Wednesday, 24 March 2010

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?!

What's On you Workdesk Wednesday? Brought to you in high definition colour by Julia over on Stamping ground!! I'm a bit late today. Did get up and took a few pictures but you know how the clock magically jumps forward half an hour when only two minutes have passed when you have to go somewhere, like work, but then, weirdly, only manages to tick one hour for every three, when you finally get to work. Not that that actually happens to me, well very rarely, as I like what I do, but sometimes just when you need a few extra hours, they vanish. So, here I am now taking a few pictures of my terribly untidy craft room with not much going on, only mess!! And blogger keeps flashing ERROR in red...(damn) But there is a story going on here, even if you can't see it!! The bunny drawings I did last night are for a local Easter Competition... I'm not happy with them yet though, they need to be more cute!! and at the moment I feel they're a bit Monty Python-ish scary!! I half expect to see the knights that say 'nic' to suddenly appear! 'Run away! Run away!!'
There's also my new humongous punches. I ordered them last June!! The shop closed down at Christmas but has reopened and I received a phone call, 'Do you still want your punches!?' Well, seeing they were all at least £2-£3 cheaper than anywhere else I said "Yes please," and have been living on left overs all week!! The heart punch I'm not happy with. It's suppose to punch out large heart corners. It says on the back of the packaging that it can punch from 120-150gsm card stock...but it can't. Mind you, that could just be me, weakling that I am with my limpy leg and bent finger!!! I guess it would work if I used my foot!! (still, in theory I only paid £3 for it!)
Oh, the black and white paper is there ready to make an ATC for a forum Competition... to use only Black and white. Hmmm...maybe I shouldn't be showing you them?? Aw, well...I might change my mind! Tilda's left over from my DT card, which I made Sunday. I did a bit of paper piecing. And I spy some ones address, who I owe some stamped images!! Run out of ink and card, but I'm now stocked up!! They will be in the post today!! (Honest!!) As you can see, while I type this Star Trek is on the Telly!
I also found a bargain this week... This cardboard shelving thingy, it only cost a pound and I've tidied up a little bit and have put some of my A4 and 6x6 papers in there as well as two of my Useful-boxes, and a large plastic container that had to be lifted out from under three or four others every time I wanted to use anything inside it. This way I can just grab it!! The new box is also long enough to put away at the back some Christmas papers and some foam squares, which I'm not likely to use for ages.
I stand to craft, I find it easier, but I do sit at my laptop (with keyboard as I just hate that finger touch mouse, I find it very slow and fiddly! Also here's a picture of the new toy hubby bought me. I have a couple of add on hard drives coz my poor lap top gets really full of stuff (although hubby called it crap!) and sometimes what I want is on one of the other hard drives, which means I have to unplug something, like the printer or the web cam or the speakers or the mouse or the keyboard...yes...and then I wonder why they don't work!! but then, when I find the thing I want, I can't print it, coz the printer's not plugged in. Well, you can send to the printer and then unplug and replug everything but that gets really frustrating!! So, hubby, coz he loves gadgets, hunted out this little toy, that changes colour, I have no idea why, but it looks cute! so I can have everything plugged in at the same time!! Web cam and speakers, both printers (yes, I nicked hubby's old one and they both now with ink!!) extra hard drive, keyboard, mouse and Bamboo and of course still have room to plug my Digi camera thingy into!
The bottom photo is almost the same as the top photo only small change....I wonder who can spot it!
Well, I think that's me done for today!! Pop over to the Stamping Ground and see what every one else has been up to!
Thank you for stopping by!!


  1. busy the difference that your cup has refilled in the last picture!

  2. busy looking this week a bitn of push back needed there, love the big punches and the rabbits dont look that bad, and dont use your foot you will break it haha
    Christine x

  3. Good grief, you're a techno whizz too! Those punches are great - and yep, humongous is a good description!! You've got a few things on the go - admirable; I'm such a one job at a time gal!

