Monday, 29 June 2009

Good Luck Jemima

I've known Jemima since she was a baby, a few years younger than my own girls. And yes....she did have a Jemima Puddleduck, duck and Beatrix Potter pictures on her bedroom wall, and I did have an unopened freebie packet of Beatrix Potter Card Toppers from a Crafty Magazine just begging to be opened ~ use me use me use me!!!~ I could hear them squeaking, used this little image instead. I'm not sure who she is (a Tilda friend?) as she was a forum swap, but I think she's cute. And, I at last (very bravely) cut into one of my very first buys. K & Co 'Purple Butterfly Flat Paper', so it says on the back, but I think it looks more blue.
Because we arrived home quite late yesterday after chasing the yellow clad T shirted bike riders, I hadn't had a chance to make this card, so 'pottered' (bad pun) about until the early hours trying to get it finished. A Good Luck Card. You may've seen her. (Who? Jemima. When? Sundays, just for a few minutes)...But I don't want to tempt fate. She has an interview coming up. A very important one. Life changing I should think..So fingers crossed! Sssh! I'm whispering this, as I don't want to say too much in case it all goes pear shaped.. or worse...banana!
The flowers and leaves were punched out using Woodware punches, and that silver swirl down in the right hand corner is called Glitterations, by Anita's. I got them from Trago Mills for 79p when we were down in Cornwall, but in most places they're about £1.25. Wish I'd bought more packets now! I think the pearl brads were Papermania. I coloured the little girl in with a blue-Prussian ProMarker pen and a water brush. The pink leaves are that linen look Bazzill (Basil?) card but the pink on the flowers was some scraps of Pink Petticoat (I throw nothing out!) There's also some micro glitter on her wings and heart, but, at last my Quickie Glue Pen has run out (I've still got it, hoping it might magically refill hasn't) and instead, silly me, thought I'd bought a different make of glue pen only to suddenly discover, as it squirted out all over that little heart and her wings that it wasn't a glue pen at all but a white correction pen! Thought it was a bit well, no one'll know if I don't tell them!!
Right!! That's enough rabbiting! We have some more followers!!! Five more! We really must have a party!!! ((I'm right on that Rose!!...what film is that line from??? Hmm??) I may have to pop back later to put in links. So, a big thank you (((wave))) for joining Spyder's Corner goes to Rita. who not only has some lovely cards but boxes and little handbags too! We all 'know' Susie Sugar from her blogs and forum activities! A very busy crafty lady with a fantastic Challenge blog , a Crafting Blog a Die Cut Blog and a shop! So loads of things going on! Pop over and say hi! Then we have Elfie with a mixture of cards, ATC's, door hangings, and boxed cards for weddings and then (((Hello)) to Victorianangels... I'll have to put a link in later, as there isn't one at the moment! Or there is, but I can't find it! Then say (((Hi)) to Sweetdesigns who makes cards as well as Jewellery and also has a shop, so pop over and have a look! That's all for tonight, (It's about two in the morning) I'll be back tomorrow, or later today, if I'm not abducted by aliens or locked up somewhere away from sharp things, to correct all the smelling mistakes and to make sure the links work...
Sweet Dreams everyone!!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Yellow Yates's Invade Yarmouth

About thirty-odd yellow topped bikers battled their way from Portsmouth to Bournemouth via the Isle of Wight to raise money in aid of Help for Heroes. Wight-Link Ferries sponsored them, which included free tickets for both trips across the Solent.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Three Lovely Blog Awards!

