Saturday, 30 May 2009

Charming Edwin

It's been really hot today! Summer's here at last! (Shh! It'll rain tomorrow now!) I've been out in the garden for most of the day and I thought I'd just quickly get this in before Britain's got Talent comes back on! Is there anyone in Britain watching anything else tonight?
Here's a little Star. Charming Edwin, he's rather cute, isn't he, with his lovely bunch of red roses. I coloured him with the ProMarkers. (I think I can safely say they're mine now, shhh!) I'm happy with the jeans but the jumper? looks like I washed it!! Sort of shrunk and faded! I wanted it a fraction darker around the edges and without thinking I picked up the wrong colour in a Whispers pen. I really think the Whisper Pens should be numbered or named! The times I've picked up the wrong 'red' and it's turned out to be the dull pink, or a rose that's had an argument with a pale purple. Used the K& Co papers again, sorry to be boring but I wanted to use up some of the bits. I save all the bits, no bit is too small! The lacy 'ribbon' is self sticky, but had a few little tears (as in 'tares' not the watery kind) so I added the flowers to hide that. The Do-craft 'Just for You' was stamped onto the oval, once I'd punched it out. The 'Crafts too' punch jammed ~this was with paper, and I had to unscrew it to get it free again. Really not happy with that punch, but it's so useful! The slightly larger oval, which it's mounted onto is a Woodware. Soooo much easier to use. I cheated a bit with the insert as it's a copy of the one lower down the blog, I ran it through the scanner, but no one will notice!
John's been dying to get into the picture for ages, so here he is! The other evening while I was busy taking pictures, he suddenly appeared in the hall outside the craft room and said, "Take a picture of me!" And he began posing in various Mr Universe posies~but at the same time, drawing my attention to what was behind him, in our bedroom...he'd only gone and piled up all the ironing....six basket's full! I do use my ironing board! Honest! It's great for crafting!
Before I go I'd love to welcome four, no! another's just arrived! Five new followers! Thank you so much for joining us, we have enough for a right real rave now!
Stillcrazybutcute' (Ha could be me!) no, StillCrazybutcute is the one in the hat! Love that hat!! Pop overand see Madeline's cute blog! Sandie, who some of you know and are also following. There's some lovely pictures and ATC's over on her blog, please nip over and see. Mel (who appears as a very cute rabbit~ I had a wabbit like that once!) she has a very new blog with some truly original cards, beautifully coloured and some Pink Petticoats (one of my favs) and of course, a picture of a rabbit.. then it's hi to Debs. Please pop over and see some of her lovely cards, they are really worth a look!! Lovely works of art and great colours using copic pens (Are they better than ProMaker I wonder??) And last but not least, Lorraine over on Coldwaters2, who I found tonight, while blog hopping and also has a picture of a rabbit! Lovely lovely Tilda sitting on her watering-can and a cute worm (which I tried to email for the freeby image but I have the wrong email, aw shame!)
Undate on Willy The Worm, I've now got him! (I've put in links now)
It's The Old Gaffer's Festival over on The Isle of Wight all this weekend, so we'll be nipping over to Yarmouth tomorrow. Have a good Sunday!!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

A Quirky Challenge

I've just joined another forum, (oh no~ let's hide!) Quirky Crafts and provided I can remember where it is and the password...(since my laptop's come off sick leave, I've lost a lot of my passwords...)I'm thinking I might enter this Tilda in to one of their first challenges. I followed their sketch, which was really easy...(it didn't walk very fast) and used those K and Co papers I used further down the blog, K-Ology. They're growing on me...(no, not like bindweed, more in a papery sort of way) I love that mauve, and the green has mauve threadled ~oh alright, threaded ~ through it, but that doesn't show up in the photo. I put the lighter mauve through the the BigShot and embossed Happy Birthday all over it, using the Cuttlebug folder, punched out the flowers, with a Woodware punch and coloured Tilda with my (dad's ~ shhh! I've still got them) ProMarkers, then did that thing with the insert I did before, ran it through the scanner so I can re-use it, but this time missed out the Loony Lyn.
Internet was playing up again today, the lady in India suggested we 'turn the computer on...' so I'm late posting this, it's already tomorrow!
Oh before I shoot off to bed, a quick hello to two new followers! Yay! ((Wave)) Ellie who has some lovely blogs for you all to go-look-see and Gez who I found after doing a bit of blog hopping, really lovely Tilda card and yummy stuff to check out. Right ! That's me done! Good Night...sleep tight...I never did get what that meant.... z z z z z z z

