Thursday, 26 November 2020

Say Cheese! It's a Star Card with Wallace and Gromit!

 I've finaly got around to making a card, this one's for my Sis-In- Law. She has two cats, one's called Wallace and the other one's not. But she does walk dogs, hence...dogs. I was watching a You Tube tutorial on how to make this type of card and using these same papers and I thought, I have these papers somewhere!  ( and half a Ton of paper later...I found it!) The big bones came from somewhere else  Paper Crafter mag I think and then I found bits of the Wallace and Gromit ones so.... it all came together nicely. Good Job, I say! But a BIG thanks goes to Sam Calcott Here's a Link to her You Tube video.

Another bit of that Papercrafter mag paper in this picture above, (under the card) but I didn't want to cut into that and just go with what I had left... I still had loads of toppers, so made use of them.

Sorry about the light. I have found my day light lamp! It's been in hubby's garage for the last six years, covered in goodness knows what, but without the Day-Light light in it. He says, I need a new one... Christmas is coming! Wowhoo!

Here you can see ...when you open the card stand it on the points of the 'Star'. Its feels a bit like having a gin without having a gin!) The bits inside were just off cuts and the lacy bit is just paper I'd cut out using a punch ages ago, which I found lying around. (almost as it wanted me to use it) Well, that's it then! I'm going to see if I can find a few challenges, there used to be a blog that listed them all, is that still going? Meanwhile, in the words of Wallace... 'Time for a cuppa' and 'Anyone for cheese?' and 'Have A Great Day!' 


 Pixie's Craft Workshop Snippets challenge 139

Cardztv. Anything goes 

Wednesday, 25 November 2020

It's WHAT'S On Your Worktop WEDNESDAY?! #599

 Morning Everyone! Hope you're all fit and well... but as long as you're well. I'm definitely not fit; if I get down on my knees these day it takes a month of sundays for me to get up again! Anyway! It's Wednesday again so, Go HERE to jump to Julia's 'Stamping Ground' and join in! 

My desk hasn't really changed a's still just as messy, with more mess added. One of my crafty friends has been selling off a few of her crafty thing and I noticed she had the Tattered Lace Stage Card die set. Well, I've been trying to make sence of it since it arrived last week. No video's or how to do's on the Tattered Lace site or anywhere that I can find on Google. I've found pictures but no instructions. If I glue it where it needs a bit of glue you can't fold it into  an envelope and if I don't glue it, the poor thing does the splits! Ouch! (deja vu) Thicker card is needed I hear! In the picture the coloured card on the right is my first attempt...the 'wooden' one is my second or third... (one went in the bin)

There's flowers and pots  (I love the pots) and leaves and whirly signs and words and banners and loads of other things that I can use on other makes so, all's good. But if you know, let me know too! 

 There's a peek at this weeks freebie, not quite finished on the left. Promarkers for colouring in the pots. (didn't like them  cut out of coloured paper) I wanted a darker brown...what's the darkest brown Promarkers do? I don't think I've got it  but  what I have will do! 

 Hope you've all had a brilliant crafty week.  Take care! Stay in doors and wear your drawers and above all.. Stay Safe!! Thank you for stopping by.  See you over on 'Stamping Ground!'  Don't forget, it's the BIG #600 next week! My Laptop can't make it, but my phone will definitely have a go!

Scroll down for This weeks Freebie, or go  HERE 

Wednesday Digi! The Jolly Happy Snowman. CLOSED

 Morning! Here's this weeks freebie. Hope you like him.  Go HERE to find a link to download him without his watermark. Please don't share him, just download to your computer! Sorry about last week, just as well I don't have the downloads of years past...A thousand download sent by email because the link didn't work would have me up all night and all day for a month! I think the site I used to use, (years ago) has disappeared up it's own wotsname! The new one is called Gofile. So far, touchwood, it seems okay. Don't forget to leave a comment here and show me if you make anything using him! Thank you for stopping by!!

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Wednesday Freebie! Gnome walking his Frog. CLOSED

***Sorry You Missed it!
Here's 'This weeks Freebie'
 I won't go on about me having problems getting his scanned image from the scanner in Hubbie's Mancave in the garden, to my craftroom in the house again because, well, who cares! Unless you really do want to know how many slugs I trod on?!(It was dark) Anyway, hubby brought him into me on one of those plug in stick things, and found him saved in 'Lyn's Fonts'. Odd? and to me, he looks very small. (I know! Gnomes are small!) He was also scanned in colour (making him look grey) and not in greyscale so I souped him or, should that be beefed him up on my wacom and he doesn't look too bad now. But, if you find he's not quite right, that's the gnome I mean, not hubby, let me know, so I can sort him out!  Thanks for stopping by!

