Wednesday, 18 April 2012

WOw! Look What's On My WorkDesk This Wednesday!

It's WEDNESDAY!!!! ((wave!)) Time to run crazy with scissors and eat spaghetti through a straw.
Hi to all you woywwers! Hope you are all well and fighting fit for another trundle around the blogworld of crafty places! Pop Over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in!!

First...this package arrived for me... yesterday?? the day before?? Who could have sent it???
Ink splatters everywhere and spidery writing???
Carefully I turn it over... More splattered ink, (brilliantly dolloped I might add, I was so glad it was black and not red))
I opened it with care ((attacked it with a sharp knife and a pair of scissors!)) and.....
surprisingly a very tidy little bundle was inside! I poked it, then quickly unwrapped it....

And this amazing creation appeared!
It was made for me by the one and only Donna. (who is completely crazy, mad and insane in a very creative sort of way!) This is my ~ I'm calling it my clutter book ~ because I just know if my brain (sometimes called Brain because I'm a rubbish speller) was a book, it would look just like this!!
It's for keeping notes of Pottery Things and Stuff I do!! (I think I might add OTHER stuff and things to it too! Because it's so much more than that) Isn't it just amazing?!?
Hubby thought it was completely ... he used a big word that I can't spell, which I'm sure meant ... brilliant, amazing and completely incredible.. (He's gone to bed coz it's about 1.30 in the morning here as I type, which means it'll be at least 3 before I see my bed)
Donna showed this to you on woyww last week and here it is in the 'flesh', here!! On My Bench!
I tidied up... a bit... so I could show it off and here it is on my lower bench, (Moved from the kitchen) next to what I've been trying to do all week and failed...
Hopefully that'll get done later today. (No it wasn't)
So that's what's on MY desk this Wednesday...

And on my other bench ??? Nothing!! It's tidy!! Honest!! (fib) In fact it's sooo tidy, you'd never believe it's my desk! See, empty...nothing to look at here!!
OOps!! In my excitement I've pressed something weird and my post has now got lots of dots and dashes around the edges, and has the word 'body' typed in at the top!! Oh No!! Quick! I'd better post it before it crashes!!
So... off you go, nip over to Julia's Blog and join in... Catch you all later!! (I hope!) This was on timer...

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  1. AWESOME book - isn't that just fabbo in the extreme !!! Thanks for showing that to us :-D xxxxx

  2. wow what a fab book,lucky you,have fun using it,and yes your desk is really tidy,am sure it wont be like that for long
    have a fab crafty week and
    happy woyww

  3. Ooo it's exciting getting parcels,what a lovely present. Desk is waaaay too tidy. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has projects which do not hang together, I've been working on a card all week and it still isn't finished. I need it for tomorrow!

  4. Your new book looks fab xx

  5. What a fab fun parcel from the one and only Donna :-)
    A x #19

  6. What a lovely gift you have got. Lucky you, you deserve it! Love your picture of the package with all the blobs and things. Great fun!
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet #1 xx

  7. Oohh, I LOVE it! What a fabulous package to recieve! That is one clean and tidy desk too! The cleaner in me is itching to tackle my desk now! ...well almost LOL! Have a great WOYWW & thanks for the peek! -Amanda x50

  8. what a wonderful creation and present
    Thank you for the glimpse of your work this week on WOYWW x

  9. I love it when unexpected parcels arrive, or something I've forgotten I've ordered turns up, fabulous
    Sophie x

  10. Hi Spyder, saw you out and about before you got a number! Love that book that Donna made for you, it is beautiful. Your desk looks a bit tidy this week. Happy WOYWW from Anne #30

  11. Oh wow I can see why you love the book - its awesome! Have a great week and thanks for commenting on my blog.

  12. What a lovely present to get in the post. Don't you just love surprises!!! Beautiful workspace as always. Thanks for sharing your digis too. Always helps a charity crafter like me. Karen 79 x

  13. Oh.. how lucky are you. That book is gorgeous.
    Love your description of the parcel and opening it, made me really laugh.
    Have a great week.
    Von #29

  14. you have the best life dear lyn.

    cat s.

  15. You are one lucky girl Lyn receiving just a brilliant parcel. I was mega excited for you looking at the pics. Enjoy it. What a great friend to have.
    One I Made Earlier Today

  16. Hi Lyn, what a special package you have received. I love that book. Can't wait to see how you use it. I love receiving surprises. #96

  17. What a wonderful gift and a lovely parcel to open there is nothing like it! Have a great day. Helen, 10

  18. Lucky you, that is one fab book! Take care & enjoy this weeks WOYWW snoop. Zo xx 17

  19. What a fabulous book and well done on keeping the other desk neat and tidy too lol


  20. Ha!! Love all the captions on your photos, that made me laugh A LOT!! I sort of knew it was from Doone even before you said - isn't it fab? That;s what my brain looks like as well, especially what with all the hormone-ity recently :) Have fun using it!
    Hugs, LLJ #7

  21. What a fantastic gift you received - Hazel, WOYWW #85 x

  22. Hi Lyn, thanks for your comment, I seem to be doing "catch-up" with replying to posts as I have been at badminton this morning. Lucky you getting such a great book. BJ#12

    1. ohoo Badminton?? 'Horsey Badminton?!?' How fabulous!