I'm really pleased (and very excited, I did my usual jig, tripped and landed on my recycling bag, which luckily was nice and squashy!) to say~phew, take a breath~ I have Three Blog Awards given to me a little while ago, which I was very naughty and didn't put up straight away, as I was doing extra work and stuff like that. Two were given to me by the lovely Rozzybee. Thank you so much Rozzy for thinking of me and my completely barmy blog! And the other lovely Award was from Allissa given to all her followers for their support. Please pop over and see their fantastic blogs. There is always something fantastic going on. (But not now, read this bit first!) I've already placed links on my sidebar. So, now I'm going to dominate (oops I mean...nominate...) twenty blogs or there abouts, (that will still leave me with a few Awards to share out later!) which I would love to pass these Awards on to. Some of you won't know me, but I often pop in to oogle at your wonderful creations! Don't forget to take them and add a link back here! That way, you'll be able to come and rescue me, when I'm lost in my craftroom! I believe you then pass the Award on to ten blogs that inspire you! I'm sure it's okay to choose which ever Award matches your blog!
Pattie Jaw dropping works of art every time!
Lorraine Fantastic Cards and a new Blog header made by...
Lisa of Allissa Designs, who's just an amazing blogger!
Saskia Fantastic cards, love them all.
JLaura who has a really different outlook to her lovely cards and altered stuff! Really worth a peek!
Debby4000 For her Wow!! factor cards!
Riet very talented! Fantastic cards. Love them all!
Shelly love those Penny Blacks
Shell I love her parchment pricking!
Gez for her lovely 'Crafty Bits'
Peets. Who's creations are just mind blowing...well, I think so!
Bec You have to pop over and see Bec's gorgeous mask, it's fantastic!! And her scrapbook layouts are brilliant!
NannieFlash Who has some truly lovely cards for you to go look see!
Claire from CraftyC's Crafty Library, who's blog really is a library of lovely cards.
Sandie Do go and have a look at some of her lovely cards and ATC's
June Her wonderful Artie freebies are always amazing!
Jo Love those fairies and the piggies too!
Julie Some really lovely cards
Mel who is completely potty about rabbits! Pop over and see some of her fab Bunny Cards!!
Cheryl, wonderful cards and ATC's
Tab Nothing but brilliant cards every time.
Susie who always seems sooo busy doing everything crafty!
Victoria, fabby Pink Petticoat makes and plenty more!
That's all for now ~ will be back with some more at a later date.. (I'll squeeze them in...and a few more updates on Debbie's (John's sister) bike ride in aid of Help For Heroes!
Scroll down for other posts I've posted tonight! That way...down there.... bit more..Night Night!

Yates's Big Birthday Bike Ride

Yates's in Bournemouth celebrates it's 125th Birthday with a mammoth bike ride and Squaddie Auction in aid of Help For Heroes. Yates's the 65 strong high street pub is 125 year old this year and to celebrate, its Bournemouth bar have been planning a month of parties and events, customer offers and mapcap fundraising schemes for its chosen charity, Help for Heroes. The pub manager, Debra Nicolson and 30 of her colleagues across the 9 Yates's bars in the South West are planning on bike riding from Yates's in Portsmouth to Yates's in Bournemouth, (Via the Isle of Wight) tomorrow, 28th June, some 55 miles, in aid of the wounded soldier's charity.
Hopefully~come back tomorrow and there'll be some pictures of Debbie (John's sister) on her bike!

Some Quick Thank You Cards.

Ah! I can't believe I missed Friday and it's Saturday already!! There was me, stuck in my craft room...tidying...and no one came to my rescue! Well, the cat came in and purred a lot, but I think that was just because she was hungry! While I was there, knee deep in paper and stuck to a roll of very aggressive sticky dots, I made some quick Thank You cards to go with some 'swaps' I'd made during the week. I also owe some swaps, I haven't forgotten, honest! I'm just very very ... umm... slow! So this is a very quick post {haha~heard that one before} so I can get on with some stamping! These are just Pink Petticoat papers and a Pink Petticoat very large flower. Simples!
Just before I go, I'd like to welcome BusyBee, (((big wave))) to Spyder's Corner. Hi Sandra! As soon as I can find you, I'll put a link in!
Up Date pretty sure this is you Sandra! Pop over and have a shifty at Sandies Space
Thanks for stopping by~see, told you this was a quick post!~ No...hang on, just thought of something.. Blog Awards...I did forget, so I'll add them later...And tomorrow...I'll be back with some pictures of John's Sister on her bike.... Yates's in Bournemouth celebrates its 125th Birthday with a mammoth bike ride and Squaddie Auction in aid of Help for Hero's...ooho I think I'll plug that in another post!! Catch you later!!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Forever Friends for Mum's Birthday

