Monday, 30 August 2010

CM&PC ATC August Swap

It's that time again, my little swap over on the CardMaking & PaperCraft forum is a lot bigger this month. This months theme was 'My Favourite Things' are the swaps, aren't they great!! Luckily the dogs didn't eat them!

Art Deco,Teddies,
& Egyptian,


Crafting, Winnie The Pooh,
Cooking & Cats

Miya & Kerr

aged 4 & 9
Princess, Ballet,
Play Park,
Sport, Riding Bike

Crafting, including step cards,
Easel cards, Waterfall cards & shakers

Loves tea, Chocolate
& The Musical Cats
Knitting, White wine
& a beach hut by the sea.

Grandchildren, garden,
Pet dog Bonnie, Crafting & Chocol

Nanty Lornar
Harry Potter,
cats, computers,
space & fixing things!
loves rock & roll!

Imposters Needle
Scary Books & Chocolate!

And Some Thank you's for me!!
eagle eyed people may have spotted
the clown in my WOYWW easel

I've already posted mine on the blog last week, but if you missed them you can find them here. Now? who's going to win a little prize this month I wonder??
New Followers. Hi and a big wave to Bixi Sparkles with Paper, Scissors, Rock! pop over and say hi, and Little K Smith, who at the moment hasn't a link...but with the power of Google, you can find Kelly over on Little K Smith's Corner! Don't forget the House Mouse Challenge!! That's it for now, catch you soon!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

A Colourfull Girlie OSATT Challenge

Hi Peoples!! Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin...
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... aw, that always makes me smile, it was sent to me in an email once or twice...but enough of that! It has nothing to do will anything! So on with the challenge that started (early! but I am now very late!) over on OSAAT!
And this week the challenge is...
Girlie and/or Colour Inspiration...

Ok, yes, I know my colours don't exactly match the bubbles but there is a bit of lilac and pink in there! (look closer!) Well I did say I'd made my cards for either of the last two challenges didn't I! (remember? Shapes and Punch it?) And they're both still beary girlie cards too, aren't they? Pretty hard to guess by the sneak peek, and even harder to do the spot the difference as only one of my cards was put on the Challenge blog...(and it wasn't the one with the 'difference') so there'll be no hopping back to the Challenge blog to spot that, (because it's not there) but, seeing I have the cards here on my hard drive, I thought I may as well post them anyway and we can still play the game! But more about that later! First the cards!
Both the images are the creation of JLJ Designs and you can find them over on JLJ's blog (where you might find some freebies too) and over in The Stitchy Bear and I Did It! Store as well.

This weeks challenge Girlie and/or colour Inspiration is being sponsored by the one and only...
...With chances to win some of Kenny's fab fabulous images!! I know you'll all want to hear all about the art of Kenny and how it all came about, so click on the link below or on my sidebar link. Some of the DT were lucky enough to be given some amazing images from Kenny's Shop, (and I got a bear..... yes okay, move on Lyn) so hop over to OSAAT's Challenge Blog and have a look! Of course you don't have to use a KennyK image or any image from the store, (But why wouldn't you want too!!!) but of course we'd love you even more if you did!!
It's worth a hop over to Kenny's anyway, to hunt out his August Freebie...very apt for me, as it's a dog with a hotdog!
And talking about dogs, I've decided the Stitched bear on my second card looks a lot like George, one of the dogs I'm dog-sitting at the moment, there's definitely a likeness there!!

My spot the difference game.
Ok, a little change in the game I posted yesterday. The first one to email me (dragonsmoore at googlemail dot com ) with all three answers wins a digi from my store and a tiny prize!

1. Spot the two differences between the two 'Stitched Bear' cards, besides the background (as I just took one photo here a moment ago and the other one at home ages ago)