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Little Lilac Tilda

Agh! I missed yesterday! Where did the day go?! Oh well, mustn't grumble! At least I wasn't abducted by aliens..."Good Morning Wednesday!" (It is Wednesday, isn't it?!) Here's a Tilda card I whipped up as I suddenly realised I'd nearly missed someones birthday. Yes, it's that little Tilda from down below, on the ATC. She's sooo cute. A very quick card. All Pink Petticoat papers. I put the lilac sheet (it has tiny tiny white dots on it) through the BigShot trapped in the CuttleBug's embossing folder and tore round the edges and even though this paper is only Tesco's Finest* 120gsm, it still managed to scuff up really nicely after I sanded it with a nail file. The tiny flowers, I punched out from dotty paper. Mmm, maybe I shouldn't left them out, or inked the edges or something. I added a little Stickles glitter to the centers. The adhesive gems and glittery ribbon are from Papermania. The flower button's from my stash (a buy two get three bargain) the curly corner is a Cuttlebug die-cut, that just happened to be the right colour,and fell off the shelf onto the glue, so I stuck it on! The star was a brad, but I cut it's 'legs' off (ow!) as they weren't centered, which made it really hard to line up with the ribbon. I couldn't at first make up my mind which way round the card was going to be. Think both ways would've been okay! Before I nip off, I'd like to say a big "Hi!" and a big (((wave))) to two new followers! Lesley and Tracy (who's hiding at the end of the list with no picture and keeping Esther and the other's company!) Please pop over and see their blogs! Back tomorrow, come rain or shine, providing of course, there is a Thursday and it doesn't sneak off like Tuesday did!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Tiny Tilda and Edwin Atc's

I don't do ATC's very often, hardly ever, but decided to make these as I'd scanned the two lovely images of Tilda and her little friend (Charming Edwin) through the scanner and made them smaller than I wanted them. It seemed a shame to waste them and they both fitted so nicely on the pink ATC card !
The pink flowery backing paper isn't backing paper at all. It's a gift tag, add ribbon, a couple of gems, micro fine glitter, a flower and a bit of doodling and colouring in with Whisper pens and hey-presto!
Okay, so it's not a work of art as you'll see over at Cheryl's and Patties but hey...I can only get better!!
Thank you Denise for the stamped image swap! Hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend...
Back tomorrow...unless of course, I'm abducted by aliens!

Update: These now have new homes...Sally and Jilleebbee

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Tom's Card

Well, here it is,Tom's Card. Couldn't put it on til now, because, one I hadn't finished it and two we couldn't get connected to the Internet. (Aaagh!! Hair turning grey...hands shaking uncontrollably, eyes fixed in a glazed stare!) Although, according to the animated voice message, all was well with Orange. When John finally 'talked' to someone (In India) and asked how the weather was there, he was told, it would be put right by this morning.. no it wasn't...(althought the weather hasn't been too bad) but after nearly ten hours without Internet connection my (still very sick) laptop suddenly sings 'Connecting to Internet server' (It sounded sooo happy!)
Anyway, John spent his time today trying to find out what's wrong with my laptop and I've been finishing off Tom's card.
During the week I got John to take two cards to work with him so he could cut those slots in them. (He has this binding machine at work. It's like a gi-normous bind-it all, only better, but not so pretty.)
I used birthday wrapping paper to cover the front. What processed me to do that I have no idea...As you can see, I've tried my best to cover it up! There's even a Penny Black Stickeroo frog hidden under there! It just goes to prove, any mistake can be fixed!
I had it in my head that I wanted to do some kind of 'story' but once I arranged and coloured in all the Dustin Pike's cartoons that I wanted to use, none of the backing papers I had were bright enough. So, I decided to draw my own back-grounds. (Which is why there's a colour difference around the drawings as they were drawn and coloured in, cut out, and then stuck on to my backgrounds. You can see it on the kite, but I think I've hidden it quite well on all the other's.
The two Monkey's on the front of the card are mine (drawings that is, I don't actually have monkeys living with me...well...not real ones anyway!)
Last year we cashed in our Tesco vouchers for tokens so Tom could be a racing driver for a day and this year we thought he'd like to have a go at...ah wait a minute... not gonna tell you ..yet...
The front of the card starts off with...'Hope you like your pressie'. ..then goes on to say. "Driving through Mud?? No!... An assault course??... Nope.!..Nothing to do with Flying...or catching anything..(maybe a cold)...but we can promise'll get wet! '
All the drawings, the dragon, bee, jeep, monkey are freebies from Dustin Pike but all the backgrounds are mine.
I like the monkey best. He's really the one who started the whole idea off. I just added a few more vines. I used mostly Whisper pens as I have more colours but also ProMarker pens, which were a lot better. The white lines were made with a Sakura GellyRoll pen. I then threadled ( I know that's not a word, but that's what I say!) I then threadled some sticky ribbon through the slots to hold it all together, not too many, as it's for a guy!
Pictures of Tom drowning will probably be posted at a later date!!(Only kidding Tom!)
Now then...Looking into my crystal ball, I can see that I'm going to enter this card into a Challenge over on The Pink Elephant Challenge blog some time in JULY...(clever huh?!) It'll be all about using animals on your cards and guess what!! Dustin Pike will be sponsoring it! Which means, lovely downloads for the lucky winner!!! So, when July comes around you will all be ready with your made cards!! (I love Blogging...)

