Thursday, 30 September 2010

October Digi Challenge

One more Digi Challenge I think (unless you say otherwise) Very busy this month, so that's how long the challenge will be. It will start just after Midnight, October 1st and end Midnight October 31st, (Spook Night!) so plenty of time to have a go!! Use any of my didi's, freebies or bought from the store. Back dating is allowed as long as we have not seen the card or make in any of the last two challenges. You can also mix my digi's with other images if you wish. You can enter as many times as Mr Linkz will allow you, and you can join in with as many other challenges as you want! Once again, everyone who enters will receive a thank you digi. The winner will also be able to chose any digi from the store and I'll also draw something for them. The runners up will also be able to chose some thing from the store too. Watch out for weekly freebies as well as one day freebies!! But most of all have fun!! Mr Linkz will start just after midnight....
Thank you for stopping by.

Didi Digi Challenge Winner & New October Digi Challenge

Thank you to everyone who had ago at my second Didi Digi Challenge! We were amazed by all your cards and crafty makes, from slider Santa's, trick or treak goodie bags, to Robots with screw bolts for noses!! All that entered will be getting yet another little thank you freebie digi via email very soon!
Shall we have another challenge? One more? As I'll be very busy next month I've set the new October Challenge to last a bit longer. It will start at midnight tonight and finish at midnight October 31st!! Spook night!!
You can use any of the freebies you've collected as well as the digi's you've bought from the store. Hopefully I should have some more digi's in the store over the weekend. (So it might be wise to wait to do your choosing if you're a winner) I usually leave that to Hubby, he likes to get involved, but he can take an age to do it!!
You can enter as many times as Mr Linkz will let you, as long as you use my digi's. I don't mind you using other digi's with my digi's. I've been asked about back dating cards, that's fine with me too, as long as it's a card or any make we haven't already seen in the last two challenges!
How d'you like the haunted house, this weeks freebie??? Ghost's, vampires, and mummys are all expected as freebies over the next few weeks! There will also be the odd one day freebie, so watch out for those!! We've all put in our votes, including our two lodgers this week! It was very hard to choose
But finally....the winner and runners up of The Didi Digi Challenge are....


Ali we loved your card, loved the colours and all the embossing. Please chose a digi from my store and I'll email it to you and also let me know what you would like me to draw for you! Anything you like and I'll do my best to come up with some thing! We ended up choosing three runners up, so in no particular order they are....

Loved the pink and the lacy border

A very original idea!!

Lovely diamond easel card!

We had well over one thousand two hundred views of all the cards and the most viewed this challenge was...
Thank you for stopping by. New October Challenge starts at MIDNIGHT!!

Another Email Entry For Didi Digi Challenge: By Nanty Lornar

Another email entry for the Didi Digi Challenge! This lovely card with Roger the Robot (renamed Robbie in the store by hubby John) has just arrived by email from Nanty Lornar. Lorna says:-
Had great fun with him! Planning to use this card for my nephew's 10th Birthday. He, like his Auntie Lorna, loves all things computer'ish. The dinky nuts, fine brass spring and half a memory stick (background for greeting) were all salvaged from a kaputt computer some time ago. I'm a magpie in disguise, I squirrel away anything shiny that I think may be of use later. I keep telling myself I'm recycling; well, that's my excuse anyway! The computer motherboard-like background paper came from a Making Cards Children's Special. Thanks for setting another challenge and getting the creative juices flowing. Will there be another...soon? ;o)
Well, I think we could have at least one more, don't you!

Just in case you've missed the link on my side bar and fancy some freebie Ben 10 Computer Backing Papers, you can down load them HERE from Crafts Beautiful Magazine.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Email Entry For Didi Digi Challenge: Card By KerrMiya

Don't worry if you haven't got a blog, you can send me a picture of your makes, and I'll add them for you. Just had this lovely card emailed to me from KerrMiya using Polly to enter into my Didi Digi Challenge. Love the colour and especial love those tiny 'buttons' on her dress!

New Follower! Hi and a big welcome (((wave)) to DQ, who has a lovely blog called Queelister's Place I Love what you've done with Waving Santa!! I love zapping that Liquid Appliqué with the heat gun! Another email entry coming up for the Didi Digi Challenge. Back tomorrow afternoon with the winner!!

Happy Birthday Mason Rain! oh and Happy WOYWW too!