Morning! WOYWW? #598

 I'm multi-tasking. I'm typing this, catching up on Tim Holtz video's- (sorry if I get distracted and stop typing) stroking the cat, as he keeps trying to sit on my computer... "get off Jinx!" (Feed Me Feed Me! Putting stuff away and... trying to clear a space to my workbench, taking photos; because it's....(The title gives it away...) What's On Your Worktop Wednesday. Come and join in over on The Stamping Ground!

 First picture above; is the wreakage left after making a birthday card for sis-in-law but at the same time I'd been making little  mini books from one sheet of 12x12 paper. (plus a few scraps and some 6x6 paper pads I've had for years!)  I want to make the books smaller. The little book/box behind them in photo below, is really a kind of secret 'book' that is supposed to hold little books inside it, but I haven't downloaded the papers for those yet.

And the next picture, (this is after I tidied up and pushed everything out of sight) to show you two of the little books I'd made this week. They have little pockets, that will have more little tags inside.

 I think they're rather cute, and very moreish to make! I'm definitely going to make tinier ones to go inside the 'book' behind them. And maybe tiny glittery Christmasy ones too, to go on the Christmas Tree. Which!! (and I can't believe this! Hubby must be slightly off his grumpyself, and wants to get the decks up early!) garden Lights are Up!! Last picture of the little books below.

 There is a freebie this week, if I can get it loaded! Poor computer's really really slow!  It'll either be the post before or the post after this one...It's called, 'Gnome Walking his Frog...'

We are still in lockdown, although it doesn't feel like the first lockdown as there's people and traffic scooting about the same as 'usual'.  So, Stay safe! And I'll see you all later over on The Stamping Ground!

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Morning and Welcome to WOYWW?!

 I've made it! Another week at sharing our crafty maddness! Pop over to the Stamping Gound and join in! 

I've been messing about on my crafty workbench but, there's not much to see. Mainly because, I've been crafting in the kitchen and, on the ironingboard in the living room. I've never worked out why they're called ironingboards. I'm making a Double Z New Home card. I'll post it later.

Spyder's Corner

 I still haven't worked out where the background to my blog has gone. (Maybe the powers that be think it's about time I learnt to do my own backgrounds??) This is what's it's meant to look like. (Above picture) So? Who has swiped it, I asked myself.  No. Self doesn't know.

Anyway-desk. (sorry about the light, still haven't found my daylight lamp) I've been trying to make a 3D sleigh from a die cut. Ok yes, turn the cut out die round the other way, I hear you say, yes, but its all not nice and smooth on that side it's all flat and uninteresting. I ended up just squashing it between two bits of thick card and running through my BigShot to get rid of the nice beveled edge on the rim of the die cut. Mmm, well, it's not too bad.

This is the practise go with a flimsy bit of card, the other sleighes in the back ground are layered up three or four times, so are lot stronger. Just working out what size to do the inside body bit. I'm hoping to fix it as the centre piece of an exploding box. Personly I think it's way over my head, but I'll give it a go!

Still colouring the gnomes and the pengiuns and have managed to do reverse stamping with the penguins, (I usually do it in  Word) so I'm quite pleased with that. I also have the dies for these pengiuns and I know how to die-cut the  one facing the wrong way, so with any luck I should have something to show soon! (Hey, note to brain, just a thought, if I draw around the sleight die...??? and...? I'll try it!) 

Don't forget there's a freebie Pussy Cat Santa Paws below this post. Have a great week....and as we keep telling our slightly mad cousin, Lady Pam, who we love to the moon and back...'Stay in Doors....and wear your draws!'  (Weelll, she keeps nipping out in her underwear! Or just her nightie!) See you later over on WOYWW?! Stay Safe!!

here's A WednesdayFreebie! Santa Paws CLOSED

 Sorry Closed You Missed it!

Here's This weeks Wednesday Freebie I hope you like him. Oh what trouble I've had getting him from one computer in the shed, to my old steam driven one in my craft room! The air was blue, so much so Hubby said, 'I'll get you a new computer and a printer/scanner, but you have to learn to use Microsoft 10!!' (I hate it!) Anyway. I got him here in the end...but he's very small, not quite sure why. I've made him bigger here.... Maybe it's because he started off life as a mouse!  Please don't share him anywhere! Just save to your computer.

Thursday, 5 November 2020

Here's A Thursday Freebie- MollyPop House

Here's a freebie for you... it's just a quicky as  I've forgotten how to get the drawing from the scanner in the shed in the garden, (hubby's Man Cave) back into my computer in my craft room. They are connected, (the computers that is) but who-knows-what- button I should be pressing! It will all come back to me! (one day) So, I just drew straight onto the waccom, which is probably what most people do anyway.  Just click on the picture and save to your computer. No sharing! Have fun! Show me what you do with it! I'd love to see!
 Night Night! 

