Wednesday, 27 June 2012

It's WOYWW! Nothing!

Morning WOYWWer's!!!
We're having our windows done this week (bout time too!) so I've been clearing out my crafty room, or mostly pushing everything back, or piling it high (Higher than normal)
I've cleared off my white bench, so there's NOTHING on it! Except the computer, leaving that til last! Moved some things out into the hall. All I have to do now is get the bench down and out of the way and remove all the 'stuff' from under it, so the window men can get to the window...(Of course if they're tall with very long arms, I might be able to leave the bench... doubt that thought, they're probably very short with stumpy arms and legs, so, no crafting for two/three days, what will I do?! (Hmmm? The hedge needs cutting...)
So! As you can see, not a lot of things happening! Although I have been busy, and I'll show you with what tomorrow... no I won't! I can't, where will my computer go?? Arrggh!!
Tonight I've been playing with the Do-craft CD-ROM (freebie with Simply Cards & Paper Craft Magazine) love the papers...
Anyway, boring crafty space this week, but hopefully, nice new windows next week!! (yay!)
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  1. Hi Lyn, new windows are good. The only thing is you move all of your stuff and then you have to clean before you can put it back. Happy WOYWW. #35

  2. Just wanted to pop by and wish you a Happy WOYWW! dani31

  3. Good luck with the new windows Spyder but what a shame you have to clear out your crafty space, I hate disruption lol so thank goodness that when my island bench FINALLY does arrive it will just get put into the middle of my space with no moving of anything.
    Cheers till next week,
    Elaine #33

  4. Now thats a nice tidy workplace Lyn, I would be happy space has lots of windows which very nice, but wish I had wall to pin things up, I like your wall with all little bits and pieces on it..I suppose I could have a shuffle around on a cold winters night and play with one wall, but would loose my TV vision, and I must have that..where I sit I can look out my front glass doors and see if the boogey man is out will probably end up staying the way things are, so this message was rather lovely to see your 'desk' this week..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  5. hi there Lyn ah the prob,ems of shifting things around am struggling with it myself and trying to work out where things will go - trying to clear one room out to make it (shh secret - a craft room) wow!!! wont that be exciting but will take ages I think.. happy WOYWW, Shaz in oz.x #50

  6. Oh new windows! We are having two replaced but down the other end of the bungalow and well away from my crafting thank goodness. Cannot imagine having to clear up like you are having to do.
    Good luck! Hope you are soon back to normal craftiness.
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet #21 xx

  7. An empty craft table, oh dear. We're not used to seeing that often. Hope it gets back to normal soon! Karen 89 x

  8. Just love your crafting area.Good luck with the windows.h dear DUST...!!!Tidying...(shudder).
    Judy #82

  9. Oh I remember the upheaval of new windows... good luck!! Thanks for dropping by. Helen, 26

  10. You have my fullest sympathy, we're going to be replacing our windows soon and I'm dreading it.

    Happy WOYWW

    Zoe #54

  11. Hope the windows are fitted OK with no hitches. Then you can get back to normal and get more on to your desk. Thanks for your visit and comment this morning. Thanks for letting us have a peep into your workspace today. Hope you have a good week. Hazel, WOYWW #27 x

  12. Total sympathy for you, I am so sick of packing and unpacking my craft room! Enjoy the break and come back to it with a renewed creativity! xx

  13. Morning Spyder. Its a pain but when it is done it will look fab. I have just had to do similar to decorate next door but it is all looking wonderful again now after the chaos. Wishing you speedy workmen! WOYWW Hugs from Helen 89

  14. Never a boring post, look forward to a pic of the new window.
    Sandra @105

  15. No crafting or computer?!? Eek!! I'd go demented I would.
    Happy WOYWW :0)

  16. I am sure you will suffer from withdrawl ...but then you will have new windows .....good luck ...hope it all goes smoothly

  17. Clearing out your desk is a chance to organize, isn't it? That's a plus aside from the new windows! What interested me was that you called your desk a bench. Here in the Philippines, a bench is something you sit on! Patsy from

  18. Sounds like me last week with the furnace adventure. I hate to disrupt things..but helps me weed out and refresh I guess. Have a great week and enjoy. We are having some wonderful fresh air this AM and I've all the windows open to enjoy it.

  19. Oh, I do hope the window men are tall and quick about doing your window, so you can get your craft stuff back in! Good luck!

    Zildara #132

  20. Hope the windows go in smoothly, that freebie disc is fab isn't it?! Take care, enjoy this week's snooping extravaganza! Zo xx 74

  21. Lucky you. Probably good that I'm in the basement no windows in my room. Good luck and have a great week.

  22. Wow, this is the second utterly clean desk I've seen in a row!!!

    It happens . . . but not to me!

    Thank you for commenting on my daughter's pages last week, and Happy WOYWW to you!
    trisha too

  23. Sounds like you're being forced into an impromptu clean up there! Hope it's over with quickly and you can get back to crafting.