Happy WOYWW!! everyone! Short post this week, as it's gone midnight and this is on timer... so I'll type very quickly and talk in a whisper. Pictures aren't very good as we have two lodgers staying with us this week... two cats and they're asleep (at last) in the living room, where I've been working for the last couple of days, and if the light's on any longer, they'll wake up!!
It's Mason's (grandson) first birthday today, wish wish wish we could be there But!!! we have Maria and Mason coming over here (from the USA) next month! (Yay! Can't wait!) and thank you so so much to NanyLornar and KerrMyia for sending him a birthday card!! which I opened thinking I'd find ATC's. I quickly sealed it up again, so he (or his mum) can open it when they arrive!
As for my desk, well, not much excitement there, not even a glimpse of a digi as I did this weeks freebie completely on the computer, about five minutes ago! (I'm sooo behind!) There's the five ATC's that I've finished and posted here yesterday and also the one I didn't finish and bits of backing paper, which I used plus, pens, Promakers, and of course, what every crafter needs, some Whiskers Cat Treats!
Craft room pictures are a bit blurry ...mainly because I was doing them in a rush as the camera' s batteries are flat, and every 'new' set I put in, last about three snaps and then die!
Well, that's it! I have to get up in a minute to go to work! So, if you want to join in with the biggest crafty blog hog going on anywhere in the world, just pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in! Simples!
My didi digi challenge has one more day to run, so there's still time to join in!
See you all later when I get back, have a great WOYWW!

Sorry you missed the Haunted House. A new Freebie will be on the latest Wednesday post!

But I just had to add this card by Michelle! OoooOh!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

ATC Swaps CM&PC: Egyptian & Vintage

Monthly swap over on Card Making & Paper Craft forum this month was Vintage and/ or Egyptian. My swaps are below on Monday's post, but these lovelies are what arrived over the last few weeks from forum members plus a few Raks for me, thank you!...Aren't they great!
Most people chose Egyptian. The colours on some of these are amazing. My photo's haven't done them justice at all. When you think we were probably running around in animal skins and throwing rocks at each other, the Egyptians were building Temples, Pyramids, and Obelisk's and adorning themselves in fine silks and spun gold, whilst decorating their cities with lavish paintings...oh yes, and bathing in asp's milk too...(No, that was the Romans in a Carry-On film Lyn, and it was ass's milk...rolls eyes))






Thank you for joining this swap, now next month is October so it just has to be Halloween!! Of course if you're not into Halloween, something Autumnal would be very nice too!
See you freebie and it's......Mason Rain's first Birthday!!!

Monday, 27 September 2010

King Tut Rules...Ok?

My September ATC swap, over on the Card Making and Paper Craft Forum (that's the posh end, look for their freebie papers) was Vintage and /or Egyptian.(click here for forum end )
Haven't really got anything Vintage, well, I have and I did have a play in My Craft Studio with a few images, but couldn't print them out as I'm still waiting for my ink! So fell back (ouch!) on my old favourite, King Tut, although he might not be King Tut, but he is Egyptian...or doing a very good impression of one!
I've blogged about him before, here and I've also blogged about him here too, so won't add any links about the Valley of the Kings, Tutankhamen, Tut or the Book of the Dead secrets ... oh! okay...just this once!!
Leave the YouTube music on, then come back here to read this... you'll find the post not half so boring!!
I've used some Egyptian papers, (which I've already blogged about ages ago too) Stamped images, some coloured with gel pens (three free with PaperCraft Inspirations mag this month along with other things) and some coloured with just ProMakers and some with ProMakers and the Glitter Gel pens and some with mostly glitter Gel pens. All their faces were done with ProMakers though.
When I was taking these pictures the face finder thingy came on the camera, so I think it's caught the faces quite well. In fact, they I think they actually look better here than they doin real life!
I fixed the Pharaoh on with either 3D foam pads or Pinfare glue. Did a bit of gold embossing and added a few bits and Bob's your uncle! I've made five, only because I can't count, actually I made six, but didn't finished it.
Here's a link to some freebie Egyptian backing papers I found

This week we have two visitors staying with us. My eldest daughter, Emma, her hubby Tom have left their cats with us, while they got off and have fun for a week... Ozzie and Missie. Frog is not amused!
The last time they stayed over was Christmas and they were a lot smaller then! This is Ozzie at Christmas, in Emma's Christmas tree, he climbed up ours too!
And this is Ozzie this afternoon, attacking one of my polar bears and pulling out the laptop wires... as you can see, he's grown quite a lot!!
New Follower! Hello ((wave)) and welcome to Kellh23UK, no link and nothing at all on Google, (oohooo!) but welcome anyway! That's it for now... there was going to be more ATC's but the camera's batteries are flat...Not my day, is it!! See you tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by! (Don't for get to turn YouTube off!)

