Thursday, 29 April 2021

Hows About A Unicorn Penny Slider Card?!

 Here's another Penny Slider, or spinner card... I love these little stamped images! I bought them from Crafter's Companion. HERE  A box set of three, plus, stamps, diecuts, cards, papers and envelopes. Although, mine was a tiny-weeny bit cheaper (According to Wikipedia a slider is an American term for a steam-grilled sandwich, typically around 2 inches across, made with a bun. A Slider Roll) I'm feeling hungry now! Anyway! No buns here...This is a Unicorn! and of course you can't eat a Unicorn because it's against all Magical Law as they are so rare! 

The Unicorn came with a straight slider, (I used the one I had for the bunny here) and a Rainbow and hearts. In this card I also used the Bunny's carrot cup cakes and his carrots. The rainbow paper is  another of my favourite freebie papers from waaaaaaaaaaay back, PaperCraft Inspirations issue 138 May 2015! Find it HERE  You will have to login. There's also, Hot air balloons, kites, dots, wavy lines, plain colours and stripes in the same download. Print it out on some good smooth A4 paper, I use 160 gsm. (I've also got 120gsm) Not the thin crappy cheap stuff, which is only about 70 or 80 gsm! (unless it's very very good stuff, and then you might just get away with it!)  I find the cheap stuff drinks up the ink. And looks rubbish!

I coloured with Promarkers, the little flowers at the bottom are leftovers from a diecut I used on another card. I save all the bits! I've also added gems, Stickles, Dovecraft 3D effects in pastel yellow and Wink of Stella on the rainbows, cakes, carrots and Unicorn. That's it for now! Thank you for stopping by. Hoping to find a few...


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A Tattered Lace Stage Card


I thought I'd already posted this, but I can't find it anywhere, so here it is.  It's not very often that I make something entirely with die cuts! It's still not quite finished, I have to decide if it's going to be a Happy Birthday Card or some thing else! I bought the set of dies, by Tattered Lace, from a Crafty Facebook friend who was selling off some of her stash. It has loads of dies, some of which I didn't use, finding, nowhere to put them! but I'm sure they will all be useful for other projects. It needed very thick card, otherwise it would do the splits! So I used a double sided 12x12 card stock with a  wooden print on one side and a kind of dark black/grey flowery effect on the other. I touched up the coloured card flowers with Promarkers. I love the flower pots! Also added Glossy Accents to the bunting.


 This is the back,  but it could well be the front. The bench part of the card has two folds, no, three... which I wasn't sure what to do with, so I just bent one over and stuck it down, so the card stock was even thicker and then added a strip of card underneath so I could slip the end in behind. (I lost you at two folds didn't I?!) If I could've stuck it down it would've been stronger but not postable. Having it so you can unfix the bench and lay it flat means it will fit into an envelope for posting. That's it! Thanks for stopping by. I think I'll go and have a hunt for Anything goes, or flower...


 Pennys challenges 495-Anything Goes

Through The Craftroom Door-Anything goes

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Is it really 621 WOYWW Posts!?

Happy WOYWW!? Hoping you're all staying Safe. This is all that's on my desk at the moment (big fibber! What about the mountain of stuff on either side!? Safe?? If it all falls down we'll both be buried!  No, we won't, because you are not real! Now, (sorry about that) here's my desk this week, not much on it, (it's all lies) just this weeks freebie I was in the middle of drawing,  but to prove there's not a lot going on... here is a picture slighly to the right...

I nice box of craftyness, 'Under the sea themed!' There's even penny slidder elements to it. (Penny spinning Dolphin from last week's WOYWW is HERE) Papers, card, stamps, diecuts, inks, some vellum... I'll start playing with it as soon as possible! (Now show the picture to the left) No, there's nothing worth looking at!  It's 1:30 in the morning! (Show it anyway) Oh! If I do, will you promise to go away!? (Of course!) Ok.... Here's a picture of what's on the left...
Now you know... So, pop over to the Stamping Ground and join in with, What's On Your Worktop Wednesday... Thank you for stopping by. And it's Good Night from me. (and it's good night from me)
You're not go away! 'Can we play Jenga with those piles of mags and folders?' NO!  Thank you for stopping by! See you all later! (meanie) acSF;lsdoi'ji'l get off the keyboard!

And for those of you who have Sprites living in your drawers, I feel for you. night night!

Wednesday Creepy Freebie CLOSED

 I was feeling lazy, So,'s creepy Toad Stalls .... or Magic Mushrooms. I've called it, 'Something Weird This Way Comes' Or.. 'I'll Be Seeing You!' No sharing please although, links back here are always welcome, comments would be nice too! Thank you for stopping by!  CLOSED

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

One Spinning Dolphin-Wishing you Oceans of Joy!


