Wednesday, 26 May 2021

WOYWW? 625- Here's To Another 12 Years!

 Morning! HAPPY WOYWW plus 1 week after the Silk Anniversary! Just a Quickie From me... (ha!) I will add puppy pictures later.  

 A few pictures of arrived ATC's from, Caro, plus lovely stickers, Lynne, Lynnecrafts,  including homemade little postcards of Folkstone and The Channel Tunel, and charms! And Jo's wonderful Twiddling landscape and Annies, ' painty fun' and poem! Plus Mary-Ann's   'WOYWW is our weekly Play Date', in a lovely envelope, which I'm going to use on other atc's and things! Thank you soooo much!


I spent the weekend hunting for some stamps and dies by Lawn Fawn that I'd been waiting on for sometime. Only for them to be not where I put them to be safe and after spending most of the day pulling my craft room inside out, I found them in a never used little drawer in the living room! I decided to go to bed early, around 2.30 this morning, so The Freebie won't be loaded just yet, sorry! Got up about five, took some pictures of my bench, only to realise, where's Carlo's stickers!? So, I will post some better pictures next week! 

Because of this bad weather, I haven't managed to get to the post Office (Our local one suddenly closed a few years back) so you can see in the second picture the backs of mine, still waiting to go! I know I could've goe in the van, but it's not that far to walk, a couple of miles there and back, we've done it quite a few times, but not in this rain! (and I have some going to the other side of the world and across the pond!)

 Honestly! My poor bedding plants are so confused, indoors- out doors in doors... outdoors. What is up with the weather!? And the tomatoes are now so tall, we can't see out of the kitchen window!  I got up at 5 this morning (to put the plnts out) only to find Jinx's food bowls empy and that smell of a strainge cat! Oh no! we have a puppy coming for a few hours today, so I'm hoping it's just a smell and nothing else!
Julia's posted so I'll go and link and see you all later with puppy pictures! (And the freebie) Happy WOYWW. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Happy WOYWW 12th Anniversary! #624 It's Party Time!

Happy Anniversary! Twelve years of WOYWW! The brain child of Julia over on Stamping Ground!  I know I missed a big chunk in the middle when I was dog walking but I can remember the badges, the ATC's swaps, Mr D's blank of WOYWW wood,  and I made a  small mini craft room in a box one year and a crafty stuff holder fixed to a lazy Susan, which turned out rubbish, so I won't mention that. So of course, we're all doing a swap this week. (If we want to) I've just been stamping some craft tools. (Freebie stamps from a magazine)

 ATC's. Artists Trading Cards, and postcards of where we live... Now, that sounds nice and easy but can I find any where who sells post cards? No. I was in a shop that years back sold the little polythene bags for the ATC's but of course the lady there said she hasn't had any for years. (Amazon will send them by tomorrow) Then  I mentioned postcards. Didn't have any. Then, as I paid for my A4 folders for my A4 Stamps (freebies from Magazines) there, on a postcard rack where two postcards. YAY! One of some New Forest Ponies and the other, included four smaller pictures of the town I was in. Really fasinating! Not! 1) A go-cart race that takes up the whole high street, I've never been (although, my brain sez I have... but I could've dreamt it) 2) A duck pond, 3) The High Street, and 4) The Water Tower. Mind Blowing Stuff! 

Here's some of my ATC's,  not all finished, yet. But near-enough! I'll go hunting for some more Post Cards later today, when we-go see Lady Pam. The gnomes in the pictures above are red herrings, as they're covering up something else I'm making. (But if you want an ATC with a gnome on it, you've only got to ask!)

And this, as seen in the post below, is this weeks freebie. It's supposed to fold down to make the inside of a long slimline card. And just hiding behind it, you can see some stamped birds and ponies, which is a bookmarker made by Caro, probably made for one of the woyww swaps years back! That's it! Golly Gosh, it's not even one in the morning yet!  Night night! Thank you for stopping by, 'see' you later today over on The Stamping Ground! Stay Safe!

           **UPDATE! I have found some postcards!!

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie! CLOSED

 Ok... I know what you're going to say...another tree? Ah, but this one's different and anyone who can show me a card using this 'inside' digi...(Inside?)  Yep, can choose any  digi from the store... for free!

I haven't quite got the folds right yet- I've scored and folded just above the hedge and gate then again on the other side of the pond/river and just below the green of the tree, so it folds up as a small slim card, which you then decorate the front. This is only on paper so doesn't stand up too well, but as you open it the trunk grows taller... I coloured it on my laptop. See what you can do! Go HERE to download the black and white image without a watermark. Thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, 13 May 2021

Heres 'Wednesdays' Freebie On A Thursday! CLOSED!

