Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Another Shuffled WOYWW!

I'm going to be found out one day. People will start thinking I don't do any crafting at all, just throw bits of paper and crafty things about and take a picture of it. (Ok, that's about right, but don't tell anyone!) As you can see, on my bench this week for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday is a total mess.
I have actually been making ATC's on the dining table and spread to the sofa, but that looks just as bad! Sorry about picture quality, my daylight lamp is still in the living room where I was taking pictures of the ATC's in the post below this one. I can never decided whether to use flash or not...(well, for floors and other cleaning jobs, I guess it works like any other...but of course I meant the flash on the camera...) Anyway, took these round about midnight last night, so this is on timer as usual as I'm not here! The spiderweb paper still there, and if you missed the link last week coz I added it later, you can download it for free with others from Summer Driggs.
I hardly ever use the freebie papers from the Magazines but I do like to keep them to let me know I have them on my Laptop, so I put them in plastic selves and add them to a book file after writing on them what and where they are so I'll know where to find them on my Laptop. (yeah, right....)
If I swing round I have some clear stamps, which I have not used yet! (I won the Karen Doodle Pony Love, the other's were half price) Swinging down, you'll see a row of files mostly filled with paper downloads/ Mag freebies and card.
Thank you so much to Mandi for linking me last week, other wise I would've been #99! That was so kind of you!
So, if you'd like to snoop round far more interesting craft spaces than this one come and join in with the biggest snoop in blogland! Hop over to Julia's blog Stamping Ground and join in, it's as simple as that! Thank you for stopping by!

Sorry You missed this Weeks
Wednesday Freebie

A new one will be on the next Wednesdays post.


  1. Hi hun
    you're welcome about the linking
    did you again
    Mind you it decided to play up today and you are on twice
    so sorry...dunno if I can delete one??

    Aww well hey ho hehe

    I dont use the freebies either, most of the time I dont like the shiny finish on them!
    Have a great week
    mandi xx

  2. oh another shot of your ever creative desk hun he he so much on there too see love the wee digi hun,hugs cheryl xxxxx

  3. Puss in X-mas stocking is so cute, thank you!

  4. Today's digi is great, how cute! Love your desk, whether you've shuffled or not!

  5. Such a creative desk and wow what lovely stamps... bring on the NEC for me on Saturday, can't wait! hugs Jo xx

  6. Don't we all spread (crafting stuff - but in my case body as well). I know when my friend comes to stay we will be spreading all over the place.
    Thinking about it I have my craft room (ram jam full), and two cupboards in the utility and now have one in the lounge. Help! I need to get using some stuff. Thanks for the share. #47

  7. Thanks for the link to Summer's blog - I'm a gonna be saving that one and becoming a follower. She's a clever lady....

  8. Lovely to see all your lovely stash.
    A x

  9. so what? hee hee

    my desk is full of iMAC no painting tonight....

    Dx 46

  10. Hi ya hun
    seem ages since ive been here, luv ya pics you always look so busy, lovely image, thanks hun,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,(17)x

  11. Aw cute digi image hun... fab workspace :O))

  12. love the kitty in the stocking! I can't wait to play with him, hopefully tonight after work... if I'm lucky!

  13. Great creative space and post thanks for sharing your workspace

  14. Great snoop thank you and adore the cat in the stocking :-) Christine #7

  15. Your craft stash is not just dumped, it’s statistically place so you can lay your hand on whatever you need……..yah, as if Lol!
    Interesting that the spider’s web paper is still there……..don’t leave it too long though or some little eight legged arachnids might just set up home.


  16. Just looks like you have been busy crafting to me. 8-)

    Thank you for the very cute kitty in the stocking image.

  17. thanks for the freebie stamp, i am going to have a play soon. very organised paper storage going on. caroline #16

  18. Hi Lyn Ive got a stock of books like yours they are hidden below my desk in the corner as I carnt find anywhere to put them. Well I think youve cheated with your desk as it looks only a small part of it. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxx

  19. Not a lover of those shiney freebie papers...but keep them anyway! Why? LOL
    xoxo Sioux

  20. I'm with you about whether to flash or not to flash... just don't know what's for the best!
    Thanks for another fabby freebie!

