Wednesday, 30 September 2009

New Baby Card

I made this New Baby card over the weekend. I sliced about an inch off the front so I could fix the B.A.B.Y. wording on the inside but so you could still see it on the front. This was part of another set available as a freebie from Canon Creative Park, (loads to hunt out) I've just added a punched stamp shape to the back of the letters and fixed them on with 3D foam pads.
The 3D decoupage sheet, with the lovely little animals on the dresser, came from Craft Creations, via my local (not very crafty) shop. I think it was about 39p so, well worth it! I've layered it using silicone glue. I knew I had some blue gingham somewhere, but could I find it? No, that's what happens when you tidy up! So I quickly hunted through Google and came up with this lovely gingham freebie from Activity Village . Other colours are available, in fact you'll find all sorts over there. The pink safety pin, (I didn't have blue!) tiny buttons and ribbon were from stash. For the insert, I fixed two scalloped circles onto one side of the paper and printed over them, then peeled off the circles so there's a nice white space to write on, or even add a sentiment later. I then printed on the other side too. I haven't used any glitter yet, buy I might do.
I've posted this on the timer, so I hope it comes out ok and that there's not too many spelling mistakes!!
Hello and welcome to new follower Rebecca aka

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Mason Rain

Mason Rain was born today!!! First picture I took of Baby Mason Rain, born September 29th 2009.

Monday, 28 September 2009

An Inchie Mask.

Over on the InchybyInch Challenge blog this week they're doing 'Masks', so I had to have a go, (even though I'm supposed to be packing!) but I'm afraid I only managed the one this week. I always feel because they're soooo small I should do loads and loads! The images I've used here were freebies I saved some months ago from one of my followers. Red SSR. I'm sure they're a lot bigger than they are here, I just knew I was going to use them on an Inchie so I'd already printed them out very small, making them just right! These two tiny images were just lying by the computer tonight and I remebered the challenge and thought they would look good together. The masked figure in front with the bespecaled person (is that a word?) hiding behind, because I think we all hide behind the mask of the computer (oho, that sounded sooo deep!) Don't forget to pop over and have a look at some of the freebies, there's some really lovely images! Oh and before I go, I'm not a bald headed guy with round glasses and a beard!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

A Little Birdie Challenge

I was going to cheat and post a card I made last year, but then I thought, nah, let's quickly make a new one and this is it! I've put this post on the timer thingy so...if it's not here and you aren't reading this now, you might be reading it this time next year and by then the challenge will be over, so I'm hoping Penny will do the same challenge this time next year too! Then I'll be early! But if I've got it right and you are reading this now, over on Penny's Challenges the challenge this week is Birds...
This lovely freebie down load is really all about moving house, but I thought the bird was cute! I know loads of you have already found it, but for those of you who haven't you can download this 'Home Sweet Home' kit form The Creative Cottage. Hop over and see some really fabulous cards made with these lovely papers. Don't forget to leave a comment!!
Meanwhile, a warm welcome to new follower Jeanet from Creaplekkie van Jeanet pop over to her lovely blog, where you'll find some really fantastic makes of all kinds!
I'll be back later to put in links and take out all my bad spelling mistakes... so pop back later, that's of course if it's actually here.... and with any luck, the next post coming up will be....
Last Weekend

Friday, 25 September 2009

An Inchie Challenge: Leaves

Just rooted these out (yes, I know that should be routed, but I say rooted..) for Fiona's Challenge, over on Inchy by Inch. I usually secretly have a go but then well, something goes wrong, like, no camera to take the picture, or I lose the Inchy (cos they're sooo small) or the fairies come and take them away. (I'm fibbing)
Here's my 'Inchies' for the Inchy Challenge, 'Leaves'.
Off out now for a Hog Roast...I bet it's pink and has wings...the mind boggles.
Thanks for stopping by
That was short..
Well, she is only five foot two and a bit.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

