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What's On Your Worktop Wednesday #602

 Morning! It's Wednesday again...every two or three days it seems to come around again! Then we all get 'together' over on STAMPING GROUND, to have a nosey at everyone's worktops! So come and join in! This is what's on my workbench this Wednesday, last night...two o'clock this morning!

Yes....I say slowly, the two snowpeople were going to be this weeks freebie, but I haven't inked round it  yet, it's still all pencil, and once the pencil's gone it won't look the same, and I quite like it like that! Sooo, you'll have a 'Stitched Robin' instead.  My Snarky cats  stamps arrived... (Yay!) had a bit of a practice.
Then, last week, we ventured out side...went into town...scary!! Found a nice little bargan, a fold away Anna Griffin Cuttlebug in a charity shop with spare plates and rubber mats 'n' stuff. Looks like it's hardly been used. So some little grandaughter might be getting a surprise! Shh! Don't say anything! Underneath are some stamps I had two sets of and never used. A little owl, fox, squirrel and a rabbit.  They probably gave me the idea for the stitched robin.
The other end of my worktop... a picture of my dad with his little dog and one of my ponies. My BigShot Plus.  You should've see my workspace this moring! couldn't! It was heaped up with stuff, it took me all day! Hubby said, "Oh it must be Wednesday tomorrow, you're tidying up!" and then added, "Don't forget all the bits of paper down the hall, and the fact we can't get to the front door or the kitchen. (Cheek) Well actually, we haven't been able to use the front door for most of the week as I'd towed my pile of six Really Usefull Boxes down the hall, to give me more room. The boxes are on wheels. I asked Hubby to put some wheels on a plank of wood to make a kinda 'flatbed' trolley... he's such a clever soul and a good cook too!

Here's the trolly. Those really useful boxes are really heavy! I'm also making good use of the 'Wild Bird Fat Balls' containers too!' They hold some of my stamps/embossing folders/ dies that come 'free' with magazines. It's really hard to decide wheither to put all the dies together or all the stamps or all the embossing folders...coz most of them go with what they come with and some of those dies are very tiny!

Just one more picture, just to let you know that Mr Jinx has been helping write this post! He's 'sharing! my chair! That's it for now! Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to call into Stamping Ground! Stay Safe! Ow! Jinx! Mind where you put those claws!


  1. A trolley on wheels could be useful for a lot of us deskers - great idea from your hubby! What a bargain you had with that Cuttlebug, fantastic prezzy for you GD there!
    Hugs LLJ 7 xxx

  2. That snowmen freebie looks worth waiting for. Adorbs.

    Be sure to check out the amusing cat image on shazsilverwolf's blog. Made me giggle for sure!

    Happy too close to Christmas WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (1)

  3. Hi there. What a fantastic cheery post! Love your trolley made by helpful hubby! Great idea. Yes - RUBs really are useful boxes - but can indeed get incredibly heavy!
    What a find in that charity shop! Well done on spotting that A great Christmas present - but don't worry, my lips are sealed - I won't give the game away.
    I think your snowmen look wonderful - what talent you have. Glad you have help in your craft room...
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  4. Happy WOYWW!!Those snow people look cool, will be lovely when finished I'm sure. Yea the weeks go far too quickly. What a great score at the charity shop - all bugs are little workhorses and certainly one of the easiest crankers!! I love your dilemma re stamps/dies etc. I still haven't resolved it. I have been subscribing for a while now to those magazines with freebies and one thing I have done this year is put all the sentiment stamps together in a folder - it's too time consuming to go through all the stamp sets when I just want to see if there is a smaller' hello' or something to fit on a card. That trolley is amazing! (NB it's not the boxes that are heavy but how much you pu in them lol). Have a lovely week, stay safe, stay well, Cindy #26

  5. Hi Lyn, I have loads of the RUB's, they are soooo useful! But I agree, the big ones can get very heavy, the trolley is a great idea. The Cuttlebug was a really great fine, well done on that. Stay safe, have a lovely week, hugs, Shaz #6 X

  6. Lovely shot of Mr Jinx, looks like the perfect photobomb! you do have a lot of stuff Lyn and I’m think putting the RU boxes on a dolly is inspired! And such a great find in the charity shop, good grief that was amazing luck, what a great gift it will make. The snow couple look lovely, Dont ink them over if you like them as they are....use them for yourself. Also, retired or not, you’re up far too late!