  Hope you're not too borded with the spinning cards yet... I still have a few more to make but I might add something different inbetween them, just so I don't make you too dizzy! Also, I've been wondering how to make a spinning ATC for the WOYWW Swap coming up.... I might have to use something a lot smaller, like a bee or an ant... Or a spider even! Behind the pale blue dolphin (all coloured with my ProMarkers) are some stars, which was a mistake, I took a different stamp of a seahorse, which didn't work, so I covered it up with the dolphin.

Stamps and dies come in a box set from Crafters Companion in lovely purple tissue papers including pattened card (which I've used on the front), papers, cards and envelopes (only the 6x6 envelopes didn't actually fit this card) and three little critters to play with but only one slidder die, or you can just buy one set at a time where you get a different slidder dies with each set. Which is good! (The gold leaf on the card comes from a Sizzix got glued on by mistake, but I liked it!) I also used stickles and a white gell pen, And (at last I found one), a 'Wink of Stella sparkles brush'.

And here's the inside. I used some papers, which came from Papercraft Inspirations some years back, called then, Nautical and Nice, (June 2015!) which you can still download for free HERE (You will have to login) There's anchors and whales as well as boats. 
I was going to do a little video, cos they are so much more fun when they spin and slide!  Maybe on the next one!  That's it! Thank you for stopping by! Hoping to find some...


Friday, 23 April 2021

Another Spinning Bunny!?


  I know I said a dophin was up next, but I forgot about this little chap and his friends as I mislaid his photos. As you maynot have noticed, I'm into penny spinners, although...pop ups and things with magnets are slowly catching up! This little guy, is from the same kit, which I told myself NOT to buy, 'make do with what you've got', said the voice in my head, but somehow I've suddenly gone deaf because I now have five sets. So I've put myself on the naughty step. No buying any crafty things...except, maybe a magazine...or two, for the whole month of May. That's less than a week! Let's see how that goes, shall we? The blue background is some of Tim Holtz  Distress Oxide fading down to a bit of green and then, spritzing some water onto it. The Happy Easter was done on the computer.

 The cakes and the carrots were also in the
Gemini kit  from Crafters Companion. I used a small Woodware egg punch for the eggs. I coloured everything with Promarkers (my old ones are still going strong!) and also use a white gell pen. The backing paper you can't quite see here but can see below, comes free with the  Lisa Horton Mag issue 68. (And when you run out you can always download it too)
No, I didn't eat all the chocolate eggs...I shared them with hubby! That's it from me! I Promise the Dolphin's up next! ...and then the Spaceman...and then the boat... and then the Unicorn and then? Stay Safe. Hoping to find some,


craftyhazelnuts -patternedpaper.

A perfect time to craft -open challenge

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

It's that WOYWW Time again!? #620

 Okay, I'll be quick, no frog stories, And just for Neet, I'm saving them all up for a book with silly drawings!! But the one about the Frog that could only jump in circles, was funny! But No! Just my this weeks work top.... (Quick tidy up...lots of pushing back... that'll do!) Now, if you wannna join in, nip over to the Stamping Ground and link up!
A nice crafty purple package from Crafters Champanion,

 plus some magazines came in the post along with  more goodies

A quick sideways glance...I was sorting through some old crafty mags. They're really heavy! It's a wonder the shelf I took them down from hasn't crashed to the ground with the weight!

Oh...and this one, is what's on Hubby's worktop this week! He's finished rebuilding his dad's old bike,  (his artical should be in next months members bikey mag) so he thought he'd have a check over his bike. Glutten for punishment if you ask me! It's really heavy! I had to help him get it up on that ramp

I've been really slow in posting makes I should've posted by now... but the weather's been so nice I've been busy in the garden...which is as messy as my craft room, so here's another sneek peek of what's coming up... That's it from me... Wednesday's freebie is down below. Have a great week! Stay Safe. Happy WOYWW!?

PS....There is another Spyders Corner. I have  Spyder's and I had Spyders, which I let go (or forgot to renew) some time ago, when I was busy with dogs. Just want to let you know, it's got NOTHING to do with me.  night night!

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie on A Wednesday CLOSED!

Here we are, Just Paw You Puss-cat... She did start out as a space alien from Mars, then a bear...and then...I stopped for a mug of Hot Chocolate. (Maybe I'll draw one of those for next week.  Thank you for stopping by.