The (Ugly) Travelling Card

Here's the Ugly Card! See, I told you it wasn't Ugly, didn't I. Rita sent this to me last month and it's been hiding in my craft room (poor thing's probably never seen such a mess!) The idea take a picture of the Travelling Card somewhere near where you live. Rita chose some rather posh looking mansions, so I chose...well, normally it's a really nice, unique house near the sea, where two of my favourite dogs live, but at the moment its a bit, messy as it's being completely renovated!
So first I took a picture of it by my pond at home.. It's sitting on the 'Mind-your-own-business.' Then, Ugly Card came with me to work and I took a picture of it on the new sea wall. Then there's Ugly card on the fence, (Misty Isle of Wight views in the background, but lovely texture to that oak fence! Click the pic to make it bigger) Ugly card on the cement mixer (spot the guy in the shorts!) and Ugly card, being sniffed by one of the dogs!
Tomorrow, I might take it up to the Forest and get a New Forest pony or two in the back ground! Or, better still, I'll take it to hubby's 'works do' tomorrow night. Hmmm, maybe not!
Diane Forest of Little D Creations in Canada, started this all off at the end of March 2009 and thought it would be fun to see how far this card would travel, so she named it the Ugly card, Rita named it the Travelling Ugly Card.
Tracy in Canada was the first person to receive it from Diane, who sent it on to Jen in Hawaii who then sent it on to Rita in Massachusetts and Rita sent it to me!
We already have a few takers! So that's brilliant. I'll also make a few Ugly cards too, so anyone who wants to join in just yell...or email or leave a message...and we'll see what happens!!
This one will go off to Sylvia, of Poppy's Papercraft Patch (yes Sylvia that's you!) who was the first one to say, 'count me in Lyn'...and my first card will go off to Susan's Crafty Chaos as soon as I can make my own version of the ugly card...but I am thinking 'Ugly' here...A cute Troll maybe!?! Any ideas welcome! Anyone can join in! (I'll just make more cards!)
just time to say 'Hi' to new follower, Nicola over in sunny Spain! (Lucky devil!!) We've 'met' on the forums! Pop over to Nicola's Creations there are some fabulous challenge cards to see!
Right, that's me done for tonight, BIG mess to clear up in the living room and in the hall...I can't help it.. I've been making a card for Penny's Challenge. (birds) and some Inchies for Inch by Inch (leaf) and...well...I spread!
No wonder John's been in the shed all evening!! Actually, he's being very productive, he's downloading (or is that uploading?) all my Harry Potter Stories on to my phone. How cool is that!
Thanks for stopping by!

Not So Ugly!

Sorry no blogging yesterday, as I've been a bit busy getting ready for our trip out 'across the pond' to see our grandson next week, (still no sign, but he is due any minute!) and have loads to do before we go.
Seeing Halloween is just a few weeks away I thought I'd add one of my (very old!) cartoons to today's post! (No it's not a self portrait!) I also have an 'Ugly Card' coming up. What's an ugly card I can hear you say. Well it's not really ugly, in fact it's a really nice card, that's trying to make it's way around the World with the help of you bloggers!! I'll post about it some time today, meanwhile, give it some thought. Would you like to have the ugly card to pass on? If the answer is yes please! Email me, (see my complete profile) You can be here in England, or ANYWHERE in the World. If I get a few people interested I will make my own ugly card (and that will be ugly!!) for people to send around the world too! Or of course if no one answers...I have a few people in mind I might volunteer!!
Back later....
The caption for the cartoon was, "That's the last time I buy a broom from a second hand dealer!"
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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Thank You Shirley and Riet!

I received these lovely thank you cards form Shirley and Riet who were both winners of my weekly followers blog candy and I thought they were so lovely I just wanted to share them with you all and to say , thank you sooo much for sending them. They are both on my book shelves in my living room (next to Harry Potter Books and Buffy The Vampire DVD's) where they will probably stay forever!

