Sunday, 31 October 2021

It's A Ginger Bread House Pop Up Card!

  At last, I can safely say I've finished The Ginger Bread House Card! ('No, you haven't! You haven't added that Happy Christmas sentiment on the inside yet!') Ok, I'll go do that next. Now you've made me forget what I was going to type! Oh yes, following on from the making of the Ginger Bread House in another post... the next thing that went wrong?? I placed the open card across an opened ink pad. Arrgh! Ink smuged all over the Gingerbread man! So I covered him with another one, along with the star and the tiny sweetie. Then added the sweet brad, from my stash,  over the inky mark on the top lefthand corner. Sorted!

This card came with all the goodies you need to make this pop up Ginger Bread House card (and many other things) in the kit Box 24 from Papercraft Society by Sam Callcott. Go HERE to see her 'live' Youtube toturial. (Fast forward to the good bits!)

Here's the card showing the Happy Christmas I've just fixed on!(It's not on any of the other pictures) The GingerBread man and woman where cut out of brown card wrapped around tins of (posh) cat food or tuna. I just love the brown colour on the inside. The Happy Christmas was die-cut from a band around tins of Stella Artois, and the next lot of gingerbreads will be cut from a 'Caramel Pots of Choc Creamy Desserts' wrap-a-round band. I throw nothing away!

The Back of the House
The gems are from my stash but everything else is from the kit. I used the bits from the cut out windows as the path, as my path die didn't seem to emboss like Sam's did(then I spotted that they weren't the same!) The Christmas Wreaths, I decided looked good as chocolate bagels with Hundreds and Thousands sprinkled on them!

A Sky view
 I've used Glossy Accents or Wink of Stella on most of the Sweeties. The roof is covered with some really lovely off white smooth glitter card. I did actually make the roof a little bit smaller. Any colouring was done by my Promarkers. And with any luck, it all folds flat and fits into a 6x6 envelope.

  As well as die-cuts, stamps and papers, card, sentiments and templates, there's also some white pompom ribbon, little candy canes,  a candy cane embossing folder  and a cookie cutter included in the set.
Opening the card

 Write your messages on the back
 Now, if you don't score down the middle of the sides of the house, you can make it into a cute little treat box or tree decoration!
 That's it! Thank you for stopping by. I'll try to add a video later. Hoping to add some... 


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Saturday, 30 October 2021

Happy Birthday Kelly

 This was a quick card, I mean a quick card for me. Kelly's hubby rang the door bell, "Are you coming to the party? Can't find you on FaceBook." "Oh! Okay! Lovely! When?" "Today, in about three hours!" 

We don't really go to parties but I was weirdly knowing that we would be going ...which meant a Birthday Card! I'd only just that second spotted a design on Pinterest, nothing like this, but I thought, I'll make something like that. I've got the die cut for the wiggly bit in the middle, courtesy of a cardmaking collection kit called 'Apple Blossom'. (CraftStash had one of their offers on it some months ago) and I'd used the die a couple of times for 'paths'.  Anyway, skip all that, Here's the card.

8x8 card. All the backing paper came from a foiled 12x12 paper pad from The Range, (Craft Sensations) for about £4.00 (bargain) The small Happy B Day letters came from either, Trago Mills or The Range when we were down in Cornwall. 

 Now those Penny Black stickers~Stickeroos (hedgehogs and cats and dogs, there's a mouse on the back) I've had in my stash for about ten years! And they are still as good as new. I had a light bulb moment, wondering what I was going to use, as I was running out of time... and I needed something small, that didn't need colouring. So... Penny Black Stickers! ...all I had to do  then, was to remember where they were. 

 So as you can see I found them along with some gems from my stash. I wish I had time to add more, but I was actually sticking the mouse on the back as I shoved it into the envelope! Kelly has cats and dogs and ponies, so I hope she liked her quick card... and I hope the glue had time to dry! Later hoping to find same...


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Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Whats On Your WorkTop Wednesday? #647

  Hello WOYWWers...Another week's flown by and it's Wednesday again! So Show us your Messys! Creations! Pop over to Stamping Ground and Join in!  I haven't been able to get into Stamping Ground for months now unless I turn 'something' either off, or on.... and now...4 oclock in the morning! It's saying, 'Sorry, can't find that page, please try again I will! My desk hasn't really changed from what it looked like yesterday,  or this morning. So, I'll pop off to bed now and 'see' you all later! Happy WOYWW?! Stay safe and Keep On Crafting! 


Ps> Scroll down for this weeks Wednesday freebie!

PPS> At last, I've linked.

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie CLOSED


  First Thank you to Ike for  featuring my digis this week! Please pop over to her blog and join in with the challenge! There's lots going on over there! I must make time to draw more digi's and add them to the store! I'm sooo lazy... or just worn out! And! Hello to new FOLLOWERS! When I first returned to blogland after being away for so long a lot of my followers had also given up, so some of the faces disappeared. Now, if I click on them it doesn't lead to the blog as they used to, so it makes it harder to come and say 'Hi!' but I will try. Right... This weeks freebie, two Happy Snowpeople with their friendly cat...  I haven't thought of a proper name for them yet.  A Comment would be lovely! Thank you for stopping by!

