Wednesday, 7 December 2011

WOYWW Pile It High!! (anywhere)

Oh!!! Good Morning woyww'ers, sorry if you're confused, I linked a bit wrong this morning! (Lack of sleep!) I seem to have two What's On Your Workdesk Wednesdays. Something to do with the timer and thinking I'd lost my post! This is the right link now! (I think!)
My crafty space was tidy for about five minutes Sunday Morning, hubby even said so!! I should've taken a picture then!
Here's a sweep of my Bench.... Whisper Pens out for the first time in years...
Yesterdays cold tea
and turning round for another sweep very carefully as I stood on a chair to take these, I'm not that tall, here's my window desk, taken about 1.45 this morning...
I must throw that old tin of fake 'snow' away! ((it's so old it's rusty! The tin not the still works!! I just tried it!))
So you can guess I'm probably still in bed, if I actually went to bed...if not....I'm still typing this! As you can see, this week, I'm using the 'pile it high' method... instead of my usual 'push it back until it falls on the floor', style...

More cups of old cold tea...

So, want to join in??? Take a picture. Hop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and link your blog! Bye for now, my bed is calling to me...
Actually...I've just got up... breakfast is calling to me now...bacon sandwich...bacon sandwich... (you'll get porridge and like it!) Hopefully I've sorted out the link...

Here's the card on my bench I posted Sunday/Tuesday, a few wanted to see a close up!
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi Lyn,
    You should be careful when mountaineering at silly o'clock in the morning :-) Always so much to have a good rummage through on your desk :-)
    A x

  2. Oh Lyn - what have you done to me? I am now salivating at the thoughts of a bacon buttie.
    I love that card in your top picture - would love to know what the words are - the little girl in the snow with the axe!
    What's rusty? The tin or the snow, or both? Rusty tin, sounds good to me for a bit of steampunk.
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet #1 x

  3. Thanks for the link - missed it with being away last week. Love it!
    Neet xx

  4. Love your desk, full of interesting stuff, everybody has piles actually mountains od stuff on their desks...thank you for the freebie!

  5. It's 0400 here in Oklahoma and I had a bacon burger at about 2am at a local eatery! They actually grind up bacon with the ground beef and it is always so moist and yummy! I am off to bed. Hope you have a great week. Merry Christmas! Vickie aka Okienurse

  6. Mmmmm! I can smell the bacon but it was porridge for me this morning (and every other morning as well - it's my only attempt to eat healthily).
    Love the C card image - can we have a closer peek?
    Ann B

  7. Ooo bacon buttie...I haven't had one in years and I want one! I love the chaos on your looks a lot like mine looked over the weekend. Nice to see I am not the only one who gets carried away crafting and forgets to finish a mug of tea. Thanks for sharing.

  8. That's one very 'creative' desk!! LOL! It made me smile! I had porridge for brekkie but now I definitely want a bacon butty for lunch, yum yum!!
    hugs, LLJ #3 xx

  9. Damn now I want bacon too and the smell of the stew cooking in the slow cooker is not helping one jot either.........
    Personally I am a fan of the push back pile up method combination (I'll sort it all out once the Christmas makes are out the time for the guests visiting).......

  10. Hehe - scary card there!!
    I am having a busy day sorting my Christmas cards and loading a few new brooches into our blog shop too. x Jo

  11. Love your working place :) looks so familiar to me ;)
    And card is nice!
    Thank you for your comment in my blog and Happy WOYWW!

    Olga #15

  12. Bacon butties - yummm.... I am off in a moment to see if we have any bacon hidden at the back of the fridge to put on the fresh bread. My desk is in the push it all back state at the moment. By the way, the next recipe is ready for posting tomorrow, if you are interested. Thank you for your visit earlier, and for reminding me about my Whispers - mine have not been out for ages either.

  13. Your desk is a real hive of industry! Great card too.

  14. Oh lor Lyn what a mess, typical you though. Never mind love. hugs Shirleyxxxx

  15. I can so identify with your 4 square inches of work area!!!! LOL I do this to myself constantly, in spite of putting things away when I'm finished. It must be the gremlins hard at work when I'm gone:)
    Adorable card! TFS

  16. Wow Lyn, what a lovely snoop around all that creative craftness, tis a work of art in itsefl, love the card, Happy WOYWW, Sue xx

  17. It looks like everyone tidied at the weekend and are now in the same chaotic state.... including me! Thanks for the fun,
    love JoZarty x

  18. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, Lyn, and glad you like my butterfly mirrors. I really like these Ikea mirrors because they have such a lovely wide flat frame to work on, and are functional too. I've collected quite a stack of them - people tend to buy them for me when they go to Ikea (we haven't got one near here) and I also pick them up on Ebay.

