Friday, 31 December 2010

It's A Doggy Christmas Card plus Last and First!

This card was sent off to some doggy people. (People who have dogs) We took them out in the car on Wednesday. The dogs that is, not their owners! They'd gone off for the day to London. (Haven't been there for years)
So what have I used? I made it sooo long ago I've forgotten! (and it's been sitting in draft so when I post'll disappear into last month's posts and I won't be able to find it! (Note to self, change the date!)
The flowers I remember are sort of padded silk, which I've covered with gold Stickles glitter. The green fern leaves were punched out of paper felt, I'm not sure what else to call it, I had it left over from when I did Play School, about a hundred years ago! (feels like it anyway!) I think it's still made, but with a sticky back. Galt, rings a bell to where I used to get it from.. Play School suppliers. I'll fill in more details later... I have the stamps but they are 'waiting to be 'cleaned' (cleaned???) and aren't in their packets.
Now, to enter one of the challenges I've found you have to show your last and first cards. Well, my first card of 2010 was this Tilda card, which I posted on the 1st of January. I'd won the Tilda in Creative inspirations challenge#22. and she arrived on Christmas eve 2009, so I didn't have much time to use her!

I didn't quite make 365 posts this year, still, never mind, there's always NEXT YEAR!!
Just off somewhere now! Happy New Year!!!

**Update*** Sorry, I read the rules on the First and Last challenge wrong. Now, I have no picture of the very first card I ever made, so I've now chosen the first card I ever put on this blog. I originally made it for a forum Challenge, but no one saw it as I couldn't load it to the forum! (aw shame) but later it did appear over in TrimCrafts (different forum) ....thinking of Trimcrafts...there might be card over there that's older...ohooo I'll go and look!! Back in a minute!!
Here but it was posted on this blog later... The First Card ever posted on my blog is this one and here's the link.

365 Cards -Metal Mania (My brads)
Craftycardmakers- First and last
This is my last card and my first card of this year was posted Here
For Fun Challenges - Anything Goes
Crafts and Me - Anything Goes
Opus-gluei.-Anything Goes

Oh! Snow more Snowmen cards!!

One more Snowman card? Are you bored with them yet? (yes!) Oh well, hard cheddar, coz here's another one!
I didn't post this one, as the person I sent it to said they hadn't received it yet...(That's probably why they didn't get it Lyn) No, no, I posted it-with a stamp, what I mean is, posted it on here, but they must've got it by now as it was one of the first ones I sent off ages ago, which was rather good for me! What have I used?? Oho, Stamping Up! papers and stickers (I won them last Christmas!!) Promakers, Micro and Stickles Glitter, Woodware and MS punches, and inside a very pretty corner punch by Docraft's Xcut. The ribbon's from my stash and that might be DoCraft's too. I've also added some sequin holly and a tiny bow to the flowers.
The two main pictures look the same but one has micro find glitter added to the middle snowman's scarf and the other one hasn't! I've 3D-ed the snowmen again, I like them 3D-ed! Makes them pop out! You can't really see the inside font, but it's a freebie called English 111Vivace BT and you can download it HERE
That's it! I was trying to be very clever and do 365 post's this year...(359 plus one in draft) so I haven't quite made it (aw shame) but I'm not far off and there's still time!!
Crafty Emma's Store - anything goes
Crafts and Me - anything goes
Aly's Sunday Challenge - anything goes
Crafts and Me - anything goes

Another Christmas Card

I forgot all about this one, so here it is... Very simple, using those three little (almost drunken) Snowmen again! Not quite done in the same way. I've still 3D-ed them but have cut round both images (so there's no fiddly bits) fixed the first image over the pale blue snowflake backing paper (Forever Friends) leaving on enough paper to act as the 'snow' at the bottom and then fixed the other image over the top using silicone glue. Coloured them with Promakers, added micro and Stickles glitter and lines of that Liquid Applique, which fluffs up when you zap it with the heat gun! I've used, MS fern punch and for the snowflakes and holly, Woodware punches. I've added a few tiny gem stones too.
New Followers! Hi and a ((big wave)) to, Jill B (no link) Loz, with a lovely blog called Laurel's Crafty Retreat Then there's Victioria is very busy with Abc-challenge.blogspot Little angel drummer boys and loads more!! Then there's Cindy Barnes Craft Creations and Terri Deavers with My Need 2 craft

Passion For Promakers -Anything Goes
Woodware usa-Anything-goes.
I Love Promarkers - Anything Goes
Aud Sentiments #18 - Anything Goes
For Fun Challenges - Anything Goes
Creative Craft Challenges - Anything Goes