Sunday, 26 September 2010

A Recipe 4 A Quirky Xmas Card!

Oh I've had trouble tonight! Mr Blogger is in my bad books!! Ohooo! Smack him hard with a curly lettuce leaf and a stick of very limp celery!
As I said in the post below (I dare not paste and copy it, as this gives Mr Blogger a headache, and makes him very sick) Quirky Crafts is having a Recipe Challenge for the next fortnight. Cazzy's set it, and wants to see... (I know you know, but here it is again...)

Stitching, real or faux
(which means of course you can draw them on or use peel off stickers or sew them on by hand or machine!)
Lace real or paper

At least two different buttons
(different colours, sizes or shapes)
and finally a colour, teal or turquoise!

A lovely easy challenge I thought, so I've made two cards, the decorating bear in the post below and this Christmas card, featuring my favourite Penny Black snowman, 'Snowy.' (click there for Snowman music)
I've also used two types of Pink Petticoat papers in turquoise, and mounted them onto white card, then chalked the edges with two different shades of blue. I've added gems, eye-lash wool and tiny buttons from my stash, a tag from Hobby Craft (about a hundred years ago!) AND!!!don't faint!! REAL STITCHING!! Yep, I got the needle and cotton out. Yes I know what a needle is... I first made the holes and then threadled (that is a word in my dictionary!) the thread around the card. The thread is very old, as it's in yards and I know I've had it for at least 30 years!! I've used my Martha Stewart and Woodware punches, coloured Snowy with Promaker pens but tried to make his scarf and hat look fluffy so also added some ultra fine glitter to these. Out of the two cards I like this one best. I was going to use the teal blue for Snowy but decided it was a little too dark, and suited the bear far better.
Well, there you go, pop over to Quirky Crafts to see what the other DT members have come up with. Later we will be announcing the winner of the last challenge...and talking about Challenges, I've found a few I'd like to enter! Thank you for stopping by!

Christmas card challenges-use tag
Aly's Sunday Challenge-recipe
(Two designer papers and at least two buttons)
Pennyblackatallsorts- Punch Away
Crafty Catz - stitching
Sewmanychallenges-Christmas Themed
Stamp, Scrap & Doodle - stitching
AI Factory - Anything Goes
One Stitch at A Time-anything goes
Anything Goes challenge-cute
Spoonfull of Sugar - Anything Goes
Charisma Cardz - Anything Goes
Tuesday Taggers - It Takes All Sorts (Anything Goes)
and sponsored by

Quirky Recipe, no Cooking Involved!

Evenin' all! (bends knees, tips hat) Don't get too settled in front of that TV, The Quirky Crafts Challenge has started. Cazzy has set the challenge for this fortnight and she wants you all to get your sewing boxes out! (Moi?) This time round we'd like to see you make anything crafty but it must include the following:
Stitching (real or faux)
Lace (paper or real)
At least two different buttons (colour or shape)
and finally, a colour; teal or turquoise

I've made a birthday card for a Do-it-yourself fan and a Christmas card. I'll post them separately as I'd like to enter them both into different Challenges.
This is the birthday card. I've used Pink Petticoat papers (here) in teal (negative and positive) Three buttons of a different colour, paper lace, using my MS punch, stitching drawn on using a fine maker pen and topped it all with a 3D Squeak, the decorating bear, (from the Daisy & Dandelion Collection) a long with some extra stamped out paint tins and a sentiment from the same set. I've coloured him in using Promakers, added a little bit of Stickles glitter, gems from stash, and screw head brads from Woodware. Easy recipe, so pop over to Quirky Craft's to see what Caro and the other's have made and join in!
AI Factory - Anything Goes
Anything Goes - cute
Spoonfull of Sugar - Anything Goes
Charisma Cardz - Anything Goes
Tuesday Taggers - It Takes All Sorts (Anything Goes)
sponsored by
Flourishes - Celebration (Birthday)
Stamp Insanity -embossing.
Digi Doodles Shop - Emboss It
Creative Belli - 'B' Embellies (Buttons)
Crafty Catz - stitching

What? Another Quirky Peek?