Friday, 22 May 2009

Dustin Pike: BLOG Candy Alert.....

Dustin Pike: BLOG Candy Alert.....
Dustin has a fantastic idea for his first Blog Candy, for us to make a card for a child over at Postpals this is a wonderful idea! The more cards we make the more smiles there'll be! Please check out both sites to find out more.
There will be one grand winner and 10 first prize winners. This is a great cause, so please pop over to Dustin's to find out more!
**Update... I was one of the first prize winners!! with THIS card

Postpals will always love your cards but this candy has now ended

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

One More Ice Cream Sundae

Oh boy! What a day...first it's my son-in-laws birthday today. "Happy Birthday Tom!!"
"I've made him a card but I'm not showing you yet, I'll keep you in suspenders til tomorrow...or maybe Friday!
And laptop is very sick and I mean very sick. (aw) It's busy 'doing' something all the time, but not what I've asked it to do. It's as if someone else is using it! Ghostly goings on. Downloading and opening simple documents are taking hours!! To print one page it took nearly twenty minutes. Stop. Start. Stop. Start. A Snail could've done it quicker if it could type...and read...and not have it's mouth full of my runner beans! Anyway, I'm using John's at the moment (John's laptop that is) with my 'add on' hard drive thingy attached to it. (No, I'm not going to take a picture) The only scary thing about John's Laptop is, it has a full size picture of me (and him) as a screen saver (aaarggghh!!) and thirdly...yes, there's more.. last week I made (or tried) to make an appointment to see Mr Doctor about Xrays on wonky leg. Mr Xrayman said my doctor would know all about it by now. Hmmm. (On another planet!) Why is it, they only employ the ladies who failed Charm School to become receptionist? I mean, they're dragon ladies! Their pens are magic wands that only they can use to cast the spell that opens 'The Appointment Book of Appointments'. With much, 'Oh he can't see you Monday, too busy Tuesday, full Wednesday and Thursday, away Friday and then he's off for two weeks...' In the end after much shaking of papers (it's all on computer) and leaving the room to ask... whoever? She came back and I had my appointment for today. Lovely. Thank you. Good Bye. Only today arrives and Mr Doctor knows nothing about said Xray. He has no notes, No email. Nothing. I'll ring you later today, he sez...did he?? No. (I know there are some lovely receptionists out there, fact Southampton Hospital has a very nice one. Lovely young lady, blonde, very smily face. She gets my Gold Star Award.)
So! Card time! Freebies from Tinker and Co... Here's the whole set I made last week, what d'you think? Can I give up the day job yet?

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Dustin Pike: BLOG Candy with a due date

Dustin Pike: BLOG Candy with a due date
Closing date June 6th. So you haven't got long to get all your card/cards made and posted off!!

I won a prize!!

