Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Oh No, It's WOYWW Already!

It's Wednesday! And for all you people who have been in a coma, lost at sea, or on the moon, to days the day that over a hundred nosy crafters get together to have a jolly good old snoop into every one's draws! So pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground to find out what it's all about and come and join in.
Firstly, thank you to every one who wished hubby well, he's is very much better now thank you, secondly, I was going to show you the mag I and some other fellow bloggers were in last week, but decided seeing my ugly mug staring up at you at this time of the morning was a bit too scarrry so instead decided to show you my WOYWW easel again as you couldn't see it very well last week.Tilda, Milly, Bo and Ewein (the sheep) say, thank you very much to Mr D and Mrs D as they love their new seating arrangement!

This week I thought I'd do something a little different with my pictures, as my craft room, and the dining room table are sooo messy, I'm a little ashamed to show you and I was getting a bit bored with the old pictures so thought this would be a good way to make you think I've been very creative this week.

Not working is it

The picture below is of nearly everything I've been doing since last Wednesday, there's even a picture of my craft room floor, hopefully you won't find it and if you did, I doubt you'll tell it was the floor! There's even a photo of my ribbons fixed up on the shelving, which also captured a picture of some anti-wrinkle cream I lost about a month ago! Yay, so glad I found that. I didn't notice it until I was sorting out the photos.
This next picture is mostly the dining table with all the things I've been working on. A few Inches and some ATC's and there's a few craft room pictures too. All my inks are upside down as they are all empty, and as soon as I get some more, all promised stamped images will be on their way as soon as poss!

Now the next picture is of the thing I rescued from the skip. Hubby still says it looked far better in the skip and I should take it back . It's an old baby changing unit. It opens up to reveal several draws, loads of space to put crafty things. In my mind, I can see it would be very useful,, it might be old but I doubt very much it was ever used and once it's been painted/decorated or altered in some way, as it closes up quite small and so doesn't take up very much room. But I'm not so sure now, maybe it is doomed for the baby-changing-unit- heaven after all. So, the question is, to skip or not to skip???

Then I thought I'd show you the hanging baskets and the pots I was painting and planting the other week. They start off as terracotta when they are new and as they get old and decrepit I plaster on more paint. First they start of blue and then just when everyone else would throw them away I paint them again, this time with a mosaic look, luckily when the plants grow you can't see them!Now the boat, that has its own story. It's double skinned, which basically means, when it fills with water and starts to sink, you can't tell.
There was John and his friend rowing out towards Old Harry Rocks to do a bit of fishing and there was me and the girls looking through the binoculars yelling and waving because we could see that the little boat was so low in the water the fish could actually swim in! Luckily John and his friend managed just in time to reach shallow water before the thing sank! It weighed a ton, and took all of us to drag it, till submerged in the water, to the shore! Most people would have ditched it there and then but no, 'let's make it into a flower container with a seat,' says me.. which turned out rather good, as it won me a posh growbag and a teak garden table with six chairs, in a competition run by The Gardeners World Magazine. Obviously the flowers were far better than you seen here. Very strange though. I entered the competition past the deadline, but somehow knew I was going to win, and I did! They never put it in the Magazine, but a picture of it did appear on Grass Roots. (what happened to that TV programme?) The TV Cameras were going to call in and film it, but changed their minds (Had a posher garden to go and see) so sent me a Gardening T-shirt that didn't fit, instead. Aw. Such is life!

Now because I've had to type this all out again...and it's now four in the morning!!! I'm not going to put it on timer, as that's when it all suddenly vanished!! I'll call in to 'see' you all when I'm home from work....oh ...I don't think I'll go to bed...
Update. Blogger didn't delete it...just uploaded it to last Wednesday!

This weeks Freebie: is on the Latest Wednesday Post

More digi's can be found here...

Monday, 28 June 2010

ACT's From CardMaking & PaperCraft

I do a little ATC swap every month over on the Card Making and Paper Craft forum. We choose a theme, this month it was Texture and/or Teddies and these are what arrived. Now then, I usually get Frog (the cat) or my mum or even John to choose a winner, and they get a little prize. So, who do you think has won this month?Unfortunately even after turning my crafty room upside down I seem to have mislaid Piglets... that's Piglet's ATC's, not piglets... (Honest, I don't have baby piglets hiding in my craft room!) I put them somewhere safe, and now, can't remember where! It will come to me... Like remembering I left my car keys in the airing cupboard or my purse in with the wild bird food and my glasses...well, we never found my glasses, but I'm sure I put them on one of the garden gnomes... I've done some too, I'll show you those later...

By email we have
Seeing I've found Piglet's (in the place I put them all the time!)
I thought I'd squeeze in a better picture.