Yes, why not, let's have another Quirky peek. Different card. Same Recipe as the card below... Quirky Craft's Challenge starts later today, so to find out what Cazzy has set as the recipe, pop back later or, hop over to Quirky Craft's Challenge Blog and join in!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

A Bit of A Quirky Recipe

I know, I'm a terrible Blogger! Where has the week gone?! The new Quirky Craft Challenge starts tomorrow. We know it's going to be a recipe set by Cazzy, but what's going to be in the recipe? Nothing edible...unless they're made of chocolate..(oho is that a clue???)
Here's my sneak peak, just to get you in the mood! Okay, who can guess what that image is?? Easy-Peasy!
New Followers! Hi and a big (((wave) to April O'Connor, (no link)
Li'l Pidge from Li'l Pidge Designs, some lovely altered art! Shirley Gaskin, who I've 'met' on different Craft forums, fabulous ATC's. come on Shirley, start your blog!! and you'll find some really lovely cards over on Swaantje's gorgeous blog!! Thank you for following!!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

WOYW This Wet Wednesday?

Morning everyone Happy Wednesday!! Or if you're reading this now... Happy Tuesday. It's not quite Midnight, yet. Crafts are still on the telly. Beatrix Potter, who's bought the lot then??
Blogger keeps turning red and going to Error 503 and then disappearing and won't let me load up photo's, so this might not get finished! I might just have to be very late for work in the morning, because, we can't miss WOYWW can we??!
So, What's On your Workdesk this Wednesday?? On mine? Well, I've just finished a card for this month's challenge over on the New Crafts-On-The-Net Forum. (more about that on the next post, or the post below this one...hop up or down to see it...) There's the Santa for this weeks Freebie. Jacki wanted a Santa, hope you're going to use him in my Digi Challenge Jacki! There's also a glimpse of Elaine's Christmas Penguin doodle for winning my last challenge. I haven't inked him yet, and I know once I go over the pencil, in ink it'll go all wonky! There's also a Karen Doodle rubber Stamp, yep! a rubber stamp, not a digi. Pony Love. That arrived today, (Tuesday) a prize for winning a Challenge over on Karen's Doodles, (Netherlands or Face Book) with my Halloween Kitty card. I was really chuffed about that!
On the left of my desk there's also an unfinished picture of a castle and a hand, which is supposed to be a book cover. But the castle is nothing like the Castle I have in my head, and I have no idea where that one came from, or if I'll use it., it's not really 'castley' enough. The hand is supposed to be some blood curdling creature that lives in another domination and of course, in the story the Castle holds the key to saving the World...(same ol' same, really) I started writing the story well over ten years ago! Have I mentioned, I'm a very slow reader and an even slower typist?!
Few questions from last week, the old baby photo was of hubby John, when he was about 11 months old. And no, I hardly ever use my Quickutz, but I would if the letters that came with it, were a lot bigger.
So, if you want to join in and come and
visit well over 100 crafty blogs... pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground But be warned, it's very addictive!!
This is on Timer, I'll be at work... Crafts on the telly have finished, as it's well past midnight...oops, actually, it's closer
to four again!! So I'll see you later! Thanks for stopping by!
New Followers! Hi and a big (((wave))) to Lisa the Scripperscrapper Lovely blog Lisa, but still can't leave a comment, the box just jumps up the page. Melanie M, sorry no link, and out the back and in the dark there's Heidi, who has some fabulous cards on her blog Mainland-Magic.

Sorry you missed this freebie, but there'll be
another one on the latest Wednesday post!!

