Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Window Men!

We've been shopping for new blinds today for my new windows!! Yay!! I actually got John to go to Ikea!! (although they didn't have what we wanted) But never mind that!! We're still in a bit of a mess. My long white crafty work bench is still leaning against the wall in the hall. Dust is everywhere, so there's no change there!
So, here's a few before and after pictures of those doors and windows. Our old ones were pretty dia! The Living room.... we had ivy trying to grow through the door! Oh look, you can see my runner beans. Not growing very quickly this year! And see the rose over the trellis, would you believe there's a pigeon nesting in there! The kitchen window was worse! I think only the paint was holding the glass in! But then The Window Men arrived!! da da!!!!
...dressed in their super fast green T Shirts and in seconds they had started with their hammering and slicing and other noisy things men do with windowy takey outty things.... Out came the bedroom window!!! (yes, I know...change the wall's on my list!) But even rarer, these Window Working Men didn't stop for tea and biscuits, once!!! Nor lunch, just kept on going!
And the bathroom window had two of the Wonder Window men, crowbarring it out! Y'know, I once locked myself out and got in through that top window! I know, it's hard to believe I was ever that thin! Soon it wasn't long before they had the kitchen window out too! (Say cheese boys!) How d'you like my tiling? My first might look random, but there is a pattern. I forgot to take a picture of John's office window so it's straight round to my...
...old craft room window (the wood on the wall along the bottom holds up my crafty bench) Very very cold room, you can feel the wind blowing in through the gaps in the windows. Looking through the window you can see I did manage to cut the hedge! (need to tidy the garden now)It didn't take long to start sawing out the window frames of my crafty room once the glass came out!
The following day they started on the living room window and door, covering everything with dust covers...(Stopped sawing to say cheese!) Meanwhile out came the front door and it's glass side panel!

then back round to the living room back door and window again, and it wasn't long before The Window Men had sawn through the wood...

ready to take out the glass....

Even the rain didn't stop them knocking down the wall with a grinding cutting saw thing...

and a chisel and hammer....

and this is what they look like now!!
Next job?? New gutters, conservatory and a bigger patio! (In my dreams!)
Oh...and for those who have asked about Jinx our 'lodger cat', who isn't ours, 'Can he still get in? Did we replace the old cat flap in the new side door???' Yes. Well, it seemed the right thing to do, after all, I might want to get another cat one day! Although...
...Jinxy finds meowing in at the new French doors so much easier!
'Let me in!'

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Another Iceland

Hi Guys. Windows are nearly done! (show you pictures tomorrow) Forgot all about this post in draft. Been there since last week... So here it is!

Nearly a year to the day I posted a picture of my Iceland Map. I was asked to make a framed picture of a map of Iceland by a school who wanted to auction it off to raise funds for charity. The family who actually asked me to do it, lost their bid of £35, as the Map was sold for £75, so they asked me to make them one too... (obversely (a lot) cheaper!) Hmmm, well, I'd put it off and put it off, because it was a lot of work and I found that there were no two maps of Iceland the same, so it was quite hard getting a good likeness. I mean, a few missed out squiggles on the left side of Iceland and you've lost a whole town and the airport! And a few more added to the right side and some folks would lose their sea view to an extra mountain or two!
They wanted the map to look the same, or near enough and there had to be a troll on it! It's a tiny bit smaller, slightly different. I hope they like it (and pay me!!) Hint Hint!
New Follower! Hi and a big (((wave)) to JulieH and her lovely blog Jenfa Cards ! Thank you for stopping by!!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

This Wednesday'sDigi is...CLOSED

Sorry CLOSED now! No time this week to do you a 'proper' digi, so how about this one. It's a party invitation. I drew it, on the same lines as Jim Davis, Garfield and friends, especially for my youngest daughter's 10th birthday!! (I was great Garfield Fan back then!) I found it while moving loads of my arty 'stuff' away from my craft room window. (Under the bench)
I've rubbed out Maria's name and of course the dates and our address, so I think there's plenty of room to add your own! Hope you can use it, and no, you don't have to email me for this one, just click on the watermarked picture and it will link to an unmarked picture! Any problems, let me know. Please do not share any of my art work on shared sites, blogs or forums! Please send people here to download them!
Hopefully, once I can get my craft room back to normal, I'll draw you another 'proper' digi! I would love your comments if you can! Thanks for stopping by!

