Monday, 7 June 2010

Blog Awards from Betty,Shirley, Anne, Eiglas and Sam!

I've been really naughty and haven't been spreading any Blog Awards about for ages, so here I am spreading them about now. Thank you to Liverpool Lou (Anne), Nannieflash, (Shirley) and this one at the top is from the lovely, the one and only Eiglas , and Sam from Sam's Shack, who does all the 'workings' (and much more) behind the scenes at OSAAT and last but by no means least, (drum roll pleaasssse!!) Betty The Baglady!
o I'm not being rude, she's a Baglady and that's one of the rules when accepting this first award, you have to tell six, or was it seven, absolutely truthful lies about yourself, which should be very easy! Six truths and one lie or one lie and six figure it out!
But first I must say I'm very sorry not to put these on here sooner and there's two, which I'm extremely sorry to say I've forgotten where they've come from, and no, I haven't started the fibbing bit yet!! Here we go.....
  1. I once jumped off the Isle of Wight ferry after my brand new very expensive hand bag fell over board, luckily a passing mermaid saved me, as I'd forgotten I couldn't swim but left me stranded on a very large buoy in the middle of the Solent, where I was rescued by a navy helicopter, piloted by seven Chippendale's and a dwarf.
  2. Dressed as a clown, wearing a yellow wig and stripped tights and a big red nose, I've painted pretty faces on the balding heads of members of the British Army, after of course, they put their guns down.
  3. In my twenties I bungee jumped off San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge wearing nothing but a fig leaf with Elvis Presley's twin brother, who poohed his pants and lost his wig.
  4. I've written sixteen books on 'How to do Everything Better', under the sudo name of I.M. Damgood. Last week, at a local book signing, David Cameron bought two copies and asked me to sign his copy as well as one for Nick Glegg.
  5. I love house work and my mansion home is spotless, even the cat has been trained to wipe it's feet and use the loo. All the ironing is done straight away and I never use my ironing board to craft on. Hubby never has to cook, as we employ Jamie Oliver to come in on his days off. We once employed Nigella Lawson, but had to sack her for eating my secret supply of chocolate.
  6. I've abseiled down Nelson's column dressed as a pink Polar bear and was attacked by a flock of flesh eating pigeons, luckily I had peanuts with me and he, Charley Brown and Snoopy drove them away in a Mini Cooper.
  7. This has taken me about thirty nine seconds to write as I'm extremely clever and have an iQ of 298 . I never tell fibs and one of these lies is true!
I would love to pass these Awards on to everyone who has become a follower, commented, or pops in for a visit, or wants one, but first everyone on the two design teams I'm on at One Stitch at a Time and Quirky Craft's (You know who you are!) and then.....
Shirley, Sylvia, Scrappy Jacky Jackie's Crafts SnoopysStuff, (Sue), Shell, Netty Julia (WOYWW), Cal's Creations Liverpool Lou Crafty Chris Paula, Bluebeard and Elizabeth Niki Joe's Stuff Carol Ann Crafty Linby Paul Trimgyms Lynn Heidi Hunter's Moon (Sam) Wispo Mandy, Crafty Angel Happy Crafter AnnMaree(Upagumtree) Angie Jan Crafty Kitten Kirsti Scrappy Heike Sue(Sue's Art of Craft) Andie's Space Dragonlady and little Dragon too, (but I haven't got a link) and many many more!!
Please chose one you would like, and add a link back here and praise the lovely blogger who sent it to you and then pass it on to a couple or seven lovely bloggers. But don't forget, if you chose the top one, we want to hear your six or seven truthful lies about yourself...

New followers a BIG (((wave)) to Jan from Jan's Journal
and FifiCraft fabulous blogs for you to pop over and say hi!!
Okay, that's it from me, thanks for stopping by!!


  1. I recon the only one that is a lie is the one about elvis's brother - cos he had some immodium on that day and couldn't poo his pants if he tried LOL!!!

    You are officially mad!!!

    Thank you so much of thinking of me, its an honour and pleasure to accept. thank you, speach over!! LOL

    ooh - forgot my makeup artist and wardrobe people LOL (who keep me in clean pj's)!!!

    Paula x x x x

  2. are a hoot! I loved your speech...So well deserved.
    Had me laughing (hubby was wondering what the heck at). Bravo!!!

  3. he he hun oh you make me scream hun I add your name to my side bar as have these awards just want to tell you have some candy on my blog please enter,hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

  4. Thank you for thinking of me :0) Love the post I think that has well and truly got me out of my funk feeling down :0) It made me laugh and now have a grin on my face.

    Right Im off to round up some crafty bits and hopefully might get some cards done this afternoon :0)

    I'll put a post up tomorrow about how the hospital goes tomorrow.
    Don't know how you managed so long in hospital I was fed up of being stuck in there after a week.

  5. thanks for spreading the love and your blog awards! I have been missing in action the last few weeks, life just got all crazy here very quickly! hope to catch you around this week hunny!

    hugs mandyxx

  6. Lyn i am absolutely laughing my head off at all the lies you told..Omg girl you have got one hell of an imagination hahah..Hugs Donna x

  7. Lyn thanks so much for thinking of me for an award. I also have the truth lie one to do - so I am going to take the two pandas one please as I haven't had that.
    You have a big imagination - LOL at those truths!

  8. Wow what whoppers!!!! never been good at telling lies but I would love to choose the To A Friend award it is beautiful I would like to think we are friends. I will get Alex to choose one too later. Thank you hun you are fab.

    Hugs Ali x

  9. Awww thanks Lyn your speech made me laugh and the dogs looked at me as if I'd lost the plot. I've taken the friendship blue heart award, thank you so much for thinking of me. I will get round to posting it in the next few days when hopefully I will find I have some time although I don't know where from

    Hugs Jackie x

  10. OMG I nearly peed my pants, what a hoot you are lol! Thanks so much for the award, I will upload it and spill my secrets tommorrow, wont be able to top yours though, ha ha. Thanks for making my evening, had one of those weeks but am on the mend, I feel so much better now, big hugs Heidi xx

  11. How absolutely sweet of you to nominate me for this award. I'll be posting it on Saturday. You are too kind. You are also going to be my blog pick of the day (June 12). Thanks for this honor.

  12. .....I knew I'd chosen well......
    Hugs 'n' gigles,

  13. .....I knew I'd chosen well......
    Hugs 'n' gigles,

  14. HA! I just saw your message and came over straight away! You are too funny! I'm thinking the true one must be that Nigella one! I'd bet she did sneak your best chocolates!

    Thanks so much for the Award! I will have to think about what I can say...seeing as my life is SO Exciting! :p Thanks for the welcome and talk to you soon!


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