It was John's Mum's birthday yesterday (Tuesday) and it was a bit of a rush to get her card done. as I just couldn't think of what to do, until I did the challenge card down below, and thought... I'll do that, or something similar but bigger, with more glitter and ribbon, and yes...the glitter still hadn't quite dried by the time we took it over to her. I do love to spread my crafty stuff about!(John's shirts, his mum's bare feet...the cat..the man who came to read the gas meter...) First I covered a large square scalloped piece of card with pearlised paper... but then changed my mind and covered that with some Pink Petticoat large swirling hearts in black and pink, which you can't actually see as I covered that with more scalloped squares, added the flowers and then the little pink heart buttons. I copied the way the ribbon is attached to the card from a box of chocolates my mum had for her birthday, and stuck the 'bow' on with silicone glue. I then fixed the Scalloped square to another piece of folded card to actually make a card (otherwise it would've fallen over!)
This is a short post (really??) as it's gone one in the morning! So I'll be back later to 'soup it up' a bit, add a couple more pictures and a link to another freebie font..but before I go... drum roll please ...I'd love to say a big (((wave))) welcome to Saskia who most of you know as she not only has a fantastic blog of her own, can be found designing for many others! Please pop over to see all her wonderful makes, you'll never be short of ideas! And last, but not least, I should've (((waved)) to Kathleen days ago, but I missed her, as she's hiding out the back with no picture! (For some reason the font's changed colour on the Followers Gadget and I can't see it!) Sorry Kathleen, but as soon as I find a link to you and your blog I'll put it in here!!
Up Date: As promised I'm back with an update. I Found Kathleen (just call me Clouseau!) Pop over to KathsKards and have a look at Kaths Kards!!
I've just added these two photo's as well. As usual, I only had a tiny bit of pink card left to type the sentiment on, so I first typed it on paper and then stuck the card over that and then ran it through the printer again. The font I used is called Mandingo. I typed it out in WordArt, (on your computer) so that I could fill it in with one colour, pink, and edge it with another, grey. It's a free download, freely available from many downloadable places! You can Google it.. (or if you're feeling lazy just click the google) I'm off now...if I have time I'll pop back Thursday or maybe Friday...but I'm supposed to be tidying my craft room...Ha! (A very dangerous task!) Send in help, if you don't hear from me...and bring food, I'll be hungry! Chocolate bisqwits!!
Thanks for stopping by, come back soon! I mean it! You haven't seen my Craft room lately, it's worse than ever!!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

A Crafty Challenge with Ella

I really liked the look of this challenge, but why I chose pistachio...okay, green, I don't know, probably because I had quite a few bits, (I never throw anything out) and thought, what a clever way to use them up without looking too much like a scrooge! ! I used my Woodware punch (the yellow one) to punch out a variety of cream and pistachio papers from Pink Petticoat and edged then in Blue Iris then followed the sketch from the Trim C.R.A.F.T Challenge. I keep meaning to have a go, plan it all out and then realise I'm about two weeks too late! This time, I think I've managed it. I've never actually used Ella the Elephant before and I've had her for ages...she was beginning to look depressed! First I coloured her in a light grey and then filled her toe nails in with pink using 'Paint', on my laptop. (It's surprising how many people don't realise they have Paint on their computer already, look in Accessories) Then I printed her 'dress' again on some flowery paper, cut it out and with a smidgen of silicone glue decoupaged it and the little bow over the main Ella (I put the bow on her tail, but I guess it would've looked better on her head!) I also added some micro fine glitter to her toenails and bow. I will probably add some pink fiber or ribbon before I send it off to whoever's next on my birthday list, not sure yet. I'm making my mum-in-laws card right now... well, thinking about it. It's her Birthday to day! (ARrRgGH!! HELP!!) I can see she'll be getting it still sticky with glitter glue! I was thinking of using the same idea, but in pink, on a much bigger card, with scallops and a different image... more ribbon... loads of fact a completely different card... sort of! Well, here's my Challenge Card... anymore waffle and it'll be tomorrow!! Oho~ before I go, nearly forgot, a BIG (((wave))) to my new follower!! Rose who has a fairly new blog with some lovely pictures of her lovely dogs and some very clever cards with tiny little knitted jumpers on them! They're sooo cute! (Either that or she's like me and shrinks all her family's clothing!!) Pop over and say hi!
Right, it's time for a frothy coffee (topped with chocolate of course!) and a chocolate bisqweet, so see you later...thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Father's Day: Shaker Card

Happy Father's Day all you dad's and Grand dads and, Great Grand dad's even! 21st of June and the longest day of the year, 16 hours and 45 minutes of day time.~ or of course~ the shortest night. The Summer Solstice. Did any one go and dance around a stone circle and watch the sun come up at 3.46 this morning? No, me neither, as usual the cat woke me up around seven, purring in my ear. Feed me. Feed me. Which brings me to my Dad's card. (There's a cat on it) It's covered in denim blue with a Penny Black Stickeroo. I always wondered where and how I would use this cat with his 1st prize rosette. My dad grows flowers for shows and wins loads of rosettes so I thought Ah! Dad, as I'm allowed to add flowers to his cards. The little ladybirds were originally stuck to miniature pegs. (Don't worry, they're not real, they're made of wood!)The cat was first fixed to acetate and then attached to the card with a dob of silicone glue. (I tried 3D dots at first, but they showed through)
The font is called tYpEwRiTeR's ReVeNgE! (some of the letter's are reversed) and is freely available as a freebie download just google it, (there's loads to choose from!) I used raffia, instead of ribbon around the shaker frame, as dad often uses it to tie up his plants. I've also added last years Father's Day card, as I didn't have a blog then. Another Penny Black Stickeroo, with a gardening theme of course.
Emma made her dad a perfect card, so I just had to add that too. Lovely photo of her with her very proud dad, on her Wedding Day last October. She bought the silver peel-offs from Trago Mills, when she was down in Cornwall last week. I've also added the birthday card she made to the post further down...
I think I've made up for not posting since Wednesday! I also have Blog Awards to dish out! And I'm very late with Birthday cards!! They're in the post! Honest. (She lies) Sorry about that, but I had a couple of extra days at work, which puts money in the Trip to Seattle Piggy Bank, so I mustn't grumble! Anyway, it's given me time to think about Blog Candy. I can remember saying something a few weeks back, as my hits were slowly reaching 2000...well, they've gone a bit past that now! So I'll get my thinking cap on. I want to do something as a thank you to all my lovely supportive followers. Something that may get you all making and doing things so, watch this space...or more likely, a future posting!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Weekend in Cornwall