One of them is for me, who can guess which one I chose???

On the Blue we have

On the Pink we have Carlo

On the green we have NantyLornar
So, who would you pick. Is it, email, blue, pink or green???

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Ribbons of Quirkyness

Hi everyone it's that Quirky Time again when I wonder what day it is! The New Fortnighly Challenge has started over on the Quirky Craft's Challenge blog, but who knows, we like to keep you in suspenders! (but there was no sneak peek, Lyn) Yes there was... I had the wrong date in the date thingymejig, so I can't blame Mr Blogger! We'll just sweep that aside and not mention it, just like that goal the ref didn't see... (Shoulda gone to Speck savers!) I bet they use that in future advertising!
We still haven't worked out who's won the last challenge, because once again we can't make up our minds!! There were soooo many lovely cards and other makes, thank you all for entering!
Julia's set the challenge this fortnight, and she would like to see.....


You can make anything as long as there's a bit of or loads of Ribbon!! Once again we're being sponsored by the fabulous Stamp Addicts.

Here's D.T. my card. I know, I've used those papers again, but I do love them, and I'm beginning to really like different patterned papers that match. All the papers are by 'My Minds Eye' (Pretty Please Spring Papers) and were a freebie 6x6 with Cardmaking and PaperCraft Magazine a few months back. I've edged all the papers with dark blue chalk ink, just to make them stand out a little bit.

Sorry about Tilda, I must get some more!! (I only have two, and the other one's a Christmas one! This one is, Magnolia Jam Tilda) I like the way she just sits there on the eyelash wool. (Or wall!) I've used both pastel green and pale blue on her dress to get it to match the papers.
I did have a different ribbon across the corner, one that was in the same Papermania ribbon set, as the eyelash wool but you know when you look at something and the wrong thing stands out, like a big sore thumb, you just know it's wrong, and I'd stuck the thing on, but it just had to come off!
I replaced it with this much nicer softer polka-dot ribbon (and it hides the little rip in the corner!)
I did a bit of dry embossing on the stripy paper. I put it through my BigShot in the 'Happy Birthday' folder. I didn't sand it, just left it as it was. You can't really see it in the Photo, (not even when you double click it to make it bigger, but you do get a good look at my Harry Potter books and DVD's!!)
Now, who's the clever cloggs who can spot the sketch I've used... Yes, it's next weeks Midnight Madness#60 so I'm hoping it's okay to add it to the challenge even though that hasn't gone out yet. I thought it was a really nice one this time so just had to do it!!
says yes!!"
There's a few other challenges I'd love to enter this card into so I'm off to hunt them down and add links... but first I would love to say Hi and a big (((Wave))) to new follower Diane from 1cardcreator who has a very busy blog, with all sorts going on, pop over and say (((hi! )))
That's it for now, I'm still not here so I'll put this on timer with Mr Blogger. back later, to add links!! Thank you for stopping by.

Midnight Madness#60 -sketch
Kah Wink E Dink - anything goes
Tellen's Place - summer
Rosidee's -Summer Birthday
Happy Birthday has been embossed on the stripy paper)
Crafty Ann's Challenge - (fortnightly) embossing
Allsorts - embossing
(The stripy paper has been embossed with Happy Birthday)
I Did It Creations - 3D (Tilda and the paper layer she's on)
Our Creative Corner -Blues and greens
Hidden Treasures - ribbon

Stars and Stipes? Really? It's A OSAAT Challenge.

It's high noon! and apart from my dinner not being anywhere near started yet, One Stitch At A Time's new Challenge has!!
Today's the day when some of our New Design Team show off their first makes, so pop over to the Challenge blog and if you can to their blogs too and give them all the hi ho silver's you can, it's always a bit nerve racking on your first Challenge! So what is this weeks challenge?? It's...(Hold your breath for a few seconds, as there's no drum roll or loud announcement as Sid and Voice Over Man have had a falling out) ...

Stars and Stripes!!