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Its WOYWW Time! #596


 Morning campers, I mean crafters. It's "What's on your Worktop Wednesday!"  And who askes? Julia, from

I'm late, can't get any links to work... The little 'cloud' at the top has been crossed out for about an hour. Must've done something wrong as my Post Title goes to Stamping ground....which means I can't put my Spyder's Corner link in over at Julia's because it will just go back to her blog!! Anyway!!  Pop over, and join in and I hope to see you soon!! 

Here's my mess...I mean, ingenious crafty space. What's been happening with you?? Me...well, apart from being totally wallied off with this 'new to me old to you style blogger' I've been a bit starcrazy! is that the right word? Never mind, it will do! (no different then) Yesterday, Hubby was happy, he had a pint of beer for two pounds, while I, nipped up to the Crafty Shop and bought me some Tim Holtz inks. I've been watching him, Tim that is, on Youtube, all burnt out candles, cobwebs, purple lights, ghosts and skeletons! (Any one who knows where I can get me some of those Snarky cats in Endland, let me know!!) and well....You have to have the stuff, don't you? Anyway. I haven't done anything with them yet. (the inks that is) Just tipped them all out of my bag  (along with a few other things,  and gave them a hug. (maybe I shouldn't've written that down... I could delete the words, but I always wonder where they go when you do... Are they piled up high in a huge heap somewhere out there between time and space?? All in the dark? I feel so sorry for the i and the j...what happenes if they lose their little dots?

There's the fairy door that needs painting. Bought that from The Works. Next shelf where I keep all my downloaded papers.  I don't usually use the mag papers, they're a bit flimsy, so just save them then I can find what I want and then print them out, as most of them are saved on my laptop.... probably why the poor thing's so exhausted! Above them them are my Paper Cutters (the two at the bottom only work when they want to. Next, my envelope maker. Loved that! But then, after only a few weeks, the little punch thing fell off. I wasn't even punching with it, it just fell off. Hubby has very carefully glued it back on so it still works. Going to save up for a larger one though.

This is where I usually work. I stand to craft. I'm making a little booklet for Niamh... three more pocket pages to add to it. Oh and there's the T.H. inks. Haven't found a home for them yet. On the far left is a little box I made for my embossing folders...Got the knowhow from Sam Calcott on YouTube. I'm addicted now. I've made one of those folder thing booklet things with envelopes and a couple of little notelets, which Niamh swiped last time she was here. "Oh...I like those Nanny!" And...a few cards too. I'll post them another day, seeing it's nearly five in the morning! We were watching the USA voting, as our youngest daughter lives near Seattle, but it was too scarrrry...!  

I did start drawing the Wednesday Freebie but it may have to be Thursday now... because, I'm here, indoors, and the printer is out in the shed (John's man Cave) You see, I have to scan the drawing into the computer so I can see it on my computer screen and redo it on my wacom, so I can digi it! (Hope that makes sense) I'm off to bed now. See you all later over on The Stamping Ground for more crafty Goodness! (Wow I did the link!) Bye for now! Stay safe!

Monday, 2 November 2020

The Snowman.

I haven't painted in years...well, with dogs to walk all day everyday, it was very hard and a complete life changer! I'd come home and fall asleep! I should've started that adventure ten, maybe twenty years ago, omg, do I dare say it? Thirty years ago!? Anyway, I have actually painted. Had a fun day with the grandkids and well....
In lockdown or just before, hubby pulled down my old leanto green house and built me a small potting shed in the space, which I painted Urban Grey, I also painted the shed and most of the flower pots to match with the same wood paint and later, Hubby wanted to build a kind of car port attached to the garage and I insisted that all the wood for that was also painted in the same colour, including the new 'bi-fold' wooded doors he made for the garage... but I'm going off track now... (and so has do I line up the next bit below, the same  as above????????)

To try and get my Crafty Mojo back, I've been watching crafty videos. No! No no! (No, naughty crafty people!) Craft videos, honestly!  I have quite a few papercraft favourites now but today I came across Michelle The Painter  and she shows you how to paint a lovely snowman in acrylic paints with a link to a free download of the same snowman. I haven't done any drawings or digis...and seem to have forgotten how to use my Bamboo Wacom, so on seeing this lady painting away, I decided to have a go, not with paint but on the Wacom. Digital. I opened it up with the free download Paintnet, as my poor old laptop can't download up grades any more, colours and tools were a bit limited but this is what I came up with. So...who's up for a freebie Wednesday any time very soon?



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