Midnight Maddness Tilda

I hope I'm not too late to enter this Tilda card into the challenge over on Midnight Madness, but here it is anyway! My computer's feeling very sick and won't load up or is that down load pictures (Or it takes sooo long I have time to tidy my craft-room and visit Santa in his North Pole Grotto!)
I've actually had to down load this picture straight from the camera. (Never done that before)
The papers are 'K-Ology' by K&Company, all greens, browns with a dash of mauve. I've been trying all week to finish it, my problem was getting the two ovals to look good together, so I ended up cutting the underside one out of some nice glittered parchment, so you couldn't actually see too much of it.
The corners, the oval frame Tilda is standing on, the flower and the 'Just for you' were all made using Woodware Punches, except for the little oval I fixed the sentiment on, that's by CraftToo. Not really happy with this punch, it's extremely hard to punch 'upside down' (that's the punch- not me!) so I could see what I was punching and line it up with the words and the pattern. It's very hard to hold whilst doing this and virtually impossible to line it up with the words. In the end I used the Woodware circle punch and then stuck it on the yer didn't notice that!
Aw, well, you'll need a magnifying glass! Here's the sketch I followed, see what I mean about the ovals. I just couldn't get two the same size to work, not enough was showing. A bigger one would have been better~but I haven't got a bigger one! (shh! I ended up using two underneath)
More pictures of this later,when my laptop has stopped Pole Dancing!!
And once more as if by magic...more picture's appear!
This other Tilda card is the one I made last week, in plenty of time to enter it into the challenge, but didn't. I just wasn't happy with it...Pink Petticoat Paper is one of my favs really didn't 'jell'... could've done with a bigger oval even on his smaller card... different papers even......and something's's not quite 'right!' I hope it's new owner will like it!
Now before I go, the conga line is getting longer! We have another follower and I'm extremely pleased to welcome Debby4000. Please pop over and see her blog. There are some amazing brilliant, super-fantastic cards over there, every single one is a work of art! you'll drool! I so wish I could make cards like that! (Now you'll understand what I 'm trying to say about little Tilda card up there...sez me whispering.)
Well, time for coffee and a chocolate biscuit, I think. Thanks for stopping by, back permitting... "Mwah!"
(great word isn't is! I've just found it..mwah!_ it's a kiss!)

Monday, 18 May 2009

Jelly and Ice Cream

Just a quickie. Labtop is not feeling too well. Keeps falling to sleep! (bit like me!) Of course I shout at it and call it names, then it just shuts down and sulks!
Another Card using the free down load from Tinker and Co, Strawberry Sundae (There'll be another one tomorrow) Used my Crop-a-dile to put in the eye-lets and a CuttleBug die-cutting whats-it, through my BigShot for the little curly corner thingies and my nesties for the rectangle. I wrote the 'just 4 you', because I was feeling a bit lazy and I'd already gone and stuck everything down before I realised the stamp wouldn't fit in that tiny gap.
Now here's a thing...the rectangle was printed on a bit of throw-away packaging. It was nice and shiny and I save all things shiny.
See, it was from W.H.Smith. I think it wrapped some black card...and look, it says, 'just add imagination', so I did!
It made the pink paper a slightly lighter shade I think. Or that may have been because my printer's running out of ink!
As you can see, the other side of the rectangle shows a black blobby blob thing, which I think looks quite good. But no one's ever going to know it's there.... oh...ooops!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Dotties World Party!

Over at Dotties World they're having a party from 17th to 24th of May, with lots of PRIZES!! and party Games! Every good party has invitations, so they need you to display this invite in a BLOG POST and WRITE about the party, then link it directly to Dotties World
Click the link to find out more and to see all the lovely prizes!
Be there or be square!
Game number one...Spot the Difference
Game number two... label all your Dottie challenges to see who's the 'Dottiest' (that counts me out I'm not dottie...!)
Game number three: A Treasure Hunt!!!!
Game number four Guess The Buttons!
Game number five Buttons and beads Challenge!!
Game number six. Guess The Brads!

Well done to the winner who won the best link prize....all this and a one liner would've done! 

Saturday, 16 May 2009

I'm A-mays! Another blog Award

I was blog hopping, like you do and thought, I haven't hopped over to May's Maze for a few days. I'm so glad I did because Sam had kindly given me this award for my blog! I've attached it to my side bar with a link to her blog, so please hop over and have a peek!
After thinking very hard...(I must stop doing that!) I suddenly realised that if I added all the Awards, which I hadn't handed out yet I could actually give all my followers an Award, and because I think you are all amazing, fantastic, talented and gifted people, to entertain the Whole Blog World, you all deserve an Award! I know there's a few of you who haven't at the moment started your own blog, so perhaps having this little Award to post on your side bar, will encourage you to finally take the plunge!!! Copy the Award to your side bar with a link back to Spyder's Corner and when you're ready you too can give out the Award to your favourite blogs. So in no particular order....