2. And, what's odd or unusual about all three cards okay! Easy!

More Freebies!! First the Fonts. I've used Katy Beary on this bear card (which I thought was a good match for a bear card!) and you can download it for free HERE
And I've used Pea Faye on the other bear card and you can download that one for free HERE at Fonts for Peas! You'll find loads of 'hand writing' fonts over there, some with dots, dashes hearts and loads of squiggly bits too!
Papers, yes I know I said they were free but they do take a lot of finding and silly me deleted my post with the info on it! (bother) They were free Easter papers from way back in 2007 from Papercraft Inspirations Magazine. I've searched for them again, and the link appears to have closed. So how about some Summer Beach papers instead?? They would have been free with PaperCraft Inspirations Magazine in 2007, so some of you won't have them! Download Sea Breeze here
That's me done for now...I did find some challenges but left my note book at home, so see you later!
Meljen's Designs - Happy Birthday (The Heart Bear Card)Pixie Dust challenge - Stitch it Up (Both Cards)
Aud Sentiment Challenge - (fortnightly) Anything goes (Both Cards)Sew Many Challenges - Happy Birthday (The Heart Bear)Bee Crafty (fortnightly) (must use a digi) anything goes (Both Cards)
Crafty Emma's Challenge #1 - Anything Goes

Saturday, 28 August 2010

OSAAT Sneak Peek With a Twist

No, there's no clue in the title to what the next challenge over on OSAAT is tomorrow, but there is a twist. Seeing there's no chance anyone can guess what the challenge is, unless you've tortured members of the design team or given Stitchy parcels of chocolate (and if you have, where's mine????) that I've decided to give a tiny prize, not for guessing the challenge, but for spotting what the difference is from one of the cards I will be posting here tomorrow and one of the cards that will appear over on the Challenge blog tomorrow... Both my cards were actually made for the last two challenges, they would've fitted, so there's a clue to what's on them (maybe) but that's as far as it goes. So, all you have to do is, pop in tomorrow and look at my cards (leave a comment so I don't feel lonely) scoot over to the challenge blog and have a shifters at all the lovely DT cards over there, and then hop back over here, spot what the two differences are, very easy!! and then email me at dragonsmoore at googlemail dot com. There's also something else a little odd about my two cards too...and the first one to spot that and let me know will also win a tiny prize!! Hopefully tomorrow, I'll also add links to the freebie font and papers I've used.
Now, if you are in the mood for a birthday party blog hop, you need to go over to The Crafting Dragon loads of candy to be won, but of course you have to be in it, to win it!

Just a reminder about a special challenge taking place over on OSAAT. Mark your calendars for September 12th. As they will be hosting a charity challenge for Autism Awareness. Hopefully there'll be lots of winners at the end of that challenge. So get your thinking caps on and start thinking 'rainbow colours'. Please feel free to take this badge and place it on your blog, telling people about the challenge and link it back to OSAAT's Challenge Blog.
If you'd like to know more about Autism click over to
For the love of Cameron

Also... yes there's more! From now until the end of August, OSAAT's is having an 'End of Summer' sale to help celebrate the merge of the two stores Stitchy Bear Stamps and I Did It Creations, so there's tons of new products in the store so why pop over and have a peek...
Stitchy Bear & I Did It Creations Crafting Boutique

I'm really pleased with how many emails I've had for the Freebie Digi to join in with my little challenge, 'Not Mushroom For A Mouse, House, I started while I'm away walking those two Airedale's miles and miles for the next few weeks. (I can feel myself getting thinner by the second!) Even if you haven't got a blog, you can still join in. Just email me a picture and I'll post it on here for you. There's loads and loads of time to join in!
Loads more new followers, I hope I've got you all in, but only a few of you have links , will try an ad them when I find you, commenting here would help! So a huge (((Wave))) and a big hello to Laneyoval, (OSAAT DT member!) Laralee, Marion Tornow, Nanyeileen1, Sue-b, Rainmac, Denise and Richard Ruck, (does that count as two!) Happy Days, KathyK, Paula-ScrapAddict, and out the back and in the dark...ScrappyScatty, Amy's Stocking Stuffers and Karla Der!!
Hopefully this will appear by magic as it's on timer as I'm not here..but will pop into change everything later!! Think of me walking all those miles with two hairy Airedales...

Friday, 27 August 2010

Email Entry For Mushroom Challange!

Here's the first Email entry for my
'Not Mushroom For A Mouse, House' Challenge!
This card was made by 'Cleindori'

So, don't worry if you don't have a blog, email me a picture of your 'Not Mushroom for a Mouse, House' card or whatever you've made and I will post it here and then add it to Mr Linky for you!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

W.O.Y. Dining Table Wednesday!