From Shirley

From Riet

Thank you so much, they are both fabulous!!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Freebie Gothic Font

Nearly forgot to pop this on! I promised a link to the Freebie font on Dark Lady's Candy Card. It's called Fiddums Family, classed as a bit of a Gothic, very small, and to quote the blurb, 'An old fashioned horror font based on The Addams Family movie title.'
It's freely available on loads of free font sites. I've picked these three. You can download it from HERE and here and also here
Don't strain your eyes! Click on the picture to make it bigger!
My goodness, that was a quickie, wasn't it!
Night night!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Spyder's Corner 7th Blog Candy Weekend! And the winner is...

This has been the hardest week ever!!! I had another draw, with five of you! So the five where put into a bag of their own, shaken very vigorously and my daughter Emma pulled out one person. (Don't worry the others were all okay, just a little dizzy) So without any more waffling...(aw, go on, just a bit more..)
The winner of
Spyder's Corner
7th Weekly Followers Blog Candy Draw
(no drum roll this week...he's lost his drum sticks).
!!!Dragon Lady!!!
from Craftydragons
Thank you so much for all your kind comments and support Ali, please send me your addy so I can post you off your Crafty Bits and Pieces! You'll find my email on my full Profile Page under the picture of 'me and him!'

Back tomorrow to let you know where you can download that fabby freebie font!!

Scroll down to check out edited posts for other freebie fonts, ClipArt and papers.
Join in with the Quirky Vintage Challenge!

Quirky Challence 12: Vintage

This week The Quirky Challenge 12 is Vintage, which means you can make any craft project you fancy in the theme of ages past. Atc's, Fat pages, Scrap book layouts, Altered art, any thing that comes to mind, although it doesn't mean dressing your Granny in her Sunday best and posting her on the forum...but on second thoughts, that might work too!
This is my very very first Vintage card. My very first vintage anything! I was a bit boggled about what to do! I asked Hubby and Mum, 'What does 'vintage' make you think of?' Mum's answer was, 'old cars' and John's was.. 'wine'. No help there then! So I went surfing, No! Not on a board, on the web and found The Graphics Fairy (link also on my side bar) Loads of Freebies if you're into Vintage Clip art, and that's where Santa came from. I reduced him a little bit and printed him onto glossy photo paper, cut him out and edged him with a thin gold line peel-off that had a bit of a crinkly edge to it. The envelope is actually a decoupage set that I reduced in size, mainly because I wanted 'Merry Christmas' in that old fashioned writing. I've since added a bit of gold Stickles glitter to the holly. You can down load that from HERE (the full sized decoupage, envelope that is, not the Stickles Glitter, sorry!) then click on the link for Christmas (Link also on my side bar~there's loads of links to freebies on my side bar if you haven't noticed them yet, go and have a look! But not this first!)
I'm afraid I can't remember where the papers came from as they too were a freebie but via post, a magazine deal I think. Papers with vellum paper to match. They're really nice but there's only one of each colour so I hadn't used them until now. The vellum has the same pattern as the paper but with added gold. The gold snow flakes were cut from Tesco's finest Christmas wrapping paper! I bought it boxed some years ago (so it was really posh! and also very cheap in the sales!) Knew it would come in handy one day! So now it's your turn! Pop along to the Quirky Forum and see what everyone else has come up with, then have a go! You have til next Sunday evening to enter your idea! Don't forget there's a prize for the winner!
Here's some more DT takes on the Vintage theme, just to give you some ideas!

A Vintage keepsake box by Julia
A fabulous Embossed card by Anne
A lovely stamped image by Cazzy
A lovely Vintage card by Gez
And a lovely Vintage Christmas Card from Fe-Fe
Last weeks Challenge winner was Caro with a fantastic take on 'Board games 'A Cluedo ATC.'..pop over and see!

Just time to say "Hi!" and welcome ((wave)) to new follower ScrappingHappy who must love making Albums. Pop over and see some really fabby makes. Love your 'Diva' heading title!!

Next post coming up!!! Blog Candy sorry it's late!!! Family down today and lots to do!! Still no sign of this 'baby' though!! back in two tic's...on second thoughts, make that minutes..

A Peachy Dustin Monkey!

