Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Wot's On Your Worktop...Not Wednesday #642 With a Touch of T for Tuesday

 Argh! It's bin a bissy week! I'm goin' Bananas! But never mind that! Happy Very Late WOYWW. I lost my secret key to the back door of Stamping Ground, again... but I'm here's never too late to join in.  Here's what was on my workbench about an hour ago....

                            Above is what's on it now.

And to the left, is the card that made all that mess... it's not finished needs something else (and don't say the nearest bin!) I think I have one more penny spinner card to make...that'll be the boat, there's a couple more I haven't got...yet. This monkey card will be winging its way  to somewhere very soon, as it's a bit late. The first card I made I decided was a bit too twee. Think this one's a little bit better or will be when it's finished...
...and this is what my desk looks like now. Right! That's it...Up early in the morning, collecting my new glasses...the ones that go dark when the sun comes out... so not much chance of that happening very often!

Today, (being Wednesday and not Tuesday, and almost Thursday) I'll  add the next bit to T for Tuesday over on  Bleubeard and Elizabeth's post!) we took Lady Pam out for a cream Tea... (She's making a face, cos half an hour before this picture, she was in bed, snoring!  snoozing! We arrived at hers about Two-ish... "Come on," I said, "get your drawers on, we're going out!" and we had Scones with Clotted cream and jam!

I had Hot Chocolate... I'm now going to travel back in time, to Two minutes before midnight...yesterday!  Thank you for stopping by!! Happy WOYWW+ T for Tuesday.

 Ps....And later on... Lady Pam had her hair done!  She's not bad for 90, is she!?

Have a great Week!



  1. Your workspace looks like mine, slightly chaotic...Glad you got out for scones and drinks, looks good. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Great Post, great pictures and God bless Lady Pam! I envy you your scones, might put a High Tea on my birthday list. . You can get them through the post now. lol
    Cute looking card.
    Have a good week
    Christine #18

  3. WHat a great penny slider card Lyn. I haven't made one of those in ages and they are such fun. Hope your new glasses get a workout soon. Stay safe and Happy WOWYW. Sarah #2

  4. You're right it's never too late to join in and I always pop back to check for late comers as it's not nice if you post and don't get visitors. Scones! mmmm.... could eat those any time. Have a lovely belated woyww, Angela xXx

  5. Love that card!
    I let a friend pick my glasses for the wedding, I had three pairs with me. He choose the black-white ones. I forgot they turn dark in the sun. Buhuuuu.

  6. I love your 'going bananas' card. I've never done one of those slider cards.
    How are your glasses? I suppose you'd have to have some sun to try them out. You should have got them in the spring, not the autumn...
    YUmmm!! Scones and cream. I love it. I have learnt to make scones and quite recently I have found a recipe to make clotted cream. (Haven't tried it yet). I bet Lady Pam enjoyed it once she woke up properly.
    I'm sorry to be late again, but as I've mentioned before, we are not home on a Tuesday and I can't get to my computer.
    Happy belated T-Day,

  7. Scones with clotted cream and jam sounds heavenly to me. My workspace often looks like yours, although it has become slightly better over the years.

  8. You may be late, but your T Tuesday host is even later. I'm delighted you joined us, though. I have also had a busy week and had an appointment both yesterday and today. Therefore the sad reason I am late today.

    I don't usually let my desk look this bad, because I put things away after I use a product, even though I might have to get it out again a short time later. I realize that's not the best way to work, but my table is so small and I already have so much "stuff" that lives on it, I have to do it that way, or I'd only have about 2 inches of room on the table.

    I've never had clotted cream and that is one of the things I want to try. I also want real British scones, not the kind I once made in my own kitchen. I'm so very glad you woke Lady Pam, so she could share some tea with the scones and clotted cream. Nice that you had hot chocolate. I bet you didn't let it get cold like you do when you are in your craft room.

    Thanks so very much for sharing your adorable "Going Bananas" card, your desk, and Lady Pam for tea and hot chocolate with us for T this Thursday. At least it's a day that starts with T!

  9. well it's Friday and I just thought I'd check I'd visited everyone... love the monkey card. Glad Lady Pam enjoyed her cream tea; and you're right, she doesn't look 90. Happy WOYWW (F) Helen #4

  10. So glad to see Lady Pam again. I like reading about her. The tea and Scones or Hot Chocolate in your case sounds good and looked good. I love your monkey Spinner Card. It is adorable. I need to try one of those one day. Maybe after we move. Which will probably be in a year. Oh, well, That is life. Edwina Brown

  11. You need to see your cards like we do and have faith in your creations, I bet the first card wouldn’t be described as twee by anybody else! Totally appreciate the view of your desk, am rather hoping mine will get like that this week! Lady Pam is looking good, and a cream tea is probably one of the best ways to make waking up form a lovely nap worthwhile!

  12. My desk(s) look pretty chaotic at the moment!
    Lovely that you has a cream tea with Lady Pam!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Stay safe and keep well!
    I am hoping to visit everyone this week – unfortunately last week I just couldn’t make it…
    Susan #20
    Calling All Crafters! – My Blog!

  13. Lady Pam is looking good for 90. Your monkey card looks great. A belated happy WOYWW Angela #7

  14. So glad you and Lady Pam had a fun day! Her hair looks good! Adorable monkey card; very creative!


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