  21. Your posts are so entertaining - you write really well. Love the Flash joke!
    Cute kitty in the stocking.

  22. So Love your posts Lyn, you always have lots of creative goodies on your desk love seeing it all thanks for your freebie chum!!!! Hugs
    Sarah xx

  23. oooh that little boy stamp set is cute!!! hope you have fun with them! hugs Lou xx

  24. Some lovely items you have got here. Thank you for the lovely freebie. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 36)

  25. The digi this week is absolutely adorable! Thanks so much for sharing your work.

  26. Great desk, great cat and great snoop. Love reading your post,
    joZarty x

  27. Hi Lyn ahhh!!! thanks chum for your lovely comments on me blog!! you were saying about your font, it looks ok to me Lyn it is maybe a bit bolder but size is fine and it's easy to read I could do with making my font bigger!!! Hugs
    Sarah xx

  28. Thanks so much for sharing your work space photo, and this darling little digi image!!

  29. Lots of new stamps to play with. Thanks for the links for the free downloads too! Happy WOYWW, Linda C #67

  30. Your kitty is so sweet, I just HAD to use him tonight! Here's a link to my post:
    Thanks for the freebie!

  31. I saw your question on my blog and the answer is NO, I couldn't. I left Akilli (Caroline #9) if she could because I have never been able to leave a comment, although I've tried each week. Like you, it goes dark and there seems to be something wrong with her system.

    I am in love with all those ATCs. That was a very productive swap. And I also like that digi download this week. I may have to download it and color it HMMMMM, bleu!! Sort of looks like him, except for the stripes. Happy WOYWW.

  32. What an adorale digi! Love it. Thank you.

  33. I love this digi, such a sweet kitty.

    Thanks for your comment on my WOYWW

    I would love to know what you've been writing about .... do you do Romance or something with a bit more meat on the bone?

    Kay (I think no 18, but can't remember, it's Toodles & Binks anyway).

  34. Finally did something with your Santa as well, last night was very productive for me :-) I'd actually colored one Santa at work while bored outta my mind (doesn't happen often). Here's the link to my 2 Santas:

  35. Thanks for the digi download this week, your clear stamps are really cute and I admire your organization of all the digi papers, it is an excellent idea! Thanks for the note about bubble n squeak, sounds yummy!
    ~Shari #94

  36. I like the way the stuff you don't use gets neatly labeled and stored, and the stuff you DO use.... well, we won't talk about that!!! Lol.

    Brenda 87

  37. I really love this week's freebie it is so cute and me and my little granddaughter will have lots of fun colouring this one in.

    Thank you...great desk by the way!!!


  38. You have to spread about, it's no fun if your don't take up at least half the house, I've discovered!!
    I rarely use the freebie papers either although lately, they seem to have improved and the last few I shall definitely use.
    Thanks for sharing your crafty heaven.
    Hugs Lisa (112)

  39. we believe you - hope to see the finished atcs soon
    sasa 25

  40. Hiya Hunny

    I always smile when I come over to see your woyww post! and your ever expanding craft space :O) naughty hubby taking alien to work lol


  41. Spreading out is great - I spread out all over - spreaders of the world unite!

  42. Hear, hear! Spreaders of the world unite! And messy people, stop apologising: mess can lead to creativity. Or at least, that's what I tell myself and everyone else!

    have fun,
    rachel #34

  43. I'm glad that you said you actually do craft because I wonder if you actually live at home - cos you're always out!!!

    I like how organised you are with your free papers - mine are all generally in a box or on a pile - still in the magazine - its the quality of the paper its printed on that often puts me off using it! Maybe I should stick it to some cardstock???? Let me get this right though - are you saying that you have the same papers on your laptop - is this because you download them - or do you scan them LOL... i've downloaded the odd one - and still never used them - oh well... i've got plenty of time and when i'm desperately poor and can't afford ink to print my own out - i'll use all those piles of thinish paper from out of the magazines LOL.

    big hugs to you

    Paula x x x

  44. Great creative space! Lots of lovely stash there! Happy WOYWW!

  45. Thank you for the cute little kitten stocking.


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