PS> Enter This digi  (or any of my cat digi's) into Ike's Challenge and I'll send you any digi you like from my store just for entering!

 Here's a lovely card by Suzanne using this weeks freebie! Suzanne, you've won any didi from the store as a thank you! 

 Because I've been away from Blogland for quite  while there hasn't been any 'new' digis added, but hopefully, there should be quite a few loaded up in the next week!

Tuesday, 26 October 2021

The Beginnings of the Ginger Bread House...

The Red House from last week
  It's still not finish yet, my Ginger Bread House. My very first try, I splitched  (??) the card with different inks and then covered it in this  glittery silver stuff, which then reacted with the other colours and ended up a sticky sparkling mess. I put it on the radiator to dry. 
A week later, and now dry, this messy house wall doesn't look too bad!

My next  attempt I did in red card, as seen above, sadly that went wonky, well, it would wouldn't it? I'm rubbish at following instructions and much better at making something out of my own head... Umm?  No, that doesn't sound fact.. ew!! 

  My next effort I decided to used craft card and used square die cuts for the shape of the house... and added the tabs. That way the square would be chance of it going wonky. I  embossed the brown craft card with little candy canes, then after I stuck on the doors and windows, and used crape paper for curtains, I fixed one of the sides on. Perfect. Feeling very pleased so far... I then embossed and added some windows and a tree to the back square of the house and even decorated the tree with tiny gems... the only problem was... when I came to fix it to the rest of the house, I'd  only gone and suck  them on...upside down!  

Do not Adjust your set.

So, I started again with a new back to the house... so far, touch wood.... it's okay! (apart from the ebossed candy canes being 'in-bossed') I've made and fixed on the roof, (made it a little bit smaller) added sweets... covered nearly everything with Glossy Accents... Done the front of the actual card ... now I'm just waiting for it all to dry, so I can add the sentiment. What could possilbly go wrong!? Tell you later!

The front of the card so far...

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

This Week's Wednesday Freebie. CLOSED!

Here's this weeks Wednesday Freebie. Hope you like him! A skating Hedgehog! He/she did start off as a Halloween witch... then I saw a Penny Black Stamp on some ones blog and thought, oh!  They were very much alike. (Might redo that one for next week!)

A comment would be lovely and if you make anything using any of my digi's you'll be the first inline for another freebie. Any trouble downloading just email me. Dragonsmoore at g mail dot com.Thank you for stopping by!

Sorry CLOSED!!


So? What's On YOUR Worktop this Wednesday?#646

 Morning WOYWWers!  Welcome to another What's on Your Worktop Wednesday.... pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in! 

I've already diecut a few tiny Christmas trees

 I still can't link to Stamping Ground, unless I turn something on or off on my laptop and about 1.30 this morning I couldn't get into the 'thing' on my laptop to turn it off or on...I had a 'try again later' message. So...a short post this week me thinks! Sorry about the photos, it looks like there's a sea mist drifting in! I need a new one. Camera that is... Hint. Hint.

This is what's on my desk at the moment... (A close up to hide all the mistakes I've already done) You can just see in the picture, that I'm trying to build a ginger bread house to fit inside a card that pops out when you open it.

I've got the book on how to do it and Sam Calcott's video is on my phone playing away, so, with any luck I should have it done by this time next week! My new cat mug is still on my desk from yesterday but it has been washed up and there's fresh tea in it... honest... and a spoon. (I must remember not to poke my eye out!) We seem to have been doing a lot of running around going no where lately so not a lot of time for doing 'real crafting'. We visited Lady Pam... took her a hot Gregs sauage roll, she loves them. She had a visit from one of her carer's  with her baby...

Isn't he cute! We've visited the Vets but just to collect more pills for Jinx, and I've visited my brother a few times who's now staying at The Macmillan Cancer Unit in Christchurch. Haven't seen the grandkiddies in ages and was told this morning that Niamh's last test came back positive and she has to self-isolate for 10 days. It seems to me, this is getting worse and closer! Lock-Down 3 coming up. So that's it for now. Have a Happy WOYWW?! Tomorrow's freebie should be up later... Thank you for stopping by! 

Tuesday, 19 October 2021

T is for Tuesday and Tea.

Life Is Too Short... Mr Jinx the cat's Morning Pills!
 I did have some TeaCakes but must've eaten them at some point, or maybe I didn't have any real ones and just dreamt I had them. This is my T for Tuesday post hoping to link up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth over at Altered Art...

Hoping to use these Chicago Screws for joining some 'book pages' together!

That was last night. I was hoping to post early but a quick nip out to Hubby's Man Cave found me  skidding across the grass, falling towards the solid door of the shed,  quickly reaching out for the shed door handle, hoping it would break my didn't- the door swung open, I hit the ground and the step into the inside of the shed with (more than) a yell! I'm sure my back made a cracking sound! (probably the creaking door!) 'What the Hell...?' yelled John... Mr Jinx was there too. "Wod yoo doin' down there Lyn?" I thought I'd slipped on a slug or a snail and got up very slowly (as quickly as I could with Hubby's help) and was relieved to see  that I didn't have any squashed ones stuck to me and there were just a few long skid marks across the grass.  Inspite of having  grazed knees and elbows, sore tummy, back and boobs, I was alright...Touch wood! So Good Morning Tuesday!

