Tuesday, 31 December 2013

This Month Spyder Has Spyed!

I've been doing a bit of spying again as well as lovely people sending me links to their fabulous cards and also a few Design team members where I've sponsored their challenge! (I thought they needed a mention too!)  All the creations here have been made using my digi's! Kitty and Edwina have been very busy entering challenges and even winning a few! Most of you have chosen your prize digi (some are waiting for me to draw more!) If yours is here and you haven't claimed your freebie yet, email me and I'll send it on!







 This lovely sugar-cane card was made by Sonyas Paper Trail.

Deanne of A Little Bit o' Paper


 Hillary of Ink and Paper Cards


Katelyn of Artsy-Arts

 Fiona, sent by email


Wynn of Sunshine Cards and Crafts

Deanne of A Little Bit o' Paper



Monday, 30 December 2013

Dogone-it! Their Christmas Cards!

I may have been a bit awol over the last couple of weeks but I have been doing a bit of crafting. I decided with time in sort supply not to make cards this year to send out 'from' the dogs  I walk but, instead to use a picture of them put into a 'bought' photo card frame, (found in my attic!) once I'd played with it on the computer of course! Okay, not the best work of art I've come up with, but I was pleased with my first try! Here's a few I sent ....

...and one I didn't!!

I think Rufus look quite nice with a beard!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Happy Birthday Niamh! (With Cake!)

It's already Niamh's first birthday today! Time really does fly! We're just off to her party so I think it's okay to show off her card from me and him-in-doors. I'll add a few details later when I get back, don't want to be late!
Back again: (Had a lovely time at the party. lots and lots of crawling babies!!)
 For this card I've used Forever Friends 'New Arrival' I bought the 6x6 pack in a sale last year. Not really used it because it's soooo lovely! The pack includes glittered and double sided papers. I've used a pink check, then over lapped that with a glittery alphabet paper. The cute LOTV image, which I coloured using ProMarkers, is part of a set free from a crafting Mag last year. I did the sentiment and the inside on the computer and used more of the same paper.

The Font is a freebie, I've linked it before, it's called Abbeyline
I've added a little more Stickles glitter around the edges of the card and also a teddy button, a flower, a checked ribbon and two little pink pearls hanging from the bow on a pink cord. There's a giraff peel off sticker inside and they're 'in to' garraff's or owls!....Oh well. the bunny rabbit does have a candle on his cake.
 Tom made this  lovely owl birthday cake....aren't they a Hoot hoo-per!! (He wanted the cake tins for Christmas!) Oh look, there's my dog walking card in the background....don't go phoning it! I've changed my number!! I have a new phone and no, I didn't put the old one in the washing machine again! That's it for now. No staying up til four in the morning for me tonight, I'll be late getting up! Hope to add this to a few...
  Oldie but a goodie challenge-tartan or check (pink check)
            Robyns fetish challenge-Party (I'm sure that Rabbit's off to a party!)

Friday, 27 December 2013

Little Boxes, made of ticky tacky....

I hope you've all had a lovely time over the Christmas holidays catching up with friends and family. Thought I'd add  the finished boxes I made. The first one I did was an idea I had for a 'gift wrapped' challenge that I made here, which I turned into a Christmas Tree Decoration with chocolate coins inside, then that gave me the idea to make more and turn them into place setting name thingies (with little chocolate treats inside) 
They went down a treat...Once opened they could read..."Just for you.....some reindeer pooh!"
Inspite of that, everyone took theirs home. Hopefully to add to their own trees!
It's just a strip if card actually taken from a blank card and folded over two more times so it has a back, bottom and a front. 
The front was cut a little shorter, then I've added a circle where a small Velcro sticky patch was fixed on to keep the little box closed. They're quite small, so arn't too heavy for the Christmas tree, if used as hangings.
Most of what I used was scraps of paper left over from other projects. Easy! (although I still didn't finish them until the day I needed them!) Even the thin ribbons came off jumpers and tops. (The ribbons inside the garment to help keep them from falling off the hangers ...yes, most of my clothes fall off the hangers now, but never mind!)
 I was going to add a little Bugaboo image as I did on the very first one, but ran out of time, so filled the space with the names instead. I'm thinking now, they'd be lovely in silver or gold or colour co-ordinated  with a wedding theme too.
The freebie font I've used I've linked before. It comes in 'hollow' and' thin' and is called Anjelila Rose. Download them all HERE or just google the name . That's it! Thank you for stopping by. Sorry there's not been much 'blogging' going on, but well, other 'stuff' gets in the way!  Hope to add this (if I can find the time) to some ...
Left of center challenges-Christmas
One stitch at a time-(month long) Anything Goes 
 Creativefingers-Anything goes
4kraftygirlz- Anything goes