  23. That is one crazy book!! I love it!! What a dear friend she is to take the time to put it together for you. Uh, I think you better get something going on that tidy space, it's just not YOU :) Happy WOYWW #122

  24. Oh wow Lyn that one fabulous gift, and so much of it to. hugs Shirleyxxxx

  25. Well, if you'd posted the tidy desk picture as the first one, I'd have assumed that you'd moved house! What a fab piece from Doone...I totally understand your delight, it's sort of everything you wish you could do and more...she's so un-inhibited!

  26. LOL, just wondering if she intentionally meant for the packaging to be a messy mystery or did it get wet? Glad it made it to you safe and sound though! Nice to have friends who do things like that for you, isn't it? waving hi from the chilly, rainy hills of North Carolina #132

  27. your book is so cool but my eyes keep being drawn to the quality street choccies!
    Happy WOYWW, Debxx

  28. Wow! I enjoyed the read through your blog this morning. I was so excited to see what was in the package and then.... ta da! Such a lovely book! And I just died at your description that if your brain were a book it would look like this. Mine would too, only maybe not that artistic.. maybe some spiders or other weird bugs crawling about.

  29. Join the gang! It's great getting and owning a Doing of Doone. I love my book and I know you'll treasure your's too.
    Lv JoZarty x

  30. That is a great mail day! The book is awesome! And your desk is so tidy this week. dani104

  31. this is the most funny post i've read in a long long time, rofl!
    and that book just looks awesomely yummi!!!
    have a happy week :)

  32. oh my gosh that is an amazing book!

  33. What a gorgeous gift that book is lovely
    Jackie x

  34. ooh what a lovely surprise to recieve in the post,a fab book.

    kyla #105

  35. Wow you are so lucky, first the zentangle from Shoshi then this book, you must have been good LOL. Sorry no WOYWW from me this week, too much going on in my life to do anything crafty

  36. Wonderful gift from your friend, fab post, it made me laugh!!! Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x No2 x

  37. Ohhhh.... don'tcha just love getting things like that in the mail? ... such fun.


  38. Wow, what a fabulous book. You'll always treasure it too I bet. Love your tidy work space. Hugs from Scotland. Rita xx 55

  39. Loved reading your fun post today ... it made me chuckle a lot. And that parcel is something else, as is the book - you're going to enjoy using that. Hope you have a lovely week. Elizabeth x #27

  40. What a fab pressie I do so love getting packages with fabby things in. Thanks for sharing. Anne x

  41. Wow! That book is amazing! Lucky you!
    Not sure what I think of the tidy desk... I think I prefer is messy!

    Happy WOYWW!


  42. Awesome book it is really amazing. What's up with the nice and neat desk...I only clean up around holidays or a party cause I am fearful someone will stumble in my craftroom and disappear! hope you have a great week. Sending you and email to get that precious kitty. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #32

  43. What a fantastic gift. Love the book!! Your desk is so neat it is actually scaring me a bit.
    Happy WOYWW

  44. LOL at your amusing post Lyn, and your gift from Donna is Amazing!

    Thanks for already visiting my desk this week.
    Sherry x
    WoYwW # 28
    (I'm even later than you were!!) x

  45. ...super gift to receive, how have an amazing work space, I just loVe how you store your scissors what a super neat idea...Mel :)

  46. Wow what an awesome parcel, Lyn, and what a terrific thing to share on WOYWW!! Love it! I also adore all the comments you've written on the pictures - really made me smile! I felt as if I was opening it myself!!

    Thanks for your brilliant comment on my blog - I'm glad the zentangle of your mask arrived safely, and I'm so thrilled that you are so thrilled with it lol!! Thanks for your lovely email too - quite made my day!!!!!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #58

  47. I love your creative space especially your desk with all those stamps and accessories at the back. I see you are into cute things. Oh and your journal is brilliant.

    Eliza #103

  48. What a fabulous piece of happy post! Getting around everyone eventually. Happy WOYWW #45

  49. What a great parcel - I can just imagine both the parcel and the contents coming from Donna (as much as I know her from from her blog and videos).
    Interested in the photo of your desk, and it's particularly relevant as I must re-arrange my own. Thanks for sharing it.
    Ros #124

  50. ROFL - you've come over all Hels-ish....

    Fab goody from Donna, she's such a star!

    Thanks for stopping by.


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