Sunday, 18 April 2021

One Spinning Bunny!

 I keep forgetting to post these bunny cards.  Probably because I keep titivating them, then, taking more pictures.  This is the first one. (so much cuter ears than those other peeking bunnies I did!) I bought the 'All Ears' set (I couldn't've named it better) from Crafters Companion after an email 'hopped' into my gmail. I've fallen in love with Lawn Fawn but, even with a birthday voucher and a freebie for my birthday month on offer, I chickened out buying anything from their store at the last second, thinking I may have to pay double or more when they get here from USA, because of the extra tax. (and they are very expensive to start with!)Two people have written on forums that their bills had doubled buying from USA, and one from Australia buying from here in England, had a bill go from 300 euros to over 500! (But if anyone knows better, let me know!) Anyway, back to Crafter's Companian,  a few days later they were selling all the sets!  I was soooo tempted! Then I saw a lovely package of three little cuties, a Unicorn, a Dolphin and a Mouse, with paper, card, gems, blank cards and envelopes, so I got that instead...and I've since ordered a spaceman and  a, watch this 'space'... Here's the inside, the papers were freebie downloads from Paper Crafter magazine.

I used 'Hoppy Easter' from another stamp set as a sentiment. That font is a freebie (It might already be on your lapstop, if not, just  Google Curlz MT) They are sooo much more fun when they move! Maybe I should do a short video!
That's it for now, another bunny coming later. 'Hopping' to join in with some...



A perfect time to craft-open challenge


Thursday, 15 April 2021

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie on a Thursday! CLOSED!

  CLOSED Morning! Erm?? I mean, afternoon! So sorry I'm so late with the #Wednesdayfreebie, and by the looks of it, I've drawn her a bit small. Let me know if she's too small! I thought I'd draw a Unicorn,  I haven't done one of them in a long time! This one's more like a pony. I remember taking my ponies to the local show, and just for fun,we entered into the fancy dress. I was  one of the Mr Men, and Tami was Mr Messy and was covered in allsorts  and also wearing stripy socks and a top hat. I can't remember what Tizzy was, but Tesha was a mermaid, her foal, Tia, was a baby, wearing a nappy and had a big peppermint dummy around her neck, which she kept sucking! Made the judge laugh anyway! So, I'm thinking, this little Unicorn is really a pony, painted like a Unicorn, so she can be any colour you want (because all Unicorns are girls, that's why there isn't any real ones any more)! Go HERE to download her. No sharing please. A Link back here is always welcome, Comment if you can! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Happy WOYWW number #619 and A Froggy Story.

 Hello. its woyww again. Nip To the Stamping Ground, to join in! Well, there isn't that much on mine... So, here's my desk's a picture of the back of an anniversay card I finished (Just in time) for hubby, and then, instead of saying,"here's some flowers," he said "let's go and get some bedding plants from the nursery," so we did. So I've been sorting them out, then I cleared, not tidied, my bench ready for doing this weeks WOYWW and my Wednesday freebie, but!! That scanner again, is being very naughty!  It will only print on the edges. It is old. (so am I, but I don't suddenly stop working in the middle... ok, maybe a leg might go a bit wonky and if I get down to do a bit of weeding I might take forever to get up again, but I'm still working.  Google sez it's mostly likely because it's old, and to do some clean up thingy, probably found in the booklet that came with the said scanner... it's old! The booklet long lost, or recycled.  So, sorry folks there maynot be a freebie this Wednesday... unless I draw straight onto my wacom... and then it might be a bit wobbly. 

John, hubby, had an article printed in a motorbike monthly member's mag, all about how he's rebuilding his dad's, then Uncle's old bike. After a year, and nearly well over thirty years since it was last on the road, he took it out for a drive. So, of course he's written another piece, now that the bike's all shinny and gleaming, seeing how everything was rusty and covered in, I hate to say... rat poo... (he said mice poo in the mag) there was more of the original bike in the bin, so it's a bit of a Trevor's broom really. Anyway, years ago, he would write stuff and I'd draw a silly cartoon to go with it, so of course, he wanted a cartoon done tonight, and this is when I found out...the scanner didn't work...

only our heads were printed

 The printer only prints the sides of the paper.... makes nice book marks though! (the flowery bit of paper)

  I covered another broken chocolate biscuit box to put some stamps in. That's me for now, one last Picture od my Kitchen Work Top this week...Stay Safe!

Pop over to Stamping ground and join in! and before I go....

 Just for Jo and a couple of others....