It's WOYWW! Nothing!

Morning WOYWWer's!!!
We're having our windows done this week (bout time too!) so I've been clearing out my crafty room, or mostly pushing everything back, or piling it high (Higher than normal)
I've cleared off my white bench, so there's NOTHING on it! Except the computer, leaving that til last! Moved some things out into the hall. All I have to do now is get the bench down and out of the way and remove all the 'stuff' from under it, so the window men can get to the window...(Of course if they're tall with very long arms, I might be able to leave the bench... doubt that thought, they're probably very short with stumpy arms and legs, so, no crafting for two/three days, what will I do?! (Hmmm? The hedge needs cutting...)
So! As you can see, not a lot of things happening! Although I have been busy, and I'll show you with what tomorrow... no I won't! I can't, where will my computer go?? Arrggh!!
Tonight I've been playing with the Do-craft CD-ROM (freebie with Simply Cards & Paper Craft Magazine) love the papers...
Anyway, boring crafty space this week, but hopefully, nice new windows next week!! (yay!)
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That's it!! It's gone two in the morning! Go forth (or fifth...) and search out more craft-mess from all over blogland by joining in with Julia's 'What On Your Workdesk Wednesday!?!'
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Monday, 25 June 2012

Freebie Splodgie Papers for you.

I've been 'splodging' some spots and stripes papers to see what would happen... not too bad! (But don't give up your day job!) Just click and save!

Please comment if you can...then maybe it'll encourage me to make 'proper papers!'

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Sneaky Stripes Freebie Papers

Raggedy Stripes

Sneaky Stripes

Tiled Stripes

I know, you're getting bored with stripes... but I like 'em coz they're easy to do. Just use the chisel end of your Promarkers. (and then have a 'play' on your computer) I have used the middle stripes on a card but I can't show it to you for ages yet. (Up Date, Yes I can, it's HERE) Hope these are useful. Comment if you can. Have a crafty week!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Photo Memory Album

Thought I'd add John's Photo Album, which I made for his birthday, in it's own post. It still isn't quiet finished as I want to add some journalling to some of the pages, and there's a few pictures I couldn't add as they're up in the attic... the cobweb end! There's an Easter one somewhere, where the girls aged about 6 and 7 covered hinm in their eater eggs as he lay sleeping on the sofa in just his underwear..noticed I've missed adding the 'David' Apron photo this time!

Anyway, a few of you asked what papers I'd used. Bit of a mish-mash really! I first started cutting out 8x8 card but soon realised it wouldn't be any good if I wanted to add the binder-rings and have it fold open as it does.

The front and back covers were originally card taken from the backs of old art pads. It's nice and strong, so I never throw it away.
I used a Martha Stewart boarder punch to add a bit of interest on the cover. And that took some cutting, it didn't like the thickness of the paper at all!! Maybe because I used 12x12 papers from The Mariposa Stack for the front, back and inside of the covers. On the back cover I used TH Bird Cage and bird. The sticky Letters where part of a Christmas set I'd had. (not many doubled up letters so I hadn't been able to use them until now. (Crafty companies want you to buy loads of the same sheet I guess, so you have enough letters)

In side I used mostly double sided papers (almost card) which I brought back with me from the States a few years ago, plus other's I'd had for ages. Agghhh! I finally cut into them!!
A lot of the pages were just white card I inked with the only three T.Holtz inks I have (brown, red and blue) then added some Freebies papers I had already had printed out from places like Printable Heaven and other sites listed on my side bar, as well as anything else I could find!
Anyway, my first album, hoping my second will be better! Planning a Baby Book for daughter's baby due on Christmas Day! But of course, that won't be finished until some time in the future!
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Some of the challenges I had planned are over, well it did take me ages, but I have added it to this...
Craftycardmakers-no cards, tags, or atcs!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

WOYWW, Album & More ATC Swaps.