Thought I'd be very clever and download...or is that upload?? a few pictures of our weekend away. But it's surprisingly hard, when you're sitting back here in BlogLand, to get the little devils to go where you want them to go! They keep jumping about~ or disappearing! Anyway, we had a great time and I spent all my money on John's birthday pressies AND loads of Crafty stuff!
We usually stop off at West Bay, Bridport for fish and chips on the way down and on the way back. I've decided they have the best Fish and Chips ever! We also meet up with daughter Emma and her hubby Tom, using their new tent for the first time. They were camping at Pentewan Sands. They weren't in, so we just took a pic. I've also added a video, with commentary, (me) a bit silly really, of our walk down the very steep hill, to the pub...urm...yes, too the pub, (anyone would think we were on our way back!) I didn't film us going back, it was really steep! John drove up this hill in his younger years in an old three wheeler Reliant! (All the camping gear slid to the back and fell out!) These days, cars can only come down but there was a time when it wasn't One way!

I'm not sure about the videos...they may take too long to load, depending on the speed of your computer. My Mum's computer runs on steam and is soooo old it can't navigate this blog at all! She can't play any of the games at the bottom and even the little widget of Maria's baby on the sidebar doesn't load properly. The 'baby' looks like a tadpole and has over 3,965 days to go!! Of course I rushed home to look on my computer to see! So, if it loads too slowly, let me know and I'll just add the link to YouTube rather than have it here...Right, it's tomorrow already! Time always goes much faster when I'm in BlogLand! Before I go I'd love to say Hi and hello to a new follower! Hi (((wave))) to Ju over on 'A Little Bit of Cornish Mist!' Please pop over and see her lovely cards. Some really nice boxed wedding cards are at the top as I type this, really worth a look, go over directly, as my Cornish friend would say! Catch you later with the blog Awards I forgot and some cards!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Happy Birthday John

Hi everyone! We're back from the depths of Cornwall, sheep, Pasties, caravans, tents, cow pats and scrumpy...oh yes...and Pixies. Mustn't forget the Pixies. It's a little known fact that Cornish Pasties, are in fact made from Pixies.. .but we won't go there now...I have another little treat for you coming up very soon, if not sooner, some pics from Devon and Cornwall and a video, of me and yours truley making our way to the pub in Polperro. But for now I thought I'd just post John's Birthday card. What d'think? It's one of them 'Flippin' Men' cards. I drew the background myself, it's supposed to be our garden. I coloured it in using Whisper pens...and if you stay tuned, I'll put in a link at the bottom of this post to John actually cooking something yummy in our garden. 'Fraid I wouldn't let him wear his pinny though, as it's ummm...(she whispers) Michelangelo's David... yes well, less said, I think! What? You want a link to that!? Oh okay then..
I made a bit of a booby on this card, can you see? I used my Xyron 510 with permanent adhesive and of course once I started sticking down the back it didn't line up with the front. Any other glue would've been fine...still I don't think it looks too bad. I've added Emma's card to her dad down at the bottom, cute little monkey! Anyway, it's nice to be back!! Can't wait to pop over and see what you've all been doing!! But before I go, I want to welcome two new followers to Spyder's Corner. First Jilleebee! Hi Jilleebee, who's hiding out of sight with no picture. (Thinking I wouldn't spot you, I bet!) How are you getting on with those Inchies!!? Jilleebee found me in my Photobucket. Hurry up and build your blog and I'll put a link in, I wanna to see those Inchies!! Also, a big (((wave)) to Tanja. Pop over and see some lovely cards,~ I like the Dustin Pike's Monkey~ over on Tanja's Bastelwelt
Back later with pic's from Cornwall...and the video link...I can tell you can't wait!
Okay, here it is....John's cookery lesson, now you'll see why I made the card I did! (I think he thinks he's Jamie Oliver!!) In the Kitchen Part 1 and in the Garden part 2 In the Garden part 3...don't laugh!



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