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Last WOYWW of 2010

Is it really?? No, I'm not going to say it!! Oh, all right then, where's the flipping year gone!!?? It's seven o'clock now (in the morning) ...late in last night, so no freebie ready as I type this, but I will add it as soon as I can think of what to draw and get back from work, or quicker if I can type this at supersonic speed! ***Here now!!***
Longer day for me today, two places to visit and two dogs to walk, along with six chickens and two cats to feed. (As long as I don't muddle them up and walk the chickens I'll be okay!) Oh it's a busy life, I like to think.
Sorry, as you can see, no crafting going on on my desk this last WOYWW of 2010~ the 5th Day of Christmas. (FiVE goldeN RiiiiinGs!!) No, I won't sing the song! On my desk as you can see pretty messy with all my 'stuff' piled sky high, including my new pink Maxi Guillotine! but at least the dining table was cleared for Christmas dinner! (yay!) So? What are your New Years Resolutions?? Mine?? Ummm, to be tidier?? can stop laughing now...
New Followers, Hi ((((big wave)))) to julka84, but with no link, then kristi with a lovely blog called Kristi's Paper Creations then there's Scrapymomamouse, also with no link, then Edith who has another lovely blog, with all sorts of things going on, so pop over and say Hi! Out the back and in the dark we have KathysKraftsandMore no link but Google found you! And also to Deb...or (Beardy) who is the reason I was up at six thirty this morning making John tea, cos he'd turned off his 5.30 alarm, which woke me up, and then went back to sleep! (Deb is John's sister and we made a blog last night! She'll be addicted before the end of the year!!)
Happy New Year to you all. May all your tomorrows be everything you wish for, may all your todays start and finish in the way that you've planned and are fun and may all your yesterdays be happy memories... and you get all your crafting done!

Sorry You missed this one,
new freebie will be on the newest
Wednesday post

Just had to add this fabulous card by Carol over on Our Little Inspirations!
Hasn't she made Furry Freddy with his Valentine Flowers look Fantastic! Carol's also made a fabulous card using 'It's Snowing! Kitty!' pop over and have a look!!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Five Favourite Christmas Cards

Debby over on A Scrap Journey is doing a fab Christmas Card Challenge, to chose five of your favourite 2010 Christmas cards. Of course that's easy, I'd choose every one of Debby's cards because they are all fabulous!! But of course she would like you to chose your own Xmas cards. Debby has put up a lovely prize, so here are...

Of Course...Snowy!
I just love Snowy from Penny Black. I've made a few!
...but these two are my favourites from this year. Very similar, and both with paper piecing and embossing. I've entered this card into the December Card Making Challenge -A Christmas Song/Hymn ('Frosty The Snowman') So please go vote and comment!!

Another Penny Black image. (I think) Had them as a RAK last year and have only just used them. Love these three snowmen, they look good 3D-ed! And I've made quite a few of these this year too. This is my favourite out of the bunch.

Another Penny Black...but a Hedgehog this time. I made this one way back in May. The white paper clip was there to help the ribbon stick...but ended up staying there! This was originally a Quirky Craft DT card, which I also entered into a challenge and won a Sarah Kay Clear Stamp from Everybody Art 'Song Title' Challenge! with 'Hey Mr Postman'. I made it for Maria in America and was asked to make a few more the same...well almost the same, seen here. Only trouble was, I don't have this stamp so Brenda from Butlersabroad saved the day and we did an image swap, Michigan to The New Forest! Don't you just love blogging!

...and last but not least this Forever Friends Bear with his mug of cocoa.
(This is one of the cards I've misplaced, unless of course I posted it to you and forgot!)

Debbie's prize includes...
...Two LOTV James the bear Stamps...
so why not pop over to Debbie's and join in...
New Follower...Emma...out the back and in the dark..but I know who you are!! My lovely daughter. Yes... I had to bribe her to become a I'll be getting her to start a blog, but she doesn't know that yet! Thanks for stopping by...don't eat too much left over turkey!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

Happy Christmas Eve Every one and
A Very Merry Christmas!!

To All my followers!

Tom & Emma's Christmas Card

Happy Christmas Eve every one! Now that Tom and Emma have received their Christmas card, I guess it's okay to show it to you! I've used Pink Petticoat Papers all in Ocean, which is a sort of a pale blue. I printed out some swirls, stars and just plain blue, which is nice, so it all matches.
The three little snowmen, I'm sure are Penny Black, were a RAC some time ago. (It's surprising what I can find when I'm looking for something else!)