Happy WOYWW! First, here's my secret thingy I showed you a peek of last week. It was a sort of a 'This Is Your Life' picture Album for Hubby's birthday, filled with as many pictures of him as I could find, from a baby, to a mean teen, up until now! Still loads of spaces to add more, want to also add some words. Just a few pages here...and for those of you with beady eyes, the cooking's a pinney!!! (he's wearing his Michelangelo's David Apron... )

(Of course when I typed out the post all the pictures looked nice and neat, side by side and in a nice short row, now they look muddled up in a really long row... I'll just press this and hope that makes them line up properly!!) Yay!!
Next.. Some of the ATC's (and a fantastic card from Neesie! Love the smooth shiny card it's printed on too, like matt photo card...must get some!) which I received from some fabulously talented WOYWWER's over the last few weeks... I've sent out quite a few (some I've only just realised to non woywwers too! Stamp a big L on my forehead!)
So, if you haven't received yours yet, let me know, as I was away most of last week, I may be thinking I've sent it when I haven't! (Sieve head and very forgetful!) or I may have sent someone else two lots! (Sieve head and very forgetful!)
  1. Barb King
  2. Joynana
  3. Angela, Making Mayhem
  4. DOONE
  5. April Aprilscraftyescape
  6. Annie-wipso-astitchintime
  7. and Neesie's card.... That's it for now...hop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in with What's On Your WorkDesk Wednesday?!? Show off your craftymess and see what everyone else has been up to! Thank you for stopping by

This Wednesday's Digi. Zentangle Elephant. CLOSED

My first attempt at doing a Zentangle doodle after receiving some fabulous pictures/cards from Neesie and Shoshi Hope you like him, and that he's not too dark. Thank you for stopping by!
Sorry you missed this one. look out for him or one very like him in my digi store.

1389  downloads in the end!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Two Cards Made by Emma (and two oddies made by me)

Emma's been busy making two cards for her dad, so I thought I'd add them. She made her own letters for the Father's Day card and a shaker card for her dad's birthday, made very simply by just cutting out a frame from some Bazzill card.
And for once I found where I'd put my dad's 'Father's Day' card, which I made a little while back, with a Mo Manning image...
and this one for Les, John's stepdad....
Anyone clever enough to spy this card posted before, but with a different image???....Yep, there'll be a small surprise prize!

Monday, 18 June 2012

First Picture Of Sprog!

Nabbed this from FaceBook... GrandBaby due Christmas day! Note the date...scan taken on John's Birthday, 12th June.
I think baby Sprog has his/her dad's nose!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Quirky Flowers and Ribbons!!

Happy Father's Day Everyone! Sorry I'm very late adding my card to the next Quirky Crafts challenge. It's Diane's turn to set the theme. It's nice and easy and has nothing to do with father's's...
Hand Made Flowers with Ribbons.
Ha ha! that fooled you didn't it! So we'll be looking to see Hand Made Flowers (from punches, die cuts etc) and no bought ones and of course, ribbons!
This challenge has two sponsors Crafty Ribbons: who are giving our first place winner (chosen by me and the others on the DT) this lovely prize of the latest teddy bear ribbons! Aren't they cute, I want some!!
Our other sponsor is Paper Pretties and they are offering our second winner 6 digi's of their choice!
So! here's my card....Bit bright maybe! I used Butterfly Blossoms, which I printed twice, once over the sky so I could do a bit of 3D-ing. (A bit of fiddling in My Craft Studio)
Then I edged a plain pearl card with a crimson Promarker and another square of card with burnt sienna. Added the ribbons. The check ribbon was free from a magazine and the butterfly ribbon from my stash. Fixed the bow on using silicone glue. Punched out a tiny tag and then made the flowers using three more Woodware punches. Coloured them with the crimson Promarker and added Stickles Glitter. Added some mock sticking using a brown Staedtler Fine-liner.
The paper is from a 12x12 Designer paper stack called Sugar & Spice from DoveCraft (brads, ribbons, stamps to go with it in one of the Do-Craft goody Bags)
The freebie font, I've used on the inside of the card I've linked before ages ago. It's called Honey Bunches and you can download it HERE
New Follower! hi and a big ((wave)) to Cara's crafts and more pop over and say Hi!!
That's it! Off you go and join in with the Quirky Challenge! Bye For Now.
One Stitch At A Time-use stitching
Stamping With The Dragon-Anything Goes
CuteCard Thursday-Punch Drunk
Littlemissmuffet-Loads of layers
The Cutie Pie-Real or faux stitching
Inky Impressions- Lots of Layers and a Bit of Stitching



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