  4. That's a very useful gadget! I can't wait until everything is wireless, I hate the spaghetti mess of wires I always seem to have.
    Talking about standing on punches, that's what I have to do with one of the punches from my Papermania Brad Making set, I am sure I am going to break it soon!
    Clare x

  5. Woohoo..... you're a trekkie.. :)
    I think it's your brew too that's different! Love the little shelves they will be soooo handy. :) Your little light up thingy looks like a hub to me! I love your bunny. I'm sure her twin sister is in Horton hears a who! she looks fab too me...xx

  6. I can only spot the full cup too. Love the shelves of stamps, and I'm with you on all the wires. if you could see behind my table.... they go everywhere and I have no idea what is plugged in where!

  7. WOW!!! those punches are HUGE!!!! hopefully you won't be carrying them about the crops to much? The spotty mushroom on my desk was made following this tutorial

    and I love you blue spotty Mug!!!!

  8. What a busy desk you have. I'm trying not to think about punches as I'm not very happy, my MS border punch snapped this week I wouldn't mind but it was only punching thin paper!!! Hugs Pam

  9. What a busy desk you have. I'm trying not to think about punches as I'm not very happy, my MS border punch snapped this week I wouldn't mind but it was only punching thin paper!!! Hugs Pam

  10. Love you bunnys Lyn and your desk looks a wee bit busy over there, love the punch's and wow so darn big, see you have refilled your mug of tea/coffee, just trying to make out stamps you have, see I'm nosey too, loved looking on your desk.

    Hugs Linda

  11. Your cup has magically re-filled itself?
    Good old OH getting you that gizmo, it'll make life easie ;)
    I got a great border punch for £2.99 at Dunelm Mill at the weekend, a Dovecraft one. It's not as well made as the MS ones (though just read Pam's comment so who knows!) but it does punch through card, not just paper and for £2.99 that's fine ;)
    Anne xx

  12. Love those bunnies I am envious of your drawing ability.
    Such HUGE punches - I use my foot for lots of punches! xx

  13. The bunny drawings look great to me
    I am so jealous of your desk it looks
    like youve never stopped crafting unlike mine.
    Hugs Carole xx

  14. What an amazing workspot you have! All that stuff to do all your wonderful work with - no of course I am not even just a little bit envious!!!

  15. love the big punches, and your printed papers look interesting. I love that you have everything easyily at hand

  16. wow that was a long and interesting post ..the first bit about time is so true.
    I can see what you mean about the bunnies but i'm not sure why. Its so late I think yours is my last blog I check ...night night....I'm sure it was 12 only 5 mins ago.

  17. Wow! Such a busy desk!

  18. Now that was an interesting post - I just love your craft space - you even have a tele in there! How good is that?? That gadget is a very useful thing - I must hunt down something like that too....I loved to snoop around your desk it was lots of fun and yes I think you refilled your mug!

  19. wow that is a busy desk, hope you're doing something nicely creative today xxx

  20. My cup is always half full but I see from the one pic to the other your went from empty to full :-)
    Really love all your craft storage spaces. thanks for sharing it all.
    A x

  21. WOW! what a fabby organised work space. I love the rabbit pitures. The MS punch has been used, many times it won't fit in the craft bag with the rest so keep it in a box!! lol Don't know why, I'm just bonkers like that at times lol x

  22. what a space....I love everything, love how you have everything to hand and you can see what you have! would love to create at your desk!

    those rabbits are just gorgeous!


  23. I love hte shelving around your desk so all of your important things are easily seen and accessible! Tracey x

  24. Now you've got me worried.. a Trekkie and a new sooper dooper usb hub that also lights up!! Beam me up Scotty!


  25. Love your work space! Fab. Spotted the Star Trek too :) Kim

  26. love your workspace - Having your stamps in front of you would be great inspiration! I loved the references to Monty Python - you made me laugh out loud ;-)

  27. love your pound shelf unit. where did you fid it? need to get me one of those!
    great bunnies by the way!
    kathleen x


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