it's a mess! So I thought I'd show you some of my ribbons, which are always out of camera shot and the two box shelves we found in the attic now that they are at last attached to the wall. Not quite decided what's going on/in them yet.
On my bench, where last weeks mess has been pushed back, are a few House Mouse stamps waiting for some Kling-On...(no Captain Kirk in sight!) oh and before you ask, the bottle of Glenfiddich was finished off by Hubby. I just thought the bottle was too cute to throw out! (honest!!) That's it!! Pop over to Julia's Blog The Stamping Ground and join in with the biggest crafty snoop in blogland and tell us, "What's On Your Workdesk this Wednesday?!"
And just for Brenda.... It's an optical illusion pencil sharpener!Thank for stopping by!


  1. Your fairy is NOT naff she is lovely. Thank you very much. Best of luck with the tooth, I had exactly the same problem this time last year only mine was third from the front, I got one of the bridge thingies and it looks really good. Pretty blogware.

  2. Lovely busy desk there - hope your tooth is sorted out soon! my DS2 just lost his first one this week but he was really over the moon about it! Thanks for sharing. Sunshine Girl – No 19

  3. OH i can so sympathise i lost atooth while back mine was at front rt side and had to take out .i got some chewing gum fixed it back in until i could get to the dentist .Then he manged to put metal stump on and cement back in.So know how you feel i didnt dare smile never mind open my mouth to talk .Hope all goes well thinking of you
    Have fab wednesday pop by as i have candy up for grabs hugs judex 18

  4. Hi, I'm just doing a quick whizz round a few desks while I eat my breaky and before my little grandees arrive [I've got 4 of them coming this morning now :-) ].
    Really hope you get that tooth sorted out very soon. :-)
    A x

  5. good luck with the tooth... i have a real thing about dentists...
    happy woyww, no 8

  6. Hi there. Thanks for letting us peek into your creative space this week. It's always inspiring seeing where and how we create! Hope the rest of your week goes very well for you. Hope your Christmas wish comes true for you
    Neil #31

  7. Thank you for sharing your art.

  8. Wow, do it yourself dentistry, that is impressive. You could have coloured it with Alcohol inks before you shoved it back in, that would have been different.
    Thanks for the peep round.
    Ann B

  9. Good luck with the tooth.... maybe it will be done by christmas

  10. I hate the dentist! My teeth are terrible and I go every three months for a cleaning and check up. Goes with getting old my dentist tells me. Love your fairy! I think she is awesome. Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #64

  11. Poor you, hope you get your wish of a new tooth. :)

  12. Thank you for this cutie.

  13. Ugh, hope you get the tooth sorted out soon. My hubster has a gap at the top on the side, but that's because there's a new tooth growing there that pushed the old one out!! Yes, I know! 49 and he's growing new teeth!! Lovely busy desk and those were fab finds in the attic. But I have to ask, what on earth is that thing with the bucket on its head on top of the right hand shelf!!

    Brenda 82

  14. Blimey, well I think that tooth gave you all it had!(and the dentist). Love all your little drawers especially the father Christmas/snowman one :)

  15. It's a shame that tooth fairy didn't work some magic for you in advance. You are too big now my dear to be putting that tooth under your pillow!!!
    Great snoop on your mess and your super tidy areas.
    Love JoZarty x

  16. Oh, sympathy coming your way ... you'll not be doing a lot of smiling until that tooth is sorted. Your little tooth fairy is cute, and indicates exactly what's on mind too :)Hope your week improves. Elizabeth x #81

  17. Hope you get tooth sorted soon, my DH had to go to dentist today re tooth that had been filled but was warned might have to come out, dentist refilled again today but thinks it won't be any good and will have to come out next time. DH very miserable tonight!! Thanks for fab digi. Anne x

  18. Can feel the pain for you - just stick your tongue in the gap. Hope it gets sorted for Kismus!
    Great new background - very in vogue.
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet x #12

  19. That's major tooth art - I think your dentist should join in with WOYWW when he repairs it! Hope it all goes well and you feel as happy as your forever creative desk does! Thanks for sharing a little of your life and desk! Sarah at 14

  20. Hi Lyn I was thinking that it was to good to last but on the whole its not so messy. Hope you manage to get your tooth sorted, I had a bridge on my front tooth and then it spread and I had 5 teeth, but eventually I had to have them all out, now I have a plate, oh the joys of being old. hugs Shirleyxxxx

  21. argh, sorry about the tooth; I'd be the same, it's not vanity. (I like to think!) The box shelves are useful hih, like all your litle drawer sets.

  22. Sorry to hear about your tooth. I'm such a coward about the dentist and can't imagine going through all that... Love the box shelves, and I really like your new blog background - very shabby chic and cool!! Happy WOYWW, Shoshi #70

  23. Hope your treatment gets sorted out soon. No fun at christmas. Had the same about 5 yrs ago with my front two top ones but they did at leasat pop some temeporary caps in whilst doing the root canal. Hugs Mrs A.

  24. you could pretend to be an amphetamine addict and black out a few other teeth?

    maybe not...

    I see you have hit the whiskey instead...


  25. I thought you found a mouse amidst your stuff! Eeeeek! Glad they were just some rubber stamps! Hope you get your wish for Christmas! I would be devastated to lose a tooth too! In front yet! Oh dear! Patsy from

  26. OMG! You see your little blue canvas bag by the ribbons? I bought two of those in Salisbury yesterday when I was there with Julia!! One of them is to keep my scissors tidy on my workdesk, the other is probably for a present, if I can bear to let it go!!
    Hugs, LLJ #39 xx
    PS I like your selection of little drawers as well!

  27. Cor you had me wondering!! Thanks to Brenda for getting an answer, as I really couldnt figure it out!!

    Hope the Kling-on has arrived so you can get cracking, if all else fails, I use good old Prit stick, and wipe it off afterwards, lol

    Happy WOYWW
    Lou #41

  28. Your desk area is great and I love that pencil sharpener, reminds me of my paint, but it is real and spilt :)

    Sorry about the dentist, I hate those people, would rather put up with a tooache than go there. Hope Santa brings you a new tooth for Christmas.

  29. Ooooh Lyn - I would love to have a good old rummage around in your craft room - it always look so interesting, with crafty gorgeousness everywhere!
    Thanks so much for the tip-off re Quirky - I may just give it a go! Lovely to hear from you - hope you and yours are well. Sorry to hear about the tooth though - I hate going to the dentist.
    Loadsa hugs, Sylvia xxx

  30. I am so upside down this week so I am just visiting those who drop by mine. Love those box wall units ...and the optical illusion on top. lol
    Thanks for dropping by mine xx

  31. Owch! My friend cracked hers in work yesterday too!
    Nice ribbon display there. And I like your fairy! She is not naff!!
    Monkey is sending you a hug!


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