I've used a 3D effect. Fast becoming my favourite way of doing things. Coloured one image, then cut out another and fixed it over the top of the first, so you still get all the fiddly bits without having to cut round them.
I place the second image face down in the palm of my hand and then just swirl a finger round and round (or use a large balled embossing tool) until the paper/card curls a little. Then just fix it over the first image with silicone glue.
I've used a cuttlebug die cut for one corner, using the same colour to keep it matching. Coloured the snowman images using Promakers and added micro fine glitter everywhere it would stick!

For the scalloped circles I've used a large 3" Woodware punch and the largest Nestie scalloped circle. The flowers, gems, snowflakes, pearls, ribbon are all from stash. Fern leaves, are of course a Martha Steward punch. The inside message was done on the computer. It's called Handscript SF and can be downloaded for free HERE
New Followers! Merry Christmas to Margaret Craner and debpaint16, both with no blog links yet, and A New Year is where you'll find Carole's lovely blog, and a WOYWW fan!
I've found a few challenges, hope I'm not too late! And if I'm not back, have a Fabulous Christmas! Thanks for stopping by.
A Spoon full of sugar-Christmas card
The Pink Elephant- Winter Wonderland
Dotties wonderful world-Anything goes-blue
2 Sisters Challenge-Christmas
Fresh Brewed-Christmas
Alys Sunday Challenge-anything-goes

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Jamie Oliver's Christmas Turkey Gravy...John's Style..

I'm busy finishing off stuff (making more mess) and hubby?? Shhh! He's in the kitchen.. banging away...I thought he was mending a cupboard door or something, but no. He's in the kitchen making gravy for Christmas Day. Should I say that again? Yep, I'm here, typing this and Hubby John, is busy in the Kitchen making gravy for Christmas Day.
"Come and look at this!" he says, "before it goes in the oven."
"Oh!" says me, "is that tomorrows dinner?"
"No, it's Christmas Day's Gravy...I've been bashing the chicken wings to get the flavour out. It's got everything in it...celery, carrots, onions, fresh bay leaves, rosemary, star anise-"
"Star knees?" I say (I have no idea what that is)
"Oh, have to have star anise for the flavour. Bacon," he continues, "Olive oil, sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, plain flour and cranberry sauce of course for finishing plus sherry or port..." (the recipe says 'optional' but if there's any alcohol in a recipe that John's following you can be sure it always goes in, plus the cook gets to sample some too!
So if you want to see what John's Gravy (hopefully) will look like on Christmas Day.... Here's the link to **Jamie's Get Ahead Gravy Recipe from Channel 4
I had to take a picture... well wouldn't you! Bless Him!

**Link above replaced with THIS ONE

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

WOYWW it's Nearly Christmas! Plus 400 Followers Freebie

Okay, I'm not ready for Christmas and no amount of stalling, walking backwards, going to bed late or getting up very early seems to make the day go any slower or make it any longer. I remember when I was little, being told that it was the longest day (or the shortest day) sent me into a kind of panic! The thought of spending even longer time at school or shorter time doing something I liked would totally freak me out! I even think I once told the teacher that I couldn't possibly stay any longer as I'd miss my bus home and my mum didn't know that the day was longer...! Of course everybody laughed. Now I know the day isn't actually longer or shorter...well, I don't think it is... but weeks do seem to fly by, as it's Wednesday already! and time for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, bringing a bit of sanity (or insanity) to the middle of the week!
This is What's On my Workdesk this Wednesday... It's not too bad, is it!?! Still colouring a few last minute cards and making tags as I've misplaced the ones I bought... Want to join in? (that's with WOYWW, not making tags...although you're quite welcome!) Then hop over to Julia's Stamping Ground, but be warned...the week will go even faster! Meanwhile, Mrs Dunnit, how did you get that bit of holly artwork on your Titles??? Very Cool....
Sorry You Missed this Freebie
Celebrating over 400 followers
Look out for the 500 followers freebie

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!!
from Spyder's Corner
Please don't share my Digi's send
people here to download them

Just had to show you this lovely card by PinkLilac.
Fabulous! Click here to see the inside too!!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Another Snowman?

