Wednesday, 11 July 2012

WOYWW...or let's just pile it high and push it back....

It's Wednesday already! And I'm still in a bit of a pickle.... but look!!! You can see the MDF... a few more pots on the Ikea wall hanging thingy and... that's all...
Honest, it's nice and tidy on the other side too...yes it is... no my nose isn't growing longer...
Ok I'm still up to my ears in craftymess. HELP!
This side was all clear last week, you could see it was white and everything but somehow it looks like the lodger cat has had a party. (actually he's taken to sleeping in a plastic bag in the garden... I don't have to be mad to come and lodge at this house, but if you are...)
As my batteries were flat (and seeing it was gone two in the morning, I can't blame them!) I couldn't add this picture of Copper Beech Crafts Anne's WOYWW ATC & card swap with me! Isn't it great! (Sorry for those I have still to send...they are slightly lost in my mess!)
Join in this madness of creativeness and craftimess, login into Julia's Stamping Ground right now and show us What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!! night....night!


  1. AH, but you are definitely getting there, Lyn. Way to go. I was immeasurably impressed! Happy WOYWW from #1

  2. Very neat this week. I can even make out quite a bit of the stamps. dani #31

  3. Love looking at your clutter although it doesn't work for me. Your mdf thingy reminds me of when I had wood mounted stamps, I de mounted mine ages ago to save drawer space.
    Cheers from Elaine #26 this week.

  4. Oh look at all those buckets and wonderful stamps . Love the look of the elephant with the little chick and ballons. Sandy :) #39

  5. Looks to me like you've been having a lot of fun at that desk. And that's what they're for! Happy WOYWW! Thanks for sharing! Lorinda #30

  6. The ikea pots are a great idea and lovely to have a peek at your mdf.
    Sandra @43

  7. I always have a chuckle when I see "messy" desks.Mine are like that at the moment(been feeling poorly), but whoohoo...when you have a tidy-up doesn't it feel GOOD!!
    Judy #19

  8. Ooooh - I like your Ikea wall hanging thingy :-) Very Posh.
    Oh, I got crazy cats too - any bag or box or visiting people's handbags/crash helmets and stuff get taken over but one cat or another :-D LoL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. The tidy half looks great - but the other half looks used and creative and fabulous! Helen 16

  10. Oh Lyn - I gasped at the tidiness, and all those those fabby pots and stamps then almost fainted at the 'push it to the side', but it shows that you aren't just sitting looking at all the neatness doesn't it? ;)

    Have you (or at least John) recovered from Ikea yet?

    Happy WOYWW, Di xx #59

  11. Your new desk looks amazing. As to the other side, well, we all have days like that! Your pictures sum up how I wish I was (tidy) and how I am (not so tidy). Good luck with that fab new desk.

    cheers, rachel #11

  12. Not messy just creative lol. The other side looks great, how lucky you are to have two desks!

    Happy WOYWW #42

  13. Well if you didn't have a mess there would be nothing to tidy up! Loving your new bits and pieces, it will all look amazing soon..........I think! Great post heading today BTW, suits most of us, I imagine. Anne x #54

  14. I like your hanging storage - you can see easily where everything is. I've yet to find the perfect way to store my fabrics so that I can see exactly what I've got. I seem to spend my life rummaging through large plastic boxes!!
    Hugs, LLJ #57 xx

  15. Hi Lyn You always have to make a mess when you are trying to get organised! It will look fab soon. I love the storage so far. Gotta love Ikea - I think we should invite them to WOYWW! WOYWW Hugs from Helen 69

  16. Would you like me to send my tidy up fairy round to help for an hour?
    I'm doing a quick blog hop while the twins nap :-)
    A x #58

  17. Hi Lyn,
    Great new MDF space. And the rest? Well it's gotta be the lodger cat. Y'know the story about Roger, the Lodger, the Sod. It's him alright. What a chuckle.
    Ros. #76

  18. 2am!!! What are you doing in your craft room at 2am!!! Even I was asleep at that time (although awake at 3, 4, 6, 7 and then gave up!). Have fun. Karen T 91 x

  19. Wow one empty clear side and the other bursting with lovely images all ready for cards! Like your hanging pots of promarkers... they do leave me wondering..... are they all colour co-ordinated in each pot or whatever wherever :o) x April #86

  20. Hi Lyn, I see the room is coming together. Did they finish all of the windows? Can't wait to see it finished. IKEA huh. #29

  21. Arhh I've worked out your secret, you just move your stuff from one side of the room to another. That way, we all think you are getting sorted ;), good plan!