What do you first think of when someone says Stars and Stripes? Apart from thinking about hubby's underwear, which isn't, I think, and I guess you do too, red, white and blue of the American flag. So when I had Stitchy's Ice Princess to play with, I decided not to go any where near red, but stay with soft pinks, a touch of lilac and a lot of soft blue. You can find the Ice Princess here in the Stitchy Bear Stop!
I've used loads of Stickles and mirco fine glitter, which doesn't show up too well here, and some papers I've had for years, from Papermania. Dots, stars and stripes. Now, I don't know about you, but Papermania has improved a whole bunch since I bought these papers, (in my view) These are lovely but I found them a little 'thin' so, that just teaches me, don't hold on to those papers you have stashed away, stroking them, this week, get them out, get them all out and USE them!! Because believe it of not, paper does go out of fashion! (they don't, but you know the next lot will be even better!)
The flowers I made myself and the rest from my stash, the card is just over 7"x7" which I made by adding two pieces of card together, and you can't even see the join. I coloured using Promarkers. (of course!)
That's it! Very sort post from me today (short post????) as I'm not here, this is just a shadow of me typing this as I'm out in the garden doing something with flowers, or eating or still trying to work out, what I'm going to do with something I rescued from a skip... hubby says, 'take it back to the skip, it looked so much better there.'
Have a very Crafty Day! Thank you for popping by!

Now, Stitchy, we need An Ice prince! Then, wouldn't this make a lovely Wedding card?

Kah Wink E Dink - anything goes
Gingersnap Creations - Shades of blue
Crafty Creations - Shine/sparkle
ABC Challenge - X is for extra dimension,
Paper Cutz challenge - Circles stars or squares
Crafty Catz - Let's go digital
Craftalicious - (fortnightly) Mono
I Did It Creations - 3D
Some Odd Girl - shimmer
Oh, Alice! twinkle twinkle
Speedy Cat's Friends - 3+ flowers
Magical Crafts - (fortnightly) Flower Power
Daring Cardmakers - ice and snow
Ooh La La (every other week) - Flourishes and pearls
Stamptacular Sunday Challenge -stars and stripes
Sew Many Challenges - anything goes

Saturday, 26 June 2010

A Sneak Peak, Two Prizes, A Johhny D and an Award

It's been a lovely today, not only has it been really sunny, I received not one, but two lovely crafty parcels in the post. Both from 'Quick Cards made Easy' for a card competition (see below) I did a 'print screen' on the computer, oh yes, I'm not one of the thousands of people who have no idea what that button does! And!! while that parcel was being crammed in through the letter box at the front (which is slightly not the front) another larger more swashier (?) squashier parcel was being squeezed in thought the cat flap in the back door (which is really the side door) This crafty parcel was for being in their, this month's (which is actually next months) 'Readers Page' all about where we craft, and yes I did mention WOYWW, and they put it in! Well, one has to, doesn't one!?
So what d'you think? (huh?) Back to the card, the sneak peek. Is it pink, blue or lilac? It started off just being white, and for about thirty seconds was going to stay that way, but then I found some papers and thought, that doesn't look too bad... and'll have to pop back tomorrow to see what it's all about. One Stitch At A Time's new Challenge, starts around noon tomorrow, (which will be Sunday!) and some of our lovely new Design Team have some lovely stuff to show you.
Just been watching the telly, missed Dr Who again because I was watching Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp etc etc. Have you seen it? Who's spotted where the last scene was played?? Ah...yep, that's right. Me and him indoors have actually been on that ship..yep (you're not telling porkies again are you Lyn?) No. Truth, been on that ship, it sailed up from Cornwall to Portsmouth and we then sailed across the Solent and a bit round the Isle of Wight and back again, but as we're talking about porkies, I did received this lovely Award from Sam (Thank You Sam!) so I've added it to the post I did last week Here (can't have me telling any more porkies, my nose might grow!) No one guessed which one of my fibs was true! Of course they all were! (Fib)
New Follower! Hi and Big (((
WaVe))) to Angie! from Angie's crafty pad pop over and see some of Angie's lovely fun cards!! Bye For Now! (Phew, time for a cuppa I think)

Friday, 25 June 2010

Life's A Beach

I've done a few more ATC's... still have a few more to do. Some more monkeys coming up and some teddy bears. I might add a bit more to the monkeys here, there's something missing. Words maybe, like... Monkey's love digging. Not that I know if monkey's like digging but these monkeys look like they love digging, and who am I to ask a monkey what he likes... apart from bananas. Didn't do any 3D-ing on these but I've done a bit on the next batch. Might add wording, or a shell, or something I haven't thought of yet. Like the wiggly line around the croc, so might do that around the monkeys too.
Own background with Bugaboo images, coloured with Promakers. The fish is a Woodware punch and the font is a freebie. It's called Pea Leslie's Happy Font. and there's a link is on my side bar (Kevin and Amanda) but I know how lazy you are, so click Here to find it.
New followers!! Big (((wave))) to Heaney from Paperpapier Heaney's out the back and in the dark but very kindly emailed me that I'd won Cardmaking and Paper Crafts June Flower Power competition! (You can see Heaney's card here too!) I was quite chuffed about that, you can tell can't you... there's my card...(No I'm not jigging about...well, maybe a bit!)

