Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Oh No, It's WOYWW Already!

It's Wednesday! And for all you people who have been in a coma, lost at sea, or on the moon, to days the day that over a hundred nosy crafters get together to have a jolly good old snoop into every one's draws! So pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground to find out what it's all about and come and join in.
Firstly, thank you to every one who wished hubby well, he's is very much better now thank you, secondly, I was going to show you the mag I and some other fellow bloggers were in last week, but decided seeing my ugly mug staring up at you at this time of the morning was a bit too scarrry so instead decided to show you my WOYWW easel again as you couldn't see it very well last week.Tilda, Milly, Bo and Ewein (the sheep) say, thank you very much to Mr D and Mrs D as they love their new seating arrangement!

This week I thought I'd do something a little different with my pictures, as my craft room, and the dining room table are sooo messy, I'm a little ashamed to show you and I was getting a bit bored with the old pictures so thought this would be a good way to make you think I've been very creative this week.

Not working is it

The picture below is of nearly everything I've been doing since last Wednesday, there's even a picture of my craft room floor, hopefully you won't find it and if you did, I doubt you'll tell it was the floor! There's even a photo of my ribbons fixed up on the shelving, which also captured a picture of some anti-wrinkle cream I lost about a month ago! Yay, so glad I found that. I didn't notice it until I was sorting out the photos.
This next picture is mostly the dining table with all the things I've been working on. A few Inches and some ATC's and there's a few craft room pictures too. All my inks are upside down as they are all empty, and as soon as I get some more, all promised stamped images will be on their way as soon as poss!

Now the next picture is of the thing I rescued from the skip. Hubby still says it looked far better in the skip and I should take it back . It's an old baby changing unit. It opens up to reveal several draws, loads of space to put crafty things. In my mind, I can see it would be very useful,, it might be old but I doubt very much it was ever used and once it's been painted/decorated or altered in some way, as it closes up quite small and so doesn't take up very much room. But I'm not so sure now, maybe it is doomed for the baby-changing-unit- heaven after all. So, the question is, to skip or not to skip???

Then I thought I'd show you the hanging baskets and the pots I was painting and planting the other week. They start off as terracotta when they are new and as they get old and decrepit I plaster on more paint. First they start of blue and then just when everyone else would throw them away I paint them again, this time with a mosaic look, luckily when the plants grow you can't see them!Now the boat, that has its own story. It's double skinned, which basically means, when it fills with water and starts to sink, you can't tell.
There was John and his friend rowing out towards Old Harry Rocks to do a bit of fishing and there was me and the girls looking through the binoculars yelling and waving because we could see that the little boat was so low in the water the fish could actually swim in! Luckily John and his friend managed just in time to reach shallow water before the thing sank! It weighed a ton, and took all of us to drag it, till submerged in the water, to the shore! Most people would have ditched it there and then but no, 'let's make it into a flower container with a seat,' says me.. which turned out rather good, as it won me a posh growbag and a teak garden table with six chairs, in a competition run by The Gardeners World Magazine. Obviously the flowers were far better than you seen here. Very strange though. I entered the competition past the deadline, but somehow knew I was going to win, and I did! They never put it in the Magazine, but a picture of it did appear on Grass Roots. (what happened to that TV programme?) The TV Cameras were going to call in and film it, but changed their minds (Had a posher garden to go and see) so sent me a Gardening T-shirt that didn't fit, instead. Aw. Such is life!

Now because I've had to type this all out again...and it's now four in the morning!!! I'm not going to put it on timer, as that's when it all suddenly vanished!! I'll call in to 'see' you all when I'm home from work....oh ...I don't think I'll go to bed...
Update. Blogger didn't delete it...just uploaded it to last Wednesday!

This weeks Freebie: is on the Latest Wednesday Post

More digi's can be found here...


  1. Hi Hun
    oh luv how you have done ya pics very creative, did laugh at the boat story, good idea, congrats on winning, fabby robot, thanks hun, have good day, sue,x

  2. Definitely NOT TO SKIP on the baby change unit front.....fantastic idea! I would certainly give it a make over and find good use for it. Fantastic storage space I think!

  3. Lyn you are so funny! Love all your pictures and creative recycling. I say keep the baby changer I can hardly wait to see what you do with it. Sweet dreams.

  4. Love your post today, clever stuff with the photos but my eyes have gone all funny now, lol. Def NO skip.... you'll do something amazing with it, I can tell.

  5. oh hun you always make me laugh he he love the boat and as for the changing thing would defiantly make it over would make perfect space for crafting goodies,hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

  6. I love that changing table. I saw a few of them all fancied up during my blog hop a couple of weeks ago. They are stylish when used in a craft room and I understand they have lots of storage space, too.

    Glad to hear the good news about your hubby. And I thought my eyes were deceiving me this morning when I first saw the pics. Had to go back and look further.

    Love the boat. Happy WOYWW.

  7. Wow so much stuff in one post lol...loving the robot he is gorgeous & one of my DT challenges in a few weeks is all things square so little Roger will be used me thinks ..thanks hun xx
    Loving your boat babe it looks fab, & I think you baby thingy is a fab idea you can store loadsa stuff in there
    hugs shell xx
    ps flowers are stunning xx

  8. Wooo very creative! Love how you've done the photos very clever & your robot is sweet!
    I have freebies too & a new one coming out on Saturday!
    Helen x

  9. Love the boat story must tell my OH as he has a boat that he has repaired and that's what I tell him will happen to it. The pictures are fab.

  10. Hiya Hun

    WOW how do you keep up with all your projects? lol. The boat is a genuis idea lol Shame about the t-shirt being to small, love the way you have done the photos this week.