It's Wednesday!! I did try to hold back the clock, but it didn't work, the day still zoomed up behind me like some kind of over sized buffing steam train! I'm not here, this is on timer and you're watching What's On Your, strike that, What's On Your dining table, Wednesday.
I'm trying to get about a trillion things done before we scoot off to Dog/house sit, luckily I don't have to be there until 7 tomorrow morning, because at this rate I'll be late! Just about to tidy (ha hah!) my stuff off the table last night, (Craft room is tooo messy to show!) so I could do the freebie digi, when I suddenly thought I'd better take a couple of pictures ready for WOYWW. Bad light I'm afraid and a very 'rushed' hand, as this was my third go, first the camera batteries went and then I couldn't find the saved file on the laptop.. So more pictures were needed. I think the ones I lost were better...bit like the fisherman's fish!
On the table, apart from some Promakers is...
ATC's I've just made, ATC's, which have just arrived. Card I finished, then decided it needed more 'stuff' and the beginnings of todays freebie and the Challenge Freebie... Yep, I have a Challenge going on while I'm not here, just join in if you want, although as I'm not here til later, you may have to wait an hour or so for your digi. There's a few entered already! Scroll down and have a look!!
That's it, pop yourselves over to Julia's blog and join in the Great Snoop of well over a hundred crafty blogs! I'll be Seeing You!

This weeks next new Freebie will appear later on the newest WEDNESDAY post

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

ATC's 'Favourite Things'

Over on the CardMaking & PaperCraft forum, my monthly ATC swap has grown! This time round the theme was 'My Favorite Things'. These are my swaps, I'll show you everyone's fabulous swaps tomorrow, after WOYWW.
Bit of a mishmash and kinda predicable really. Family, (Hubby John with Baby Mason) Drawing, (some of my old cartoons, before I found ProMakers) Frothy Cappuccino Coffee,, with chocolate topping, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, Nutella, Foxes Extremely Chunky Chocolate chip cookies... (oho I have to go and have one now!!! ) Ponies, cats, and of course crafting...(pair of scissors....) Oh Pooh!! I've just spotted that there's something missing!!!.... back in a sec!
Now that's better... **who can spot the difference??
(Click on the pictures to make them larger)

At the moment the house wreaks of fish!! John's out in the kitchen de-heading, tailing and gutting, herrings (shudder). He's quite pleased with himself as he's followed Rick Stein's method of how to de-bone them, I've had action replay and sound effects all evening! I'd take a picture, but he's wearing his Michelangelo's David, pinny! (we bought it in Italy) and I wouldn't want to offend or frighten anybody! (oh go on!) I think he wants his own spot on WOYkW...! (What's On Your Kitchenworktop Wednesday !)
My first Challenge appears to be going well, if I count how many people have asked for the Freebie Digi. Click here, if you missed it or scroll down, as it's just below this post. Mr Linky is attached as well, so, all mod-cons!
New Followers! Hi and ((wave)) welcome to Tracey, a WOYWW fan, and a Icklenortherner and Sally Kendall, no link, but comments and google have found Sals Bits and Bobs pop over and say Hi!! That's me done, back tomorrow with WOYWW on Timer as I will be somewhere else!
** Nuttella

Spyder's House Mouse Challenge

I'm away for a week or two, although not far away...just up the road really, house and dog sitting and thought, just to keep the blog busy (hopefully) let's have a

using my Freebie
'Not Mushroom For a Mouse, House' digi.
Anyone can join in
All you have to do, is email me for the digi, (dragonsmoore at googlemail dot com ) and I'll send it to you as soon as I can, (without the cobweb watermark of course) hopefully I won't be asleep! You make whatever you want and enter as many times as you wish, and enter as many other challenges you like, just make it look gorgeous, post it on your *blog* and post it on here...that's of course if Mr Linky works... I think I pressed all the right buttons! (probably not!) Mr Linky will stay there until I get back from my dog sitting, round about the second week in September, so there's plenty of time to join in, and yes, I'll have my laptop with me! Prizes, I'll draw you a digi, of your choice, plus three other little prizes for runners up, and of course you get to keep the digi!
*No Blog?* No worries, email me a picture of your make, and I'll post it on Mr Linky for you!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Penny Black Trick or Treat