Flower Power Competition

Then hi to Dawn, and Dora both new Design Team members of the OSAAT squad!! (we are officially a squad now, I'm quite sure if I sneaked off no one would notice!)) and then Hi to Lawren, no link on your pic...but hang on.....(I love google) found you!! Over on AHobby-holic. I love your gift box you've made and thank you for the link to the freebie you've used on it!! (So cute!)
Hi to Deanette who has some lovely cards and also CampbellJudy, where you'll find some smashing little monster cards! and Elaine from Simpli Crafti lovely things going on, so do go and say hi! Thank you for following, I really think we should have a party!! That's it for now, back later. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Now You've Seen An Elephant Fly

No jokes about 'horse flies' or 'house flies' just a very quick post about flying Elephants, sort of on the same lines as the 'pink' ones I guess!
Just a few ATC's for a Swap over on Paul's ATC Swap Blog. I've done six, instead of four, basically because I can't count. I've used a Bugaboo Elephant image cos it's just too damned cute! It was a freebie some time back (Check out their freebie Friday) but I also won some images from them a little while ago, and chose this again as well as a few other's as I forgot I already had it! I've done a bit of 3D-ing and of course my own back ground using ProMaker pens. I've also done a few other animals, a crocodile and a couple of monkeys, so may mix them up a bit when I send them off and might not send just elephants. More about those later!
Welcome to, my goodness, five, no six (one's out the back and in the dark!) new followers! What's happened?? Is there something going on that I don't knowing about?? Promise to link your lovely blogs on my next post!! Back Later!!!
digidoodleshopsbest -challenge 13-anything-goes
fresh brewed designs -challenge 8 -anything goes
Promarker challenge- 57-favourite things
(drawing/ my promakers!!)
Lyn goes shopping for ProMakers

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I wonder WOYWW?

As you can see, this week my bench, for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday is extremely messy! I've started about ten million different jobs without the hope of finishing any of them. I've run out of card and stamping ink for some images I need to stamp for a swap, (Yes!! ink and card!!) so then I started doing some ACT's as I have about fifteen of them to do, as well as a few inchies too, and my printer has decided it would look simply lovely to have a stripe down one side of everything I print out, even if there shouldn't be one!
It's everyone I know birthday this month. (Happy Birthday today Mum-in-law!!!) ((wave))) And poor Hubby's been ill and me saying 'oh it's just man flu without the flu', which turned out to be blood poisoning! aw, but he is feeling a lot better, although he rattles a bit with all the pills the doctor's given him!!
Just to prove I do make things other than a mess, I was really very busy over the weekend (on my ironing board) making my DT cards. (see posts below)
This is a very sort WOYWW post (for me), but I just had to get a picture of Julia's wooden easel, I hope you can spy it!! Thank you Julia! I love it!! (It was well hidden last week)
So!! If you want to add your crafty space to the hundred or so others who join in every week with WOYWW just pop over to Julia's 'Stamping Ground' and join in!! I'll be around to see you later, when I'm back from work, meanwhile who can spot the difference in my two pictures!?! (yep, it's that TV remote went walk about...and yes Anne the (very small) googley eyes are there! 'Happy snooping!' (phew....that was really tiring!)

The Next Freebie will be on the new Wednesday's Post

Monday, 21 June 2010

I'm Seeing Pink Elephants!

Well, you can't have a 'Seeing Double' Challenge without pink elephants, can you!
This is my second DT card for OSAAT challenge. All you have to do, is make a card which has two of something on it, or you can even make two things that match!
I made this card on the same lines as the first card I made. (see Post below this one) I've used Elle Blowing Bubbles one of the many images you can find over on Lexi's Creations in the Stitchy Bear Stamp Store, (Don't forget there's a 'Bundle' Sale going on right now!) but I've made this card a little different.
I wanted something else on the front so it wasn't just a straight forward gate fold card, I wanted something that would make the images stand out more, so with this card, (also made using the freebie gingham, link on my side bar) I added a bit more to the 'gate' and made it a little longer, and then folded it so that..
...when you opened it... would look like this...

Two elephants!