First time ever I've used this Snowman stamp by Rachelle Anne Miller. Cute and whimsical I think, so I've added quite a lot of mirco glitter to make it sparkle, then fitted it to two scallop circles cut by my Nesties, and coloured the image as always (well, nearly always!) with Promakers.
I've cut off a tiny bit of the edge of the card with my Xcut scalloped edge boarder punch, so you can just see a glimpse of the paper inside the card too. On the front of the card I also let a little bit of the pearl card show to emphasize the scalloped edge. Papers are once more from Forever Friends, which I've added Stickles Glitter, to make those springs of holly sparkle.
The Merry Christmas sentiment is from a clear pack of 12 assorted Christmasy what-knots-thinga-me-jigs by Papermania (including a tag and sentiments) I did punch it out with my woodware punch, but it left too much white around the edge so I ended up cutting it out and fixing it to a smaller scalloped Nestie circle too. MS punch for the fern leaves. Flowers, gems and ribbon from my stash. The ribbon was put through one of those X shaped sticky labelling gizmo's, so it's stuck on too, and the bow is a bit of a cheat as I fixed that on afterwards using silicon glue! Oh and the Candy 'brads' came in a packet of about 400 mixed shades from my 'local' (miles away) craft shop.
The inside font was done on the computer and is a freebie. It's called A Yummy Apology and you can download it HERE Not sure where the little wreath sticker came from, it suddenly appeared while I was taking the pictures, so of course I just had to stick it in! I'll be giving this card to my Mum and dad this year.
New Followers... (Hi and a big wave) to Dragonflydreamz1..... out the back and in the dark with no blog link yet and Sarah with a New Blog called Crafting with Sarah, so pop over and say hi!
Hope you're not snowed in... I'm now off to clear the snow from my car and (aagghh!!) try and get to work!! (What's the betting I'll turn round and come home again?? Update...No I didn't ,I got there ok and only had one tiny slide ) It's not the main roads, it's the side roads, they are soooo slippery! And people, mainly ladies, (sorry but that's what I've noticed!!) have no idea how to drive in the snow!! Like the rest of us, huge 4x4's will not stop in the snow if you're driving too fast and slam your brakes on!! Low speed, high gear!! Ok! I'm such a scaredy cat!! Thank you for stopping by...
Order of the Opus Gluei - anything goes
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One Stitch At A Time - anything goes
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The Pink Elephant- Winter Wonderland
For Fun challenges - Christmas
Freshly Brewed Designs - Merry Christmas

Friday, 17 December 2010

It's a Christmas Card...well I never!

I'm a little bit late with Christmas Cards. I wasn't going to make so many this year and as I'm not on any forum or Christmas card swap lists, I thought I'd made enough. But when I opened my crafty cardboard box, which once held 'Our Finest Chocolate fudge fingers' there was only a few Christmas Cards in there. Far fewer than I thought I'd made. So, where are they? Who knows! Last year I made loads and carefully put a few away somewhere 'safe' so I could find them and send them off nice and early... but I've never found them! No, I lie, I found one, but have since lost it again. So. I've made a few more and this is the first of the new batch. (When is Christmas Day this year??) This one has already gone off to my Aunty. (I think, or one very similar) She doesn't look in here very often, as she tells me it won't always open for her. Unlike my mum's very slow computer, which runs on stream, my Auntie's is jet propelled via a long line attached to the hamster wheel I think!
I've done a bit of embossing, (heat and also 'squashing' it with a cuttle bug embossing folder) I've also added loads of glitter (stickles and micro) and of course, coloured Snowy with my Promakers, well, only his nose and the shading, as I've also done a spot of paper piecing too. The top corners of the card, look like they've been embossed as well because I've used the same colour paper, a square die cut, chopped it in half to made a decorative corner. The sentiment is a clear stamp, which came free last Christmas with some fairies from a Papercraft magazine, and the tiny snow flakes punch came free from the same Papercaft magazine this year. The blue dotty backing paper is from Forever Friends. Had a 'few' challenges lined up for this card, (I hope I'm not too late for some of them as this has been in 'daft' I mean, draft, and I forgot all about it!) one challenge being The Craftypad as I won a prize in their 100th Competition!! (wooohoo!)
New Follower. Hi and welcome (((big wave)) To Melody's Mama over on Craftarrific. Lovely cards and scrap pages over there!

Fresh Brewed Challenges- Merry Christmas
December Card Making Challenge -A Christmas Song/Hymn
('Frosty The Snowman')So go vote/Comment!!
The Craftypad Embossing Heat or dry)
Allsorts - Last Minute Christmas
Simon says stamps challenge-silver blue white
Hodgepodgeshop challenge-blue and silver
Lil Red Wagon - Use a Diecut
(Two Nesties and the CuttleBug Folder for the corner)
Creative Card Crew - Anything Goes (I'm 533!)
Stamp with Fun - Christmas (198)
OSAAT - Anything Goes
Pear Tree Designs - Christmas
Tiffany Doodles - Christmas
Stamping Vacation - Family Holiday
Craft your days away-Punch it out (I'm #154)
Take-time-for-you - Christmas (I'm #50)

Thursday, 16 December 2010

It's Snowing in Skykomish

Last year I think I blogged about the snow over where my youngest daughter Maria lives with hubby and our grandson Mason Rain. In that picture he was all snuggled up with his mum, but now a year later here's Mason and his very first play in the snow in Skykomish, where he lives. I think he's going to be a ski-er!