I know I'm going to be too late for this Peachy Keen Stamps Challenge as I forgot to take a picture of the card when I had my mum's camera, so....I had to dig out the 'camera free with a posh cracker' (link goes to 'old' photo) to take this picture this morning!! So, pop back later for the upgrade in photo's!!
(New photo's now added)
There's a sketch to follow (I'm sure today is the last day) I like sketches, if they aren't too 'mad' with loads of stuff on them, as it's nice to add your own twist on things. Anyway, here tis and if you were here earlier you'll notice I've changed and added more pictures. Regular bloggers will know the monkey is the art work of Dustin Pike. I was lucky enough to win some of his fabulous images in one of the challenges he set back in May. I've coloured him (the monkey not Dustn!) with ProMakers and Copic pens and did a bit of 3D-ing! First I printed out three monkeys. (and reduced their size) The first monkey I punched out with a large Woodware punch (I have a good left hook, cutting off a bit of his tail and head..ow!) The second monkey was then fixed over the first and then I added another layer with just the cake, and finished off with a bit of micro glitter. The little cakes at the side are from a Bubble and Squeak clear stamping set. The Papers are Pink Petticoat, pink dots to cover the card and then the pink gingham was a freebie from Madabout Cards. Now the font, for all those who love free fonts is called Boyz R gross NF and is available as a freebie HERE. I've typed this out in WordArt so I could use the two colours. It's classed as a Comic, Cartoon font, so I think it's great for this type of card.
Pop back soon to find out who's won....

Spyder's Corner Blog Candy
this weekend!

(I'm still gets more every week....phew!)
Scroll down for tons of stuff you've probably missed with links to freebies. Have you seen Rose's lovely Teddy Card yet...I just love it!! Sorry, still haven't added names to the Blog Awards but will do very soon, promise!

A Quirky Peek

A Quirky Peek. Don't worry, its not a name of an odd mountain range. It's a Crafty Forum. I'm on their DT and this is a sneak Peek of my card for the next
You'll like this one. I wasn't sure, as it was a little bit out of my comfort zone. But I'm very pleased with the out come...I even found some lovely freebies for you to hunt out! More later!! Night night!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Snowy Snowman

Happy Saturday everyone!! Just a quickie Christmas card tonight, as it's almost tomorrow! My favourite Penny Black Snowman, Snowy, with added bits to his scarf and hat (by me!) I know you've seen him before but he is cute isn't he, and I have rather a lot of cards with him on!
Snowy was coloured with Whisper Pens. (They've roughed the paper up a bit and made the ink bleed) The 'snow' he's standing on is just Tesco's Finest. (Sorry, is wasn't 'real' snow) The 'greeting' is done on the computer first and then you cut a nice snowy shape, either around the snowman or cut him out and stick him on afterwards (which is what I did) over whatever snowy backing paper you've chosen. This card was cut at an angle and acetate added so I could fix on some snowy peel-offs and squirt on some Stickles glitter glue.
Hi to new follower! Thank you for joining Spyder's Corner, Charlie all the way from East of Cleveland, Ohio, United States. (Well, it is a long way from here!) Charlie has a lovely blog called My Jaynes and all of them in between... O...K...(sez me slowly) I guess Charlie knows a lot of Jaynes!
Don't forget to pop back to see my Sneak Peek of next weeks Quirky Challenge at Midnight or maybe a bit later... (I'll be in bed!) There's still time to enter this weeks challenge. To make anything, ATC's, Scrapbook page, Altered Art, Fat Page, anything that reminds you of a board game..Tic Tac Toe..Snakes and ladders, bingo! I haven't forgotten about blog Awards (post below this one) I've just lost my bit of paper, so I'll do that another time!! I will...Honest! (she won't she always forgets)
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Lovely Awards From Elena, Shirley and Jackie

Here I am running around like a headless goose. (shouldn't that be chicken?) no...gooses are bigger. (gooses??) But then I realised , it's FRIDAY!!! The end of the week! And tomorrow's Saturday!! Last weekend was weird. It sort of melted into the rest of the week because we did a bit of dog sitting and cat sitting and a bit of chicken sitting too! How d'you sit a chicken? Well, it's almost the same as sitting dogs, only they don't like bonio, they won't bring back the ball when you throw it and you daren't drive the car with the window open! Why am I here? It's in the Title!! Blog Awards!! I love 'em don't you. I've been saving them up! I've received these Awards from Shirley, Jackie and Gvendalen. Please pop over and see their lovely blogs, and thank you so so much, for thinking of me!