Sarah Sue Rozzy The Pink Glitter Fairy BettyTheBagLady LavenderRose CraftyRose
Victoria (BiscuitLid) Celia Priscilla Lorna Margaret Queenie Michwot Eiglas Charlotte Michele Maxine
Mi Sello Personal Pattie Chris Chrissy Gvendalen Esther Shelly Sheena Denise lizblair
Kazabing Julie Lynn Sue (Bettyboop67) Maggie Cazzy Katherine Hello Gorgeous
Red-SSR Jackie
Nona, June Annechilver, Cheryl Zoe Debsydoo and Lynsey one missing....? No! All there!!
Phew!!! I'll check the links and then let you all know!! Before I go (It's nearly Midnight!) I'd like to say a warm welcome to three new followers! (We can all do the Can-Can now!!....this one's funny too!)
Hello to Chris, also known as Glowbug, Chrissy and Gvendalen who comes all the way from Russia! Thank you for following Spyder's Corner!

If I've done my maths right, I should have at least three awards left and I want to save these for the lovely ladies I know will soon start their blogs. I'll award them with either the 'Teddy Bear Award' or the 'Friends Award' just for taking the plunge!! C'mon, you know who you are, Start Blogging! Anne Toni44

Friday, 15 May 2009

Thank Crunchie It's Friday and Blog Awards!

Can you tell, I'm jigging about in my swivel chair again! Two Lovely Awards from across 'The Pond' from the lovely Charlotte (who's very scared of spider's... but we won't mention that!!) She's also very talented and only resently joined Dustin's Pike's design team! Pop over and see her lovely blog! I'm really proud to receive these from you Charlotte and will be passing them on over the week-end.
(P.S. some of you haven't taken up your Awards from the last time yet!)

Singing Cat

Nine o'clock at night and I'm outside (in between the rain showers) taking flippin' photo's!
"It's all go this blog stuff." says John, who's in the living room on his laptop (well not on it~ sitting by it, ) with the FIRE on! It's May!! I knew it! Two days of really nice sunshine last week and the winter's back again. Haven't even thought about Bar-B-Q's yet! Still, this card should cheer you up!
What d'you think of my Singing Cat?' Tinker and Co Freebie Papers again and a Penny Black Stickeroo, which has been stuck on acetate first before fixing to the card with silicone glue .It kinda looks as if there's a frame, thing going on but there's not. The dotty square is stuck on with 3D foam pads, to layer it and there's also a bit of eye-letting and some embossing too, but you can't really see that. I might add some of that pink fiber-wool later but I haven't finished the inside yet (Post that tomorrow...and as if by magic...there it is!!)
The card's going to someone who likes animals and travel.. (hence the paw prints!) See! A singing cat that walks about a lot! The paw prints were done like this... and before you think I've got an extra hand... one holding the paper, one holding the pen and the other one taking the photo~John took the picture. You can tell, can't you, it's a bit wobbly. I told him to hold his breath, 'Don't breathe!'. 'Get closer.' 'Turn the flash off!' 'No, don't do it like that.. do it like this...'
Just as well no one can hear us...what would they think we were doing?! Where was I? Oh yes, the paw prints...I punched out a stencil and used my black pen. Easy-peasy!
Back in a minute!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Strawberry Sundae Shaker