  7. the trolley looks so useful - how clever! Maybe next year is the year I get re-organised! Have a good week. helen #2

  8. Love the snowmen!! Super cute! I also like the sketches and find it hard to pen over! They just don't seem the same after that!! LOL Love the cleverness of your hubby! What a brilliant idea and I am sure makes a world of difference for you!! Your craft room looks great!! I also LOVE the last photo with Jinx photo bombing! I laughed out loud! Too Cute! Merriest of Christmas's to you and blessings, Felicia, #31

  9. I love the "snow people!" The great thing is that they can be used throughout the winter season!

    Chana Malkah, #34

  10. That is a great idea to put the Really Useful Boxes onto a trolley as they do get really heavy when they're full. I've had the same thought as you with the magazine freebies but decided to keep everything together as I've separated stuff before and then regretted it as I couldn't find everything. Wishing you a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x12x

  11. You have a fabulous space to work in, i've gone from the kitchen to a small box room which was my Daughter's (well still is when she is at home!!) What a great ideal the wheeled base is, yes we all could do with a helping hand just like that. Have fun with the snarky cats, they are very cute.. Happy WoywW Tracey #8

  12. Love how Jinx photo bombed your pic! Too funny ~ Great tubs of stuff & on wheels yet ~ Very handy! Enjoy your new stash and the holidays ~ Love, Karen #32

  13. That's a useful wheeled platform for those boxes. Love the look of those snow people. Great find in the thrift store too. Meow to Mr Jinx. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  14. Your snowman freebie looks very enticing, I shall look forward to seeing more of the couple. Storage on wheels is such a good idea, husbands are very useful at times :). Mine is supposed to be making a cake, but he is doing a jigsaw instead. I said I would go in and start it and he made some comment about me ending up on the floor 🙄 Have a great week Angela #5

  15. Such a lovely busy desk. Brilliant idea, the wheeled trolley for the RUBs - looks like a fork-lift pallet! I love RUBs and have lots of them. They are so good and strong and stackable, and you can see what's in them, too.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #21

  16. Happy belated WOYWW. Wow you have a lot of stuff lol. The Really Useful Boxes are great. I have quite a few, as I used to work for a company that made them, and we got them at bargain prices. That's over 13 years ago and they are still going strong! The snow people look great, I can understand why you like them as they are. I have the same problem with stamps/die sets ... keep them together, or store the stamps with the stamps, etc - let me know when you find the answer!! Have a lovely week, Heather xx #30

  17. That is a great charity shop find and a lovely present for your grandaughter. Great idea to have the trolley on wheels - I could do with that for my boxes!
    Happy WOYWW and sorry I'm so late - life's getting hectic!
    Diana xx #22

  18. What a great find that Cuttlebug - and it's gold! I'm sure your granddaugher will be delighted - heck, even I would be delighted! Great idea to put those boxes on wheels, so you can move them around. Mine are just stacked under the desk, which means me on my knees if I want to find something, so I always think twice about it LOL! Mr Jinx is so cute - we should see him more often! Thanks for your visit and happy Sunday! xx zsuzsa #27

  19. Hi Lyn, hehe love the Mr Jinx photo bomb at the end :) also love that trolley, I think I may just show that to my hubby for inspiration ... Sorry for the late visit, hope you're having a lovley weekend. Annie C #28

  20. ooh clever storage, love it. The "oh it must be Wednesday tommorrow..." comment made me smile :-)

    Thanks for visiting my desk already

  21. wow wow wow to the Anna Griffin Cuttlebug, what a great surprise for your grand-daughter.
    Sorry not been at puter for a few days, thanks for the visit BJ#25

  22. Really useful trolley for the really useful boxes!
    Sorry I am so late commenting...
    Happy 602nd WOYWW!
    Stay Safe and Keep Well...
    Susan #23
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