The rules with this Honest Scrap Award are that you have to give 10 facts about yourself! So anyone claiming this Award must do the same!
Ok, facts about me???
At the moment I can't think of anything I haven't already said!
1. I'm slightly mad
2. Addicted to card making
3. Addicted to anything to do with crafting,
4. I can't see out of my new reading glasses
5. I hate ironing and use my ironing board to craft on!
6. Oho...I can write with both my right and left hands...(I start new things with my left and usually finish off with my right, it's very confusing!)
7. I'm addicted to chocolate!
8. I'm AB Negative
9. I passed my motor bike test the first time and my car test the third time. When I passed my car test the instructor said, 'I'm pleased to tell you you've passed, providing you don't park your car anywhere near mine!'
10. I have too many craft punches and keep buying ones I already have...
I'll be back later to fill in some names!!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

A Dotty Home Tweet Home

I had to do this really quick because I'm not supposed to be crafting today I'm sposed to be 'tidying up'. Yes, (I whisper) I've been neglecting my what-u-call-ums? Cobwebs hanging from the ceiling?
I made this Home Tweet Home card with the freebie download, down there on my side bar...(go on, hunt it out, but not now! Read this first!) I'm hoping I'm not too late to put this little card into two challenges...
The Passion for ProMarkers Polka Dots Week 17 Challenge, 'Any Colour & Polka Dots' and The (new) Lily-Boo Too Challenge Blog! 'New Home Card' using this very cute freebie image and 2 ribbons 3 flowers and 4 brads...
Now I know The Lily- Boo Too Challenge goes on till the end of the month, so there's plenty of time to enter, but I think the ProMakers is just about up! No! News Flash. There's still plenty of time! The P&P Challenge doesn't end til 9am Tuesday! So! For once I'm early!
I printed the little house out after reducing the size by about half, printed some Pink Petticoat dotty paper in Sassy, solid, positive and negative because it matched so well with my 'Magenta' ProMarker. It's so lush! Love that colour! Tad disappointed with the 'Pastel Blue' I used for the sky though. I bought a set of ten, which came with a black sketching pen, last month in a sale and at least three of them are a bit 'dry' but I'm hoping they'll get better with use! The house and the solid colour were both mounted onto black card before they were attached to the card with 3D foam pads. I added a touch of micro glitter and some ribbons from stash and that's about it! Ah! No, nearly forgot. The font. It's called Black Jack and can be downloaded as a freebie HERE (you'll love the little 'ditti') or Here (No ditti)
Had to change this mornings picture, borrowed Mum's camera again... bet you didn't notice! These pictures are soooo much better. Only trouble is the old picture may show up in the 'linkswithin' or it may be left blank but never mind!
This card will go off to my daughter Maria...who's about to 'pop' any minute now! And at the same time move house! (We're all taking bets at what weight, what time and what day Baby Mason will be born!
Time to say Hi ((wave)) and welcome to new follower link, but I know where you are! 'My Arty Attempts Pop over and have a look at some fabulous decoupaged Christmas Cards, lovely acrylic painting, which I think would be great as backing paper, some copper metal cards, a cork card and trillions of other things! Chris certainly loves having a go at everything!!
Now, you sit there for a while, put your feet up and have a cup of coffee or tea, or even a glass of wine, while I go and put in all the links! And don't forget to scroll down, to see the lovely 'Clip-it' from Rose! Thanks for stopping by!

Another Wooly Wonder From Rose!