The image has been flipped again, (Free GIMP soft ware download) so the two little elephants can face each other, and just as I did with the cute giraffe, (see below post) I've paper pieced them but haven't decoupaged them this time. The extra colouring was done with Promaker pens.
I thought the little washing line just a cute idea and just drew the little clothes straight on to patterned paper, leaving little shoulder tags to act as 'pegs' and make it easier for them to stay glued to the washing line! (but I did lose a sock by the time I got outside to take the picture!)For the freebie link to the sentiment and font see post below! (cos I'm too lazy ~ and it's far too sunny to stay inside today!!)
Owoohoo four new followers who just happened to be new Design Team members of One Stitch At A Time!
It's just great to think we have so many lovely card makers who want to come and join us! (Maybe I can have a week off now!!) Please welcome Sarah's Crazy Creations and they really are fabulously crazy! I love that bag!! Chocolate Orange (Chocy) with It's not Terry's It's Mine, who has some yummy things going on. Then Stephine with a lovely blog called Crafty Teacher (oho perhaps you and teach me a few things, like, how to spell!) and Brenda Brown with Bumble Bees and Butterflies with Brenda Hi everyone!!
Well, that's it for now. Off to play with something I rescued from the skip...

I Did It Creations - be creative (open theme)
Make Up For The Weekend - babies
Crazy 4 challenges - paper flowers
Totally Gorjuss - Sugar and Spice
Paperplay - something old
(Gold elastic bought over two years ago and brads at least four years old!)
Craftalicious - Monochromatic (Pink)
Charisma Cardz - bling
Whoopsi Daisy -ribbons and bows
Fun with shapes and more- flowery
bunnyzoescrafts- nice and girly

Sunday, 20 June 2010

OSAAT's Seeing Double Challenge

Another fabulous response to One Stitch At A Time's last weeks challenge! I'm beginning to think we need a top five, cos it's getting harder and harder to chose! This week's New Challenge over on OSAAT right now is...(a little tinkle on the old Joanna please Jim....)

Seeing Double!!
Now then, that doesn't been you have to rush off and finish off any left over wine first, it just means we simply we want to see two of some thing on your cards, well, at least that's what I think it means!
So, that's easy. I've done, two Giraffes, two panels, two lots of tiny hearts, two lots of Gingham papers, and a cuttlebug diecut square cut into quarters to make... um lots of corners.
So, here's my card. I've used two of Lexi's Creations found over in the Stitchy Bear Stamp Store, and don't forget there's a 'Bundle' Sale going on right now! (Bungle sale now finished)
This one's called Georgina Giraffe (although she's posing as George on my card today) I put her/him in my graphic programme (any simple one like My Craft Studio will do it too) and flipped her over to make two, identical twins!
I've used two slightly different sized blue Gingham papers (available as a freebie, the link is on my side bar) and as you can see by the picture, I've printed the Georgina 'twins' out twice as well, so I could do a little bit of paper piecing and 3D-ing. The extra shading was done using a Promaker pen.
The sentiment is a freebie, from a sheet of baby pictures, feet and words from Mad About Cards
I also couldn't make up my mind how to place the finished Giraffes and decided to fan them out a little bit, which actually lead to how I made the second card I did for this challenge.
The font is also a freebie, I've mentioned it before so you may already have it. It's called Walt Disney Script and is available here
Now then, where is the second card Lyn, you said two? Not here, it'll be here on another post in a little while cos my dinner's burning and the smoke alarms are going off!!
Poor hubby's not well (aw Bless) which is very rare so I'm cooking the Sunday Lunch. (he likes to live dangerously!!)
So, back later to add challenges and take out all the mistakes and wobbly bits!! Thanks for stopping by!

Creative Inspirations - one for the boys
Make Up For The Weekend - babies
Craftalicious - Monochromatic
One Stop Crafts - one for the boys
I Did It Creations - be creative
Paperplay - something old (My ribbon)

Saturday, 19 June 2010

A Double Sneak Peak At OSAAT's Next Challenge

Actually I tell a fib, coz at the moment there's only one sneaky peak of one card... although before the night's out there could well be another bit of a card, just to tease you about the next Challenge starting over on the One Stitch At A Time Challenge Blog tomorrow, (Sunday) round about Noon.
What d'you think it could be? Something blurred...yep, that's true, and it could well be, if you're seeing double, (or too much wine!) or something blue? Well, you could use blue if you want, but no, that's not the clue. I've done a bit of 3D-ing, and paper piecing but once again, you don't have to. So, to find out about the next OSAAT's Challenge you'll just have to pop back tomorrow...

Thought I'd better add this really cute banner, because as you can see, Stitchy Bear Stamps are having a bit of a Do-it-yourself bundle sale, over in their store. It starts Sunday 20th June!!. (that's tomorrow!) Why not pop over and see what it's all about!
Ohoo we have a new follower! Welcome to Nataliya15! No link with the cute pic but Google to the recuse and it's... one of OSAAT's New Design Team members! (((wave))) Pop over to Love Craft's Forever and see some of Nataliya's lovely cards!
That's it for now... there might be a bit of a pink picture later... but then again.... there might not.

A bit late's the second sneaky peek!!
See you in a minute!



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