    Happy WOYWW Lyn xx

  22. Lovely desk full of crafting things , happy crafting jill#73

  23., it sounds like you've gone (or been driven) totally mad! Great piccies, I'd have your desk cleared up in no time! Happy crafting, Debs #125

  24. A lovely clear space ... and a busy one. Thanks for a peep at your workspace. Hope you have a good week - Hazel, WOYWW #124 x

  25. He he that's my way of tidying - move it from one side to the other!!! Have a great week. x Jo #63

  26. Looks as if your pretty busy getting organised, hope it turns out better than you hoped. hugs Shirleyxxxx

  27. what? what? the cat is in the garden in a bag - poor kitty -

    where is your mess - are you going to leave me being the only reprobate that never bothers to tidy up??? bah - and i thought we were soul sisters...

    darn it woman I am on my way to mess up your desk just as soon as I have funds to travel south - you see if I don't

    dxxxx 66

  28. Your title gave me a good giggle! That's the way I felt about my desk yesterday. Glad to see your new space is coming together!

  29. Awesome creative chaos!! And I don't think you are mad, I think you are a genius!!

  30. Loving the look of your Ikea pots, Spyder. I've just noticed you've got purple ones too, they didn't have those in our Ikea!!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #84

  31. love the clear space hmmmm and a busy one... love them both... thanks for the snoop... Have a great week, Hugs May x x x#8

  32. Mad, mad, mad, we're all mad here. But we're in good company, so there's a bonus. Love the MDF shelves, so good to have things right in reach like that. Hey, I love the big fat pile of mess too. It makes me feel at home.

  33. Hi Spyder love your wall hangings it all looks very organised where as your desk looks just like!
    Have a great Wednesday and thanks for sharing, hugs Erika. #83

  34. Hi, lovin the new desk and the pen pots are fab! Love Rachael #115

  35. hiya Lyn was very impressed when I saw the first photo!!! As for the other side - well it's so you :-) sure you'll get there in the end. Love the Ikea pots- great colours. Anne x

  36. Awesomely busy desk with lots of lovely eye candy. I hope the thunder & lightening have stopped with you. :0)

  37. Wonderful madcap post, Lyn! You really made me laugh! Such a crazy setup is enough to make any kitty become a bag puss, sleeping rough, poor little thing! (Actually our 2 are so over-indulged that I keep reminding them that most of the world's kitties have to catch all their food, and sleep under cars. They take absolutely no notice of me, and still complain when I move them off the chair so I can sit down!)

    Love all your Ikea pots, and your little shelves, and all that glorious MESS lol lol!! (You'd better not ever leave us - WOYWW just wouldn't be the same without you!!!)

    Thanks for your lovely comment. I suppose if you're only going to have one Perfect Pearl, it had better be purple lol! I've decided to disable comments on my shop for the moment because the pages are getting quite long - if people are interested in buying, they will need to email me so I get their details etc. I can always add comments later if I change my mind. On my setup they seem to be there by default, and I had to stop them.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #4

    1. You are too kind Shoshi! I am an addict to blogging and especially WOYWW! And Puss is in his bag as I type! Strange cat! But at least he stays dry!

    2. I agree with you, Lyn! Talking of cat bags, our kitties have a special bag called a Crinkle Cat Bag from (a friend on the Black Cat cutting machines forum's online business - she makes awesome kitty stuff!!) - it crinkles and has cat nip in it, and they adore it! When they aren't rolling around on it and getting inside it, Phoebe likes to use it as a bed. She also dribbles all over it lol! They also go completely bananas over the Flying Frenzy toy. Never seen kitties leap so high.

      Shoshi #4

  38. That one side was soooo clean... I thought I was on the wrong blog until I saw the picture underneath ;) Then I felt right at home ;)))

  39. No wonder your camera batteries are flat at 2am...mine would be too!
    I think you're going to have a fantastic working crafty space when it's all sorted.
    It's looking so good already ;D
    I think there might be a few green WOYWW soon.
    Have fun and keep piling it up...and pushing it back! :D
    Neesie #14

  40. Your desk is definitely a designer's desk! WOW! I can totally relate! Thanks for visiting my blog and happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #117

  41. I like a bit of neatness so I am impressed with your ikea pen pots. Might have to have a think about that one.
    Lynn and the Doodly birds

  42. Happy late woyww, sorry its been a busy week here.Work space is looking great, love the little shelves and the hanging pots.
    nice atc's as well.
    happy crafting, mark

  43. Despite visiting WOYWW for almost three years I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen your work surface before Lyn, Lol!

    And what is it with cats and plastic or paper bags…if it rustles and makes a noise then my BoJangles is there and on it in a shot, don’t think he’s ever been in one before thought. Now, if it was a box, well that’s a different matter!

    Have a good week and thanks for visiting.



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