  Better later than never! Pussy cat not too well, so spent most of the day going and coming  to the vets.  Jinx is home now and has extra pills!  On the nicer side, because we were late back, we stopped off and got Fish and Chips for supper. Haven't had them for nearly two years! Anyway! Here's a little Jumbo Elephant for you. One with grass and one without. No sharing please. A Comment would be lovely! Thnk you for stopping by! SORRY CLOSED!

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

What's On Your Worktop Wednesday #623

 Morning Everyone. It's that WOYWW time again, so pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in! Don't forget to add an * to your name if you're  joining in with the WOYWW 12th Anniversary week 624, that's next week, says me to myself, coz I know I'll forget.. Short post...because I've been in the garden all day (Mowing, planting, weeding and haven't done any crafting until after tea, which was really dinner... and then fell asleep...So, I'm sorry; The Freebie will be late today, because, poor Mr Jinx is off to the vet's again, very early in the morning. (I'll whisper, he's having trouble...'going' ) He's not allowed any breakfast so he'll be gnawing at my feet. He really loves his food! ("Feed me feed me, my bowl's empty, I can see the bottom!") Actually that wasn't me or Jinx, it was hubby, talking in a silly voice.

Here's my desk. I've started doing some ATC's, but might start again because what's in my head, isn't happening. I've only glued a few bits of paper together  and stamped WOYWW (which went wonky cos the tiny little stamps kept sicking to my gluey fingers!)

So that's it. That's WO-my-W-this week. It's nearly 2 (3 by the time I get out of this chair) in the morning  and I might not wake up in time to take Jinxy to the vet and it's going to take me ages to get this glue off my fingers! Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

It's Another WOYWW: Week 622

It's nearly here... The BIG WOYWW Day. If you want to find out more, nip over to Julia's Stamping Ground! Now then, did I get around to all of you, I'm not sure, weird things were happening. I think I saw  names pop up in my email and a couple then disappeared with a warning pop up! (dam new laptop is too clever for it's own good!) I showed it up yesterday, as I had to get my old steam driven computer out, which found what I wanted in a little under an hour, which, I know is slow, but at least it found it. The new one didn't have a clue. So? Here's my mess, I mean, desk. I'm slowly putting some of my smaller stamps/dies sets into A5 pockets, then there's this weeks freebie... (scroll down) Above  is some dies that neither my Big Shot or Big Shotplus can cut...they just squash them!

Some magazines... (I'm NOT Spending in May! But Magazines and stuff from The Works, doesn't count!) Then there's some Promakers. I'm adding thin nibs to my Promakers. I have a big box of nibs. I was wondering if they still sell them, and some one came straight back and said if I paid the postage, they'd send them on. So, all my doubled up colours are having a face lift.  Sorry about the loo rolls, I'm supposed to be turning them into leather, but haven't done it yet. Julia said last week that maybe I have a bit too much stuff...Ah! but maybe the room's too small! Helen said she had more! I think we should meet at the OK Corral and shoot it out with our glue guns and double sided sticky tape!

Can't remember what I needed that old tea towel for... I found it in the fridge the other day...

The boxes on the top left hold mostly punches. Below is paper, and loads of stuff that come free with magazines. No, I'm not showing you the floor, as I am in the middle of tidying up... hubby is now sniggering. Go to bed!! It's not too late, only nearly 2 in the morning. I'll be up at 7ish... The Cat usually sits on my head! That's it for now. Have a Happy WOYWW Week.  Stay Safe! Thank you for stopping by.

This Weeks Wednesday Freebie; Moo To Yoo! CLOSED

 This is 'Moo To Yoo'.  This little Daisy Cow is looking forward to having everything back to normal. She started off just being a cow sitting in a field...but, I couldn't have all those udders, wobbling about!(And I already had one of those!) Comments would be lovely. (Hope you've got a lot of different greens!) CLOSED

(Who noticed that the hills move and the grass grows!?)

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

I have to say it...May The Fourth Be With You.

As you can see, I've had to start taking photo's on my cooker as my crafty space, has no space! Now, here's a very quick card I'd thought I'd add here. I was going to add another spinner/slidder card but... well, at least there's a rabbit and I got waaaay-laid on tiding my craft room... so now every where is in a mess. Hubby stood by the door and called, "Dinner in one minute!"  and it was a bit like The Crystal Maze...with me trying to clamber out over boxes of crafty stuff and the clock ticking down and me only having a few seconds before the door slammed and I was locked in! Luckily, it's very hard to close my craft room door! 

I bought two paper pads (decoupage, papers, sentiments etc) from a charity craft shop, there was only  one pop out die and a sentiment missing. Bargain!  Both by Hunkydory called Patchwork Forest, which is quite an oldy I think, but they are sooo lovely, I'm finding them very hard to  cut into. So, that's me done on this Starwars Day of whatever! Thank you for stopping by! Hoping to find some...


 Craftysentiments-anything goes

2craftycrittercrazies-Must have a critter  

A bitmoretimetocraft.-Anything Goes

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