I'm determined to get this on today (it won't fit you) but it's not quite finished. Bit of eyelash wool, glitter and of course a sentiment. would be useful. The printer (that we dragged down from the attic a week or so ago) has decided it doesn't want to print, (which is why it got shoved in the attic in the first place!) just when I was about to print out 'Too Cute To Spook', because he is, isn't he, the mouse, and the cat as too, although, either that pumpkin is the tiniest in the world or, that's a gi-nor-mouse mouse!
First time I've used this PB stamp, so I thought I'd do a bit of decoupage with it. What d'you think? (don't give up the day job!) well, it can only get better! Pink Petticoat papers again. MS punch and a strip of acetate, recycled. It was once a Promaker packet. I'll be back later, with the 'finished' card, more pictures and to fill in challenges and generally do stuff I've forgotten to do!
New Followers. Hello and welcome ((wave)) to Beary Wishes pop over and see some lovely cards, I like the owls! Hi, Carolyn who's already here, naughty blogger should've told you! Hi to Rusty, who's on the Stamping Dragon DT and Susan (aks Tomsmom) with some lovely crafty-ness. Anyone out the back? Aw, I'll look tomorrow. Sleep tight!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Shape Of Things To Come, no doubt

The new Challenge has started over on One Stitch At A Time ages ago! No card from me this week or though I did do a card. I did two and I thought they were for this challenge, but they'll be up for next weeks challenge... even though they were done with this weeks challenge theme in mind... yep, I'm confused too! But then, maybe that's an early clue for next weeks challenge!?! Or maybe it's just a double bluff. You'll just have to tune in next week to find out! I won't be here next week. (oh no!) We're off Dog and House sitting for two and a bit weeks. (ohoo that sounds like fun, hide your sox and undies Lyn, or the Airedales will eat them! )
The picture above, (not this one, that's one of the dogs we'll be looking after) shows you the Halloween card I started this afternoon and hiding beneath it is a sneak peak of a new Digi I'm doing.
Now, because I'm going to be away, there won't be too much going on over here in Spyder's Corner, so I'll be putting up a new freebie, but!!! It'll be a freebie digi with a challenge attached to it! (clever eh?) You'll have to leave a comment on the post with the Water Marked Digi (coming up in the next few days) with your email (or you can email me..) and I'll send you the freebie digi...yep!! I'm taking my laptop with me!! But more about that later!
So, what's the OSAAT's challenge?? I know you already's....
{{{Say It With SHAPES }}}
Hop over to the Challenge blog and see what all the other DT members have come up with, I'll be just as surprised at you are!! In fact, nip over anyway to see what design Stitchy has chosen this week for hosting the DT cards, the winner's card, and the top never know, you might see your card over there in the spot light...(That'll be really clever, especially if you didn't enter!) ...the winner for this weeks challenge will receive a $10 voucher from
Before I forget, because I still won't be back, mark your calendars for September 12th, as OSAAT will be hosting a charity challenge for Autism Awareness. They'll have lots of winners at the end of this challenge, so get your creative caps on and start thinking rainbow colours. Feel free to take this badge and place it on your blog, telling people all about the September 12th Challenge, attaching the OSAAT's blog link to it.
If you'd like to know more about Autism click over to For the love of Cameron
New Followers! Welcome and a big (((wave)) to Tali1981uk, no link but I think your birthday might be in May and there's lovely cards in Photo Bucket! And Stacie G Hestiarhelper, both are out the back and in the dark with no links, but Stacie has a lovely blog called Hestia's Helper, pop over and see her lovely Karen Doodles Kitty Halloween card, made with the Freebie via Karen's Doodles (Netherlands branch!) !! And Kerry with a lovely blog called For The Love of Paper (I know what you mean!!) Sue with 'My Cards and Things' amazing easel cards, go over and peek!! Abi, (lovely red hat,) I now have a link, pop over to My Crafty Desk to see some lovely cards. Lorraine, from Lorraine's Place pop over and see some of her lovely makes. (Kelly) MiamiKel, who has loads of links, Sand Castle Stamper and Crafting with Deedees digis, to name two. Such cute teddies!! (the fury kind) Lisa Olson, who's a felt maker, yummy felt things going on over on Hand made by tigerlily and Donna! Who is a new she's not, she a non starter blogger, come on Donna let's see some lovely things, over on Scrapping delight
That's it for now...Thank you for following Spyder's Corner, have a great week everyone, might see you tomorrow!!

This is a draft...and comes in pints....
note to self...don't forget the timer!!!

A Blog Award From Lorraine, Blackbutterfly Cards, MadaboutPooh! with a Cherry on The Top!