Just had to add this Santa made
by Carolynne
From The Craft Table. Isn't he cute!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Crafts-On-The-Net Monthly Challenge

There's a little bit of a Challenge going on for the month of September over on the New Craft's-on-the-Net Forum.
Jacki thought it was about time we had a challenge and did a sketch and then the lovely Louisa from Admin spotted it said she will give away £30 worth of lovely crafty stuff to the winner and another crafty prizes to three runners up!!
Craft's-On-The-Net is linked to such Magazines as Simply Cards and Paper Crafts and Paper Craft Essentials, ScrapBook Magazine and Creative Card Making and sometimes, cards you load up to their gallery have every chance of being loaded up in to one of their mags as well! (I've found a couple of mine in PaperCraft Essentials!) Look out for their freebies, even downloads of a whole magazines!
For my card this time I've used papers 'Hint of Pink' by designer Kate Knight, from Dovecraft (TrimCraft) Also from Dovecraft, were a set of 24 brads that go with Wild Blossom, Summer Breeze but match very well with these papers too, as they have the same flowers. The only thing about the brads is, there's only one of each design, so you really need more packets if you want them to match!
The font I used is a freebie. It's called Pea Faye and you can download it HERE
Why not pop over to the Crafts-on-The-Net forum and join in!

Just Cute Bears-challenge-35- Punch It!
Alphabet Challenge - 'U' is for Unused Stash
I hope this fits, I've had the brads for well over a year,
and it's the first time I've used the Milton stamp and the papers
A Spoon Full of Sugar - Anything goes
Secret Saturday - Anything Goes
Totally Gorjuss - Animals
Pixie Dust Studio - Animals
Whoopsi Daisy -Flowers
does flower papers and brads count??
Stampingwithdragon.white,black, and another colour

Monday, 20 September 2010

Latest Pictures of Mason Rain

Just thought I'd share, Mason, who will be one year old at the end of the month is walking, and very well by the looks of it! Definitely knows what he wants ...I'll have that, and that, and some of that too!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Thank Crunchie it's Friday!! And An ATC Swap

The weekend's here at last! Time to face all the tidying up I have been putting off all week. (yuk) I think my ironing pile has now reached it's all time hight, it's taller than me! Aw, shame, the ironing board is covered in crafty stuff and bits of glitter. As for my craft room...well, there's a tiny path carved through the boxes of 'stuff' so I can get to my laptop. I'm thinking soon it'll be Wednesday again and I'll have the same rubbish, I mean, creativeness, on my desk that I had on there last Wednesday! I have been busy, but in a sort of non-productive way.
Last ATC swap, on CardMaking Download forum. was a 'Back to school' theme. My printer was out of ink (still) so I couldn't print out my favourite back to school papers. I thought never mind, I'd be clever and draw the same little hedgehog I did for a back to school card I made for some one last year. Only, I did the drawing, and then, scanned it into my computer so I could print out four identical little pictures... forgetting of course, the printer was out of ink. So instead of four black printed hedgehogs I ended up with four GREEN printed hedgehogs! After colouring them with my ProMakers, I don't think they look too bad. What did we do before we had computers??
Pop over to Aqualeiga's to see the rest of the 'Back To School' swap!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Spyder's Didi Digi Challenge.

Morning everyone! (((wave)) And a very Happy Birthday to my daughter, Maria, over in USA! (big hugs!!)
I loved all your makes for The Mushroom Challenge so much so, I thought, actually, hubby thought, we should have another challenge. Everyone who entered the last challenge was sent a Thank You Mouse, holding some daisies, (please email me if you didn't get yours!!) and of course there's been loads of freebies over the last few months, it would be lovely to see some of them, and what better way than in a challenge. Everyone who enters the challenge, will be sent a little Thank you digi. Plus, The Runners up can also have a digi from the store and so can The winner plus, I'll draw something for them. So it's win win all round! There's also going to be a another 'secret' prize, more about that when or if it happens! That really depends on you!
'm sure Mr Linkz will let you enter at least three times but each card has to have it's own 'post'. Use any of my digi's, yes, even the Mushroom digi from last time!! (You can never have too many mushrooms! but make a different card!)
Now, if you've never found me before and only have this Wednesday's freebie, which is a background, with a couple of trees and a meadow, how about using that and then adding another digi or stamped image over it! And if you haven't got a blog, just email me and I'll do it for you!
I've been playing in PaintNet all morning, (it's a free download) inventing Elaine's prize, she asked for a Christmas Penguin. Haven't quite decided what he's going to look like yet! But hope you like him so far.
Mr Linkz should be starting very soon, so leave a comment and just add your make below and I'll come and visit.(ohooo quick, hide!) You can also enter your cards/or whatever you choose to make into any other challenges too! The Challenge will run for two weeks and closes on Thursday 30th September, when Mr Linkz will turn himself off! (How clever!) Can't wait to come and visit!



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