    Brenda 5

  24. May all your workmen be tall with long legs!! x Jo #72

  25. So trimming the hedges is your only alternative? Then add some glimmer mists to them, buttons and bling, and you'll have the prettiest hedges around!! lol Hur windows are done soon so you can get back to crafting and computering! waving the #49 from the hills of North Carolina :)

  26. I hope your windows are almost done now, at least the one in your craft room its horrid when you want to,craft and can't

    Jackie x

  27. Bet you can't wait for your new windows to be done and dusted! Yep metal wings would be cool - thanks for that. I'm expecting white fluffy ones in heaven - LOL Thanks for stopping by BJ#4

  28. New windows would be devine! I hope you are getting nice weather-paned ones. I would kill for them in my living room. Kill for them I would, but pay for them I would not being as the windows are ceiling to almost floor and the ceilings are 10 foot. It is probably why the landlord won't do it...he doesn't pay my heating or cooling. Anyway, color me jealous over the windows. It must be a big hassle to move everything out of the way and put it back too but think of it like Christmas--who knows what goodies you'll find doing it!

  29. happy WOYWW! wow, what a difference the empty desk is! hope the windows get done just as you want them.
    thanks for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  30. Sounds like things are busy around your house too. I fired out tile person cause I didn't like his attitude so after I get home from storm chasing I will have to find another. Have a great week. Vickie #159

  31. Yay for you new windows. Hope you find lots of long forgotten goodies. Thanks for the visit to my blog. Glad you liked my revamped chairs. Have done a stool for the bench too, well its nearly finished will post pics when its done. Sandy :)

  32. Well, I hope that the window blokes are a bit of eye candy so you can enjoy the view while making endless cups of tea!!! May your windows be wonderful *grin* Have you got the hedge trimmers out yet?????
    Hugs, LLJ #3 xx

  33. Oh my having to pack things up and move them seems like a nightmare, good luck with all of that. As for putting in windows, all the more light to get into craft and that is a bonus. I used to have mid height windows where mine is now but have the bay window now instead. Oh course then it was not an art/office room. LOL

    Love your space the way it is now. I suppose I will love it more when finished.


  34. Hi Lyn, hope the windows are going in fine - regular cups of tea seems to make the chaps work well, if you deduct the time spent drinking tea of course :)

    Nice clear desk - enforced tidying is sometimes the only way!

    Di xx

  35. The desk might be empty for now but wow you have a lot of treasure there and all so organised...I'm in awe!
    Good luck with the new windows. How exciting!
    Happy WOYWW ~ Neesie #39

  36. Hi Lyn, sorry I'm late. It has been very hectic here too and I just can't keep up it seems. But I'm here now! Better late than never I say!!
    How exciting! New windows!! Now you will have better light and breezes!!

  37. Oh I hate the upheaval of having any work done at the house! Hope you get to claim back your crafty space soon! x April #98

  38. Thanks for stopping by! The nice thing about clearing out your workspace is you can reorganize it when you set it up again. I switched my art room from one room to another in my home and what a mess, but I love how I changed things up now that it's done!

  39. Happy woyww, thanks for the shout out on the earlier blog entry. I hope normal service resumes as usual soon for you, must be a pain in the arse having to pack everything up.
    happy crafting and thank you for following x

  40. Hope the window installation goes smoothly and the workers have the perfect length arms and legs for the job! It will be awesome once it's done. In the meantime, looks like lots of sumptious supplies on the other walls to keep you happily crafting without your computer! Thanks for coming by my place! Darnell #55

  41. good luck with the windows- your space has so much inspiration! love it

  42. Hi Lyn, apologies for being so late getting around, hopefully by now the windows will be nearly finished!! Thanks for your visit and the lovely comment, much appreciated - oh that I ended up looking like the $6Million Woman!! LOL. Crafty hugs, Anne x #57

  43. Hi Lynn,

    New windows will be very nice! Might cut down on the utility payment. I know, though, about craft withdrawal. Every time I have to clean off my dining room table I sigh. Oh, but, today you should see it. I went on a shop-about yesterday and it's full of goodies! I'm hoping to actually have some cards to show next week!!!

    Thank you for visiting me already! I'm slow getting around this week.

    Kay #34

  44. Oooh new windows Lyn! Hassle while they're going in but I'm sure they will be great when it's all done. You'll soon be up and running craft-wise I am sure.

    Thanks for your 2 lovely comments - I'm at last starting to feel a bit better and up to tackling all my comments at last! Of course you can use whatever piccies you want - just link them to me so I get some more visitors lol!!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #15

  45. Hello!

    Love the photo of your workdesk - had to click on it so I could study it in detail! Lots of things to inspire! Good luck with your windows! Wishing you a happy weekend!


    Barbara Diane

  46. Well, at least now you'll have more sunshine on your workdesk! Hope all is back to crafty computer fun shortly! Thanks for visiting my desk!

  47. Thanks for visiting me! Congrats on the new windows. Sometimes it is fun to clean, move and then organize as you put everything back. Lori #107

  48. As I'm a little late visiting this week I've had the pleasure of admiring all your new windows, Spyder. They look great, bet you're pleased with them and I'm sure you'll soon be organised and back to crafting again.
    Thanks for stopping by and Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #98

  49. Well your windows look great! Bet you have had a fab time tidying your space up afterwards...I too keep loads of boxes, far too many chucked loafs out! I am a neat freak though I admit it! Hve a crafty week & sorry for the late net for days here...again!

  50. Belated (from last week) WOYWW. Just wanted to say thanks for visiting and to answer the sheep/spinster question :D. Spinster was an occupation (spinning wool into yarn, flax into linen thread, etc). A lot of people these days call themselves spinners, but that smacks to me of lycra clad stationary bicyclists so I'm going back to spinster :D.


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