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas WOYWW?!

I'm a bit late as it's only about a minute to midnight but I haven't been visiting WOYWW over on Julia's Stamping Ground for a couple of weeks (soooo busy and I got locked out again!!! I used son-in-laws computer!) so I just HAD to join you all on Christmas Day! This is what's on my desk right now... some little treat hanging boxes I've made out of scraps of different paper. I'm hoping to have time to add names to them so I can use them as place names for tomorrows Christmas Lunch. yes, we're having Christmas Day on Boxing Day this year. We haven't opened our pressies yet!! Today, the 'real' Christmas Day, we've called our Boxing Day and had a lovely time with sis-in-law having a picky meal all day long... not that it was a 'real picky meal with left overs, as the starter was prawn and salmon with a sort of  lovely lemony horseradish sauce and a rocket salad followed by salad and loads of different meats and pickles etc and then Profiteroles (yum!) Hope you all had a fabulous time today! Merry Christmas!
 Photo: Merry Christmas & a Very Happy New Year to everyone who knows me.

Never Too Late for a Freebie Snowman and Backing Paper!

Just thought I'd add this... Niamh's Snowman (bearing in mind she's not one til next week! ) A very quick snowman, just as I printed him out (I 3D-ed him) and...


 ....some light blue backing paper
and the PNG and JPeg snowman...

Merry Christmas!!!!

A Very Merry Christmas to all my family, friends, bloggers, customers and followers!!!
Niamh's card to her mummy!

Monday, 16 December 2013

A Wet Dog, A Lost Bobble Hat, And Annie's Friday Smiles on Monday

Busy day, and didn't it rain this morning!?! Sunday I lost my bobble hat somewhere in the field and by the time I realised, no amomunt of asking Bronte, the dog I was walking, to 'go find' my hat, would work... This was the second time in a week I'd lost my hat... last time it was on the Beach, so Bronte was used to the command..."Go Find Hat!" It was getting dark and the rain was getting wetter. So this morning still dark, the quest was to get to the field and find my precious bobble hat before it was lost forever. We searched, me and Bronte.... Bronte  and I. We were, I was just about to give up on any hope of ever finding the bobble hat when Bronte, very cleverly spotted it on a small bridge railing crossing a swollen river (large ditch really) She did a lot of barking, which I believe may have meant, "Here's your hat, lets go!" or..."Throw the flippin' ball again!" or "Can I go for a swim in the river?" Anyway, by the time we got back to Bronte's house we were very wet.... But not too wet to pose! I'm taking the hair dryer next time! (Bit late but will add this to Annie's Friday smiles)
Share a smile...

This Years Christmas Tree and Niamh.

I had a vote one year on here to find out what was more popular, artificial trees or real ones. The artificial Christmas tree won hands down. For years we would take the girls out to the Forest (a forest shop that is...we weren't out there with axes chopping them down!) and choose a tree. It had to be just the right size and width;  not too fat and not too tall. Not skinny and no broken branches. By Boxing Day, even with water, the needles would start falling, although the 'treated' ones did last a bit longer but we were still finding pine needles in June! So we, me, a few years ago, ended up buying an artificial tree in the January sales (70% off !) 
The only thing with artificial trees I feel is, they always look the same. I've not put so much 'stuff' on this year and there's a couple of newbies, an owl and an angel called Niamh.
 Here she is, meeting Santa for the first time.



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