Ohoo how lovely! Lorraine from Lorraine's Place has just sent me this lovely (with a Cherry on the Top) Blog Award and also from Bets over on Blackbutterfly Cards!! and Kris aka MadaboutPooh!!

I've been very naughty about not spreading my blog Awards about lately, so I'm going to be extra good and do it right now!! But not before all the rules are laid down...1. Thank the person that gave it to you.
2. Post it with pride on your blog (It will go at the bottom as my side bar it full!) 3. List 3 things you love about yourself. Ummm?
4. Post a picture you love. 5. Tag 5 (+10) other people for this Award. (I'll save the others for another time!)

So.... 1.Thank you Loraine!!! Thank you, Bets!!! Thanks Kris!! 2. It's Posted!! 3. Ummm??? I'm nice, kind and a little bit dizzy, ok, completely insane.
4. A picture I love??? (times 3??) I love all my family pictures and my pictures of my ponies, but I'll burst into tears if I get them out... all long gone now. As I'm just sorting some photo's out to take over to Mum-in-law in a minute... how about these four???

A very rare picture of Youngest daughter, Maria with baby Mason

and a very old one of me with Maria!

A lovely one of GrandPa John with baby Mason!

and to be fair, my oldest daughter Emma
(now 30!) sucking her toe! (don't you wish you could do that!)
Hey!! I knitted those little rompers!!!

and 5. To tag five (x 3, is that 15!!) other people for this Award...that's the easy bit but I'll just do five for now and save some for later!

Aqualeiga (Ali) A New Blogger and totally addicted to ATC's so much so she's made three blogs, even joined in over at Cardmaking and Papercraft Forum and made her friends come too! (and moans at me when I'm late with my swaps!)
Jacki, who's a new blogger too, but leaning very fast and has some lovely cards!
Krinstina from, Reflections of a happy crafter, who always finds time to pop in and comment
Julia because where would we be without WOYWW? I wouldn't 'know' half the people I 'know' now!
Thank you very much Lorraine, Bets and Kris!!

I've done one extra, and because I know this lovely blogger already has the Cherry On The Top Award, so I've Awarded this Amazing Blog award instead (as I was naughty and forgot to blog about it!)
Netty, because she always has amazing makes on her blog, great inspiration and pops in often too!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Mason's First Steps!!

Aw, look at him, all Halloweeny !! Taking his first steps, it doesn't seem five minutes ago that I was blogging on my laptop in a hotel room just outside Seattle that he'd been born.. Thank goodness for Face Book.

Friday, 20 August 2010

It's a Doodles Halloween with Karen's Freebie!

Love this, don't you! The image that is, not too sure about my design! but I had fun doing it! Only thing is, I really wanted cobweb peel-offs and a few spiders, but could only find the one witch in my stash.
The card's about 7" square, with a slice cut off the front, where I've added acetate. The extra pumpkins and the Boo! I did myself... I've used Pink Petticoat Halloween papers, inside and out. Karen Doodles Image that I've coloured with Promarkers. You can obtain free, if you become a follower and join in the challenge over at Doodle divas Netherlands and also on their Face Book page too! (I think! I had an email from the Face Book page) Just add to the comments that you'd love to join in, along with your email and wah-la, you'll be sent this lovely Kitty Kat image! Brilliant! The challenge closes August 31th and you could be in with a chance of winning some amazing prizes, two Rubber stamps from Karen's Doodles and three copic refills.
You can enter a number of times with this image, as long as you make different cards, so I'm off to make another one...
Before I go, we have some new followers! In fact we have quite a few!! Thank you for joining... Gaynor Greaves, who loves Glitter, pop over to Glitter Bug and see! Then with no link we have, Ayu, then Brigitte from SE Louisiana with Pink Paper Cricut. and out the back and in the dark there's, BearMoo02, FionaTate, Keira McKeown, A Simpon, and Lin Dan, all with no links, aw, shame...

Doodles Divas Netherlands (and Face Book)-Use This Image **WON**
Pile It On- Shapes ( at least 5 shapes)
Digi Doodle Shop -Any Thing Goes
Fairy Fun Friday -Punch It
Paper Cutz Challenge - Anything goes
Stampin' for the Weekend - Anything goes
Stamp Something - August Digi day Challenge
Audsentiments challenge- anything goes



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