Wednesday, 23 March 2011

What's On My Workdesk This Wednesday!?!

WOYWW!?! Nothing!! What?? No mess, no piles of stuff?!? No mountains of unfinished cards or inky stamps? No mouldy cups of cold coffee with tiny winged beasties wearing lifesavers coughing and splattering and calling for help?!? (help me help me...who's thinking The Fly now?)

Well, there's a few bits (no you can't see the answers to the next Spot The difference!) I've cleared EVERYTHING off so hubby could put up that new bar thingy (with the jars) which I bought from Ikea on Monday. ( I had a shopping spree with Daughter, Emma) and I haven't finished putting it all back yet. The thought that I might be moving into the larger spare bedroom has gone right out the window (for the moment!) as there's no way we can get a double bed up through the tiny hatch and into the attic! Not unless it was made for Barbie and Ken... so. I've been thinking of ways to get everything in it's place. (Besides the hall and living room...and kitchen...)
Still have both printers side by side, so that's losing me shelf space, which I can rob back when they stop playing silly buggers... (out of the blue, the computer saves stuff from either of them but then doesn't recognise it so can't open it)
Luckily, I've done the freebie this week with no trouble and it'll be posted the double after this one... so scroll up!! scroll up!
This other picture is of me driving round a hole that isn't there. (There's three-way traffic lights and everything!) It's here to prove that I'm not the only person to get all my toys out and not put them away after I've finished!!
In the meantime, here's another picture of where most of my stuff has been moved to... the floor!!
Want to join in the biggest blog hop ever, visiting crafty spaces from all over everywhere?!? Then click the link to WOYWW, and hop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in! I'm at work. This is on Timer.... and right now, it's five to the witching hour and I'm off to bed... before Midnight!! (no way!)


  1. Wow Lyn.....a blank wall so used to seeing your stamps up there, can't wait to see your new jars on display I've been thinking of getting some 2 but hubby is reluctant to take me to Ikea again I wonder why hehe... Jo xxx

  2. What a fab post - love the photo of the hole that isn't there! Great to have a clean desk occasionally - more fun to get messy once more!

    Happy Wednesday


  3. Hi Lyn I have one of those IKEA bars with the little plastic buckets in above my desk - they are briliant - just need more of them - and then perhaps some more wall too to put them on LOL - happy WOYWW

  4. Oh yeah...I said "what"...where's her stuff, why is this so clean/" And, then I read on....haha Sounds like a continuing saga and I will be watching and waiting for the next news release...haha

  5. You've got men fixing holes that aren't there????? Send 'em over here, we've got PLENTY that need fixing!

    Nice, er, CLEAR desk you have there!

    Hugs, Sandra

  6. I still have two printers, Lyn, side by side, mainly because they do different jobs for me. The old one is the workhorse that does most (the inks are cheaper), but the new one will take thicker cardstock, and as a bonus will print on the printable CD's and DVD's (but the inks are more expensive).

    Have you tried 1. uninstalling the printer software and do a clean reinstall as per instructions
    2. updating all the drivers (something may have got lost)

  7. yes they multiply,

    help meeee

    thinking Ian Jury & the Blockheads

    as well as flys,
    Hit me with your rhythm stick

    that canna be your desk Mississ I can see wood FFS.

    Enjoy your whereever you have been,

    gotta go - wanna miss worst of rush hour,


  8. Your desk looks immaculate (can't say the same for the floor though!). I love your new bar thingy and little basket with jars, so useful!

    Just to let you know, my domino doll is not flashing - the very thought of it!!!! LOL xx

    Sherry (109)

  9. Great pic! I drove past some road works once and the sign said "SLOW MEN AT WORK" Too right they were!!!
    x Jo

  10. Well, I can only spot 5 differences!!!!!

  11. Arrgghhh, wrong post! Meant to say, what a lovely tidy desk lol!

  12. WOW thanks for sharing I love those bar things but sadly I haven't got a wall to put one on - maybe one day

  13. Hi hun
    great post as always, very tidy, i feel im so missin out as ive not been to Ikea! lol,good luck with all ya sorting hun,happy WOYWW, sue,x

  14. I am glad I am not the only one who files things on the floor!!! LOL!! Too tidy but I think most Crafters have been to the "I" shop for craftey storage somewhere along the line!! (Not allowed to mention the full name of the "I" shop or my husband goes into some spasmodic fit!!)

  15. Fab pics of your desk space and I LOVE the sheep quote....

  16. Lucky you to have such a tidy desk, sorry you aren't getting a larger work area though. I love your sheep sign, I could use one of those.

  17. I am sooo impressed!! How tidy, wow. How long will it stay like that?? Looks great, enjoy putting things back. Have a great week, blessings Hilde and thanks for the freebie.

  18. Wonderful treasures you have to work with. I LOVE peeking into your craft space. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Jana #112

  19. Immaculate! So neat and tidy and I will have to pop along to Ikea and take a look for one of those bars to hang punches on... not that I have heaps of them!! I had two printers but they are both on wifi so I put one DH's study and kept the other, so now it has a bit more room!! Annette #8

  20. I have one of those bar thingys from IKEA and store my punches on it s well. Hugs pam x

  21. Hello Lyn, too bad about that bigger craft room but given more space most of us would just fill it with more crafty stash - there must be a law for that, like Parkinson's Law, i.e. the one about work expanding to fill the time we have available. :) Love the sentiment on the sheep, now I know where my mind is I can look for it - just as soon as I remember where I put the disk. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #27

  22. Oh my goodness I thought you had been robbed! All your crafty stash grabbed and sold on the black market. sorry to hear you can't move the bed upstairs. Had a similar problem years back and they too the windows out and hoisted it up that way. Vickie

  23. Love the fake hole! Do they need to make work for themselves??? Congratulations on 500 followers - well done. Gotta love Ikea!

  24. There's something not quite right about these pics this week, something's missing but I just can't put my finger on it!!

    Brenda 84

  25. A Spring clean Lyn! Can come and do mine if you like! Shame about the move but all things come to those who wait, they say! Love the sentiment on the sheep. Late in getting round this week, something always gets in the way! Carolxx

  26. What would we do without our hubbys to put up extra shelves and all the storage solutions we buy ourselves!!! Love the fake hole, I bet all the workmen are hidden behind a wall laughing their heads off at all the traffic going round their cones!!
    Hugs Lisa #148

  27. Thanks for popping by - what a clean & tidy space you have. I love the motto and, as I have a 'pet' (soft toy) lamb, I've just sent the image to hubby! We're daft like that - you have to be to survive, don't you?

    Shirl #38 this week again

  28. wow thats a very clean desk hope you have it how you want soon - love the hole that isnt there

  29. Well, I noticed the new bar thingy immediately, but did have a slight panic over the empty desk!! Aw, bet you'll enjoy putting it all back and into order.....and then it'll be like it for a while. And then it will be yours again!

  30. Hi
    where did you get the sheep. I love sheep and kind of collect them Congrats on a tidy desk and get it messed up for Wednesday. LOL

  31. ....and you said my desk was tidy! I'm off to IKEA on Wednesday, may have to look for one of those very handy bars:)

    Fiona x


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