 The Story of The Love Sick Frog and the Fat Gold Fish    (mentioned in last weeks, WOYWW)

Some years back, our pond had a good many frogs and a few fish, called, The One That Jumps, The One That doesn't, The One That Can't, The one that was Black, The Thin White One That was Orange, The One With The Tail (very pretty) and The Fat Gold One. Up early one morning, I had this 'feeling'  and looked out of the kitchen window, I don't know what made me climb onto the draining board so I could see the pond but I did. Something was wrong. And there was The Fat Gold One, in the pond with her head just peeking out, saying I'm sure, "Help me! Help Me!" Dressed only in my rather furry brown dressing gown, I pulled on my wellies, and quickly ventured out... There was the Fat Fish, literally gasping for breath! And then, she was suddenly pulled under the water with a big splash! Something had grabbed her! And was turning her over and over! There was a slimy greenish arm around her waist! Another one pulled on her head, it's clammy fingers clamped over her right eye! "Help!" gasped the fish again! Quickly I clambered over rockery stones to try and help poor Fat Gold Fish, and then I saw it, as she broke the surface of the water again  to take a breath, there was a very big warty frog clinging to her! I rolled up my very long furry sleeves and tried many times to grab the fish and the frog, but he was hanging on so tightly! I nearly fell in with the fight he put up! "You can't have her! She's mine!" he croaked. I got the fish net and nearly had him, but he leaped out of the pond still holding Fat Gold Fish! and then he dropped her, I was just about to pick her up, when he grabbed her from my fingers and run off round the pond with Fat Gold Fish tucked under his arm! It didn't matter which way I ran around the pond, he'd turn back and charge off still with poor Fat Gold Fish caught tightly under his arm! She didn't look well! I had to save her! There was me, in my furry dressing gown and by now, very wet wellie boots, chasing this frog round and round the pond. I grabbed  the net again and this time, I got him! He wiggled but I forced my fingers in between him and her, it took a while to wrench his tiny little hands from Fat Fish's body, but at last, she was free! The frog swam off... hopefully he found true love in the Iris's... a month later we were over run with tadpoles!   Poor Fat Fish, wasn't well, she was brused about her fins and body, but looked happy once back in the water... The One That Didn't came to say hello. She did lose her balance and would sometimes lie on her side, or nosedive to the bottom. I put a large flat stone in the shallow end so she could rest on it, the right way up. Sometime later, she did pass away, and as always I bought an Azalea and buried her beneath it for good luck. 

Now? who wants to hear the one about 'The Frog Who Could Only Jump in Circles?'

Monday, 12 April 2021

Happy Aniversary to Me and Him Indoors

 I'm about three posts behind this week already! I'll add the other bunny cards as promised next...hopefully, but, this card's had to push in, coz it's our aniversary today and this is the card I've made. I was wondering what to do, as I don't think I can ever match the mad motorbike card I made him ages ago or the bench card. Have I posted that yet? Ohoo, maybe I haven't! If that's the case, I'll add that after the bunnies! 

 I was  crafting away listening to Sam Calcott on YouTube make something, and the video rolled on to her making this type of 5x7 'Lock and Pop gate fold card.' I quicky did all the folding and scoring (wondering why there was a half inch fold at either end) when, suddenly, Sam gets out one of her lovely die-cuts to add to the ends that make the front of the card and make them all flowery and die-cuttyingly, gorgeous, which of course I haven't got, so, me, being the worst 'measurer' in the world just added plane ordinary front bits for the 'gates' to make the card the right size. Only... it was too big by a tiny  miniscule spidgen to fit into a 5x7 envelope. All the dies used on that topper, came from The Works. (The tiny hearts are the leftovers from a Tim Holts Sizzix thinlits die, see! I throw nothing away!)

This is the card closed. There's another 5x7 and a 6x6, tutorial by Sam, where there was an addition of a belly band. 
 It's not really lovey-dovey card, but the Tim Holtz's paper layered on the front is more manly... and it does mention Seattle in one of the signs... where we've been, just twice, to see our youngest daughter and oldest Grandson.(sometime ago now 😞)

Anyway, this is the back of the card, sitting in all the mess it took to make it! The Butterfly paper  is 'Perhaps,' Basic I've had it for years, never wanting to cut into it, well, I've done it now! I have a few more, different ones, bought back in the day when a whole 12x12  pack was unheard of at my local craft shop, because they'd be so expensive! That's it for today, we are going, OUT! Stay Safe, thanks for stopping by! 



