Wednesday, 30 September 2015

This Weeks Wednesday Digi CLOSED

 Remember last weeks Freebie... well, here he is again, but instead of wearing his Santa's Hat... Tubby Teddy has become a Little Monster!  NO sharing anywhere please! Comment if you can! Thank you for stopping by

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Ike's been busy again!

I know you've probably seen most of these before but I thought they were worth another look! I've been pretty rubbish at blogging for ages, so it's lovely to see Ike's been very busy making  fabulous cards with my digi's and making them look super cool too! Fantastic embossing in the back ground on this first card, with my little hedgie carrying a Christmas present on the front! Thank you Ike! Don't forget to choose your freebie digi's as a thank you!!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

This Weeks 'Wednesday' Digi! Tubby Teddy CLOSED

Yes I know, I'm late again...but if I hadn't told you, you wouldn't know, would you!?! So, just between you and's this weeks freebie digi, not late at all! In fact, seeing he's wearing a Santa Hat he could be very early for Christmas! Tubby Teddy Tumplyn is his name. No sharing on any shared sites please or blogs!! (unless of course he's wearing his water-mark!) and there's a link back here!) Just download to your computer!A comment here would be lovely!! Thank you for stopping by!  

Sunday, 20 September 2015

More Animal Magic over on Quirky Crafts...

Once again I've had no time to finish my Animal Magic card for the Quirky Craft Challenge, sooo... 'I've had a look out the back... and we're right out of parrots... got a slug!'
Okay....enough Monty Python! Here's a few cards using Bugaboo digi's (one of our lovely sponsors) which I've made over time... (when I seemed to have loads to spare!...time that is...)

Quirky Animal Magic Reminder!

Okay... this'll be quick! (depending on how fast you read it I suppose!) I'm balancing across dozens of Very Useful Boxes (from my x craft room) to try and reach my computer and any second now I might crash down between them all and land in a heap on the floor! 
We have dogs staying and if this happens they'll all think it's a great fun game and jump on me! Go on, try it. If you have a dog, fall on the ground and start rolling about... in seconds they'll be rolling all over you! Guaranteed!!
So? What else is happening? Well, after almost ten months, we have finally managed to fill in the cracks in my old craft room, get rid of the mouldy patches and paint two of the walls! Deep sigh. Still can't make up my mind if it's going to go back as a craftroom or turn back into a bedroom... perhaps I should put it to a Blogger Vote!?!
Anyway, here's my second card for the challenge I've started over on the Quirky Craft Challenge blog. A big 'Thank You' to Monica for starting the Quirky Crafts post off for me!! I forgot what day it was again... (if head...not suck on...lose it...hmmm.)
I've used the same digi as last week, from  Sweet Pea Stamps!   but this time I've used darker colours, (prompted by their fabulous picture)  using Promarkers and made it look a bit more like the witching hour of  Midnight.
This was the darkest blue I had, (or could find) I tried black, but didn't like it. I've used papers called Neighbourwood, half of them are already glittered. I love the animals in this paper stack, mostly Owls, deer and squirrels but there's also foxes, frogs and otters too, so I thought they went well with this image.
I've added loads of Gems and Stickles Glitter glue, as well as a cute little glass jar filled with Magic purple fairy dust! (ok, it's really very fine purple glitter! and can be used as a little cord necklace) There's Pisces fishes on the tiny label plus a fairy charm attached. I haven't added any sentiment yet, but do have one for when I send the card off...

Well, I think that's it... have to go take the mutts out now, it's pee and poop time (again!)

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

This Weeks Wednesday Digi! Sorry you missed me! CLOSED

 You can always tell when I'm running very very late...either I'm not here at all or... I draw a Toadstool! Hope you like this one. It should only be here for a week, but, who knows.No sharing the un-watermaked digi on ANY site please!. Comment if you can! Thank you for stopping by!! Night night!!  CLOSED.

comments are now switched off on this post because of spam

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Just A Quirky Bit Late with Some Animal Magic!

