Thursday, 3 June 2010

Having A Play With Photo Shop

No card today, I've been busy playing and tidying up... (I lie) there's really no point, the Untidy Fairies turn up at three in the morning and mess it all up again. But I have been playing. Computers are great things aren't they, I just wish mine wasn't brainier and far cleverer than me, but it is.
This is what I've been doing, trying to colour in Photo Shop and Gimp. (No, I haven't got to the layering bit yet.)
I've had both for ages. I open them up and then just stare at all the little icons and gadets and tiny pictures that allude me to what they do. Occasionally I feel brave enough to press a few buttons and something happens that either makes me yell with excitement and call 'come and look at what I've just done!' or yell and swear, (Oh bother!!) both at poor John, who, is, bless him, trying his best to learn all about Sketch book Pro and Photo Shop by reading through the pile of library books, For Dummies, he's brought home.
They are really very handy. Huge thick books. If I stand on them I can reach the top shelf in the cupboard (It needs dusting!)
But, besides all that... this is what I've done this afternoon. I haven't a clue how. I was just lucky and pressed the right buttons! But it is fun and a great sense of satisfaction when something goes right and when you think about it, it can only get better, then I'll wonder what all the fuss was about and why on earth I hadn't worked it all out sooner. Simples!! But not yet!
As you can see, I've coloured my Freebie Digi,Draco Dragon (see below) with my Promaker pens. It's easy and quick, but if you make a mistake or wished you'd used a different colour, the only option you have is to start again, but! In Paint Shop, or in any Graphics programme, you can just press 'undo' and magically it's gone!
Another great advantage is that you can colour your image many times over in an array of different colours and save them on your computer to use when and where you need them. No pen ink used, no printer ink used. And this also makes it easier to see how you'd like your image coloured, because at a click off a button, it can be any colour of the rainbow, no more buying expensive pens ~ although I can't see me ever not waiting to collect all the Promarker colours!
So? At first glance of the top photo, could you tell which Draco was coloured with Promakers and which was coloured by my computer in Gimp or Photo Shop?

And just for fun, who can guess where the picture was taken that I have as my screen saver?? I took it a few summers ago. The famous owner of this garden never had a computer, he only used the colours in his paint box.
Hi and a big (((wave))) to new follower, Mckinkle aka Keryn who is a WOYWW fan and has a fabulous blog. Check out her amazing Exploding box!
For a free download of GIMP click here others sites are available, just Google it! Thank you for stopping by!
double click on the pictures to make them bigger


  1. I couldn't tell I must confess. I don't do photoshop although I wish I did...I can't get my head around layers, just for starters!! Love your screensaver - it's Giverney innit?? Great photo.

  2. Trust you to have a difficult where am I photo - no clue what so ever!!!!!
    No can't tell the difference either wish I could use one of these programs.

    Hugs Ali x

  3. Looks like a great programme. Annette x

  4. Sounds like you had fun playing. Sweet image. Anesha

  5. Hi Lyn, not tried changing the colours like you have, Ive just managed to work out how to merge and thats with the instructions as its so easy to forget how to do it. With love and hugs Shirleyxxx

  6. Have photoshop elements on my computer and find it terrifying!!Must try to get to grips with it.
    I do use GIMP for photo editing though....and love it...need to try and use more of its functions.
    Love the colouring you've looks great.

  7. Oooh Lyn - you are so talented and obviously have loads of patience. Sorry I don't know where the garden photo was taken - it looks a bit like a Monet painting to me?!
    Have a great weekend,
    Love and hugs, Sylvia xxxx

  8. Lyn nip over to my blog. I'm just posting an award for you. I know you will do it justice. Don't think you've already got it.Sorry sorry sorry I never collected the one you gave me but I'm trying a bit harder now. Hugs bettyXXXX

  9. Lyn. Yes I know where it was taken-showing off again.Silvia-Anne wasn't far off.The bottom middle one was coloured by a human hand-well a promarker-I reckon.By the way-no help from cuddly hubby when you think about your award.Ha ha ha. BettyXXX

  10. Hehehe not only clever but funny too ;o)
    Anne xx


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