Saturday, 16 May 2009

I'm A-mays! Another blog Award

I was blog hopping, like you do and thought, I haven't hopped over to May's Maze for a few days. I'm so glad I did because Sam had kindly given me this award for my blog! I've attached it to my side bar with a link to her blog, so please hop over and have a peek!
After thinking very hard...(I must stop doing that!) I suddenly realised that if I added all the Awards, which I hadn't handed out yet I could actually give all my followers an Award, and because I think you are all amazing, fantastic, talented and gifted people, to entertain the Whole Blog World, you all deserve an Award! I know there's a few of you who haven't at the moment started your own blog, so perhaps having this little Award to post on your side bar, will encourage you to finally take the plunge!!! Copy the Award to your side bar with a link back to Spyder's Corner and when you're ready you too can give out the Award to your favourite blogs. So in no particular order....

Sarah Sue Rozzy The Pink Glitter Fairy BettyTheBagLady LavenderRose CraftyRose
Victoria (BiscuitLid) Celia Priscilla Lorna Margaret Queenie Michwot Eiglas Charlotte Michele Maxine
Mi Sello Personal Pattie Chris Chrissy Gvendalen Esther Shelly Sheena Denise lizblair
Kazabing Julie Lynn Sue (Bettyboop67) Maggie Cazzy Katherine Hello Gorgeous
Red-SSR Jackie
Nona, June Annechilver, Cheryl Zoe Debsydoo and Lynsey one missing....? No! All there!!
Phew!!! I'll check the links and then let you all know!! Before I go (It's nearly Midnight!) I'd like to say a warm welcome to three new followers! (We can all do the Can-Can now!!....this one's funny too!)
Hello to Chris, also known as Glowbug, Chrissy and Gvendalen who comes all the way from Russia! Thank you for following Spyder's Corner!

If I've done my maths right, I should have at least three awards left and I want to save these for the lovely ladies I know will soon start their blogs. I'll award them with either the 'Teddy Bear Award' or the 'Friends Award' just for taking the plunge!! C'mon, you know who you are, Start Blogging! Anne Toni44


  1. congrats on the award, well deserved :0)

  2. congrats on the award and thanks for the award =D

    XX hugs XX

  3. Congrats on the award, Lyn! Thanks you for the award from me.

  4. Oh Thanks for that Lynne I am chuffed
    My link dont work right But thanks May take me a few days to get it on my side bar can you pop over tell me what gadget is the ight one for that manaded to get two on but when I went to do more I cant!!! Help needed please!Great idea as well as Ive now 5 awards to give out so may copy you on ur idea LOL

    Liz xx

  5. Congratulations on the award Lyn and thanks so much for passing it on :) Denise x

  6. I hope you dont mind getting the same award! Pop over to my blog. You have been awarded a blog award. =)

  7. Thanks so much for the award Spyder! Much appreciated!

  8. Oh Thank you!!! Just coming to Singapore for a visit!!!

    (Beam me up Scotty!)


  9. Liz has sent you an answer, but its a bit long and you might want to delete it!
    First, if you haven't already copy the picture and save it on your computer, (put it in a named document so you know where it is..)
    go to ~add a gadget
    choose~ Picture, then browse your computer to find that picture you just saved and
    load it up.
    I'd give it a title (Just so you know what it is) and put something in the caption ~ this actually makes the picture a little bit smaller. Move it to where you want it on your side bar
    Save it,
    then pop back to the blog that gave you the award and copy their http:/ webpage code,(it might be easier if you have two windows open here, your blog and the other persons blog.) then pop back to yours and paste it where it says link. save it. now when you or anyone clicks on the picture on your side bar it will take them to the other persons site.
    ie Title "An Award from Sues" and Caption "Click the pic to visit her blog" at the bottom. Of course you don't have to but I like to visit everyone and find it easier if I have a link to them somewhere on my blog!
    Hope that helps!!

  10. Hi Lynne!
    Thank you for yet another award! You're so kind Chuck!
    I'll go put him on now. I've been poorly (...still am actually...) and your award has given me a littel tonic!
    Thank you!

  11. Congratulations on the award and thanks for passing it on to me. At least I think you did as you left a message on my blog to say you had but I'm not in the list on your blog. Won't post it on mine until I hear from you.

  12. Wow.congratulations for your award,your blog is very very beautiful and very complete,if you aloud me i will put a link in my blog...Hugs JLaura

  13. Links always welcome! Jlaura!!

    And jackie yes, but I think it was on the list before or even before that!

    ((Lyn)) (Will send link)

  14. Thank you Lyn for passing on your wonderful awards, you rae very kind :)
    Hope you are well. I've been keeping busy... but having fun
    hugs rozzy xx

  15. Hellooooo and congratulations on the fab award and for thinking of me.
    Will pop it on mine with a link back to your loverly blog!!
    Hope you had a good weekend.
    hugs n stuff

  16. HI LYN,

  17. Congratulations on your award and thank you very much!! How cool.

  18. Hi Lyn, thank you so much for sharing the award with me, and congrats on getting it yourself.

    Cazzy x

  19. Congrats on the award Lyn!! You so deserve it! Thanks for sharing it with all your followers! So sweet!

  20. thanks Lyn, sorry haven't been around for a while so only just got it.


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