Friday, 20 November 2009

Dodgy Finger

Dodgy finger...maybe I should say Doggy Finger! Or maybe even Bad Finger... oh those were the days, who remembers that group?? No? Well, it was in another century.
Sorry I haven't been on for ages! But life happens and well, apart from my daughter worrying me silly, I've got a sick middle finger. honest, and just for Anne who wants to see a rude's a picture of it! (Not too rude though!)
I did it, believe it or not, trapping my fingers in a dog collar... and here's the dog! Look at him, butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, mind you though, John's socks did! (and so did a pair of my unmentionables!)
The tip of my middle finger is 'floppy' and it's going to have to be in the splint for at least another seven weeks to help the tendons/ligaments whatever, heal and even then may not heal properly. So my 'tip' don't grab dogs by their collars, because if they suddenly turn and catch your fingers, this could happen to you. I first though it was broken and the nurse said, (Little Miss Ray of Sunshine 2009) 'Let's hope it is." And it's my 'right click' finger too!
Anyway!!! As you can see, my craft room is very messy and somewhere hiding in all that confusion is my mojo...but on saying that!! watch this space for the sneak peak of the next Quirky Forum Challenge...coz it's my turn!! Wowowoo.... No, I'm not telling or giving away any secrets (she doesn't know that's why) so you'll have to pop back later...
Thank you to two new followers for joining Spyder's Corner, so sorry not to have mentioned you til now, promise to try and catch up as soon as possible! (If not, sooner) I know I owe some people swaps and others birthday cards!! (Well, they'll be early for next year!) Please pop over and say Hi to Mandy who not only has some lovely cards but some lovely blog candy too! And also to Crafty Kitten where you'll find a link to a Christmas freebie!
Thank you for stopping by...oh, and to Sylvia!! groan!!! I was only telling the doctor this afternoon...'when can I play the guitar...?'


  1. Sorry to hear about your finger, her face is cute though... lol.

  2. Aw Lyn, your poor finger! But, lol, don't expect anyone to believe it was anything to do with that cute little doggy, we all know you and it's much more likely that you forgot to stop chomping when you got the end of some chocolate, or you've made so many rude gestures that you now need to rest it! :P :P :P

  3. Awe Lyn sorry about your finger but you did make me laugh with the picture and the doogy with the sock and your unmentionables !!!!

    They look so cute and cuddly

    See you soon Linda

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your accident. Hope it doesn't stop your creativity. Have missed your funny tales.

    Hugs Ali x

  5. Ha Ha, excellent pic, glad to see the smiley face on one side (and the messy craft room in the background, I feel so much better now looking at mine !!)...thanks for letting me see, and it goes without saying that I wish you and your finger a speedy recovery as I like to see all your creations :o)Love Anne xx

  6. Awwwww Lyn - we do love you! How fabulous that even in your pain, you think of amusing us with a person perching on your poorly pinkie!! Can you really play the guitar?
    Get better soon - Lotsa hugs, Sylvia xxxxxx

  7. I really wanted to learn to play the guitar Sylvia! But like most things I try I start off using left handed, (so of course the strings are in the wrong place) and finished, trying right handed. Both ways made the cat hiss and run off and hide. Maybe I should have used one of them little plucking pick things instead!

  8. Hi Lyn,
    Came across your blog, after you were kind enough to sign up as a follower to mine. I have reciprocated. I read you were inspired by Dawn Bibby. That woman has a lot to answer for!! She has cost me a small fortune, LOL!! I actually think she deserves an OBE or some such. She has helped a lot of people find a therapuetic outlet for the flair & creativity they did not know they had. I was on maternity leave when I found her & have not looked back. So sorry to see you injured your finger. I hope it just slows you down rather than inhibiting your creativity altogether. I have enjoyed looking over your blog & it's great fun to read. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
    Andie xx

  9. I shouldn't laugh at your pain Lyn, but you are so funny. I go with what Susan said. xxoo

  10. Susan, Chris! You've found me out! Me chopping on a chocolate bars and bitting the end of my finger by mistake is exactly what happened! (not!)

  11.'s 2016 now...and my finger never did heal properly


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