Here it is! The card that made all that mess! My Strawberry Sundae Shaker. I'm really pleased with it. The colours are just soooo mouth watering juicy! The only thing, I should've put something else inside that window...I had a couple of mice poking their tongues out (licking the ice cream?) but they were really the wrong colour...or maybe more beads or perhaps one of the other papers~ or just framed the ice cream, there's an idea. The papers, you all should know by now, are freebies from, Tinker and Co. and if you want some more ideas of what to do with these lovely papers once you've got them, there's loads over on their site and a chance to win some stuff! (I said that in a whisper).You haven't got them yet?? Why not!!? Pop over right now and hunt them, wait~ after you've read this! It's so mind blowingly interesting! Wow!! Now, where was I? Oh yes... I've looked into my Crystal Ball and I can see that I will enter this card into Die Cut Dreams Challenge 10# That'll be sometime in August, hopefully when the sun's nice and hot and we're all down the beach eating ice creams!! Because that's what the challenge is all about. Ice Cream!! (Yum)
The wording I've typed in a circle was done on my computer and punched out with a Woodware punch. I think I might do a 'thing' on how to do that, then put it down at the bottom of the blog so it's always there~what d'you think? Let me know! (I bet you don't...I said that in a whisper too)
The little button hand was in my stash (I was thinking sticky fingers after eating all that ice cream? No? Oh, only me then! Hmm, after I've eaten ice cream hubby will grin and run his finger over his top lip...and I'll grin back, all sexy like...half an hour later I'll realise...I have a chocolate moustache!)
The paper for the flowers was first put through my BigShot using a Cuttlebug embossing folder. I've noticed, the paper seems to have more 'body' once its been embossed. Think I'll print on both sides next time though, so there's no 'white' showing. I've put a little micro glitter on the ice cream and some Stickles glitter on the flowers. The fiber wool's from my of the balls I bought from a charity shop (3 large balls for a pound~ I know what you're thinking... you'd pay a pound to see that...)
I was playing about with the inside last night. The 'real' one is at the top, the lower one is the scan, which I've saved on my computer to use again. I then printed the 'Happy Birthday' along with 'Loony Lyn'. (Ran it through on another piece of paper first just to make sure it all lined up in the right place) All my cards, if they're going off to Forum Members (I'm on a few Birthday Lists) usually have Loony Lyn inside and on the back. I used to sign all my cartoon correspondence using her, there's a spider on her pen. (Only a small one Charlotte!) It's supposed to be me, (the person not the spider)Welllll... I'm allowed a little artistic license!
I've used one of the other ice cream sundaes inside and also the Sizzix word, 'Fun.'
I did end up stamping 'Happy Birthday' on the original insert but it smudged a tiny bit.. My mind was on Strawberries instead of stamping! Catch you again later...

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I Made A Card...

I've made a card...yep, just one card and this is the mess I made! (It was tidy before, honest!) I'm quite pleased with the card, but you can't see it yet... because it's not quite finished. I'm playing around with the inside. I thought...(Ouch!) I thought if I scanned the inside and saved it, I could use it again...and again... and believe it or not, the scanned version looks better, sort of digi- scrap, without the scrap, coz it's a card!
Today's been quite eventful. Had my wonky leg Xrayed. 'XRay Man' was a man with a mission, he really loved his job and took more photo's than they did when I first broke it! I was twenty...where does the time go!! He said I was the event of the day!
Back home the runner beans are in, looking a bit sad, because of the wind yesterday, but they'll pick up if the slugs don't eat them first! And the blackbirds and the Starling's babies turned up. All wanting feeding. The Starlings are the noisiest!! Squawk! squark!! squark!! One of the impatient babies flew into the living room.. Frog (the cat) thought teatime had come early! It let me pick it up and put it back out side. I put loads of food out for them today, I know they say the early bird catches the worm, but on my bird table, if you come late you get wild birdfood, fat balls, fruit and sometimes bacon rind!
See you tomorrow!

A Pink, Pink Petticoat Tilda

Wednesday already!! Sometimes I think someone somewhere puts the clocks on a couple of hours while we've not looking! I'm 'Spring Cleaning' My blog~but because you read a Blog backwards you won't know that until you scroll down and read what I wrote yesterday and we all know, no body does that! So, where was I? Oh yes, just to recap, I'm moving some of my cards that always stay at the bottom of my blog, to up here, as some lovely people have said they can't comment on them down there, while others have said, why is that game down the bottom, we want it at the top! I'm pretty sure this Tilda hasn't been posted yet...But if she has I'll swap her for another one later!
The small dotted pink paper covering the card was from Anna Lang, (which, if I remember rightly was a freeby download from 'Two Peas In a Bucket' ages ago~probably last year or the year before.) It matched so well with the 'Rose' PinkPetticoat doodles, I just had to put them together! I replaced the cut away card with acetate and added a few silver peel-off dots. The 'Happy Birthday' was a stamped image which I embossed.
Before I nip off to bed, I'd just like to say "Hi!" to a few more followers, first Charlotte has changed her picture, very nice Charlotte! Welcome to Josefa Laura from 'Mi Sello Personal' fantastic stuff going on over there, pop in and see. Michele from 'ExremelyCrafty' has all sorts going on over there! Lovely photographs and how to make your own knickers...ah, that's got you thinking, hasn't it! Maxine, many of you will 'know' from forums and other crafty activities who has a couple of blogs for you all to go and investigate! And lastly, welcome to Pattie from 'Pattie's Art' brilliant stuff going on over there. All well worth a visit! I'm off...
Catch you all later today after my X-ray on my wonky leg...that should be fun!!



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