Here's my new T cup... love it. Bone China by Spotted Dog. Purchased  from a Charity Shop, was originally a boxed  set of two, its partner according to Amazon had dogs on it and the pair cost new £15.99.  So a bargain! Wish the doggy one had been there too!

 Took a picture of the new climbing wotnot in the village. As my Teacher always said...could do better. But I bet the little ones love it on their way home from school.

Where we stayed while I wasn't 'here'. Polperro in Cornwall. We also stayed at The Jamaica Inn for one night, made World famous by Daphne du Maurier's Smuggling Novel.

 This picture is still the same as when I was three! (only in colour!) It may have rained most of the time, but when the sun shone it was lovely!   I had a great time hunting out bargains in all the Crafty places I could find! 

This is in the caravan, just some of my crafty holiday it was worth getting soaked in the rain! And one last picture... (probably from Face Book)

Have a great super crafty week...Happy Tuesday! I'm now off to have my breakfast! See you all later! Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie. Spooky Cats -Closed

 Here's this weeks freebie...two little cats out Trick or Treating... or they could be dogs!  I've done a background one I can't find where it was saved... Hubbys been using my computer and everything's in the wrong place! So if it's not here, check it out later.

 A comment would be lovely! Thank you for stopping by!
  Sorry CLOSED!

Happy WOYWW? #645

 Happy WOYWW! Phew! At last I've managed to make a post! (Apart from Mondays)There's not much going on on my work space this week, as I went a bit crazy while we were away and have been trying to give the new crafty goodies a new home, it's taking me ages! I've been putting my smaller dies into the magnet pockets I showed before...  and also I decided to use the A5 presentation  display book from a few weeks back for my slighly bigger dies, it's a bit bulky, and I'm not sure how long it will hold up, but for now, it does work. Turning the pages of both books is a lot easier than going through a Really Useful box/boxes hunting for a die.
Short post this week as I haven't even started on this weeks freebie and now that I'm home and my laptop and scanner are talking I hope to make some thing for Halloween... or maybe not! Have a Happy WOYWW. And if you have no idea of what I'm taking about... click on the link 'Stamping Ground', and join in! 

 Just had to show you this....just too cute! I bought a dog one for Karen who looked after Jinx while we were away. 

Monday, 11 October 2021

Happy 13th Anniversary Emma and Tom!

 Evening Crafty peoples, hope you're all fit and well! Here's an anniversary Card I made for my daughter and son-in-law. I didn't put any numbers on the front this time, just incase I got it wrong again... well... once the numbers go past ten, it's really hard to count on your fingers!

 This is a  61/2 by 61/2  card and layered up with slightly different sized toppers using papers from 'The Works'  and some of my new stitched edged square dies from The Range and Trago Mills. I've also embossed some vellum, (Emerald Crafts, Lyndhust, also half price at the time!) and some matt miri card (Hobby Craft) using a brand new 3D embossing folder, still sealed on the packet, by Crafters Companion for only 50p! from the crafty charity shop in Lymington.  ( I love bargains!) The flowers and gems were from my stash. So you could say, this card has already travelled a very very long way! These photos below were taken by my phone and, I think are a bit sharper... although, my new glasses go darker when I've been outside so that could be the reason why I'm thinking that!

 And yes...the gems are purple here; I changed them for clear ones later. I'm not sure if I like the purple gems better or the clear ones. I've also added, some Stickles Glitter and a Wink of Stella.

That's it for last photo of Tom and Emma on their wedding day... Thank you for stopping by!


Wednesday, 6 October 2021

This Weeks forever Wednesday Freebie.

  This will be a forever Freebie. Just a quicky as I've not been here. One to colour how you wish. Just Click and save.

Just A bit Late for... WOYWW #644

Well, I'm back from where I've been...and finding myself a little rusty, as it didn't stop raining!!  It's WOYWW and although I did a post for last week, I was without internet for most of the time so it didn't get posted...It's still Wednesday so this is what's on my worktop this week! No crafting, instead while I was away, I had a lovely time shopping in crafty places, The Works, Trago Mills and The Range. There was more goodies but I've been playing with them and finding them new 'homes'... 

The best bargin was the tropical dies... they were £10 down to £2.50 and they even had their own magnet sheet. Then there's the magnet pocket folder. It's supposed to go in a ring binder case, instead, I just fixed the pages together with some little brass screws, (from an old storage box) That's it from me! If you want to see what's on a few more work tops just click over to the Stamping Ground!  And Join in! Thank you for stopping by!

Saturday, 2 October 2021

How about A Saturday Freebie!?

 Hi crafty People, I'm not about to do a how about this!? Confusion!? Just click on the image and save it to your computer!



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