    What a busy desk this week! It may be piled high but at least you are achieving something lol!! Happy WOYWW, Shoshi #56

  19. I think I fixed it, by taking the wrong link away, and I think I commented on the wrong one this morning, am loving your busy desk and the pile might technique, one I'm working on myself! Adore Madison, one of the very few digits I own, love what you've done with her, a wonderful idea!

  20. mmmmmm bacon buttie. Loads to look at on your desk - be careful when mountaineering won't you. Anne x

  21. Great Space, piled full of goodies, look like you have been very productive! Happy WOYWW. xx

  22. I don't think I should have popped over as I am hungry now especially as Okinurse's comment just happened to pop into my vision.
    Do you need a shovel? I think I have one somewhere!! Willing to lend a hand!!

  23. Good job you didn't fall off your chair at silly o'clock!!! You want to be careful. If I did that my Hubby would just sleep through the noise and I'd be there 'till morning!!!
    I had to laugh at all your cold cups of tea!!
    Hope you've had a good day.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #61

  24. Pile it high! My sentiments exactly . Love your desk this week. Hugs Mrs A.

  25. thanks for stopping by my desk and making a comment I too stop by lots but don't seem to have the time to comment. You dest had LOTS of interesting stuff on it... l promise to be back!

  26. LOL! Love the card!!! You are the best! Love the moutains of creative detrius! I find myself surrounded by them often! Beware of mountain goats, spinning nuns and yodellers if they get too high though! Have a great day! -Amanda 17

  27. Love the tree. I really dig the ones where they have a face. Grin. Thank you.

  28. Lovely busy desk there - I would keep that tin after all it still works and whats a bit of rust here and there?

  29. Bacon ... I need bacon!!! Thanks for sharing your creative space today, and piking high is a fab storage technique ... works for me!!
    Happy WOYWW
    hugs Cathy #11

  30. I get like that too but as I have to work in the living room at the moment I have to put everything away clean up and start again each time but Its great to see how productive you are
    Thanks for passing have a great week x

  31. OH EM GEE!!! I'm following you not only because your blog is cool but that Christmas card ROOOOCKS!

    It's my first WOYWW blog hop and I'm gla dto have stumbled across you!

  32. LOL! I am also a pile-it-high type, and really, end up crafting in a tiny 6" square or on the floor, or on a satellite table. I should be cleaning cause my desk is a mess, but I just had to try to get to the WOYWW first, as yesterday ended up being a bit of a write off for various reasons (none of them fun :) - I wish it had been a long, liquid lunch out at a posh pub with DH, but it wasn't. All too, too dreary.) Happy ... Thursday!

    Mary Anne (29)

  33. Love the card, great design! lots going on on your desk this week, I think we're all starting to feel the "Christmas heat" now :o) x

  34. What a busy desk today it is definitely piled high with lots of great stash, I like your hatchet girl card, I like your sense of humour, is it for a vegetarian? (only joking). Sorry but I have to say this, "get those cups washed!" Have a lovely day, Laura

  35. Yes, I'm all for the pile it high approach. After all when you've been pushing it back, there comes a time when there's no option but to pile it high !


  36. I'm worn out and giddy reading that lot!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  37. Hmmm, I don't know if I've ever seen a holiday card with a bloody axe on it before! I think the crackle over her eyes is a good touch.

  38. Do I prefer "Pile it high" or "push it back"? How about both? Loving that quirky gal on the card and loving you spinning around on your chair - the things we do in the name of Wonderful Wednesdays!

  39. the pile it high method works for me! love your card, it is so hilarious!
    happy WOYWW! Debxx #104

  40. Pile it high, push it back, stack it on the floor, hide it in a closet, I've done it all! Your card is too cute for words ! Patsy from

  41. my desk is the home of the empty tea cups and now after seeing this I am glad that you have a sister desk... impressed it was tidy for five minutes on a day... that would be a record around here!!!

  42. OOOh bacon!! must have some soon!! I enjoyed the tour of your desk and the card is so cool! and thanks muchly for your comments x

  43. Great desks and...these look much better than a clean one. I like your Christmas card very much. It's so different and with a good sense of humor. Thanks for visiting me and sorry I'm late. xFranka


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