Rose made this lovely Card and Teddy for last weeks C.R.A.F.T. Challenge. It's soo cute I just had to 'Clip it'!
For the challenge you had to make a card for a child with a removable object. Rose writes that all the papers are from Polkadoodle's Sugar Birdies and Candy Doodles CDs and the Teddy she knitted in 4 ply alpaca wool. He's just too cute! Pop over to WoollyCrafts and see some more of Rose's super makes and find out what she's come up with for this weeks C.R.A.F.T Challenge! It's all fabby stuff!

blog it

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Midnight Fright!

Midnight Madness Challenge 18 was a bit shall we say (ssshh!) of a bummer. No, we won't say that, we'll say, it was a bit a doozy. I only had odd buttons, nothing fancy to decorate, even though of course my craft room is full to breaking point with 'stuff'. No real special image, no nice charms but then in the dead of night I had an idea! (If I could bottle it I'd make millions!) Not a good take on the sketch but, well, I had a look at all the others and there were some really fabulous ones. Even if you're not taking part you should go on a blog hop and have a look! This is my take on the sketch. I guess it's 'nearly' there! Sorry about the picture, camera is still sick, and the little 'Cracker Camera' won't take close ups. I've covered black card with the downloaded backing paper. Fixed the Haunted house onto some more black card. Then I cut strips of acetate up and placed the four thin strips across the card and then fixed the Haunted house over it with 3D foam. I had a few ClipArt spookies left from my Board Game Card so attached them to the acetate so they 'wobbled'. The inside is another downloaded spider's web paper and some cartoonie characters. The large spider dangling from another strip of acetate is from ClipArt.
Now, the 'haunted house' backing papers, cartoons and wording are all from the ScrapbookingMad shop and while you're over there, don't forget to hunt out some of their freebies too.
Of course knowing me, I've probably done the wrong week, but never mind, I quite liked playing with the little spooks!
This Halloween card will be going off at the end of the month to a Halloween Swap over on the Craft Bubble forum. I hope my swap partner doesn't mind spiders!
Now, as I type this Challenge 19 has already started over on Midnight Madness and looks a lot easier! So, for once I've already got my thinking cap on...or maybe my night cap, as that seems to be where most of my ideas come from... The Land of Nod.
Time to say (((wave)) "Hi!" to new follower Mary from My Scrap Happy Life Thank you for joining Spyder's Corner!
P.S The spider in this picture, isn't real...(It's ok Charlotte, you can look) and no creepy crawlies were harmed in the making of this card...

Saturday Spot Light. New Challenge Blog

There's a New Saturday Challenge Blog starting up!
Saturday Spot Light With Hidden Potential
There's a fantastic Blog Candy give away, so click on the link to take you over there to find out how you could be in with a chance to win!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Passion For ProMakers Blog Hop

Passion for ProMakers are having a blop hop to win a whole new set of Promaker Pens. It's already started but there's still time to enter so get over there and have a go!!!

THIS IS NOW CLOSED...but still pop over and see what's happening!

Free Font and Free Think Pink PinkPetticoat Papers

Just a quickie to nite. (My Mum's computer's doing weird things and we've been sorting it out! I think it's been 'talking' to my wacky camera!) So, back to yesterday's Blog Winners Card. The free font is called zodiatic. This font isn't widely available, but you still might have it, but if not you can down load it here.
This link takes you to 'Z' so you will have to scroll down a bit. This is o
ne of my favourite sites for free fonts as you can see just what they look like and there are thousands of them!! (You'll be there all night!) Once again it has been typed out in WordArt on the card so I could use two colours. It's a very small font, so you'll have to have the font size at around 30 to look like the normal 12. And once again I've used a mixture of Pink Petticoat Papers. There's a new kit called Think Pink, which is available as a Freebie on the Pink Petticoat Blog, but just in case you missed it, you can go here to download it!
Big (((wave))Welcome to new follower Fe-Fe who everyone must know! She does so much on forums and blogs! Pop over to Fe-Fe's World of Craft, Creatio
ns and Kids for loads of inspirations and also her lovely take on this weeks Quirky Crafts Challenge, Board Games!
Thank you for stopping by!
"Has she gone?"
"You sure?"
"Yep...turned off the computer and



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