Yum, this stuff tastes good!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Last week I was messy, and I did tidy up.... but... it's messy again. I'm quite sure there are crafty elves who sneak into the house when no one is looking and mess everything up! Honestly, this was tidy...until I made two cards...
Not much in craft room... actually, looking at this picture, it's quite tidy!! I take it back elves, all is forgiven! Aw that's it, I've hurt their feelings now, they'll be hiding my socks again tomorrow!
I've just finished colouring in a Mo image and then I was just getting ready to draw a freebie digi.... but so far... a blank page.... (The lights went out here... and all was in darkness, so I nipped off to make a cup of tea... luckily the kettle still worked!)
Dining table is completely covered in crafty stuff...( I really am a push back and spread crafter) and my Christmas tree is trying it's hardest to get in on the pictures!
Soooooooooooooo!! if you feel the urge to go on the biggest blog hop ever and spy on loads of fabulously crafty crafty places, pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in with What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!!
Hopefully if there isn't a freebie here now...there will be one later, as this is on timer and I shall be back when I get home from work... thank you for stopping by...

Sorry You missed this freebie.
There's another one on the newest Wednesday post

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Tom's Cards!

Evening! And how are you all?? Me? Busy! Garage had to have a new roof (grrr) Our caravan, which we put on ebay for a starting price of 99p has gone!! Next door has moved out and it's quite! sssh! that's if you don't count the continuing crowing from the cockle at the bottom of the garden belonging to the people at the bottom of our garden...(?...I know what I mean) Please note!!! You do not need a cockle to get eggs! ah, but you do need hens...
My poor mum had singles, but is a lot better now, hubby's mum is out of hospital, but still poorly. I've just about managed to put the Christmas tree up and, Tom's (son-in-law) just emailed me (by ipod) these pictures of some Christmas cards he's just made today. See, guys can craft! Aren't they great. Looks like Tom's been using the embossing gun again and I think he has some Copic pens rather than Promakers.
Me? No cards from me to day, well, I am in the middle of making a few but none you can see... well maybe a peek of one in the making...
to make a Snowy card, after all, he is my favourite Penny Black Snowman. I'm doing a bit of paper piecing. The other snowman in my picture is... nah, I'm gonna let you guess! Tell you later... (no one ever reads this!)
Tom's snowman I think, came from Hobby Craft, the other Christmas Tree stamp on his cards is from Forever Friends.
Oh bother!! All the lights have gone out!! It wasn't me!! I didn't over load the Christmas tree, honest!! See you tomorrow....hopefully with a new freebie... but I haven't decided what to draw yet and it's pretty dark in here so I might not be able to get one done... Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, 10 December 2010

ATC Swap: 3D Poppies

So, what can you make from a 6x6 sheet of backing paper? Four ATC's and an Inchie, what's what!
Which gave me the idea for these. Seeing we didn't have quite so many swappers on the November ATC swap over on the CM&C forum, I decided to make a few more.
Of course I wasn't going to heat emboss the added (ready cut chipboard) Inchie, but I rubbed the PVA glue off a little too hard on one of them and it roughed it up a bit. I thought, (wrongly) a bit of clear embossing might hide it!
Of course I had to use two 6x6 sheets of paper in the end to make these, but we won't mention that!
I ended up using the left over scraps and decoupaging a few more bits. They're a bit curly in the photo as my daylight lamp gets very hot!! And you can't really tell they've been decoupaged.
I think these papers might be from K&Co, but seeing my local (not really a) craft shop only sells them as single sheets, I'm not sure.

Now, can you tell which Inchie got roughed up a bit? probably not. (Do you care? Not really!)

I still think they need something else don't you? (besides throwing in the nearest bin)
How about a little bit of Stickles glitter? Hang on a sec...
There you go...That's better.
I was hoping to find a few little challenges somewhere and have ffound one for the 'butterfly' ATC... that's of course if they don't mind ATC's! (as it has a butterfly on it!) and a few others too...
Other ATC's in this CP&PC Swap here and here...or just scroll down
New Follower. ((Hi and a big wave))) to Dawn, who's out the back and in the dark with no link. ((yet)) Come and say hi then I can come and say hi to you too! Thanks for stopping by!

Flutterby Wednesdays-Anything goes.
(As long as it has a Butterfly Fairy or Angel..)
Fussy and fancy -Anything But a Card
Creative card crew-anything goes.
One Stitch At A Time -Old stash new stash
(Papers very old! and new Stickles!)



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