  11. well at least you got a T-shirt haha

  12. lovin the collages photos..i wouldn't even know how to do that with my PSP!! still learning lol

    and i love your upcycled boat, looks great.. as for the baby changing unit KEEP & ALTER it.. you know you wanna :P

  13. Glad to hear your hubby is feeling better. Wow Wow you have a very busy crafting space, fantastic. Love the friends on the easel too. Your hanging baskets are fantastic and well done you winning a prize. I absolutely love gardening and it's my first passion so I really enjoyed reading your post today. Have a lovely day, Tracy Evans x x

  14. Great pics - I would say definitely don't skip the baby changing unit - it looks to have lots of storage potential!

  15. hehehehe made me chuckle about the boat. The t-shirt that didn't fit is sooo not a good consolation prize! You nearly had me fooled with your pics but I see now what you've done - it was the baby unit piccy that gave it away ;-)
    Don't look for the eyes today as I totally forgot about them and am torn up about it! They're on the Big Shot just out of the pic :-(
    Anne xx

  16. My eyes hurt now Lyn lmao! Love your boat planter hun great idea and thank you for Roger the Robot freebie mwah!!
    Take care now
    sam x

  17. OMG, that first WOYWW pic, I thought that was your actual desk...was just about to leg it but realised...phew, it is a montage! LOVE the boat idea..not that sinking..the garden bit LOL

  18. bloody heck Lyn! I thought you'd gone on a big craft buying spree when I glimpsed your photo!
    Love the baby don't skip it!
    Pics next week of altered baby changer????
    Have a great day,
    *hugs* Heather x

  19. Hi, LOVING the photos! Great skip find too (I was at the local tip with hubby a few weeks back and rescued an industrial cable reel - minus the cable, which will make a great table at some point).
    Rachael xxx

  20. Oh wow Lyn they really are weird photos and so messy hope your room doesnt actually look like that. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxx
    Thanks for the freebie to.

  21. such a relief to know that it's not only my space that spmetimes looks BUSY! Thanks for the snoop :)

  22. Ooh Lyn you are very clever those photo collages look great and I only ever get jealous when I see your craft room and all your stamps lined up on shelves! :-)

  23. Well that made my eyes ache !! I must be getting addled, took me ages to work out the montage wasn't real mess! Love the easel as a seat for that little tilda!

  24. Baby changer looks far too useful to skip it and really hope you do a wednesday show and tell of what you do with it.
    A x

  25. fab posting - made me laugh - keep the changing table - a boat in the garden - that is very Alan Titchmarsh - love it...the question is did he catch any fish?

  26. Lyn, this is brilliant, really enjoyed your stories. Annette x

  27. O wow at first sight I thought those photos were actually your working desk haha :) you're so funny. Love that boat and thanks for the freebie robot, he's adorable xxx

  28. that 2nd photo really made me chuckle, for a split second I thought you have just emptied every box you owned into a pile lol Love the boat and thanks for the robot.x

  29. I vote not to skip!! Paint and stamps will make it pretty.
    Loved those photos they confused me to start with" xx

  30. lol - that the best blog I have seen today!!

  31. rofl Lyn I'd to look twice. Love how you did the pics, very different.
    Am loving the blue boat in yer garden too, it's gorgeous with the pots on
    Anne x

  32. Lovin roger, but those piccies did make me wonder if my eyes had gone wonky!!
    Hugs Pam

  33. Hi - loved reading your blog today, you always bring a smile to my face. The pots & the boat are fantastic! Don't skip the baby changing thingy - bet it will scrub up great ! I saw you in the magazine - it's a lovely pic. Thanks for the robot digi. xx

  34. Love the robot and you have been busy this week with all those bits and pieces. Loved the boat story too!

  35. Loved the post - it made me chuckle.
    Thanks for sharing the stories.

    Lesley Xx

  36. great post ...I LOVE the boat wonder it won you prizes.

  37. Funny boat story and GREAT recycling! I love the idea and you deserve to win with that one. Lovely cheery garden. :)

  38. Thanks so much for visiting over my way. I think I might just have to join in this WOYDW more often. It is so much fun seeing what everyone else has and yours is no exception....well the collections of your work. You are a very busy person. Love the boat and plant.

  39. Lyn, How do you find time to Craft!
    Your comments on your blog are amazing! xx

  40. Ooh lynn, I am so sorry I have not visited you for a while I must admit I forgot how interesting your stories are and you do so make me laugh,I hope you forgive me, well what can I say I love your too cute Robot, thanks also for your lovely comments, I will try to get back here soon, hugs Liz xx

  41. firstly thanks for the digi, hes great !!

    secondly love what you have done with your photos hun, fab idea

    thirdly, im with you on the baby changing thingy, fab item

    thanks for the snoop

    big hugs
    judie xx

  42. Hi Lyn
    where do you work, you have too much stuff, me think, great photo,s, love the boat.
    Christine x

  43. You made me smile today with your post. Love the boat and your photos. That is a new punch I have got and yes it embosses as well. Happy Crafting. Kathleen x

  44. Thanks for dropping by my blog for WOYWW. Glad I joined in . . . Love your creative, er, mess? LOL!

  45. Fab post, keep the baby changing unit and I love the boat, love you pics.

  46. All that in just a week were do you find the time ooh keep it your bount to find a use for it is that my shelving you've got there nope different ribbon lol much prefer the boat as a plant stand i can't swim. Thanks for the freebie he's brilliant

  47. Just thought what Roger the Robot looks like...he's dancing... a-ga-doo-doo-doo! Well, ok, he could be just waving but I thought having him dancing was even more fun. Oh, oh...wait a mo...JT in Saturday Night Fever! ...I'll shut-up now. :D

  48. Oops! Forgot to say, hope you KEEP the changing station. Looks like too much fun to be had to put it out. Lorna


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