Wednesday, 7 April 2021

WOYWW?! 618


 It's another WOYWW day. Come and join in, pop over to the Stamping Ground and link!  Hope you're all well, and not covered in snow...(we had flakes of it yesterday) First, apologies for not getting round to everyone last week but will doubly try harder this week. First pic... my scanner wouldn't scan my freebie... (panic!)  The laptop scene stayed black! (more panic...and loads of chocolate biscuits to calm my nerves!) Turned the thing off and on a couple of times, threatened it with a trip to the tip... and hey worked.

This is next in the pile, with stuff pushed back... Link to freebie papers, scroll down to last post. My stamping whatnot. Tip: If you can only find one of your magnets...look at the one you still have, cos the lost one will be stuck to it like a lovesick frog on a gold fish (Long story) Next, is some stamps and dies for a couple of penny spinner cards I've been doing. (comimg up in another post...more bunnies) Bunny ears peeking out from that little flower pot. (which should be in the garden on a stick catching earwigs)

This is what I've been doing... stamping and colouring Bunnies and Gnomes.
Then there's the Sizzix Bunny... I used his feet
for the bunny in last posts ears. Sounded like a good idea at the time. Then I decided I couldn't find the colours I needed, so had all my Promarkers out (most of them are old, so there's no coloured dots on the lids) the ones here are all doubles of what I already have, so they'll get stored somewhere else (and I'll forget where and never find them again)

And here's a sneak peek of Bunnies from the post coming up sometime soon, depending on the weather. Whether its raining, snowing or sun shinning! Cos I'll either be indoors in the warm or out in the garden! Well, that's my life story, what's on my work top this week, what's on yours? Night night! Stay Safe! Thanks for stopping by!

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie CLOSED

Here he it a fox, or a skunk? I guess it depends on whether or not you colour him orange or black! comment if you can! Thank you for stopping by. Stay safe.

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

The 'Other' Bunny...With The Better Ears...

 This is the bunny I did AFTER the one with the Ears I didn't like.  (see below) Not having any kind of die cut to make the ears, I tried all sorts...and then, a light bulb sparked in my tiny brain (sometimes called Brian, coz I'm so dyslexic) and in the end I did find a diecut that did the job. This time I didn't give him whiskers and left out the grass... then, when you open the card, there's a lovely view of his bottom! (I think I put the tail in the wrong place! Yes! Don't look at it, I can't change it now, as it's gone off! Not in the smelly the  'I've posted it' way) I pulled a bobble off a tiny santa's hat and used that as a tail, so it's a bit small. And now, the ears! This time they are made from.... wait for it....a Sizzix BIGZ die Bunny's FEET!  His paws are the Sizzix bunny's bob tail. 

Flowers and ribbon are from my stash and the die cut leaves and background flowers  are made with freebie diecuts from magazines.
Yep...Tail's a bit too low!

  I didn't have the lovely Lisa Horton papers that Sam used in her YouTube video (but have them now) So, if you want them you'll find them over on PaperCrafter. (You have to sign in) I used papers from a magazine (If I can find a link I'll add it later)

 Oh and the googly eyes were from Tesco's and they glow in the dark! That's it I think...and the more I look at that bunny's tail, the more I want to rip it off and put it up a bit higher!  Thanks you 'hopping in'

I might find some...

craftyhazelnuts- patterned paper april Challenge

 Love to craft 57: anything goes

 Penny's 493: anything goes

 Mix it up 48: anything goes + no stamping

Thursday, 1 April 2021

'Ear's, the Easter Bunny.

 Here's one of my 'Bunny' Easter Cards, the one with the ears I don't  like, from an idea from Sam Calcott You Tube. I have a couple more Easter Cards to come, better ones, I promise! 

I didn't have the Lisa Horton papers  (you have to log in) that Sam used in the video (I have now!) So I used some freebies from my stash going waaaay back,  they are pretty (unlike the rabbit). I got to the point where I didn't want to waste any more time on the rabbit so just stuck a bit of Easter Egg ribbon around the  oval cut out...because by this time I was thinking about the next bunny card and how I was going to make that... (Up here for thinking, down there for dancing, as someone used to say to me!) I don't know why I said that...

... Anyway, back to this card. I'm sure the flowers came from The Works (On Line) And the  ribbon, Fantastic Ribbons, long long time ago...I think I won them! Oh and that little sign, came from a gnome stamping set, (I won that too!) I have been stamping out the gnomes, so they should be coming up some time soon.That's it for now. Stay Safe. Thank you for stopping by.


craftyhazelnuts- patterned paper april Challenge

 Love to craft 57: anything goes

 Penny's 493: anything goes

 Mix it up 48: anything goes + no stamping



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