Over at Quirky Crafts, my challenge has started! (Last Sunday - better late than never!) I have no craft room at all now so it's really hard to make anything. (plus dogs seem to be sleeping in the most awkward places! bathroon...hall... kitchen... my bed!) 
Anyway! The challenge is nice and easy, Animal Magic! So we want to see animals!! We have some fantastic Sponsors, Bugaboo, Sweet Pea Stamps!  and  Robyn's Fetish! Pop over and see some of the teams makes to get you going !
I've up graded my photos from the beginning of the week to my normal ones. (Found the camera and the daylight lamp, but the cooker is still the best place to take the photos)
The lovely image I've used is by Sweet Pea Stamps. There's Owls, a deer, a squirrel and a baby dragon!
All the papers (and the felt flowers) were freebies from a Crafting magazine, called Simply Adorable. (There's also some animals die cuts included) This was going to be a shaker card, but I have no idea where I've stored my 3D foam pads,'s not! The frame was cut from a very thick piece of card (from an old art pad) then covered with contrasting paper to the front.
I've coloured the image with Promarkers and used loads of stickles glitter, a couple of gems, some foam stick on lettering, felt flowers and some eye-lash wool
 I think that's it! Sorry for  being so late, but I really need a few more hours in the day... off to walk more dogs, feed cats and rabbits and take my mum her shopping... (I'll miss breakfast, it's overrated anyway!!)  Don't forget to come and join in my Quirky Animal magic challenge!  I've also added an oldie but goodie Wizard with his owl, from Bugaboo. Thank you for stopping by. My Wednesday Freebie coming up next!!
Challenges (Hopefully!)

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

This Weeks Wednesday Digi! CLOSED

Oops...I'm a bit late. Never mind, here's a hopping bunny for you. (Carrot-Top Bunny Hop) The idea came from one of the dog toys I have or did have...It was, I say was, because after Tommy finished with it, it had no ears, no nose, one foot missing and no bottom! But started life wearing an orange hoody with a green fringy bit, giving it a look of a rabbit wearing a carrot... Yes, well, Tommy liked it!! Remember! No sharing anywhere. Comment if you can. Thank you for stopping by. only 113 downloads
 "Carrot-Top Bunny Hop"

Winner Spot The Difference (and Runner Ups) Amended, Ikes's a runner up too!

Aw...That didn't go down as well as it used to do! Never mind it was fun! Maybe I should've told you how many differences there were, but if you can go back a few years, when I had time to do quite a few...I'd say there was 12 and some bright spark would find 14! Anyway.... Some of you only found one... others three and a couple four. I was sure there were 16 differences...but in the end could only find 15 and I did the drawing! is the winner!!

Fit Kitty, with all 15 who wins five digis of your choice from Spyder's Other Corner. and here are her answers!
  1. Longer ear line
  2. White dot added to eye
  3. Eyelash removed 
  4. Dot on nostril removed
  5. Dot added above front legs
  6. Dot removed above rear legs
  7. Extra greenery added to third in-ground carrot
  8. Dot on first in-ground carrot removed
  9. Dot on mouth carrot added
  10. White line on front hoof widened
  11. Hair on end of tail removed
  12. Shorter line on flower petal
  13. Line removed alongside  two front rocks
  14. Dot removed in front of two rear rocks
  15. Grass/greenery leaf removed behind rear legs
 The first runner up with 14 differences is... Ike, 
go choose a digi plus those I already owe you!
and the second runner up......with 13 (as I said the watermark was added afterwards and didn't count)

Christina/hoptownracer1 go choose one of the 99p digi's
 and the second runner up with 11 is...

 Susan Paulson who can also choose one of the 99p digis!

(The watermark here was put in again afterwards so that's why that is different but not counted as one of the differences from last weeks pictures as they too were added later)



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